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Nityananda Charitamrita, Antya Khanda Chapter 13

The birth of Viracandra Prabhu and disappearance of Lord Nityananda

Lord Nityananda constantly enjoyed unlimited inconceivable pastimes at Ambika-kalna. In spite of manifesting so many pastimes, no one could recognize Him, as fish are unable to see the moon reflected on the ocean.

Lord Nityananda thought, "I'll build an asrama at Khadadaha to follow the orders of the Lord. I'll open up a market place for distributing holy names." After contemplating this, Nityananda went to Khadadaha to manifest His pastimes. The Lord followed the principles of household life and manifested the service of the Deity, Shri Syamasundara. Shri Jahnava and Shri Vasudha constantly worshiped the lotus feet of Nityananda. The Lord endowed them with His energies. He enjoyed various pastimes with both His consorts fulfilling their hearts' desires. The happiness of Jahnava and Vasudha knew no bounds for they had Nityananda Prabhu as their husband. Both had prayed to the lotus feet of Lord Gauranga that Lord Nityananda would be their husband birth after birth.

On an auspicious day, at an auspicious time, and during a most auspicious conjunction of the stars, the fortunate Vasudha bore a son as bright as the moon. The people of the three worlds floated in the ocean of bliss chanting the names of Hari. The multitudes in heaven and on earth glorified Vasudha for having such a beautiful child. He was born on the fourth day of the full moon in the month of January. Vasudha gave birth after keeping this male child in her womb for fifteen months. It was Lord Gaurachandra reincarnated as Shri Viracandra Prabhu. Those who never saw Gaurachandra now saw Him in the form of Viracandra. This most enchanting child enjoyed various childhood pastimes and grew up day after day.

One day while Lord Nityananda was sitting in the courtyard, Abhirama* arrived. He called out loudly, "O dear brother Balarama," and entering the courtyard, began to laugh. Lord Nityananda rushed to embrace him. Abhirama sweetly said to Nityananda, "I heard You had a son. Let me see him. I want to offer him obeisances." Nityananda said, "You know everything. I don't know who's come as My son." They both spoke by gestures and postures. Out of love and affection they embraced each other and cried. When Vasudha heard that Abhirama had come, she thought, "I don't know what plan Krishna has. I've heard lately that any Deity he offers obeisances to immediately cracks."

The child Viracandra was lying on a wooden cot holding a colorful piece of cloth on his chest. The eyelids half closed over his eyes. It appeared as if lotus petals were trapping bumblebees in the evening. The vivid mark of black ointment on his eyes stretched up to his ears. His forehead was marked with a dot of cow dung. His curly hair was tied in a topknot. Whoever saw him wanted to keep him in his heart. Abhirama came and looked at the child without blinking his eyes. He felt his eyes were smeared with the ointment of nectar. The sight of the child relaxed his whole body. The child was lying on his own cot appearing as if the morning sun had risen within the room. He had a raised nose and a beautiful forehead. His hands were long and his chest was wide. His two lotus feet marked with the signs of an exalted personality defeated the beauty of cinnabar.

Seeing the child, Abhirama became very happy. He went near his feet and offered obeisances. In this way, he offered obeisances three times. The Lord in the form of the child then woke from His yoga-nidra and began to smile. He started licking His feet just like an ordinary child. Abhirama repeatedly offered his obeisances and circumambulated Him. With great joy, he began to chant the names of Hari. He played his flute and horn before the child and then came out. Nityananda Prabhu respectfully offered him a place to sit.

Abhirama was decorated with a peacock feather and gunja bead garland. He wore earrings shaped like fish and thin bangles on his hands. He had a waistband with bells and anklets on his feet with bells. His complexion was that of a ketaki flower and he was strongly built. He was non-different from the eternally perfect cowherd boy called Shridama, the son of King Vrishabhanu. Now he was known as Abhirama. He stayed at the house of Lord Nityananda for one night. Then he joyfully went to other places.

