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Nityananda Charitamrita, Antya Khanda Chapter 9

Lord Nityananda's departure for Nilacala and

His glorification by Lord Gauranga

Lord Nityananda lived in Navadvipa totally merged in the ocean of prema-bhakti. He inspired everyone to chant the holy names. Singing and dancing for Krishnaís pleasure was everyoneís only duty. Previously He sported with cowherd boys in every house of Gokula, now Nityananda manifested those Gokula pastimes by happily doing nama-sankirtana.


Once, supremely independent Lord Nityananda wanted to see Lord Gauranga. Taking leave from mother Saci, He happily left for Nilacala by the will of Shri Gauranga. Overwhelmed with prema, He traveled with His devotees through the countryside singing the glories of Shri Gauranga Mahaprabhu. The devotees danced, shouted, and cried with joy as He made His way to Nilacala merged in ecstasy.


In a few days, He reached Nilacala. Arriving at Kamalapura* and seeing the top of the Jagannatha temple, Nityananda fell senseless to the ground. Tears of love incessantly streamed from His eyes as He called out, "Shri Krishna Chaitanya." On arrival at Nilachala, He remained in a flower garden.


Who except Shri Gauranga can understand the mind of Nityananda? Aware that Nityananda had arrived, Shri Gaurachandra left all the devotees behind and went to greet Him. He soon reached the spot where Nityananda sat in deep meditation. When Shri Gauranga saw Nityananda absorbed in deep meditation, He was filled with ecstatic prema. He recited His own verses in glorification of Nityananda and circumambulated Him. O readers, please hear the glories of Nityananda spoken by Shri Gauranga. Hearing them makes one attached to Lord Nityananda.


grihniyad yavani panim vised ba sausnukalayam

tathapi brahmana bandyam nityananda padasvujam


"Even if Lord Nityananda marries a meat-eater girl or enters a wine shop, He is still worshipable by Lord Brahma."


Gaurahari repeatedly recited this verse with full devotion while circumambulating Nityananda Prabhu. Realizing the Lord had come, Nityananda Svarupa instantly arose with awe and reverence uttering, "Hari! Hari!" One is unable to describe the happiness felt by Nityananda on seeing Gaurachandra. He roared like a lion and fell forcefully on the ground in prema. They circled each other and offered obeisances to each other. Then both the Lords embraced with love and cried. Sometimes They rolled on the ground with joy and roared such that it defeated the sound of ferocious lions. The love and affection They exchanged was like that between Shri Ramacandra and Lakshmana.


They glorified each other reciting favorite verses and offered obeisances to each other with folded hands. Shedding of tears, shivering, laughing, being unconscious, hair standing on end, loosing color and many other symptoms of krishna-prema clearly showed in both Their bodies. Only the Lordís most intimate associates saw the wonderful love and devotion displayed by the two Lords. Lord Gaurahari folded His hands and began to offer prayers to Nityananda.


"O Nityananda, Youíre really nityananda, eternal bliss. Youíre the reservoir of the Vaishnavas and Youíre Lord Ananta. All the ornaments decorating You are surely incarnations of prema-bhakti. Youíve happily put on the ornaments of nine types of bhakti. Your causeless mercy will liberate all wretched sinners. Even demigods, great sages, and mystic yogis desire the devotion You awarded to the merchant class of Saptagrama. Lord Krishna whoís glorified by the Vedas is Your property. You can sell Him to anyone. Who has the power to understand Your glories? Nityananda, Youíre ecstatic krishna-prema personified. When You do nama-sankirtana, You lose Yourself in rapture. You glorify Krishnaís transcendental qualities day and night. Krishnacandra always resides in Your heart. In fact, Your body is the abode of Krishnaís pastimes. If anyone offers love and respect to You, Krishna never ever rejects that person."


After this eulogy from Lord Gauranga, Lord Nityananda folded His hands and began to speak in a humble way.


"Although Youíre My Lord, somehow Youíre praising Me. This shows Your affection for Your devotees. You can circumambulate, offer obeisances, kill, or save Me. You can do anything You wish. What more can I say, O Lord? What do You not see with Your divine vision? Youíre the supreme controller of everyoneís mind and life. Whatever You inspire Me to do, Iíll do. Before, You made Me accept the renounced order of life. Now Youíve turned Me into this. I left the life of an ascetic and now I carry a flute, stick, horns, and bracelets. You gave the treasure of austerity and devotion to all Your dear associates, headed by Shri Advaita Acarya. But just see what Youíve done to Me. You made Me leave the life of an ascetic; ordinary people now laugh at Me. Iím Your puppet; make Me dance for Your pleasure. Are You are punishing Me or rewarding Me? Only You know. By Your causeless mercy, You can even make a tree chant Your holy names."


