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Yearly Schedule of Shri Radha

Shri Radhika's Yearly Traveling Schedule
Various mahatmas have given their opinions about Shrimati Radhika 's living situation in regards to Her two principal residences — Her father and mother's palace in Barshana and Her in-laws' palace in Yavat. Her regular yearly schedule of coming and going is described as follows. Note: Months and days are according to lunar calendar.
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Schedule # 1:
From Yavat, Shri Radha goes to Her father's palace at Barshana:
* For Vasantotsava (the Spring Festival), She goes to Barshana on Magha Shukla Panchami (and stays about 5 months until Ashadha Shukla Chaturthi).
* For the occasion of Jhulan-yatra, She goes to Barshana on Shravana Shukla Tritiya (staying there 12 days until Shravani Purnima).
* For Shri Krishna's Janmotsava (Birthday Festival) She goes to Nandagram on Bhadra Krishna Saptami, the day before His birthday.
* On the occasion of Her own Janmotsava, She goes to Barshana on.Bhadra Shukla Saptami, the day before Her birthday (staying 3 days until the Dashami).
* For Sharadiya Durgotsava, She goes on Ashvina Shukla Dvitiya (staying 7 days until the Navami).
* On the occasion of Bhratri-dvitiya, She goes on Kartika Shukla Dvitiya (staying 12 days until the Chaturthi). Then She remains in Yavat for 2 months, Agrahayana and
* * * *
Schedule # 2:
* On Magha Shukla Dvitiya, Shri Radhika's older brother Shridama goes from his residence in Barshana to meet Her in Yavat (at night). The next evening (after dinner), (on the Tritiya), he escorts Her to Barshana in the company of Her younger sister Ananga Manjari and all Her closest sakhis. to remain for the 3 months of Magha, Phalguna and Chaitra.
* During that period, in the month of Magha is celebrated Vasanta-Panchami Utsava, Vasanta-Vihara and Madana-Puja; on the plea of this Madana-puja, She goes (during a Tri-kala-niyama) with Shri Shri Madan Mohan to have darshan of the freshly sprouted forest beauty of the Vasanta Spring season, wandering throughout the forests amidst profuse jokes and laughter,
" During that month of Phalguna, They sport the Holi Utsava and other festivals.
* During that month of Chaitra. They observe the Phula-Dola, the Madhavi- Vilasa and the Vasantotsava.
* After that, on Vaishakha Shukla Dvitiya (at night). Shri Radhika's brother-in-law named Durmada goes to Barshana on horseback. Next day (on the Tntiya), after the evening meal. He escorts Shri Radhika back to Yavat. There She stays for the next 3 months of Vaishakha, Jyaistha and Ashadha.
" After that, on Shravana Shukla Pratipad, Her brother Shridama goes to Yavat and escorts Shrimati to Barshana on the next day (the Dvitiya).
* Then She stays in Her father's house for the next 3 months of Shravana. Bhadra, and Ashvina.
* During that period, in the month of Bhadra (on the Krishna Ashtami), being invited for Shri Krishna's Janmashtami. Shrimati goes along with Her father and mother to Nandagram and participates in Krishna's birthday celebrations. She stays overnight to see the Nandotsava (the day after Janmashtami). On the occasion of this visit. She has full opportunity to enjoy complete happiness by seeing and meeting Her Prana-kanta (Her life and soul's most beloved Shri Krishna). Then She returns to Barshana.
111 Thereafter, Shri Krishna goes to Barshana, being invited for the occasion of Shri Radhika's Janmotsava (on Bhadra Shukia Ashtami). There He meets His beloved and enjoys a grand festival of bliss.
* After that, on Ashvina Shukla Dvadashi, Durmada goes to Barshana and escorts his sister-in-law Shri Radhika back to Yavat on the next day (the Trayodashi). She remains there for the next 3 months of Kartika, Agrahayana and Pausa.
* During that period, She observes the Sharadiya Utsava in the month of Ashvina;
She observes the Maha-Rasa in the month of Kartika along with the festivals of Dipavali, Annakuta, Govardhana-puja, Bhratri-Dvitiya and so on.
(Thus She travels four times coming and going to and from Her parents' palace in Barshana.)
Note: During all of Shri Radhika's travels between Yavat and Barshana, She is always accompanied by Her closest sakhis headed by Shri Lalita, etc., manjaris headed by Shri Rupa Manjari, etc., and dasis headed by Shri Tulasi, etc.

