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Nityananda Charitamrita, Madhya Khanda Chapter 2

Lord Nityananda's Stay with Shrivasa And His Vyasapuja Ceremony

Discussing topics of Krishna in the association of Lord Nityananda overwhelmed all the devotees. All of them were pure devotees and most magnanimous. They remained intoxicated by drinking the nectar of Krishna’s topic and shouted loudly in ecstasy.

Nityananda Prabhu smiled and looked all around as the devotees shed tears of joy. Seeing Nityananda, Mahaprabhu Visvambhara was extremely pleased. He said to Lord Nityananda, “Listen, O Shripada Nityananda Gosai! Where will You do Vyasa-puja? Tomorrow is the auspicious full moon-day when one offers special worship to Shri Vyasadeva. Consider this matter and let us know.”

Nityananda followed the intention of the Lord. He caught hold of Shrivasa Pandita’s hand and brought him before the Lord. Nityananda smilingly said, “Listen, Visvambhara. I’ll do Vyasa-puja at this brahmana’s house.” Lord Visvambhara then said to Shrivasa, “You have got a heavy responsibility on you.” Shrivasa Pandita replied to the Lord, “This is not at all difficult for me. By Your mercy, everything is available at my house. All the necessary items such as cloth, fragrant flowers, brahmana thread, ghee, betel nuts, and pan leaves are there in my house. I will only have to borrow a book that describes how to do Vyasa-puja. With great fortune, I will celebrate Vyasa-puja tomorrow.”

Hearing the words of Shrivasa Pandita, Mahaprabhu became very pleased, and all the Vaishnavas happily chanted the names of Lord Hari. Lord Visvambhara said, “Listen, Shripada Gosai. Please give Me permission so we can all go to Shrivasa Pandita’s house.” Nityananda Prabhu was very happy to hear the words of the Lord. Then they all started for the house of Shrivasa Pandita. Nityananda and Visvambhara along with all the devotees exactly resembled Balarama and Krishna with the cowherd boys of Gokula.

As soon as they entered the house of Shrivasa Pandita, everyone felt boundless happiness within his heart. The Lord ordered them to lock the main entrance of Shrivasa Pandita’s house. He allowed no one except the relatives of Shrivasa Pandita to come inside the house. The Lord then said to begin kirtana. Everyone began an ecstatic kirtana and thus lost his external consciousness. Both Lords danced jubilantly while the devotees sang around Them.

Shri Gauranga and Shri Nityananda who are eternally absorbed in love of each other danced together while meditating on each other. Someone shouted loudly, someone roared, while someone fell senseless to the ground and others simply cried. Signs of ecstasy such as shivering, perspiration, standing of the hair on end, being unconscious due to love of God, were visible on the bodies of the two Lords.

The two Lords danced in Their own happiness. Sometimes They embraced, and sometimes They cried. Both of Them tried to catch the other’s feet, but neither got success. They both rolled on the ground in infinite happiness. They forgot Themselves, absorbed in Their internal moods. They went into such a trance They forgot to keep Their clothing intact. The Vaishnavas tried to quiet Them, but failed in their attempt. Who can hold Them who hold the three worlds? Both the Lords were intoxicated by enjoying the kirtana.

Shri Gaurasundara loudly exclaimed, “Chant more! Chant more!” His whole body became wet due to tears of ecstasy. Fulfilling His desire to be with Nityananda, Lord Gauranga lost awareness and floated in the ocean of bliss. The dancing of Visvambhara was so amazing that while dancing His lotus feet would often touch His head.

As Lord Nityananda danced, the whole earth shook. All the Vaishnavas thought there were earthquakes. The two Lords thus danced in ecstasy. Who can describe Their happiness? To reveal the glories of Lord Nityananda, Lord Visvambhara suddenly climbed on the throne of Lord Vishnu in the mood of Lord Balarama. The Lord, overwhelmed in the mood of Balarama, repeatedly demanded “Bring wine, bring wine!”

Shri Gaurasundara then said to Shri Nityananda, “Give me a plow and club right away!” Instructed by the Lord, Lord Nityananda placed something in the hands of Gaurachandra, who accepted it. Some of the devotees saw only the exchanges of hands and nothing else. Someone directly saw the plow and the club. Only one who is favored by the Lord can understand Him. Others, even if they see the Lord, cannot recognize Him. This is a very confidential topic. Only a few persons knew about it. And then only if they were favored by Lord Nityananda.

Receiving a plow and a club from Lord Nityananda, the Lord went mad and asked for varuni (honeyed wine). Everyone was confused, unable to decide what to do. They simply looked at each other’s face. After due consideration, all the devotees brought a pitcher of Ganges water and gave it to the Lord. Everyone offered water and the Lord drank it. It appeared as if the clouds drank the water.

On all sides, the devotees recited prayers glorifying Lord Balarama. The Lord repeatedly called out, “Nada! Nada!” The Lord moved His head back and forth asking for Nada again and again. None of the devotees could grasp the meaning of this word. All the devotees inquired, “O Lord, who are You calling by the name of Nada?” The Lord replied, “It is Him by whose loud call I have appeared. The one you all know as Advaita Acarya* is known as Nada. I have appeared because of Him.”

mohare anila nada vaikuntha thakiya
niscinte rohila giya haridasa laiya
sankirtana arasbhe mohara avatara
ghare ghare karimu kirtana paracara
bidya dhana kule jnana tapasyara made
mora bhakta stane shara ache aparadhe
se adhama sabare na dimu premasoga
nagariya prati dimu brakshadira bhoga

“Nada brought Me here from Vaikuntha. But He is living peacefully with Haridasa. I descended to inaugurate nama-sankirtana. I will preach this chanting in each and every house. I will not give love of God to those fallen souls who offend My devotees being proud of their learning, wealth, high birth, knowledge, and austerity. I will freely give to everyone this love of God, which even Lord Brahma rarely attains.”

