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Nityananda Charitamrita, Madhya Khanda Chapter 8

The Deliverance of Jagai and Madhai

One day Lord Gauranga suddenly ordered Nityananda Prabhu and Haridasa Thakura as follows:

suna suna nityananda! suna haridasa!
sarvatra amara ajna karaha prakasa
prati ghare ghare giya kara ei bhiksha
“bala krishna bhaja krishna krishna kara siksha”
iha nahi ara na balabe na baliba
dina avasane asi amare kahiba

“Listen, listen, Nityananda! Listen, Haridasa. Go and preach my order everywhere. Beg everyone, nChant Krishna, worship Krishna, and learn the science of Krishna.’ Do not preach anything other than this. At the end of the day, come and report to Me.”

“In spite of Your begging, if anyone refuses to accept Your offer, then I’ll come with a cakra to kill him.”

Hearing this command of Lord Gauranga, all Vaishnavas began to smile. In fact, no one has the power to disobey the Lord’s order.

Ordered by the Lord, Lord Nityananda and Haridasa left to fulfill the Lord’s mission. Nityananda Prabhu eternally carries the Lord’s order on His head. Anyone who doubts this is certainly a fool. Whoever serves Advaita Acarya without accepting Lord Gauranga will certainly be destroyed by Advaita Acarya Himself. Following the order of Lord Gauranga, Nityananda Prabhu and Haridasa went to each and every house in Nadia. They requested everyone to chant, sing, and worship Krishna. They further told that Krishna is the life and soul and wealth of everyone. They said, “Dear brothers, chant the names of Krishna with full attention.”

Both Lord Nityananda and Haridasa Thakura wandered all over Nadia preaching Mahaprabhu’s message to everyone. They both dressed as sannyasis. So whoever met Them would immediately offer respects and invite Them for lunch. But Lord Nityananda and Haridasa Thakura would beg only one thing, “Chant Krishna, worship Krishna, and learn the topics of Krishna.” After pleading in this way, the two would leave that place. Only saintly people, however, were pleased by Their request. Hearing the wonderful topic from the mouths of these two Lords, people would happily describe them in their own way. Someone would say, “I will certainly follow Their order.” Another would say, “These two have become mad by the fault of chanting mantras.”

There were those who were forbidden to enter the house of Shrivasa Pandita when Lord Gauranga was dancing with His followers. As soon as Nityananda Prabhu and Haridasa Thakura approached their houses, they immediately shouted, “Beat Them! Beat Them!” Those people said, “You have become crazy by bad association, and now You have come here to make us crazy. Respected and civilized people have all become crazy because of Nimai Pandita. In fact, Nimai has spoiled everyone.”

Some other people would say, “It seems these two are the spies of a thief. In the guise of preaching, They’re checking out each house. If they’re really saintly persons, then why are they acting like this? If they come again, we’ll take them to the police.” Hearing this, Nityananda Prabhu and Haridasa Thakura would simply laugh. They were not the least afraid due to the strength of Lord Gauranga’s order. Both of them would thus regularly visit every house and preach. In the evening, they would return to Visvambhara and report everything.

One day Nityananda and Haridasa met two drunkards on the way. These two were plunderers, murderers, and addicted to wine and women. There was no end to their misdeeds. There was no sin they had not committed. Though born in a brahmana family, they ate beef and drank wine. They plundered people’s wealth and set fires to people’s houses. They absconded from the court and could not spend a day without eating meat and drinking wine. Both these drunkards roamed the streets and very severely beat whomever they caught.

People watched them from a distance not daring to come close. On one such occasion, Nityananda Prabhu and Haridasa arrived on the spot. These two drunkards were sometimes very friendly towards each other and other times pulled each other’s hair in anger. They constantly abused each other with filthy words. “We’ll degrade the caste of the brahmanas of Nadia,” They exclaimed, fully intoxicated from drinking wine. Their bodies were filled with all kinds of sins. Only the sin of blaspheming the Vaishnavas was not yet committed.