Schedule # 3:
*- From Magh Shukla Panchami 10 Ashadha Shukla Chaturthi (about 5 months;) She is situated at Vrishabhanu-pura (Barshana) in Her father'
'• Next day on Ashadha Shukla Panchami (Hora Panchami Day); She goes from Her father's house to Her mother-in-law's house at Yavat, staying there almost a month until Shravana Shukla Dvitiya.
* The next day, on Shravana Shukla Tritiya, for the occasion of Jhulana Yatra. She leaves Yavat and returns lo Barshana to stay 12 days up to the Purnima.
* Next day, on Bhadra Krishna Pratipad She returns to Yavat and stays 5 days until Bhadra Krishna Shasthi.
* For the occasion of Krishna’s Janmotsava, on Bhadra Krishna Saptami (the day before Janmashtami) Mother Yashoda arranges to bring Radhika to Nanda Maharaja's house in Nandagram where She stays 14 days until Bhadra Shukia Shasthi.
* For the occasion of Shrimati's Janmotsova, Her mother Shri Kirtida Devi brings Her from Nandagram to Barshana on Bhadra Shukla Saptami (the day before Her birthday on the Ashtami), where She remains for 3 days until the Shukla Dashami.
* On the next day, Bhadra Shukla Ekadashi, She goes from Her father's house to Yavat again, staying 20 days until Ashvina Shukla Pratipad.
* Then, for the occasion of Sharadiya Puja. Shri Kirtida Mata brings her daughter back to Barshana on Ashvina Shukla. Dvitiya, where She remains for 8 days until the Dashami.
* The next day, on the Ekadashi. She returns to Yavat and stays 20 days up to Kartika Shukla Pratipad.
* The next day, for the occasion of Bhratri Dvitiya, She goes to Her father's house on the Kartika Shukla Dvitiya to put tilak on Her own brother Shridama, staying in Barshana 2 days more until the Shukla Chaturthi.
* The next day, Kartika Shukla Panchami, Shrimati returns to Yavat and remains there about 3 months until Magha Shukla Chaturthi.
* On the occasion of Vasantovsava (Spring festival). She goes to Barshana on Magha
Shukla Panchami.

{Editor's Note: Which of these 3 different proposed schedules is correct? Maybe ALL of them... or She may follow yet other schedules for the pleasure of Her own rasika-bhaktas. Shri Radhika's transcendental movements and pastimes cannot ever be limited to someone's schedule written on paper, but rather She comes and goes wherever and whenever She pleases, according to Her own sweet will...}

Seasonal Lilas Honored by Lord Chaitanya Following the Moods of Vraja
Excerpts from Raghunandana Gosvami's Gauranga Champu, Ch, 29, 30, 31

1 * Hemanta (frost season) * Navadvipa: Shri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu tastes from Shrivasa's lips the recitation of the Vraja-gcpis' worship of Bhadra-Kali to get Krishna as their husband, Vraja-lila: Vastra-harana-lila or the stealing of the gopis 's clothes.

2 * Shita (cold season) * Navadvipa: He tastes stories of the Vraja Holika Utsava, the throwing of scented powders, singing songs, etc. In honor of the Holi festival of Vraja, Gauranga and His associates also throw colored powders on each other, Vraja-lila: Yajna-patni-anugraha or Krishna showing favor to the wives of the brahmanas. Holika festival with Radha and armies of gopis battling against Krishna and throwing colored dyes.

3 *' Vasanta (spring season) * Navadvipa: He hears of Vasanta-rasa from Shrivasa; Krishna plays His flute at night in front of Govardhana Hill, and when some gopis respond by coming there He exchanges much banter with them. Vraja-Jila: Vasantotsava or spring-festival is celebrated in Vrindavan by the flora and fauna blooming everywhere.

4 * Grishma (hot season) * Navadvipa: On plea of tasting the story of Kaliya-damana (Krishna subduing the Kaliya serpent), Lord Chaitanya personally expands the rasa of dancing wildly with His associates in celebration. Vraja-lila:
Pralambasura-vadha (Balarama killing the demon Pralambha); Munjatavi-davanala-pana. (Krishna drinking the forest fire in the forest named Munjatavi); Krishna returning from the pasture and meeting the gopis' eyes as they watch His cow-milking lila from the nearby rooftops.

5 * Varsha (rainy season) * Navadvipa: The tasting of Krishna's Nauka-vilasa (boating pastimes with Radhika), Dana-lila (begging charity), etc. Vraja-lila:
Radha's purva-raga (pre-love); Establishment of lilas by Yogamaya; Radhar-nava-sangama (Her first meeting); At Yavat, She has Rasodgara (discussing and relishing pastimes of the night before) with Her girlfriend Syama Sakhi.

(6) * Sharat (autumn season) * Navadvipa: Lord Chaitanya and His associates stage a play about the Rasa-lila,.sing the gopis' songs of separation after Krishna left them, and play music, etc. Vraja-Jila: Sharat-bihare Venu-gita (the songs of the flute during the sports of Autumn); the gopis worship goddess Katyayani; decription of the beginning of their vrata).
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Translated, compiled and copyrighted by Dasharatha-suta dasa prabhu.