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No Krishna without Radha

No Lord Krishna without Shrimati Radharani

vina radha-prasadena krishna-praptir na jayate
tatah shri-radhika-krishnau smaraniyau su-samyutau

"Without the mercy of Shrimati Radhika, one can never attain Krishna. Therefore one must remember them together, as They are always nicely situated by each others' side."

(Shrila Dhyana-chandra Goswami's Paddhati)

prema-bhaktau yadi sraddha mat prasadam yadicchasi
tada narada bhavena radhaya radhako bhava

Shri Krishna says: "O Narada!! If you have faith in the process of prema-bhakti and wish to attain my favour, then please become the worshipper of Shrimati Radharani in the mood of ecstatic emotion."

(Bhavisyottara Purana)

satyam satyam punah satyam satyam eva punah punah
vina radha prasadena mat-prasado na vidyate

Shri Krishna says: "O Narada! I tell you truly truly, again truly, truly, again and again - without the mercy of Shrimati Radharani, one cannot attain my mercy."

(Narada Purana)

Why Krishna is called Atma Rama

Why is Lord Krishna called Atma-Rama

atma-ramasya krishnasya
dhruvam atmasti radhika

Kalindi has stated that ''Surely Shri Radhika is the very soul (Atma)of Lord Krishna Who is Atma-Rama, that is, One Who delights in Himself alone.''

atma tu radhika tasya tayaiva ramanad asau
atma-rama iti prokto muni-bhir gudha vedi-bhih

Bhagavan Krishna is always immersed in Shri Radha consciousness, which is His very soul. Therefore learned sages who have grasped the secret esoteric significance of this deep mellow call him 'Atma-Rama.'

Mercy of Shrimati Radharani

Shrimati Radharani is the ideal maha-bhagvata. As the greatest devotee, She is also the most compassionate. She is unable to bear the suffering of the souls trapped in the material world. The word “aradhaya” (prayers) is derived from “Radha” and means “worshippable”. Similarly the word “aparadha” (offenses) means “against Radha”. When one performs devotional service, one is pleasing Shrimati Radharani and when commits Vaishnava aparadha against Krishna or His devotees, one is offending Radharani. Shrimati Radharani is the guardian, the mentor and the benefactor of all aspiring devotees. When a soul starts to inquire about Krishna, Shrimati Radharani is most pleased and takes charge of his devotional advancements. As one makes progress, one continues to invoke the mercy of Shrimati Radharani and when She is pleased, Krishna is automatically pleased.

The glory of name 'Radha' is explained below:

'ra' sabdoccaranad eva sphito bhavati madhavah
'dha' sabdoccarata pascad dhavatyeva sa-sambhramah

Simply by vibrating the sound 'Ra', Shri Krishna's ecstatic jubiliation fully blooms; simply upon hearing the sound 'dha', He chases after vibrator with great awe and reverence.
(Brahma Vaivarta Purana)

'ra' sabdam kurvatas trasto dadami bhaktim uttamam
'dha' sabdam kurvatah pascat yami sravana lobhatah

(Lord Shri Krishna proclaims): ''The moment I hear the sound 'Ra' from anyone's lips, I grant them My supreme prema-bhakti. But the next moment when I hear the sound 'dha', I completely lose Myself and become intoxicated in Radha-nama. Because of My great longing to hear the name of My Beloved, I run after the devotees who chant Radha-nama.''

radhety evam ca samsiddha ra-karo dana-vacakah
dha nirvanam ca tad-datri tena radha prakirtita

The holy name of Radha is fully accomplished in perfection as follows: the syllable 'Ra' denotes dana, bestowal of a gift, and the syllable 'dha' indicates nirvana, liberation. Thus, She Who mercifully bestows liberation into the eternal kingdom of painlessness is called 'Radha.'
(Brahma Vaivarta Purana, Shri Krishna-janma-khanda)

sa radheti sada hrdi sphuratu me vidya-para dvayaksara

Let the name of Shri Radha, in which the two divine syllables are embodied and which personifies para-vidya (the ultimate truth) eternally shine in my heart.

(Radha-Rasa-Sudha-Nidhi 96 by Shrila Prabodhananda Sarasvati)

radheti me jivanam

Shri Radha and Radha alone or the nectarean name of Shri Radhe is my life breath. (Radha-Rasa-Sudha-Nidhi 97)

All glories to Shrimati Radharani !!