Since they spent their days and nights in the company of drunkards, there were no possibilities for them to commit any offense against the Vaishnavas.

ye sabhaya vaishnava ninda matra haya
sarva dharma thakileo tara haya kshaya
sannyasi sabhaya yadi haya nindya karsma
madyapera sabha ite se sabha adharsma
madyapera nishkriti achaye kona kale
paracacrccakara pati kabhu nahi bhale
sastra padiyao karo karo buddhinasa
nityananda nindya kare habe sarvanasa

“Wherever blasphemy of Vaishnavas is done, even in religious places, nevertheless, the place and the blasphemers will be destroyed. If blasphemy is done in the assembly of the sannyasis, then such a gathering is worse than den of drunkards. A drunkard may be delivered in the course of time; but there is no salvation for those who criticize a Vaishnava. Even after studying the scriptures, such a blasphemer’s intelligence will be ruined. Such persons as dared to criticize Lord Nityananda were thus destroyed.”

Nityananda Prabhu and Haridasa watched from a distance how the two drunkards punched and abused each other with filthy words. Nityananda then asked some people of that area, “What is the caste of these two? Why are they doing like this?” The people replied, “O Gosai, these two drunkards are brahmanas. They were born to well-respected parents of a high family. Many of their forefathers lived in Nadia. In fact, there is not even a tinge of fault in their dynasty. Only these two forgot their social duties and commit all kinds of sins since birth. Considering them most sinful, their own family members rejected them since they freely mix with drunkards. The people of Nadia are always afraid of them because at any time these two may set their houses on fire. There are no sins these two have not committed. They rob, steal, kill, rape, eat meat and drink wine.” Hearing about these two drunkards, the most compassionate Nityananda Prabhu began to ponder about their deliverance:

pataki tarite prabhu kaile avatara
emata pataki paibena ara
lukaiya kare prabhu apana prakasa
prabhava na dekhi loke kare upahasa
e duiyere prabhu yadi anugraha kare
tabe se prabhava dekhe sakala samsare
tare hao nityananda caitanyera dasa
e duiyera karo yadi chaitanya prakasa
edhana yemana matta apana na jane
eimata haya yadi shri krishnera name
nmore prabhu’ bali yadi kande duijana
tabe se sarthaka more yata paryyatana
ye se jana e duiyera chaya parasiya
bastrera sahita ganga snana kare giya
sei sava jana yadi e donhare dekhi
ganga snana hena mane tabe more likhi

“Lord Gauranga has descended to deliver the fallen people of this age. Where will He find anyone more fallen than these two? The Lord has not yet revealed Himself to the ordinary people. Not seeing His uncommon influence, they are ridiculing Him. If the Lord bestows mercy on these two sinful drunkards, then the people of the entire world will see His transcendental glories.

“Being known as Nityananda the servant of Lord Gauranga will only have meaning if I can purify their hearts and deliver them. How wonderful it will be, if they become intoxicated chanting Krishna’s names the same way they are intoxicated at present. If I can make these two take the Lord’s name and cry, I will then consider all My travels to holy places a success. At present, whoever even touches the shadow of these two drunkards at once bathes in the Ganges with his clothes on. I will be extremely fortunate if I am able to get people to accept that simply seeing these drunkards is the same as bathing in the Ganges.”

The glories of Lord Nityananda are unlimited. He descended to save the fallen souls. Thinking thus, Nityananda said to Haridasa, “Haridasa, look how miserable these two drunkards are. They are born in a brahmana family, but their behavior is most sinful. They will be unable to escape the most severe punishment of Yamaraja. O Haridasa, the Muslims beat you so severely that you almost died. Still you desired welfare for such people in your mind. If you really desire their welfare in your heart, then surely these two drunkards will be delivered. The Lord never ignores your will. He has often confirmed this fact. Let the people of the entire world see the uncommon influence of our Lord by which He will deliver these drunkards. Just as the deliverance of Ajamila is described in the Puranas, similarly let the people of the three worlds see directly how the Lord will deliver these drunkards.”

