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Descriptions Of The Associates Of Lord Nityananda

O brothers, please worship Lord Nityananda. By His mercy, one can achieve the lotus feet of Lord Gaurachandra. The associates of Nityananda Svarupa constantly swam in the ocean of transcendental bliss. They had no other activity except nama-sankirtana. Always absorbed in the mood of cowherd boys, they were decorated with bangles, ankle-bells, and garlands of gunja beads. They carried sticks, flutes, horns, and ropes in their hands.

Symptoms of krishna-prema such as tears, shivering and standing of the hair on ends were constantly visible on their bodies. Their beauty defeated the beauty of the Cupid. They always did nama-sankirtana. Having received their fearless Lord Nityananda, all the devotees remained happy forever. I am unable to describe the glories of the servants of Nityananda Svarupa even in a hundred years. Still I will try to mention their names. I know that remembering their names will deliver me from this material world. All the associates of Lord Nityananda with whom He enjoyed His pastimes were incarnations of gopas and gopis of Vraja. Being forbidden by Nityananda Svarupa, I am not mentioning their previous names and activities in detail.

The foremost among Lord Nityananda's associates was Ramadasa who always spoke in the mood of the Supreme Lord. Nobody could understand his words easily. Lord Nityananda always resided in his heart. Ramadasa* was fully absorbed in love of God. Lord Krishna lived in his body for three months.

Chaitanya dasa* was a famous associate of Nityananda. Murari Pandita* was an associate of Nityananda who sported with a serpent and tiger.

The most magnanimous Raghunatha Vaidya was an associate of Nityananda by whose plan one's mind becomes attached to Krishna.

Gadadhara dasa* was full of devotional mellows. His very sight destroyed all one's sins.

Shri Sundarananda* was an ocean of devotional mellows and one of the principle associates of Nityananda.

The most enthusiastic associate of Nityananda was Pandita Kamalakanta*. Nityananda gave him the village Saptagrama to rule.

Gauridasa Pandita* was the most fortunate devotee of the Lord. He assisted in the pastimes of Nityananda with his body, mind, and speech.

The pious Krishnadasa of Badagachi* was one of the associates of Nityananda who enjoyed various pastimes at his house.

Purandara Pandita* was the most peaceful, humble, and intimate associate of Nityananda Svarupa.

Another associate of Nityananda was Paramesvara dasa* whose life and soul was Nityananda. Through his body, Lord Nityananda enjoyed His pastimes.

Dhananjaya Pandita* in whose heart the Lord constantly resided, was a great devotee of Lord Nityananda .

Balarama dasa, who was intoxicated with bhakti-rasa, was a follower of Nityananda Prabhu. If the breeze that touches Balarama dasa touches one, it will eradicate all sins. Balarama dasa lived in the village Dogachiya. His contribution to Vaishnava song is unlimited.

Yadunatha Kavicandra* was full of love of God. Lord Nityananda was always merciful to him.

The most effulgent Jagadisa Pandita* was a devotee of Nityananda. Lord Nityananda was his, and his family's, very life and wealth.

Pandita Purusottama was born in Navadvipa. He was a great devotee of Nityananda Svarupa. Lord Nityananda had lived at his house previously. By his mercy, one's mind becomes fixed at the lotus feet of Nityananda. Dvija Krishnadasa who was born at Radha-desa was counted among the associates of Nityananda.

Kaliya Krishnadasa* was a famous devotee in the three worlds by whose remembrance one attains the lotus feet of Gaurachandra.

The most fortunate Sadasiva Kaviraja* was an associate of Nityananda. The name of his son was Purusottama dasa*. Due to love of God, Purusottama dasa was fully absorbed in ecstasy. Lord Nityananda constantly remains within his heart.

Uddharana Datta was a magnanimous Vaishnava. He had full authority in the service of Lord Nityananda.

Mahesa Pandita* was a great devotee of Nityananda and Paramananda Upadhyaya was an unalloyed Vaishnava.

Caturbhuja Pandita* and Nandana Gangadasa were both devotees of Lord Nityananda. The Lord had previously enjoyed His pastimes in their houses.
Acarya Vaishnavananda* was a magnanimous devotee. He was previously known as Raghunatha Puri.

Krishna dasa and Devananda were both staunch followers of Lord Nityananda. Mahanta Acarya Candra's only goal was the lotus feet of Nityananda.

The singer Madhavananda Ghosha* and Vasudeva Ghosha were full of love of God.

Jiva Pandita* was the most fortunate devotee. Lord Nityananda enjoyed various pastimes at his house. Shri Manohara, Shri Narayana, Shri Krishnadasa, and Shri Devananda were also associates of Lord Nityananda.

I am unable to disclose the names of the innumerable servants of Lord Nityananda even in one hundred years. Each of Lord Nityananda's servants had innumerable followers and, by the mercy of Lord Nityananda, they were equal to their spiritual master. All of them were fully intoxicated by the transcendental mellows of Shri Gauranga. Shri Gauranga and Nityananda were their life and only treasure. I have only described the few associates I knew. More will be disclosed later by Vedavyasa.

The last servant of Lord Nityananda was Vrindavana dasa Thakura who was the son of Narayani, the final recipient of Lord Gauranga's mercy. Even today, Narayani is accepted as the final recipient of Gauranga's mercy among the Vaishnavas. Take shelter of those devotees of the Lord, O brothers, and worship the most merciful Nityananda and Shri Gauranga.

Accepting the lotus feet of Shri Gauranga and Nityananda Prabhu as my life and soul, I, Vrindavana dasa, sing the glories of Their lotus feet.

A song by Shrila Vrindavana dasa Thakura

mana nityananda bali daka
emana dayala prabhu ara na paibe kabhu
hridaya kamale kari rakha
kiba se madura lila natana kirtana kala
atiba ganbhira avatara
apanara gupudhane ani martte kari dane
trana kaila e tina samsara
parasa manira gune tuccha lage mora mane
lei parasile hema kare
nitai chaitanya gune gana kare katajane
ratana haila ghare ghare
amode baliya hari nama sankirtana kari
premabese pade lotaiya
kahe vrindavana dasa emata karila asa
banchita rahinu abhagiya

O my mind, please chant the Name of Nityananda.
You'll never get such a merciful Lord again.
Keep Him within the lotus of your heart.
His sweet pastimes of chanting and dancing are wonderful.
He's the most merciful avatara.
He distributed His hidden treasure to everyone.
He thus delivered the three worlds.
The touchstone's quality of turning iron into gold seems insignificant to me.
But many persons glorify the qualities of Nitai-Gauranga.
They made jewels in every house.
I happily do hari-nama-sankirtana
I roll on the ground in ecstatic prema.
Vrindavana dasa says I desire Their lotus feet since I'm the most unfortunate.