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Radharani's Family

TEXT 167

Shrimati Radharani is fifteen years old and full of the luster of youth.

TEXT 168

Yasoda-devi, the queen of the cowherds, is more affectionate to Radharani than millions of mothers can be. Radharani's father is King Vrsabhanu, who is as splendid as the sun.

TEXT 169

Shrimati Radharani's mother is Kirtida-devi, who is also known in this world as Ratnagarbha-devi. Radharani's paternal grandfather is Mahibhanu and Her maternal grandfather is Indu.

TEXT 170

Her maternal grandmother is Mukhara-devi and Her paternal grandmother is Sukhada-devi. Her father's brothers (Her uncles) are Ratnabhanu, Subhanu and Bhanu.

TEXT 171

Bhadrakirti, Mahakirti and Kirticandra are Radharani's materal uncles. Menaka-devi, Sasthi-devi, Gauri-devi, Dhatri-devi and Dhataki-devi are Radharani's materal aunts.

TEXT 172

Radharani's mother's sister is Kirtimati-devi, whose husband is Kasa. Radharani's father's sister is Bhanumudra-devi, whose husband is Kusa.

TEXT 173

Radharani's elder brother is Shridama and Her younger sister is Ananga-manjari. Radharani's father-in-law is Vrkagopa and Her brother-in-law is Durmada.

TEXT 174

Jatila-devi is Radharani's mother-in-law and Abhimanyu is Radharani's so-called husband. Kutila-devi, who is always eager to find fault, is Radharani's sister-in-law.