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Shri Radha-Kundastakam

[The Glories of Shrimati Radhika's Kund, Pond]

by Shrila Raghunatha dasa Gosvami

"After the killing of Aristasura, Shrimati Radhika and Her sakhis exchanged many joking words with Shri Krishna concerning the necessary atonement for one who has committed the offence of killing a bull. As a result, the Queen of Vrindavana, Shrimati Radhika, and Her sakhis joyfully excavated and filled Shri Radha-kunda with their own hands. May that immensely fragrant Radha-kunda be my shelter.

"In the land of the hearts of those who bathe in Radha-kunda, a desire tree of the superlative prema, which is not attainable even for Krishna's principal queens in Dvaraka, will arise. May that supremely charming Radha-kunda be my shelter.

"For the pleasure of Shrimati Radhika, even Shri Krishna Himself, yearning to attain Her merciful sidelong glance, regularly bathes in Radha-kunda, carefully observing all the appropriate rituals. May that supremely enchanting Radha-kunda be my shelter.

"May that supremely enchanting Radha-kunda, which the moon of Vraja, Shri Krishna, loves as much as He loves the crown-jewel amongst the sweet girls of Vraja, Shrimati Radhika, and which He has made known by the name of Radhika Herself, be my shelter.

"The mercy obtained by serving Radha-kunda makes the desire-creeper of prema for the prince of Vraja sprout and is celebrated for bearing the flower of service to the svamini Shrimati Radhika. May that supremely charming Radha-kunda be my shelter.

"Gloroiusly manifest on the banks of Radha-kunda are eight kunjas (groves) named after Radhika's principal sakhis. Acting as stimuli for the amorous pastimes of the Divine Couple, these kunjas are filled with the sweet humming of bumblebees and are desired by everyone. May that supremely enchanting Radha-kunda be the shelter of my life.

"Situated on an exquisite dais on the bank of Radha-kunda and accompanied by Her beloved sakhis, our svamini Shrimate Radhika charmingly engages in sweet, joking words with Shri Krishna, the moon of Vraja. These playful verbal exchanges are enhanced by the suggestion of so many innuendoes. May that Radha-kunda be the shelter of my life.

"May that very charming and especially fragrant Radha-kunda, where intoxicated with love the Divine Couple and the sakhis daily sport with great joy in the water so fragrant with exquisite lotus flowers, be the sole shelter of my life.

"To that devotee who, in a resolute mood of aspiring to serve Shrimati Radhika, reads this charming prayer describing Shri Radha-kunda, even in their present body Shri Krishna will quickly grant them darshana of not only His beloved Radhika, but also of their many variegated amorous pastimes. Witnessing these pastimes and envisioning himself serving Yugala-kishora (Krishna) in various ways, such a devotee will feel immense jubilation. This astaka is recited in the poetic meter known as 'Malini'."