Haridasa knew perfectly well the glories of Lord Nityananda. He thought, “He will certainly deliver these two drunkards.” Haridasa said, “Listen, O Lord. Whatever You desire is indeed the desire of Shri Gauranga Mahaprabhu. You are deceiving me just as a person deceives an animal. You are always kindly teaching me.” Smiling, Nityananda embraced Haridasa and said in an extremely soft tone, “Let’s go and repeat the Lord’s order to these two drunkards. The Lord commands everyone to worship Krishna. This is particularly fitting for the most sinful. Our duty is simply to repeat the Lord’s orders. Even after repeating, if it doesn’t work, then it’s the Lord’s will.”

To impart the message of Lord Gauranga, both Nityananda and Haridasa went before the two drunkards. Some pious people, however, forbid Them to go. They warned, “If You go near them, You may lose Your lives. We’re very much afraid of these two drunkards. That’s why we always remain inside our house. How dare You go near them? These two don’t care for sannyasis. In fact, they are accustomed to kill brahmanas and cows without any discrimination.”

In spite of the warnings given by many pious people, both Nityananda and Haridasa approached the drunkards while chanting “Krishna, Krishna.” From a little distance, Nityananda and Haridasa loudly repeated the Lord’s message to the two debauches. Nityananda and Haridasa said,

bala krishna bhaja krishna laha krishna nama
krishna mata krishna pita krishna dhana prana

“Chant Krishna, worship Krishna, and sing the glories of Krishna. Krishna is your mother, father, wealth, and life.”

“ Lord Krishna has mercifully delivered you. Please give up your sinful life and worship Him.” Hearing the loud voice of Nityananda and Haridasa, the two drunkards raised their hands and looked around. Their eyes became red with anger. Seeing the sannyasa features of Nityananda and Haridasa, they chased Them screaming nnCatch Them, catch Them!”

Nityananda and Haridasa quickly ran away. The two plunderers chased Them yelling, “Wait! Wait!” They ran behind Nityananda and Haridasa like a raging storm. The two Lords ran away as if in great fear. All the pious people thought, “We tried to stop these two sannyasis from going near the drunkards. Now they’re in great danger.” However, all the atheists began to smile secretly. They said, “Today Lord Narayana has awarded fit punishment to these pseudo sannyasis.”

The pious brahmanas prayed to the Lord, “O Krishna, please save Them. O Krishna, please save Them.” Soon everyone ran away out of fear. The two drunkards chased and the two Lords ran. Though the drunkards shouted, “We’ve almost caught them,” they were unable to catch hold of Nityananda and Haridasa. While running, Nityananda said to Haridasa, “O Vaishnava Haridasa, what do you think? If We survive today, it will be our good fortune.” Haridasa replied, “O Lord, what can I say? It’s all my fault that we’ll soon untimely lose our lives. This is the result of teaching drunkards about Krishna. We’ll soon get our just reward in the form of death.” Speaking like this, both Nityananda and Haridasa ran while smiling. The two drunkards chased the two Lords in a fit like a raging storm. They were both fat and unable to run as swiftly as Nityananda and Haridasa. They still tried to run as fast as possible.

The drunkards yelled at the Lords as follows, “O brothers, where are You going? Now how will You escape the grip of Jagai and Madhai? You don’t know who’s chasing You. Turn around and see. We are Jagai and Madhai here.” Feigning great fear, the two Lords ran very swiftly hearing the threats of the two drunkards. They prayed, “O Krishna! O Govinda! Please save us.”

Haridasa said, “I cannot run anymore. Alas! Why did I come with this naughty boy even knowing His restless nature? Krishna saved me before from the wrath of the Muslims; but now I’m going to surely lose my life because of this naughty boy.”

