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Nityananda Charitamrita, Madhya Khanda Chapter 7

Lord Gauranga glorifies Lord Nityananda

Both Lord Visvambhara and Nityananda Prabhu thus lived in Navadvipa enjoying various pastimes. Nityananda Prabhu was always merged in ocean of transcendental love of Krishna. He constantly behaved like an ordinary child. He loved everyone and spoke with them in a sweet voice. He often danced, sang, played musical instruments, and laughed to Himself. Sometimes out of His own sentiment, He roared loudly, striking everyone with wonder. In the rainy season when the Ganges filled with fierce waves and crocodiles, Lord Nityananda fearlessly swam and floated in her waters. Though everyone who saw Him floating in the Ganges would lament shouting, “Alas! Alas!”, Nityananda continued to float in ecstasy among the crocodiles. He floated in the Ganges absorbed in the mood of Ananta. Not understanding this, people became filled with lamentation.

Sometimes, Nityananda would fall down unconscious in ecstasy. He would sometimes remain so for three or four days. In this way, Nityananda enjoyed countless inconceivable pastimes. I am unable to describe them all, even with millions of mouths.

One day by providence, Nityananda arrived where Visvambhara was sitting. He was naked and smiling. Tears of love were constantly flowing from His eyes. He repeatedly shouted, “Nimai Pandita of Nadia is my life and soul.” Seeing Nityananda’s enchanting radiant naked form, Shri Gauranga began to smile. He quickly took off the cloth tied on His head and put it on Nityananda Prabhu. Nityananda simply laughed. The Lord personally smeared sandalwood paste on the body of Nityananda. He then put a flower garland on Nityananda. Shri Gauranga put Nityananda in front of Him and began to offer prayers as the devotees listened attentively. He prayed to Lord Nityananda thus:

name nityananda tumi rupe nityananda
ei tumi nityananda-rama murtimanta
nityananda paryyatana bhojana vyavahara
nityananda bine kichu nahika tomara
tomare bhujite sakti manusyera kotha?
parama susatya tumi yatha krishna tatha

“Your name is Nityananda and Your form is Nityananda. You are indeed the abode of eternal bliss, non-different from Balarama. You are wandering to the holy places. Your accepting food is simply filled with eternal bliss. Who has the power to understand You? You are the Supreme Absolute Truth and are as good as Krishna.”

The most magnanimous Nityananda was totally absorbed in the mellows of Shri Gauranga. Lord Gauranga wholly approved of whatever He said and did. Shri Gauranga asked Nityananda, “Please give Me one of Your kaupinas. I have a desire to keep it.” After saying this, the Lord took a kaupina from Lord Nityananda and tore it into small pieces. He distributed those pieces of Nityananda Prabhu’s kaupina to all the Vaishnavas.

prabhu bale e vastra bandhaha sabe sire
anyera ki daya iha vanche yogesvare
nityananda prasade se haya vishnu-bhakti
janiha krishnera nityananda purna shakti
krishnera dvitiya nityananda bai nahi
sangi sakha shayana bhushana bandhu bhai
vedera agamya nityanandera carita
sarva jiva janaka rakshaka sarva mitra
ihana vyavahara saba krishna rasamaya
ihana sevile krishna premabhakti haya
bhakti kari ihana kaupina bandha shire
mahayatne iha puja kara giya ghare

Lord Gauranga then said to all the Vaishnavas, “All of you tie this piece of cloth on your heads. What to speak of the Vaishnavas, even the masters of mystic perfection desire this piece of kaupina. One can surely get devotional service to Vishnu only by the mercy of Nityananda. Know that Nityananda is a complete potency of the Supreme Lord. There is no one more dear to Krishna that Nityananda. He eternally serves Krishna as a companion, a bed, an ornament, an associate, and a brother. The qualities of Nityananda are incomprehensible to the Vedas. He is the father, the protector, and the friend of all living entities. His dealings are full of transcendental mellows for Krishna. If one serves Nityananda, he will attain loving devotional service to Krishna without a doubt. All of you should tie this piece of Nityananda’s kaupina on your heads with devotion. You should worship this piece of cloth at your homes with great respect.”
Receiving the order of the Lord, all the devotees respectfully tied the piece of the kaupina on their heads.

prabhu bale sunaha sakala bhaktagana
nityananda padodaka karaha grahana
karilehi matra ei padodaka pana
krishna dridha bhakta haya ithe nahi ana

Shri Gauranga continued, “Listen, My devotees. All of you drink the water that has washed Nityananda’s lotus feet. Just by drinking that water, one will attain unflinching devotion to Krishna. There is no doubt about it.”

Instructed by the Lord, all the devotees then washed the lotus feet of Lord Nityananda and drank the water respectfully. In fact, every devotee drank the water five or seven times. Nityananda was, however, completely lost in rapture as He continued to laugh. Mahaprabhu Shri Gauranga personally distributed the caranamrita of Lord Nityananda with great jubilation. After drinking that water, all the devotees went insane and loudly chanted, “Hari, Hari.” Someone said, “Today my life has become successful.” Another person said, “Today I have become a servant of Krishna.” Someone else said, “Today has been an auspicious day for me.” Another said, “The water that has washed the lotus feet of Nityananda is very tasteful. In fact the sweetness in my mouth does not diminish at all.”

What a wonderful influence of the caranamrita of Lord Nityananda! As soon as all the devotees drank it, they all became agitated. Some of them danced, some of them sang, others rolled on the ground, while others shouted loudly. Then all the devotees happily started nama-sankirtana. Overwhelmed with ecstasy, they all began to dance. Soon Shri Gaurachandra rose and began to dance wonderfully while roaring like a lion. Instantly Nityananda also got up and then both the Lords began to dance all around the devotees. Someone fell on another person, while another caught him in his arms. Someone tried to take the dust of another to put on his head. Someone embraced another and began to cry. It is very difficult to describe the activities of the devotees at that time.

No one was afraid to dance with the Lords. Both the Lords and the Their servants danced together. Nityananda and Gauranga embraced each other joyfully dancing in ecstasy. Being mad with transcendental loving mellows, the Lord of Vaikuntha danced along with His associates. The pastimes of the Lord are endless. The Vedas described these pastimes as appearance and disappearance. After dancing throughout the day, Lord Gaurahari then sat down surrounded by His associates.

He clapped His hands three times and said in a grave and pretentious manner, “Whoever puts faith and devotion in this Nityananda Svarupa actually does it to Me. Even Lord Brahma and Lord Siva constantly worship His lotus feet. Therefore, all of you should keep love and devotion in Him. If anyone maintains even a tinge of enmity towards Nityananda, then, even if such a person is a devotee, he is not dear to me. If air that has touched Nityananda’s body touches anyone, then Lord Krishna will never leave such a person.”

Hearing these words from the Lord, all the devotees loudly exclaimed, “Jaya! Jaya!” If one hears these topics with devotion, Lord Gaurachandra becomes his life and soul. Those who have personally seen these pastimes of Nityananda Svarupa certainly know His glories. The dear fortunate associates of Lord Gauranga know many such wonderful glories of Nityananda.

Accepting Shri Gauranga and Nityananda Prabhu as my life and soul, I, Vrindavana dasa, sing the glories of Their lotus feet.