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Shri Krishna Chaitanya Charita Mahakavya


The Transcendental Characteristics of Lord Shri Krishna Chaitanya Mahaprabhu
By Paramhansa Shrila Murari Gupta Thakura.

Translated by His Holiness Bhaktivedanta Bhagavata Swami
Layout by Bhakta Daniel


Summary Outline of
Shri Krishna Chaitanya-Carita Mahakavya
By Shrila Murari Gupta (1513 A.D.)                                                               

 Summary by Dasharatha-suta dasa prabhu

This is a Sanskrit Maha-kavya, written in the style of the Puranas, with the flow of topics being conveyed in the form of a conversation between the two pure devotees of Lord Gauranga Mahaprabhu: Shrila Murari Gupta and Shrila Damodara Pandita.  Its verses total 1,927, and it is divided into 4 sections (Prakramas), and subdivided into 78 cantos (Sargas).  This book is also known as Murari's kadacha, or personal notebook, and many other biographers such as Shrila Lochana dasa, Shrila Kavi Karnapura and others have used it as the original source of information regarding key in events of Lord Gauranga's life; thus they were able to elaborate on the Lord's pastimes in their own way.  Also worth mentioning here is the notebook of Shrila Svarupa Damodara Gosvami; many of the Lord's biographers have also used it while composing their own versions; but unfortunately, Shrila Svarupa's book is not available today.  (Note: sometimes Shrila Murari's book is known as Shri Chaitanya-charitamrta also)

Biography of Murari Gupta

Prakrama 1

Prakrama 2

 Prakrama 3

 Prakrama 4