Nityananda replied, “I’m not a restless person. Think carefully and you’ll find it’s your Lord Gauranga who’s restless. Your Lord is but a simple brahmana, yet He orders like a king. By His order only, we’re going door to door to preach His message. Though we carry out His orders preaching door to door, so far we’ve not found anyone heeding our request. In fact, people simply call us thieves and cheaters and nothing else. If we don’t follow His order, we’ll be ruined. And if we do follow, then this is the result. I know you’ll not find fault with your Lord, so ultimately it’s me who is to blame.” Both Nityananda and Haridasa quarreled humorously while the two drunkards continued the chase.

Finally, Nityananda and Haridasa reached Lord Gauranga’s house. Dulled by drinking wine, the two drunkards were quite confused. They were unable to see the two Lords anymore. Being baffled, they began to push and pull each other. They were too drunk to understand where they were before or how they reached this place. After sometime Nityananda Prabhu and Haridasa Thakura looked back. They did not see the two drunkards following Them. Both Nityananda and Haridasa heaved a sigh of relief and embraced each other. Then they went to meet Lord Visvambhara.

The lotus eyed Mahaprabhu was sitting inside the house. He looked charming, His beauty conquering the beauty of the cupid. The Lord was sitting surrounded by the Vaishnavas. Everyone was discussing the topics of Krishna. The Lord was explaining His own truth to the assembled Vaishnavas just as Lord Narayana, the Lord of Svetadvipa, instructs the sages headed by Sanaka. Just then, Nityananda and Haridasa arrived before the Lord to report the day’s activities. They said, “Today we’ve seen two strange persons. They’re heavy drunkards, yet they call themselves brahmanas. We politely asked them to chant the holy names of Krishna, but they chased us in anger. We’re fortunate to be alive.”

The Lord asked, “Who were those two strangers? What are their names? Being brahmanas, why are they acting like that?” By the way, Gangadasa and Shrivasa Pandita were also sitting there. Both of them revealed all the sinful activities committed by these drunkards. They said, “O Lord, their names are Jagai and Madhai*. They’re the sons of a pious brahmana.”

“By bad association these two have become so degraded. They cannot live without wine for even a single day. The people of Nadia are most afraid of them. There is no house in Nadia where these two have not committed theft. There is no end to their sins. O Gosai, You must have seen them and known everything.”
Lord Gauranga said, “Yes, yes, I know them very well. If they come here, I’ll cut them both to pieces.”

Nityananda said, “You can do whatever You want, but as long as these two drunkards are around, I’m not going to preach. Why do You needlessly brag about Yourself? First, You make them chant the names of Govinda. By nature a pious person chants the holy names of Krishna. But these two drunkards don’t know anything except committing sin. If You can deliver these two persons by awarding them devotional service, then Your name as The deliverer of the fallen souls will have meaning. The way Your glories increased by delivering Me will be much more if You deliver these two fallen souls.”

Lord Visvambhara smilingly replied, “These drunkards were already delivered the moment they had Your darsana. Since You desire their ultimate benefit, Krishna will soon deliver them.” Hearing this from the lotus mouth of the Lord, all the Vaishnavas immediately began to chant “Hari, Hari.” This convinced everyone that now these two drunkards will be saved.

Then Haridasa Thakura said to Advaita Acarya, “The Lord sent me with this restless boy. I remain somewhere while he goes somewhere else. The Ganges is filled with crocodiles in the rainy season. But Nityananda sometimes tries to catch them while swimming. I loudly call and warn Him from the bank. But alas! He floats fearlessly in the water with the crocodiles. When He comes out of the water, then seeing some of His friends, He chases them to beat them. When the parents of those boys come with sticks in their hands, I fall at their feet and beg pardon on His behalf. Sometimes, He steals ghee and yogurt from cowherd men and runs away. Those cowherd men then catch me and try to beat me instead. He does things He is not supposed to do. Whenever He sees an unmarried girl, He tells her, nI will marry you’.

