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Auspicious Markings on Shrimati Radharani's Hands

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Auspicious Markings on Shrimati Radharani's Hands

Shrimati Radharani's hands are decorated with many auspicious markings such as the signs of the bumblebee, lotus, crescent moon, earring, parasol, sacrificial post, conchshell, tree, flower, camara and svastika.

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These auspicious marks are manifest in various ways on Shrimati Radharani's lotus hands. Her splendidly beautiful fingers are also decorated with jeweled rings.

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Charming, full of sweet nectar and decorated with a deep navel, Shrimati Radharani's beautiful waist enchants the three worlds.

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Her sloping hips lead to Her charmingly beautiful slender waist, which is bound by a creeper of three beautiful folds of skin and decorated with a sash of tinkling bells.

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As beautiful as two exquisite plantain trees, Her thighs enchant the mind of Cupid. Her beautiful knees are like two reservoirs filled with the nectar of various transcendental pastimes.

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Her beautiful lotus feet are decorated with jeweled ankle-bells and Her toes with toe rings as beautiful as the treasure of Varuna.