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Shri Krishna Chaitanya-Carita Mahakavya
By Shrila Murari Gupta (1513 A.D.)

Translation into English by
Bhaktivedanta Bhagavata Swami.


Prakrama 1 (16 Sargas)

Description of the reason for composing this book (the order of Shrivasa).

The necessity of Lord Gauranga's descent to Earth along with His disciples.
The Lord's auspicious birth.
Description of His parents and their lineage (His father is described as belonging to the Vatsya-gotra).

The Lord's elder brother Visva-rupa leaves home and crosses the river Ganga to accept the renounced order of sannyasa at the age of 16.

Pastimes of the Lord's childhood, boyhood and youth.
His studies.
The death of His father.
His marriage to Laksmi (cantos 9, 10)
His journey to East Bengal.
The death of Laksmi.
Saci's lament is described in an entire canto (12).
The Lord's second marriage to Vishnu-priya (cantos 13, 14).
His journey to Gaya, and His meeting with Isvara Puri (cantos 15, 16).