“Sometimes He rides on the back of an ox and calls Himself Mahadeva. At other times, He milks others’ cows and drinks the milk. If I try to teach Him something, He scolds me. He boldly says, nWhat can your Advaita Acarya do to Me?’ He also says, nWhat can your Gauranga, who you think as Lord, do to Me? I’m not afraid of Him.’ I never disclose these things to the Lord. Today providence saved us from imminent danger. We saw two drunks lying in a stupor on the street. Nityananda went before them repeating the message of the Lord. With cruel anger the two drunkards rushed after us to beat us up. I think it’s by Your mercy alone we were saved today.”

Then Advaita Acarya smilingly replied, “This doesn’t surprise Me at all. A drunk will naturally keep company with another drunk. Three drunkards can remain together. Being a strict celibate, why do you mingle with Him? You’ll see. This Nityananda will turn everyone into a drunkard. I know Him very well. Just you wait and see. Within a few days He will bring those two drunkards to the assembly of devotees.” While speaking this way, Advaita Acarya became very angry. In a grave voice, he said, “We’ll soon see Lord Gauranga’s wonderful love and devotion towards Lord Krishna, as well as His power to induce everyone to dance and chant for Krishna. You will see tomorrow Nimai and Nitai will bring those two drunkards here and dance with them. Nimai and Nitai will not discriminate about the drunkards’ position. But I think you and I will have to leave this place to safeguard our social prestige.”

Seeing Advaita Acarya’s angry mood, Haridasa Thakura began to laugh. He thought that the two drunkards would definitely be delivered soon. Who can understand the words of Advaita Acarya? Only Haridasa Prabhu understood their meaning. Nowadays so many sinful persons take shelter of Advaita Acarya and criticize Gadadhara Pandita. Thus, they soon are vanquished. A sinful person who takes the side of a Vaishnava and criticizes another will be positively destroyed.

The two drunkards Jagai and Madhai wandered all over Navadvipa. One day they came to the bathing ghat of the Ganges where Lord Gauranga usually took bath. By providence, the drunkards also made their camp at that ghat. During the day, they would wander around Navadvipa searching for their prey. All the people including the highly respectable, rich, and famous artisans became very much afraid of them. After dusk, no one dared go to the Ganges to take bath. If someone went at all, he would go with a group of ten or twenty. At night the two drunkards stayed nearby the Lord’s house and thus remained awake all night hearing the sounds of kirtana.

When the mridangas and karatalas sounded during kirtana, the two drunkards would happily dance. They could hear the kirtana from afar. As soon as they heard the sacred sounds of kirtana, they would dance and drink more wine. Whenever kirtana begins, they quickly get up and dance. Wine so much bewildered them that they did not know a thing. Where they were before or where they would be after.

Whenever Jagai and Madhai met the Lord, they would say, “Nimai Pandita, did You finish singing Your prayers to goddess Durga? Actually you all sing very well and we want to see and hear You sing. We’ll give You everything that we gather during the day.” The Lord, however, always stayed aloof from them, knowing them to be most sinful. Everyone avoided them in the same way.

One day after traveling around Nadia, Nityananda Prabhu was returning home in the evening. Suddenly the two brothers caught Him. Jagai and Madhai screamed, “Who is this? Who are You?” Nityananda Prabhu replied, “I’m going to Lord Gauranga’s house.” Drunk as usual, they asked Lord Nityananda, “What’s Your name?” Nityananda replied, “My name is Avadhuta.” Absorbed in childhood mood, Lord Nityananda thus started to talk with the two drunkards out of His sweet pastimes. He had already decided to deliver these two fallen souls. He thus purposely came to their place that night. Hearing the name Avadhuta, Madhai became extremely angry. He picked up his pitcher and hit Lord Nityananda on the head. As the pitcher hit Lord Nityananda’s head it cut Him and He started bleeding. Nityananda Prabhu simply remembered Govinda. Seeing Lord Nityananda’s bleeding head, Jagai became compassionate. He forbade Madhai from hitting the Lord again. Jagai said, “Why did you do such a cruel thing? What will you gain by killing a beggar? Leave Him, leave Him. It’s no good to kill a sannyasi.”

