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Shri Krishna Chaitanya-Carita Mahakavya
By Shrila Murari Gupta (1513 A.D.)

Translation into English by
Bhaktivedanta Bhagavata Swami.


Prakrama 2 (18 Sargas)

Descriptions of Lord Gauranga's devotional passion and ecstatic activities that became manifest after His return from Gaya.

His absorption in the mood of Lord Varaha (canto 2).
His absorption in the mood of Balabhadra (canto14).
His maha-prakasa and mahabhiseka (manifestation of greatness, and grand bathing ceremony of consecration) as the supreme Deity at the house of Shrivasa (canto 12).
The Lord's passionate realization of the divine sports of Shri Shri Radha-Krishna.
His continuous rapture of dancing, singing and chanting the holy names.
He listens to Murari's Ramastaka (prayer to Lord Ramacandra in 8 verses)(2.7.10-18), but he admonishes Murari's leaning toward advaita-vedanta (impersonal monism) that Murari learned from Shri Advaita Acarya--thus the Lord makes him a devotee of Krishna by deprecating the worship of all other deities.

Canto 8 describes His first meeting with Shri Nityananda Prabhu, who was at the house of Nandana Acarya in Navadvipa; therein Lord Gauranga successively revealed His forms as the six-armed, four-armed, and two-armed Krishna to Shri Nityananda.

Canto 13 describes that the Lord's motive for taking sannyasa was because of a curse pronounced by a brahmana (2.13.18-22), who was refused permission into Lord Gauranga's presence by the foolish doorkeepers; also later (2.18.1-2) the book states that the Lord was inspired by a dream to take sannyasa.

Finally Kesava Bharati (who visits Navadvipa) praises Lord Gauranga as being Suka, Prahlada and the Shrimad Bhagavatam Himself (2.18.12).

Shortly thereafter, the sannyasa ceremony occurs at Kantaka-gram (Katwa).