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Shri-Nityananda Ashtottara
Shata Nama Stotram

One Hundred and Eight Holy Names
of Lord Shri Nityananda Prabhu
Composed by Shrila Sarvabhauma Bhattacarya
Translated by Shri Swami Gaurangapada

shriman-nityananda-candraya namah

“I offer my humble obeisances to the transcendental moon
Lord Shriman Nityananda Prabhu.”

nityanandam aham vande, karne lambita-mauktikam ;
chaitanyagraja-rupena, pavitri-krita-bhutalam .

“I humbly bow down to and glorify Lord Shri Nityananda Prabhu, on whose beautiful left lotus ear one elegant pearl ornament is swinging. Accepting the role as the elder brother of the Supreme Lord Gauranga Mahaprabhu, Lord Nityananda Prabhu sanctified the whole world and purified all the living entities.”

pranamya shri-jagannatham, nityananda-mahaprabhum ;
namnam ashtottara-shatam, pravakshyami mudakaram .

“I offer my repeated prostrated obeisances at the lotus feet of the Supreme Lord Shri Nityananda Mahaprabhu who is known as Shri Jagannatha, the Master of the Universe.With great felicity and blessedness , I shall now reveal His most auspicious one hundred and eight holy names, which instantly awaken divine rapture in the heart.”

1} nilambara-dharah 2} shrimal-languli-mushala-priyah ;
3} sankarshanash 4} candra-varno 5} yadunam kula-mangalah .

1} nilambara-dhara : Lord Nityananda Prabhu is adorned with ravishing blue garments.

2} shrimal-languli mushala-priyah : He is the most opulent possessor of a splendid golden plow and He always carries His most beloved club.

3} sankarshana : Lor d Nityananda is the original cause of the existence and integration of the whole cosmic manifestation.

4} candra-varna : His golden bodily complexion and radiance is much more soothing and mollifying than the full moon light.

5} yadunam kula-mangala : Lord Nityananda is Lord Balarama Himself, Who is the source of all auspiciousness and eternal propitiousness for the entire Yadu dynasty.

6} gopika-ramano 7} ramo 8} vrindavana-kala-nidhih ;
9} kadambari sudha-matto 10} gopa-gopi-ganavritah .

6} gopika-ramana : Lord Shri Nityananda Prabhu divinely rejoices while being enchanted in the company of His own beloved group of gopis in Shri Vrindavana Dhama.

7} ramo : He is the supreme absolute relisher and enjoyer of all mellows in creation.

8} vrindavana-kala-nidhih : Lord Nityananda is the astonishingly artful, skillful and dexterous moon of Vrindavana.

9} kadambari sudha-matto : He is gorgeously bedecked by aromatic garlands of kadamba flowers and is always intoxicated by their ambrosial nectar .

10} gopa-gopi-ganavritah : He is always encircled and surrounded by a multitude of devoted cowherd boys and girls in Vrindavana.

11} gopi-mandala-madhya-stho 12} rasa-tandava-panditah ;
13} ramani-ramanah 14} kami 15} mada-ghurnita-locanah .

11} gopi-mandala-madhya-stho : Lord Nityananda Prabhu is constantly shining lustrously in the centre of the assembly of His own darling gopis.
12} rasa-tandava-panditah : He is the impeccable and ace stalwart of the exuberant and prodigal rasa lila dance.

13} ramani-ramanah : Lord Nityananda is the supreme savorer and relisher of the sacred love of His own supremely enjoyable gopis of Vraja.

14} kami : He exults in amorous sentiments for His own internal energies in the form of His gopis.

15} mada-ghurnita-locanah : Lord Nityananda’s lotus eyes constantly roll in the intoxication of pure bliss.

16} rasotsava-parishranto gharma-niravritananah ;
17} kalindi-bhedanotsahi 18} nira-krida-kutuhalah .

