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Nityananda Charitamrita, Madhya Khanda Chapter 6

Lord Nityananda's Pastimes at the home of Shrivasa

Shri Nityananda stayed at the house of Shrivasa Pandita. With great affection, He would address Shrivasa Pandita as father. He was always in trance absorbed in the mood of a child. He regularly drank Malini devi’s breast milk. There was no milk in Malini’s breasts, but by the touch of Nityananda’s hand, they would become filled with abundance of milk. This was possible only by Nityananda’s inconceivable potency. Mother Malini experienced such wonderful things, but, on the order of Lord Gauranga, she never revealed it to anyone. Malini devi constantly beheld the childhood pastimes of Nityananda.

Lord Visvambhara once said, “Please listen, Nityananda. I’m afraid that You’ll pick quarrels with others. Please be calm and don’t play mischief at Shrivasa Pandita’s house.” Hearing this, Lord Nityananda at once remembered Krishna saying, “I assure You, You’ll never find Me naughty. Don’t think of Me like Yourself.” Visvambhara said, “I know You very well.” Nityananda replied, “Then tell Me My faults.” Gaurachandra smilingly said, “You want to know Your faults? It seems You have incarnated to shower rice all over the room.”

Nityananda replied, “O Lord, only a mad man does such a thing. I think You’re trying to find an excuse not to feed Me. You’re enjoying Your rice, but not giving Me My share. How long will You do such shameful things?”

Lord Visvambhara said, “Actually I’m ashamed of Your conduct. That’s why I always try to teach You.” Lord Nityananda replied with a smile, “This is indeed very good. Please do teach Me whenever You find me misbehaving, O Lord. You clearly understand that I’m a very naughty boy.” Saying this, Nityananda Prabhu looked at the Lord and laughed heartily. In ecstatic love, Nityananda went into rapture. He knew not what He was doing. Suddenly, He took off His cloth and tied it on His head. He jumped and laughed repeatedly while wandering about the courtyard like a drunk.

Gadadhara, Shrivasa, and Haridasa all began to laugh. For the sake of teaching, they were allowed to see such a form of Lord Nityananda. Then Visvambhara called Nityananda and said, “What are You doing? This is most improper at the home of a householder. Just now, You told Me You’re not a mad man. But just see, You’ve given up Your own words.” How can words make a person ashamed if he is totally devoid of external consciousness? This was the case with Nityananda Prabhu. He simply floated in the ocean of bliss. The Lord then personally put clothes on the body of Nityananda. Such were the inconceivable activities of Lord Nityananda. Nityananda Prabhu is just like a maddened lion. He is only controlled by the words of Shri Gauranga and nobody else.

Nityananda never eats food with His own hands. Malini devi fed Him like a loving son. This chaste mother knew the transcendental glories of Nityananda. Therefore, she served Him exactly as a mother serves her son.

One day a crow came and took a bell metal bowl and flew away to the forest. As soon as the crow went out of sight, mother Malini became worried. The crow left the bowl in its nest and then returned. Malini devi saw the crow’s mouth was empty. The behavior of Shrivasa Pandita was very strict. Moreover, the bowl stolen by the crow was used to keep ghee for Krishna. She was afraid Her husband would be very upset when he heard what happened. Unable to know what to do, she began to cry.

Then Nityananda came there and saw Malini devi crying for some reason. Nityananda smilingly said, “Why are you crying? Tell me what’s your distress and I will surely relieve it.” Malini devi replied, “Please listen, Shripada Gosai. A crow has taken away the bowl which we use for keeping Krishna’s ghee.” Nityananda replied, “Mother, do not worry. I will bring back the bowl.” Turning to the crow, He said, “O crow, go at once and bring back the bowl.” Lord Nityananda is within everyone’s heart. Who can disobey His order? Ordered by Nityananda, the crow instantly flew away. Malini devi looked on overwhelmed with lamentation. Soon the crow went out of sight and in a short while returned with the bowl in his mouth. The crow placed the bowl in front of Malini devi and left. Malini devi knew well the glories of Lord Nityananda. Seeing this wonderful incident, she swooned in ecstatic love. After recovering, she stood up with folded hands and began to offer prayers.

“He brought back the dead son of His guru. He maintains the entire universe. He can bring anyone back from the house of Yamaraja. For Him to bring the bowl from a crow is not at all wonderful. On His head rest innumerable universes and He maintains them out of His own sweet pastimes. His holy names destroy all ignorance. For Him to bring the bowl from a crow is not at all wonderful.