Hearing the Lord, all the devotees floated in the ocean of bliss. After a time, the son of Saci calmed down. “What mischief have I done?” the Lord inquired. The devotees replied “Nothing serious.” The Lord then embraced everyone saying, “Please excuse My offenses.” Hearing the Lord’s words, the devotees began to smile as Lord Nityananda rolled on the ground. Lord Nityananda was unable to check His emotion. Love of God overwhelmed Lord Nityananda who is non-different from Lord Sesha. Sometimes He laughed, sometimes He cried, and sometimes He loosened His clothes. He appeared to be very childish. What remained of His sannyasa stick, what remained of His water pot, and what remained of His clothes? He scattered everything all over the ground.

The most grave Lord Nityananda became very agitated. Then Lord Gauranga personally caught and pacified Him. Appearing like one who is drunk, Lord Nityananda was easily controlled by the words of the Lord. The Lord said, “Please be quiet now. We will celebrate Vyasa-puja tomorrow.” After pacifying Lord Nityananda, the Lord returned home. All the devotees also returned to their respective homes. Lord Nityananda however remained at the house of Shrivasa Pandita.

On that same night, Lord Nityananda shouted loudly and broke His sannyasa danda and water pot into pieces. Early next morning when Ramai Pandita got up from bed, he was astonished to see the broken danda and the water pot. Ramai Pandita at once told Shrivasa Pandita about this. Shrivasa said, “Go tell this to Lord Gauranga.”

Hearing this incident from Ramai Pandita, Lord Gauranga came there without delay. He saw Lord Nityananda laughing being devoid of sense perception. The Lord picked up the broken sannyasa danda with His own hands and went to take bath in the Ganges with Lord Nityananda. All the devotees headed by Shrivasa Pandita also went to bathe in the Ganges. The Lord personally threw the danda into the Ganges.

Unable to pacify the most agitated Lord Nityananda by words, the Lord had to chastise Him. Seeing a crocodile, Lord Nityananda tried to catch him. Gadadhara and Shrivasa Pandita exclaimed, “Alas! Alas!” Lord Nityananda fearlessly swam in the middle of the Ganges. Only the words of the Lord made Him become somewhat peaceful. Visvambhara called Nityananda, “Hurry up. Today we will celebrate Vyasa-puja.” Hearing the call of the Lord, Nityananda came back to the bank. After completing His bath, He returned home with Lord Gauranga.

Soon all the devotees gathered at the house of Shrivasa Pandita and did nama-sankirtana. Shri Gauranga appointed Shrivasa Pandita as the head priest for the Vyasa-puja ceremony and by His order he performed everything. Everyone chanted the holy names in a sweet melodious tune. The house of Shrivasa Pandita turned into Vaikuntha. Shrivasa Pandita knew all the scriptural conclusions. He therefore executed all the proper rituals with utmost care and expertise. Placing sandalwood paste and nice flower garlands in the hands of Nityananda, he said, “Listen, Nityananda. Offer this garland and recite these prayers while offering obeisances to Shri Vyasadeva. It is the injunction of the scriptures that one should personally worship Shri Vyasadeva. By satisfying Shri Vyasadeva, one achieves all success.”

Lord Nityananda kept saying, “Yes, yes,” but He did not quite know what prayer He should recite. Nobody could understand the whispers of Lord Nityananda. Holding the garland in His hands, He repeatedly looked around. The most magnanimous Shrivasa Pandita told Nityananda, “My dear sir, You are not worshipping Shri Vyasadeva.” Hearing the words of Shrivasa Pandita, Shri Gaurasundara quickly rushed in front of Nityananda. The Lord told Nityananda, “Listen to me. Please put this garland on Shri Vyasadeva at once and complete the Vyasa-puja ceremony.”

All the Vaishnavas became overwhelmed in ecstasy. They all observed the Vyasa-puja ceremony with great pomp. Some of them danced, some sang, and some rolled on the ground. Everyone tried to catch hold of each other’s feet. Saci*, the mother of Shri Gauranga and the entire universe saw the whole fun from a distance. Seeing both Visvambhara and Nityananda, she treated Them equally as her sons.

The Vyasa-puja was the most magnanimous event. Only Lord Ananta can describe it properly. I am simply trying to glorify the qualities of Lord Nityananda in codes. If one somehow or other glorifies Krishna, he will be benefited. They completed the Vyasa-puja ceremony at the end of the day. Then all the devotees began to dance with Visvambhara. They were all maddened with jubilant ecstasy. They cried while chanting, “O Krishna!” After exhibiting His own devotional service, Visvambhara along with all the devotees became peaceful.

Then Visvambhara advised Shrivasa Pandita, “Bring all the prasada of Vyasadeva right away.” When he brought all the items, the Lord personally served everyone with His own hands. Being served personally by Lord Gauranga, all the devotees joyfully honored the prasada. The Lord personally invited and served all who lived in Shrivasa Pandita’s house. The servants and maidservants of the Vaishnavas easily received what the demigods headed by Lord Brahma rarely attain.

All these wonderful pastimes happened at the house of Shrivasa Pandita. Who can describe his good fortune? In this way, various wonderful pastimes were performed at Navadvipa that were unknown to the ordinary people. Then Mahaprabhu told everyone, “Now that the Vyasa-puja is complete, chant the holy names of Krishna.”

Accepting Shri Gauranga and Nityananda Prabhu as my life and soul, I, Vrindavana dasa, sing the glories of Their pastimes.