16} rasotsava-parishranto gharma-niravritananah : Lord Nityananda Prabhu’s lotus face is beautified by the pearl drops of His divine perspiration caused due to His ebullient dancing in the jubilant festival of the rasa dance.

17} kalindi-bhedanotsahi: He is greatly enthusiastic to display His terrific might by bifurcating the Kalindi river into many streams with His golden plowshare.

18} nira-krida-kutuhalah : Lord Nityananda Prabhu indulges in water sports with His own gopis with great cheer and elicity.

19} gaurashrayah 20} shamah 21} shanto 22} maya-manusha-rupa-dhrik ;
23} nityanandavadhutash ca 25} yajna-sutra-dharah 26} sudhih .

19} gaurashrayah : The exclusive life and shelter of Lord Nityananda Prabhu is Lord Gauranga Mahaprabhu or Lord Nityananda is the supreme resting place of Lord Gauranga.

20} shamah : He is equipoised and impartial to all souls in creation who are factually His part and parcels.

21} shanto : Lord Nityananda is the personification of peacefulness, serenity and tranquility.

22} maya-manusha-rupa-dhrik: He has advented and apparently concealed Himself by accepting a human-like form..

23} nityananda : He Who is constantly the fresh personification and the ever-expanding embodiment of the eternal and supremely blissful mellows of Lord Gauranga-Krishna’s pure unalloyed love.

24} avadhuta :

25} yajna-sutra-dharah : He bears a spotlessly white sacrificial sacred thread.

26} sudhih : He possesses an exquisite and refined intelligence.

27} patita-prana-dah 28} prithvi-pavano 29} bhakta-vatsalah ;
30} premananda-madonmatta 31} brahmadi-nama-gocarah .

27} patita-prana-dah : Lord Nityananda Prabhu is the very life and soul and the sole refuge of all the fallen conditioned souls.

28} prithvi-pavano : He sanctified, purified and lustrated the whole universe by His divine advent in this Kali Yuga.

29} bhakta-vatsalah : Lord Nityananda Prabhu is always favourably and preferentially disposed towards His beloved devotees or He is the exclusive object of attachment and affection for His dear devotees.

30} premananda-madonmatta : He is perpetually maddened and engulfed in the luscious honey like nectar of the bliss of pure love for Lord Gauranga.

31} brahmadi-nama-gocarah : The glories of Lord Nityananda’s supremely merciful Holy Name are factually realized only by exceptionally exalted devotees like Brahma Haridasa Thakura.

32} vana-mala-dharo 33} hari 34} rocanadi-vibhushitah ;
35} nagendra-shunda-dor-danda-svarna-kankana-manditah .

32} vana-mala-dharo : Lord Nityananda Prabhu is decorated by a fragrant garland of blossoming forest flowers.

33} hari : He is ornamented with resplendant necklaces of pearls, diamonds and flowers.

34} rocanadi-vibhushitah : Lord Nityananda is ornated by the yellow rochana ointment.
35} nagendra-shunda-dor-danda-svarna-kankana-manditah : His delicate lotus arms, which artistically resemble the trunk of the king of all elephants, are stunningly and profusely bedecked with golden bangles.

36} gaura-bhakti-rasollasash calac-cancala-nupurah ;
37} gajendra-gati-lavanya-sammohita-jagaj-janah .

36} gaura-bhakti-rasollasash calac-cancala-nupurah : Lord Nityananda Prabhu becomes exceedingly and divinely agitated and His anklets resound as He triumphantly exults and delights in the nectarian waves of the mellows of pure devotion to Lord Gauranga Mahaprabhu and His Holy name.

37} gajendra-gati-lavanya-sammohita-jagaj-janah : The divine splendor, majesty and grandeur of Lord Nityananda’s bodily movements is just like that of the king of elephants and thus it thoroughly enchants, enthralls, controls and floods the minds and hearts of all the living entities with pure love.

38} samvita-shubha-lila-dhrik 39} romancita-kalevarah ;
40} ho! ho! dhvani-sudhashish ca mukha-candra-virajitah .