Lord Virabhadra often revealed Himself during His childhood pastimes and gave immense pleasure to Lord Nityananda. Advaita Acarya came from Santipura and, after seeing the child, He carefully concluded, "A child born in the house of a thief will naturally be a thief. But how to catch this thief?" Advaita Acarya was naturally expert in speaking riddles. Only one He favors can understand them. After circling the child, Advaita returned to Santipura. All the Vaishnavas visited the child and returned home. Viracandra Prabhu continually enjoyed His attractive childhood pastimes. How can I describe the sweetness of Viracandra's beauty? Whoever saw Him kept on staring at Him. He wore anklets on His feet and a tiger's claw tied on a chain hung on His neck. What a wonderful combination of beauty and transcendental mellows the creator had made.

There is no difference between the pastimes of Viracandra and Gaurachandra. The Vedas described them as appearance. Lord Gauranga is the fountainhead of all incarnations. His brother Nityananda is but another body of Shri Gauranga. Lord Nityananda constantly lamented in separation from Shri Gauranga. Very seldom did He regain His external awareness, and that too, He used only for discussing topics of Gauranga. He constantly meditated on Lord Gauranga with His body, mind, and speech. He always sang loudly the glories of Gauranga. He remained in Khadadaha and sometimes He saw the Deity of Lord Syamasundara as Gauranga. Who can understand the glories of Lord Nityananda?

One day, He entered His temple room and disappeared. Again He solaced Himself and came out of the Deity room. He then took Vasudha and Jahnava and left Khadadaha. From there He went to Ekacakra and saw Lord Banka Raya there. After staying there for a few days, Lord Nityananda entered the temple of Banka Raya and disappeared.

All the Vaishnavas were overwhelmed by separation from the Lord. Somehow or other they survived by the presence of Viracandra. Viracandra became restless in separation from the Lord. He would sit alone contemplating, "Now, what will I do? Where will I go? I'm totally confused. The Lord disappeared leaving Me alone. The Lord, the master of the fallen souls, has left us drowning in the ocean of separation."

All the devotees cried in lamentation and often became unconscious. They constantly chanted the names of Hari. They lamented, "What's the use of our wealth, followers, and very life? Lord Nityananda's left us." They sometimes held their heads and sometimes forcefully slapped their chests crying, "O Hari! O Lord Nityananda! You've left us." The devotees thus cried and rolled on the dust.

Hearing the news, all the people of Nadia came to Ekacakra. They were sorely distressed being unable to see Lord Nityananda anymore. They also began to hold their heads and cry. All the local devotees cried continuously. Everyone, including children, old people, women, and men cried in separation. However, the atheists laughed thinking, "We'll no longer see Nityananda."

Lord Nityananda is the deliverer of the fallen souls. Never serve anyone else except Him. Only a most foolish person unaware of the glories of Nityananda takes shelter of others. I consider such a person to be the most sinful in this world.

jaya nityananda caitanyera priyatama
tri jagate ara keha nahi toma sama
ananda kanda mahaprabhu premabhakti data
ye sebaye sei bhakti paye ta sarvatha
sarva jivera prabhu ! karila prasada
kshemila sakala maha maha aparadha
shri krishna chaitanya deva nityananda nama
prithivira bhagya avatari anupama

All glories to Lord Nityananda, the dear most associate of Shri Gauranga! No one is equal to You in the three worlds. You are the reservoir of transcendental bliss who bestows prema-bhakti for Mahaprabhu. Those who serve You achieve pure devotional service. O Lord, You delivered all the fallen souls forgiving their grave offenses. Shri Krishna Chaitanya and Shri Nityananda are the two matchless Lords who appeared for the good fortune of this world.

ara ki kahiba katha bhagye avadhi
shri chaitanya nityananda mahagunanidhi
abhimana duranta tathi na pai krishna rati
iha jani nityananda karaha bhakati
yahara prasade pamara paila nistara
hena prabhu nama haya hauka galara

Who can describe the good fortune of the people of this world? Shri Gauranga and Shri Nityananda, the oceans of transcendental qualities, have descended to this world. False ego makes people devoid of attachment to Shri Krishna. Knowing this, worship Lord Nityananda. May the holy names of these Lords, whose mercy delivered all the fallen souls, be the garland on your neck.

