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Shri Radha's Pets

Many cows - Sunada (one who makes nice sounds), Yamuna (one like the Yamuna river), Bahula (the black one), etc.

A She-Calf - Tungi (the tall one)

An Old female monkey - Kakkhati (the staunchly determined one)

A She-Deer - Rangini (she who is nicely-colored)

A Chakori Bird - Charu Chandrika (one with pleasent moonbeams)

A She Swan (who always stays in Radha kunda) - Tundikeri (the nicely beaked one)

A Peahen - Tundika (she who has a nice beak)

2 Talking She Parrots - Sukshma-Dhi (she of fine intelligence) and Shubha (the auspicious one)