38} samvita-shubha-lila-dhrik : Lord Nityananda manifests such auspicious, confidential and blessed pleasure pastimes through His chit potency which sometimes apparently conceal His real identity as the Supreme Personality of Servitor Godhead.

39} romancita-kalevarah : The pores and hair follicles of His transcendental body expand and stand on end due to the supreme deluge of pure love for Lord Gauranga’s Name which He is constantly submerged in.
40} ho! ho! dhvani-sudhashish ca mukha-candra-virajitah : Lord Nityananda Prabhu is ceaselessly awarding nectarian benedictions to one and all from His moon like lotus face which is embellished with the sweet and auspicious words, ho! ho!”

41} sindhuraruna-susnigdha subimbadhara-pallavah;
42} sva-bhakta-gana-madhya-stho 43} revati-prana-nayakah .

41} sindhuraruna-susnigdha subimbadhara-pallavah : Lord Nityananda Prabhu’s tender and delicate blossoming lotus lips are of the colour of the sun which rises from the ocean. They are so articulately red like vermilion or luscious bimba fruit.

42} sva-bhakta-gana-madhya-stho : He is always personally situated amidst the host of His own exalted devotees.

43} revati-prana-nayakah : Lord Nityananda Balarama is the sole controller and dominator who holds his sway over the very life breath of Shrimati Revati devi, His eternal wife and consort.

44} lauha-danda-dharo 45} shringi
46} venu-panih 47} pratapavan
48} pracanda-krita-hunkarah
49} mattah 50} pashanda-mardanah

44} lauha-danda-dharo : Lord Nityananda Prabhu weilds an iron staff.

45} shringi : He is most daintily embellished and decorated with marvelous ornamensts and clothes.

46} venu-panih : Lord Nityananda holds and plays a small and splendid bamboo flute not more than six inches long, with six holes.

47} pratapavan : He is very gallant, powerfully potent, and chivalrous.

48} pracanda-krita-hunkarah : Lord Nityananda’s thunderous roar is extremely profound, esoteric and all-pervading.
49} mattah : He is always roborantly exhilarated and intoxicated by the emotional vigor of pure love for his own holy names.

50} pashanda-mardanah : Lord Nityananda unfailingly subdues and subjugates the deceitful atheists and viciously sinful people.

51} sarva-bhakti-mayo 52} deva
54} gunatito 55} guna-mayo
56} gunavan 57} nartana-priyah

51} sarva-bhakti-mayo: Lord Nityananda Prabhu is the personification and embodiment of each and every aspect of his own devotional service.

52} deva : He is the most illustrious and preeminantly worshipable Lord of creation.

53}ashramacara-varjitah : Lord Nityananda deliberately acts contrary to the rules and behaviour of the four orders of human life which he himself created in order to demonstrate that He is God himself and not bound and obliged to follow his own arrangements.

54} gunatito : He is always tanscendentally situated, untouched by his own material evergy.

55} guna-mayo : Lord Nityananda is permeated by divine tanscendental qualities and is the master of the three material modes of goodness, passion and ignorance.

56} gunavan : He is the abode of supremely meritorious and auspicious virtues.

57} nartana-priyah : Lord Nityananda celebrates and delights in dancing during Gauranga nama sankirtana.

58} tri-gunatma 59} guna-grahi
60} saguno 61} guninam varah
62} yogi 63} yoga-vidhata ca
64} bhakti-yoga-pradarshakah

58} tri-gunatma : Lord NityanandaPrabhu is the original source of the three spiritual potencies- samvit {knowledge}, sandhini {eternality},and hladini { bliss} and also of the three material qualities of goodness, passion and ignorance.

59} guna-grahi : He embraces and accepts only the good qualities of everyone.

60} saguno : LordNityananda is not impersonal but possesses the transcendental form and qualities full of eternal knowledge and bliss.

61} guninam varah : He is the ultimate and unsurpassed crest-jewel of all personalities endowed with sublime virtues and characteristics.