jaya jaya nityananda premamaya dhama
svabhave parama suddha nityananda nama
jagata tarana hetu yanra avatara
ye jana na bhaje sei papera akara
shri krishna chaitanya nityananda eka deha
ihate niscaya kari kara eka leha
parananda maya duhun murati rasala
nitai chaitanya prabhu shrirama gopala
ihate karaye bhinna ati buddhi hina
ara na dekhiye tara vishnubhakti china

All glories to Lord Nityananda, the abode of love of God. The holy name of Nityananda is naturally supremely pure. To save the entire universe, He descended to this world. Those not worshipping Him are surely piles of sin. Shri Krishna Chaitanya and Nityananda are one. Firmly believe this and take shelter of Them. Both Lords are full of transcendental bliss and devotional mellows. Lord Nityananda and Lord Gauranga are Lord Balarama and Lord Krishna. Those who reject this are certainly wretched fools. There is no hope for such fools to achieve devotional service to Krishna.

jaya jaya saci-suta ananda bihara
patita pavana nama vidita yanhara
nija nama diya jiva nistara karila
dena dayamaya prabhu bhajite narila
kaya vakyamane mora prabhura sharana
mora sama patita nahika tribhuvana

All glories to Saci-suta, the enjoyer of transcendental pastimes! His name is well known as patita-pavana, savior of the fallen. The Lord delivered all beings giving His own holy names. Unfortunate as I am, I did not worship such a merciful Lord. Now I take shelter of my Lord with body, mind, and speech. No one is more fallen than I in all the three worlds.

jaya jaya gauracandra bhuvana sundara
prakasaha pada mora hridaya bhitara
yata yata bihara karila gaudadese
sakala prakasa mora hauka bisheshe

All glories to Gaurachandra, the most enchanting personality in the world! O Lord, please reveal Your lotus feet within my heart. Let all Your pastimes in Bengal manifest within my heart.

jaya jaya lakshmikanta tribhuvana natha
carane sarana mora hauka ekanta
ara avatare kahi nana-vidha dharma
kevala kahila ebe premabhakti marma
ihate yahara mati nahila ananda
aharei janiha papishtha maha andha

All glories to the husband of the goddess of fortune, Lord of the three worlds! Let me take shelter of Your lotus feet without deviation. In other incarnations, You gave various religious principles. But now You only prescribe loving devotional service. Anyone who is unhappy about this must be blinded by sinful reactions.

I offer my respectful obeisances unto the lotus feet of all the Vaishnavas that they may overlook my offenses. Anyone who wants to cross beyond the ocean of material existence and merge into the ocean of devotional service must worship the lotus feet of Nitaicandra. Shri Gaurasundara is the Lord of my Lord Nitai. I always keep this firm conviction in my heart.

Someone says Lord Nityananda is Lord Balarama and someone says He is the dear most associate of Lord Gauranga. Some say He is the most influential personality, yet others are unable to know who He is. Whether Nityananda is a renunciate or a learned devotee, let them say whatever they want. Let Lord Nityananda be anyone to Lord Gauranga; still I keep His lotus feet within my heart.

All glories to Lord Nityananda, the life and soul of Shri Gauranga! Please allow me to take shelter of Your lotus feet. O Lord, let me sing the glories of Shri Gauranga following in Your footsteps. Let me also remain Your eternal servant birth after birth.
My only wish is to have His darsana. Anyone who reads or hears Lord Nityananda's pastimes will receive the treasure of krishna-prema. They say that Your devotees are fully dependent on You, yet You are the supreme independent Lord. There is no end to the Lord's pastimes. The Vedas describe them simply as manifest and unmanifest.

Accepting Shri Krishna Chaitanya Mahaprabhu and Nityananda Prabhu as my life and soul, I, Vrindavana dasa, sing the glories of Their lotus feet.

End of Antya-khanda

Thus ends the book Shri Nityananda Charitamrita composed by Shrila Vrindavana dasa Thakura.