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Shrimati Radharani's Ornaments

TEXT 200

Shrimati Radharani's Ornaments

Shrimati Radharani's tilaka marking is named Smarayantra. Her jeweled necklace is named Harimohana, Her jeweled earrings are named Rocana and the pearl decorating Her nose is named Prabhakari.

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Her locket which contains a picture of Lord Krishna, is named Madana. Her Syamantaka jewel is also known as Sankhacuda-siromani 9Sankhacuda's crest-jewel).

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The auspicious jewel She wears around Her neck is called Puspavan because it eclipses the simultaneous rising of the sun and moon (puspavan0 with its splendor. Her anklets are called Catakarava because their tinkling sounds resemble the warbling of cataka birds. Her bracelets are called Manikarvura.

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Shrimati Radharani's signet ring is named Vipaksamardini. Her sash is named Kancanacitrangi and Her ankle-bells, which stun Lord Krishna with their tinkling sounds, are named Ratnagopura.

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Shrimati Radharani's garments are named Meghambara. Her upper garment is red like a ruby and it is the favorite of Lord Hari. Radharani's lower garment is the color of a blue cloud and it is Her own favorite.

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Shrimati Radhrani's jeweled mirror is named Sudhamsudarpaharana, which means "that which removes (harana) the moon's (sudhamsu) pride (darpa)."

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Her golden stick for applying mascara is named Narmada, Her jeweled comb is named Svastida and Her private flower garden is named Kandarpakuhali.

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In Radharani's garden is a vine of golden jasmine flowers that She has named Tadidvalli ("the vine of lightning"). Her private lake bears Her own name (Radha-kunda) and on the shore of that lake is a kadamba tree that is the site of very confidential talks between Her and Lord Krishna.

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Her favorite ragas are mallara and dhanashri and Her favorite dances are chalikya and rudravallaki.

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Charming, full of sweet nectar and decorated with a deep navel, Shrimati Radharani's beautiful waist enchants the three worlds.

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Her sloping hips lead to Her charmingly beautiful slender waist, which is bound by a creeper of three beautiful folds of skin and decorated with a sash of tinkling bells.

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As beautiful as two exquisite plantain trees, Her thighs enchant the mind of Cupid. Her beautiful knees are like two reservoirs filled with the nectar of various transcendental pastimes.