62} yogi : Lord Nityananda is the supreme master of all mystic yogis and is always in perpetual union with LordGauranga Mahaprabhu.

63} yoga-vidhata ca : He is the divine ordainer and bestower of the real yoga of our eternal relationship with Lord Gauranga Krishna.

64} bhakti-yoga-pradarshakah : Lord Nityananda manifests, reveals and distributes unbounded bhakti-yoga{pure devotional service} unto Lord Gauranga Krishna.

65} sarva-shakti-prakashangi 66} mahananda-mayo 67} natah
70} jnana-do 71} mukti-dah 72} prabhuh

65} sarva-shakti-prakashangi : Lord Nityananda Prabhu’s divine bodily limbs are the original source of the manifestation of all the endless potencies of the supreme Absolute Truth.
66} mahananda-mayo : His form is saturated and tansfused with mahaananda{ supreme joyfulness}.

67} natah : Lord Nityananda is the crown of the best of all dancers continually satisfying Lord Gauranga with his dancing.
68} sarvagama-mayo : He is the supreme embodiment of all the holy scriptures in creation.

69} dhiro : Lord Nityananda is always dignified with gravity and soberity.

70} jnana-do : He is the supreme awarder of all the branches of knowledge in creation.

71} mukti-dah : Lord Nityananda is the supreme bestower of all the different types of liberation.

72} prabhuh : He is the Lord and Master of all the souls.

73} gauda-desha-paritrata : 74}premananda-prakashakah
75} premananda-rasanandi 76} radhika-mantra-do 77} vibhuh

73} gauda-desha-paritrata : Lord Nityannadais the saviour and rescuer of all souls specifically in the land ofGauda {Bengal}.

74}premananda-prakashakah : He eveinces and proclaims the pure bliss of unalloyed love for Lord Gauranga Krishna.

75} premananda-rasanandi : Lord Nityananda is the pinacle of all blissful relishers of pure love of God.

76} radhika-mantra-do : He confers the most confidential divine mantra for worshiping Shrimati Radhika.

77} vibhuh : Lord Nityananda is measureless, infinite,all-powerful, all-pervasive and self-controlled.

78} sarva-mantra-svarupash ca
79} krishna-paryanka-sundarah
80} rasa-jno 81} rasa-data ca
82} rasa-bhokta 83} rasashrayah

78} sarva-mantra-svarupash ca : Lord NityanandaPrabhu is the personified form of all the mantras and their meanings in creation.

79} krishna-paryanka-sundarah : He expands as the fascinating beadstead of Lord Gauranga-Krishna and serves Him in nine other ways by becoming His friend, brother, fan, carrier, residence, umbrella, garments, ornaments, and sitting place.
80} rasa-jno : Lord Nityananda is consummately cognizant and adapt in the science of loving mellows {rasa}.

81} rasa-data ca : He is the causeless bestower of pure loving mellows of love of God to anyone who chants his holy name.

82} rasa-bhokta : Lord Nityananda is the crown and summit of all enjoyers of pure loving mellows of the holy name of Lord Gauranga.

83} rasashrayah : He is the supreme and exclusive sanctuary, shelter, refuge and haven for all the necterian mellows of pure love.

84} brahmesha’di-mahendradya-
vandita-shri padambujah
85} sahasra-mastakopeto

84} brahmesha’di-mahendradya-vandita-shri padambujah : Lord Shri Nityananda Prabhu’s opulent lotus feet are devotedly and attentively worshiped and glorified by all the demigods including Brahma, Shiva, Indra etc.

85} sahasra-mastakopetorasatala-sudhakarah : Lord Nityananda Prabhu holds the millions of universes just like mustard seeds on the thousands of heads of his expansion known as Lord Ananta-sesha. Simultaneously, He causes the residence of lower planetary systems {rasatala} to relish the nectar of his holy names.

