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Nityananda Charitamrita, Antya Khanda Chapter 2

Lord Nityananda breaks Lord Gauranga's sannyasa-staff

After meeting the devotees, Shriman Gauranga Mahaprabhu departed for Nilacala, He soon arrived on the bank of the river Suvarnarekha. The Lord and all the Vaishnavas took their bath in the crystal clear water of the Suvarnarekha. The Lord thus made the river glorious. Shri Gaurasundara, the Supreme Personality of Godhead in human form, then proceeded towards Nilacala. Nityananda Prabhu accompanied by Shri Jagadananda* was far behind Gaurasundara.

At a short distance, Gaurachandra sat down waiting for Nityananda Svarupa to join Him. Nityananda Prabhu was fully absorbed in ecstatic love for Shri Gauranga. All His dealings were like those of a mad man. Sometimes He roared loudly and sometimes He cried. Sometimes He laughed and shouted loudly. He swam in the river Suvarnarekha and smeared dust all over His body. At times out of love for the Lord, He fell to the ground so hard that people thought that His bodily limbs would break into pieces. Other times, He danced according to His own sweet will. When He danced, the whole world seemed to shake. This is not at all astonishing for Him since He is non-different from Lord Anantadeva. He has now incarnated in this world as Lord Nityananda. Everything is possible by the mercy of Nityananda Prabhu in whose heart Lord Gaurachandra constantly resides.

Leaving Nityananda at one place, Jagadananda went out for begging alms. Shri Jagadananda had been entrusted to carry Lord Gauranga’s tridanda. He gave this sannyasa-danda to Nityananda Svarupa saying, “Please keep the Lord’s danda very carefully. I’m going to beg alms and will return here soon.” Nityananda quickly took hold of the danda and sat down in an agitated mood. Holding the danda in His hand, Nityananda began to laugh. He spoke directly to the danda, “O danda, it’s wrong that He that I carry in my heart is carrying you.” Saying this, the most powerful Nityananda Balarama broke the danda into three pieces and threw them away.

Only the Supreme Lord knows His own desires. How am I to know why Nityananda Prabhu broke the danda? Nityananda Prabhu knows the internal mood of Gaurachandra, and Shri Gaurachandra knows the heart of Nityananda. They are just like the two brothers, Shri Rama and Lakshmana. Both of them know each other’s heart. To teach devotional service, the one Absolute Truth has appeared in two forms. We can understand Gaurachandra simply by the mercy of Nityananda Prabhu. Who else is more powerful than Nityananda Prabhu who can break the danda of Shri Gauranga? Shri Gaurasundara explains all these things in some way or the other. Anyone who understands this pastime in truth is easily delivered.

After breaking the danda, Nityananda sat down peacefully. A short time later, Jagadananda returned. Seeing the Lord’s danda broken into pieces, Jagadananda was struck with wonder. He became very worried within his heart. Jagadananda asked, “Who broke the danda?” Nityananda replied, “He who accepted the danda. The Lord Himself broke His danda. Who else can break His danda?”

Hearing this reply, Jagadananda said nothing more. He picked up the broken pieces of danda and left at once. He went ahead where Shri Gaurasundara was sitting and placed the broken pieces in front of Him. The Lord asked, “How did the danda break? You must have quarreled with someone on the way.” Jagadananda Pandita narrated the whole incident to the Lord. He said, “The most sadly overwhelmed Nityananda broke this danda.”

Later, Lord Gauranga asked Lord Nityananda, “Tell me, why did you break My danda.”

Nityananda replied, “I broke this bamboo stick. If You can’t forgive me, then punish Me as you like.”

The Lord said, “All the demigods are present within this danda, and you call it a bamboo stick?” Who can understand the pastimes of Gaurasundara? If one understands them in a particular way, still they come out different. Anyone who claims he knows the heart of the Lord is certainly a fool. If the Lord wants to kill someone, He apparently shows warm affection for him. He displays indifference even to those who are equal to or dearer to Him than His own life. Such are the inconceivable and incomprehensible pastimes of the Lord. Only a person favored by the Lord can understand them. In fact, the Lord out of His own sweet will broke the danda and became angry.

The Lord said, “This danda was the only possession I had left with me. But today by the will of Krishna, that also has been broken. I think I’ll travel on alone. So either you all go first, or else I’ll go first.”

Mukunda* said “O Lord, You go first. We have some duties left to do, then we’ll follow You.”

“Good,” saying this Gaurasundara left like an invincible ferocious lion. In only a few moments, the Lord reached the village Jalesvara. He then visited the temple of Jalesvara in that village. The servants and worshippers of Lord Siva became astonished to see the Lord. They concluded that He was none other than Lord Siva himself. Out of great jubilation the Saivaites sang and played musical instruments with great enthusiasm and the Lord danced in ecstasy.

After a while, the Lord’s associates arrived headed by Mukunda. They also began to sing. Seeing His dear devotees, the Lord became more blissful and continued to dance surrounded by them. Who has the power to describe the symptoms of prema visible on the body of Lord Gauranga? Tears poured from His eyes like the flowing Ganges. This abode of Siva became glorious when the Lord of Vaikuntha personally danced there. After manifesting spiritual bliss for sometime, the Lord became calm and sat down with His dear associates. He then embraced everyone with love. They thus became happy and fearless.

Seeing Nityananda Prabhu, the Lord embraced Him and said, “You were supposed to look after me so that I could protect my renounced order of life, but on the contrary, You want to make Me mad. If You continue Your mischief, it will be like killing Me. Whatever You want Me to do, I do. That’s a fact and I always tell this to everyone.”

Lord Gaurachandra told everyone to be extremely careful with Nityananda. “Nityananda is more dear than My very life. I boldly declare this. The love and devotion of anyone who commits offenses at the lotus feet of Nityananda will certainly be checked. There’s no fault of Mine in this regard. Anyone who maintains the slightest envy towards Nityananda, even if he’s a devotee, he is not dear to me.” Hearing His own praise, Nityananda Mahasaya felt shy and did not raise His head. All the devotees thus became joyful. Such is the pastime of the son of Saci.

Accepting Shri Gauranga and Nityananda Prabhu as my life and soul, I, Vrindavana dasa, sing the glories of Their lotus feet.