Lord Gauranga replied, "The ornaments You wear stand for the nine kinds of devotional service and nothing else. Hearing, chanting, remembering, offering obeisances, and so on are eternally Your ornaments. Ordinary people never understand why Lord Siva holds the king of snakes on his head. From the spiritual point of view, Lord Ananta is the life and soul of Lord Siva. He always holds his worshipable Lord in the guise of holding a snake. Without knowing the depth of his character, if anyone blasphemes him, then his spiritual progress is checked. I donít find anything but bhakti-rasa in You. Iím telling You this from my heart.

"Youíre fully absorbed in the happiness of Vrindavana as one of the Nanda Maharajaís family members. Youíve put on various ornaments in Your own happiness. A fortunate person, one who feels pleasure by seeing Your mysterious qualities, will surely meet Krishna. Stick, flute, garland of gunja and flowers, and sandalwood paste represent Your transcendental body. All the boys who associate with You appear to Me as none other than Shridama, Sudama, and others. I have a feeling that all the cowherd boys of Vrindavana who used to play with You are now here with You. They all have the same mood, the same color, and the same potency exactly like relatives of Nanda Maharaja. Anyone who loves You and Your devotees certainly loves Me."


Who can describe the two Lordsí glorification of each other? While praising each other, They were filled with ecstatic bliss. After Gauranga and Nityananda regained Their composure, they sat down in a lonely flower garden. The talks between the Controller and the Supreme Controller exchanged there are known only to the Vedas. Whenever Lord Nityananda and Lord Gauranga met each other there would be no one else around. By the supreme will of Shri Gauranga, not one witness heard the blissful talks the two Lords enjoyed. Knowing the Lordís mind, Nityananda Svarupa purposely met Him alone. Lord Nityananda always tried to conceal Himself, as the Lord did not wish to manifest Himself to everyone.


The heart of the Supreme Lord is most soft and mysterious. This is the opinion of the Vedas and authorities like Lord Brahma. No one knows Him in truth yet; as they are able, they try to glorify Him, what to speak of others. This is the verdict of Goddess Lakshmi. The Lordís wonderful qualities are such that everyone thinks the Lord loves him the most.


Lord Nityananda often spoke confidential topics to Shri Gauranga. He said, "I would live the life of an ascetic and worship Krishna by all means. But I don't know why He had me give up that life to carry a stick, a flute, books, peacock feathers, gunja-mala, and ropes. It is stated that of all the devotees of the Lord, the cowherd boys are the highest of all. The devotional service done by the cowherd boys and girls of Vrindavana is the result of their severe austerities. Exalted personalities such as Lord Brahma and Lord Siva also desire this mood. Only a recipient of the Lord's mercy is qualified to receive vraja-bhakti. Shri Uddhava desires this devotional mood of Vraja in Shrimad-Bhagavatam 10.47.63:


vande nanda-vraja-strinam pada-renum abhikshnasah

yasam hari-kathodgitam punati bhuvana-trayam


"I repeatedly offer my respects to the dust from the feet of the women of Nanda Maharaja's cowherd village. When these gopis loudly chant the glories of Shri Krishna, the vibration purifies the three worlds."


Whatever the Vaishnavas offer to Shri Gaurachandra, He gladly accepts. By the mercy of Krishna, all the devotees remain merged in the ocean of transcendental bliss. But sometimes they would engage in mock fighting. Seeing this mock fighting, if a person takes the side of one and criticizes another, then he is to be understood as unfortunate. All the devotees of the Lord are non-different from the Lord; just as the hands, fingers, and legs are inseparable parts of the body. Still, it is the conviction of all the Vaishnavas that Shri Krishna Chaitanya is the worshipable Lord of everyone in all respects.


They always glorify the Lord as the supreme controller, sole maintainer, supreme witness, and unfathomable truth. One can achieve the wealth of bhakti by the mercy of those in whom the Supreme Lord mercifully manifests Himself. Even if the Lord invests all His energies and the quality of omniscience in a devotee, He still punishes them properly when they commit offenses.


It is the special feature of the Lord that He never fails to glorify Nityananda and Advaita. Even if these two personalities perform uncommon activities, still Gaurachandra does not say anything to them. After spending some blissful moments with Avadhuta Nityananda, Lord Gauranga took his leave and returned to His residence. Nityananda Svarupa happily left to see Lord Jagannatha. Anyone who hears the description of the meeting between Gauranga and Nityananda will be relieved from material bondage.


Accepting Lord Shri Gauranga and Nityananda Prabhu as my life and soul, I, Vrindavana dasa, sing the glories of Their lotus feet.