People quickly went and told Lord Gauranga about this incident. The Lord instantly rushed to the spot along with His associates. Blood flew from Lord Nityananda’s head. He still simply smiled standing between the two sinners.

Seeing blood on Nityananda Prabhu’s head, Lord Gauranga went into a trance and began to invoke His Sudarsana cakra. The Sudarsana cakra instantly appeared there and Jagai and Madhai personally saw it. All the devotees became totally perplexed. In the meantime, Lord Nityananda quickly began to persuade the Lord.

Lord Nityananda said, “O Lord, when Madhai tried to hit Me again, this Jagai actually saved Me. Just by chance blood came out. I’m not at all disturbed. O Lord, I beg You. Please give Me these two bodies in alms. Please be calm for I have no distress.”

As soon as Lord Gauranga heard that Jagai actually saved Nityananda Prabhu, He became pleased and embraced Jagai. The Lord said to Jagai, “May Krishna be merciful to you. You have purchased Me by saving Nityananda. Ask for any boon you so desire. From today you will achieve loving devotional service.” When the Vaishnavas heard the Lord’s benediction to Jagai, they jubilantly chanted, “All glories to Lord Hari!”

As soon as the Lord gave pure devotional service to Jagai, he at once fell senseless to the ground. The Lord said, “Jagai, please get up and look at Me. I have indeed awarded you love and devotion.” Then, Jagai saw the beautiful four-handed form of Lord Visvambhara, holding a conch, a disc, a club, and a lotus in His hands. Seeing this form of Lord Gauranga, Jagai again fell senseless to the ground. Shri Gauranga then placed His lotus feet on his chest. He obtained the wealth of the Lord’s lotus feet, which are the life and soul of Lakshmi. Jagai caught hold of those invaluable jewels on his chest. Holding the Lord’s lotus feet, Jagai began to cry. Such is the wonderful pastime of Shri Gauranga. Jagai and Madhai were one, but they had appeared in two different bodies. Their piety and sins were also one. As the Lord bestowed mercy on Jagai, Madhai’s heart became purified and changed. In a moment, he took hold of the Lord’s cloth and with folded hands he fell at Lord Gauranga’s lotus feet.

He appealed to the Lord, “O Lord, both Jagai and I committed sins together. Why then do You discriminate in giving Your mercy? Please be merciful to me and I’ll surely chant Your holy names. There’s no one else in the world who can save me.”

The Lord said, “I see no hope for your salvation. You dared to cut Nityananda’s body and make it bleed.”

Madhai replied, “O Lord, don’t say that. Why do You give up Your own merciful nature? When the demons shot arrows at You, why did You still give them Your lotus feet?”

The Lord said, “Your offense is much more grave, since you made Nityananda bleed. Actually, Nityananda is far greater than I am. I make this firm truth known to you.”

Madhai asked, “O Lord, if You’ve indeed told me the truth, then please tell me how I’ll be saved? You’re the crest jewel among doctors expert in curing all diseases. Therefore only if You cure me will my disease be cured. O Lord of the universe, please don’t cheat me. Now I know who You are. How can You hide Yourself now?” The Lord said, “You committed a grave offense at the feet of Nityananda. Now fall at His lotus feet and beg for pardon.”

Ordered by the Lord, Madhai at once caught hold of the invaluable wealth of Lord Nityananda’s lotus feet, which are well known to Revati. Visvambhara said to Nityananda Prabhu, “Listen, Nityananda. It is proper that, if someone falls at Your lotus feet, You should be merciful to him. Since he made You bleed, only You can forgive him. Now he has surrendered unto You.”

Nityananda replied, “O Lord, what can I say? You can bestow mercy to anyone, even to a tree. If I have any piety amassed from previous births, I am giving it all to Madhai. I’m telling You the truth. I don’t care for the offenses he’s done to Me. O Lord, please remove Your illusory energy and be merciful. This Madhai belongs to You.”