86} kshirodarnava-sambhutah
87} kundalaikavatamsakah
88} raktopala-dharah 89} shubhro
90} narayana-parayanah

86} kshirodarnava-sambhutah : Lord Nityananda Prabhu appeared in his third Purush Vishnu incarnation in the womb of the milk ocean.

87} kundalaikavatamsakah : He is adorned and embellished by a single ornamented ear-ring in his right ear.

88} raktopala-dharah : Lord Nityananda holds and twirls a magnificient red lotus flower in his lotus hands.

89} shubhro : His bodily complexion is sparkling white in his form of Lord Balarama.

90} narayana-parayanah : Lord Nityananda is utterly dedicated and surrendered to his Lord Gauranga Narayan.

91} apara-mahimananto
92} nri-doshadarshinah sada
93} dayalur 94} durgati-trata
95} kritanto dushta-dehinam

91} apara-mahimananto: Lord Nityananda Prabhu is the possessor of boundless, limitless and inestimable glories and opulences.

92} nri-doshadarshinah sada : He persistently declines to consider the faults and vices of mankind and accepts only the good qualities of one and all.

93} dayalur : Lord Nityananda is the most merciful among all incarnations of God.

94} durgati-trata : He is the constant saviour and rescuer of his devotees from all kinds of catastrophic and fateful difficulties in their lives.

95} kritanto dushta-dehinam : Lord Nityananda effortlessly annihilates the evil and cruel embodied beings.

96} manju-dasharathir viro
97} lakshmanah 98} sarvaval-labhah
99} sadojjvalo rasanandi
100} vrindavana-rasa-pradah

96} manju-dasharathir viro : Lord Nityananda Prabhu is none other than Lord Lakshmana, the charming, graceful, valiant and heroic son of Dashratha.

97} lakshmanah : He is Lord Lakshmna himself, the most beloved divine brother of Lord Ramachandra.

98} sarvaval-labhah : There is nothing in creation which cannot be achieved on attaining Lord Nityananda and his holy name.

99} sadojjvalo rasanandi : He is the eternally effulgent connosier of loving mellows of God.

100} vrindavana-rasa-pradah : Lord Nityananda Balarama is fully embued with the five different mellows of Shri Vrindavan Dham and is thus the sole distributor of these mellows to all the conditioned souls.

101} purna-prema-sudha-sindhur
102} natya-lila-visharadah
103} kotindu-vaibhavah 104} shriman
105} jagad-ahlada-karakah

101} purna-prema-sudha-sindhur : Lord Nityananda Prabhu is the infinite ocean of the embrosial nectar of the supremely absolute and complete love for Lord Gauranga Krishna.

102} natya-lila-visharadah : He is highly proficient and has mastered the art of dramatic pastimes.

103} kotindu-vaibhavah : Lord Nityananda’s luxuriant opulences are more innnumerable than millions of moons.
104} shriman : He is celebrated husband of the Goddess of fortune.

105} jagad-ahlada-karakah : Lord Nityananda’s holy presence is an antecedent for drowning the whole creation in the supreme happiness of his own love.

106} gopalah 107} sarva-palash ca 108} sarva-gopavatamsakah

106} gopalah : Lord Nityananda Prabhu is the divine maintainer and sustainer of the cows and the senses of all the devotees.

107} sarva-palash ca : He is the protector and preserver of the whole creation.

108}sarva-gopavatamsakah :Lord Nityananda is the crown jewel of all the cowherd boys of Shri Vrindavan Dham.

maghe masi site pakshe
trayo-dashyam tithau sada
uposhanam pujanam ca
yad yat sah kurute kamam
tat tad eva labhen narah

Patha Mahatmya:-

The most fortunate soul, who recites this Stotra, fasts and offers worship to the Supreme Lord Shri Nityananda Prabhu on the most auspicious thirteenth day of the bright fortnight in the month of Magha{Jan-Feb} [ Shri Nityananda Trayodashi Tithi ], will certainly have all of ones desires quickly fulfilled.