“In an earlier incarnation, You constantly protected Sita during the exile as Lakshmana. You never saw any of Sita’s body except her lotus feet. Your formidable arrows killed the family of Ravana. For You to bring the bowl from a crow is not a wonderful thing. Seeing Your great power, Kalindi fell at Your lotus feet and offered prayers. You possess the strength to maintain the fourteen worlds. For You to bring the bowl from a crow is not a wonderful thing. Still, Your activities are not ordinary. Whatever You do is a truth. This is confirmed by all the four Vedas.”

Hearing Malini devi’s prayers, Lord Nityananda began to smile. In His childhood mood He said, “O mother, I want to eat something.” Whenever Malini devi saw Nityananda, milk would flow from her breasts. Nityananda in the mood of a child would drink that milk. Nityananda Prabhu’s activities are inconceivable. What more can I describe? All the world knows them. His activities are mysterious and extraordinary. One who knows them in truth accepts them all as facts.

Lord Nityananda, the abode of effulgence and fully absorbed in the ecstatic love, wandered all over Nadia day and night. Someone may call Nityananda a yogi, or someone may call Him a knower of truth. Let them say whatever they want. Let Nityananda be anybody to Shri Gauranga. Still I keep the treasure of His lotus feet within my heart. Thus, Nityananda resided at the house of Shrivasa Pandita. Shri Gauranga constantly protected Him.

One day Lord Visvambhara was sitting peacefully at His house with Lakshmipriya. Lakshmipriya was supplying betel nuts to the Lord with great happiness. Absorbed in the service of the Lord, she was unable to tell if it was day or night. Whenever mother Saci saw Lakshmipriya and Visvambhara together, she became extremely happy. Knowing that seeing Them together pleases His mother, the Lord would spend time with Lakshmipriya. At one such time, Nityananda came to the house of Lord Gauranga overwhelmed and agitated with ecstasy. In a childish mood, Nityananda stood naked before them. Fully absorbed in love of God, He did not feel shy before anyone.

Shri Gauranga asked, “Nityananda, where are Your clothes?” Nityananda replied, “Yes yes.” Shri Gauranga said, “O Gosai, why are You doing this?” Nityananda replied, “I can’t eat today.” Shri Gauranga then said, “I’m asking something and why are You answering something else?” Nityananda replied, “I went there ten times.” Shri Gauranga being angry said, “It’s not My fault.” Nityananda replied, “Your mother is not here.” Shri Gauranga then said, “Please get dressed.” Nityananda replied, “Yes, now I’ll eat.” Nityananda Prabhu was fully maddened in the love of Shri Gauranga. He heard something and answered something else. He kept on laughing. Shri Gauranga then got up and personally put clothes on Lord Nityananda. Nityananda, the son of Padmavati, kept on laughing completely lost in trance.

Seeing the wonderful nature of Nityananda, mother Saci simply smiled. She considered Nityananda as her own son, Visvarupa. She heard from everyone that Nityananda was non-different from Visvarupa. She alone often saw this with her own eyes. She, however, did not reveal these secrets to anyone. She showed spontaneous affection for Nityananda. She treated both Nityananda and Visvarupa equally.

After coming to his senses, Nityananda dressed Himself properly. Mother Saci then gave Him five pieces of sandesa. Nityananda, however, ate one of them and threw the other four pieces away. Mother Saci then said, “What will You eat now? Nityananda replied, “If you want more, you’ll surely receive more.” On entering her kitchen, Mother Saci found to her surprise that those same four pieces were there inside the kitchen. Mother Saci then murmured, “These sweets were thrown far away. So how is it they’re here inside the kitchen?” In jubilant wonder, Saci brought these sweets and offered them to Nityananda. To her astonishment, she saw that Nityananda was eating those very sweets. Mother Saci said, “My son, where did You get these sweets?” Nityananda replied, “At first I threw them away. But seeing your distress, I brought them back.” Seeing this wonderful act, mother Saci thought, “Who is there who is unaware of the glories of Nityananda?” She then said to Nityananda, “Nityananda, why are You deceiving me? I know You are the Supreme Personality of Godhead. So please remove the influence of Your illusory energy from me.”

The qualities of Nityananda are unfathomable. They are a source of pleasure for the devotees and the cause of distress for miscreants. Even mother Ganges runs away from that sinful person who dares to blaspheme Lord Nityananda. Lord Nityananda, who as Lord Ananta Sesha who holds the universes on His hoods, is the king of the devotees. This is my heart’s desire and prayer to the feet of the Vaishnavas. May Lord Nityananda, who is Lord Balarama, become my life and soul.

Accepting Shri Gauranga and Nityananda Prabhu as my life and soul, I, Vrindavana dasa, sing the glories of Their lotus feet.