Visvambhara said, “If You’ve indeed forgiven all his offenses, then please embrace him so his life will be successful.” Instructed by the Lord, Nityananda Prabhu tightly embraced Madhai. All his material bondage and mass of sins were destroyed. Nityananda Prabhu entered the body of Madhai and thus Madhai became fully equipped with the all the energies of the Lord. Thus, both Jagai and Madhai were delivered. They then offered prayers at the lotus feet of Shri Gauranga and Nityananda Prabhu.

Shri Gauranga Mahaprabhu then commanded them, “Sin no more.” Jagai and Madhai replied, “Dear father, no more, not again.” The Lord continued, “Listen, both of you. I have indeed saved you from all your sinful reactions. If you do not sin again, then I’ll destroy all your sinful reactions from millions of births. This is My responsibility. I’ll eat offerings through your mouths, and incarnate through your bodies.” Hearing these words from the Lord, both Jagai and Madhai fell unconscious on the ground in ecstasy. Their illusions thus removed, they floated in the ocean of happiness. The all-knowing Lord instructed, “Take both of them to my house. Tonight we’ll perform kirtana with them. I’ll reward these two with what even Lord Brahma rarely attains. Thus, I’ll turn them into the best of persons in this world. The same people who took bath in the Ganges after touching these brothers will now say that these two brothers are as good as the Ganges. Nityananda’s promise never goes in vain. Know that this is indeed the desire of Nityananda Prabhu.”

Then all the Vaishnavas carefully escorted Jagai and Madhai into the house of the Lord. When all the associates and relatives of the Lord came inside, they closed the main door and allowed no outsiders in. Mahaprabhu Visvambhara sat in the middle of the house. Nityananda Prabhu sat on the right of the Lord, while Gadadhara Pandita sat on His left. Advaita Acarya, the greatest recipient of the Lord’s mercy, sat in front of Them. All the Vaishnavas sat on all the four sides of Their Lordships. There the devotees headed by Pundarika Vidyanidhi*, Garuda*, Ramai*, Shrivasa, and Gangadasa.

Also present were Vakresvara Pandita*, and Candrasekhara Acarya*. Both of them know the mission of Lord Gauranga. Many other devotees sat around Shri Gauranga Mahaprabhu floating in the ocean of bliss along with Jagai and Madhai. The pure loving symptoms such as standing of the hair on end, shedding of tears, and shivering were visible on all their bodies. Both Jagai and Madhai simply rolled on the ground. Who could understand the intention of Lord Gauranga? He transformed the two great plunderers into great devotees.

The Lord said, “These two are no longer drunkards. From now on, they are My servants. All of you please bestow mercy on these two so that they may never forget Me life after life. In whatever way you may have been offended by them, forgive them and bestow your mercy on them.” Hearing the words of the Lord, Jagai and Madhai fell at the feet of all the assembled Vaishnavas and begged pardon. All the great devotees then blessed Jagai and Madhai, who were instantly freed from all offenses. The Lord said, “Please get up, O Jagai and Madhai. Do not worry. From now, you are my servants. Personally, I will not take their offenses. No one should think them sinful anymore. Such an act is never possible in this very lifetime. Know it for certain that it was by the mercy of Nityananda Prabhu alone. Actually, I have taken all their sinful reactions on Me. O brothers, you all can see the proof of this directly.” To convince everyone of this, the golden body of the Lord immediately turned black.

Converting the two plunderers and drunkards into pure devotees, Lord Shri Gauranga who is non-different from Hari, began to dance with His associates. In this way, Shri Gaurachandra, the life and soul of the universe delivered Jagai and Madhai. Shri Gaurachandra will certainly deliver whoever hears of the salvation of Jagai and Madhai.

Accepting Shri Gauranga and Nityananda Prabhu as my life and soul, I, Vrindavana dasa, sing the glories of Their lotus feet.