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Govinda-Lilamrita Chp 11: Beauty of Shri Radha

By Shrila Krishnadasa Kaviraja Goswami:

Then Kancanalata began to describe Shri Radhika in detail, being encouraged by the moving eyebrows of the Lord of her heart, and being prohibited by the glances of her mistress. She said: "The hairs that the Creator placed on Radhika's breasts, navel and face make one mistake it for a lotus stem (the hairs) coming up from a lake of condensed nectar (the navel) sprouting two golden lotus flowers that are always closed because the moon (Radhika's face) shines on them." (42-43)

Doe-eyed Madhavi said: "Shri Radha is the arena of the sacrifice that aims to attract Krishna's heart. Her navel is the sacrificial pit, Her three-lined belly the belts around this pit, Her middle the altar, the hairs on Her navel the sacrificial ladle, Her breasts the jugs, the place where the priests place the jugs to initiate the sacrifice Her thighs, Her neck the conchshell and Cupid is the priest!" (44-45)

Vasanti, looking at Radhika, said: "How fortunate is king Vrsabhanu's daughter! Her body is like Cupid's great arsenal: Her eyebrows are the bow, Her hairs the sword, Her glances the arrows, Her arms the ropes, Her cheeks two golden shields and Her nails are his goads!" (46-47)

To please Krishna, Vrnda said:

"Radha's excellent body is like the nectar-Ganga for the elephant of Krishna's heart to play in. Her arms are like the lotus stems in it, Her breasts the Cakravaka birds, Her face, navel, hands and feet are all lotus flowers and Her curly locks are like black bees surrounding these lotus flowers. Her smile is like a water lily, Her eyes are blue Indivara-lotuses and the hairs on Her navel are the moss floating in the water." (48-49)

Again each gopi, headed by Lalita, one by one began to describe their friend Radhika's beauty with love, being encouraged by Krishna's indications. (50)

"Shri Radha's foot soles have the marks of a conch shell, a half moon, barleycorn, a lotus flower, an elephant, a chariot, a goad, an arrow, a plough, a flag, a mace, a svastika, a bow and a fish. They are covered by a shield of footlac and Her anklebells. With all these missiles they conquer the kingdom of the world and completely reveal Her beauty of regal opulence." (51)

"The lustre of these feet are cutting down the pride of beautiful fresh soft red lotus petals, therefore their fresh sprouts are known as paflava. The lotus (or nalini) is known as padma because it is contaminated; and the red lotus flower is called Kokanada because it wails (artanada) at night time like a Cakravaka (koka) flamingo out of sorrow. So when lotus flowers have all these shortcomings, then how can we compare Radha's feet with them?" (52)

"The wonderful moons on the nails of Radha's lotus feet are always full, making Han's heart happy with their crimson lustre, causing the lilies of His senses to blossom and making Him forget about Candravali!" (Both the moonlike nails and Radhika's rival are called Candravali) (53)

"Why did Radhika's heels hide? The king of Radha's kingdom, who is named fresh youthfulness, came and behaved indecently. He removed the thickness of Her middle with Her dacoit-like hips and breasts (replacing Her childhood-waist with the waist of adolescence). Then he thought: "Let me blow on Her middle (making it slender like a young girl's wait) and bound it with the strings of Her three-lined belly. Seeing this, Radhika's heels became afraid and hid themselves." (54)

"Shri Radhika's nice thighs shine like stunned golden bananas, or the foundation pillars of a shading house, placed by the Creator to give soothing shade to the Krishna-elephant who is heated with lust." (55)

"Has the Creator given Cupid, upon being asked for, Radhika's thighs, that are like golden posts for tying up elephants? These posts have now tightly bound down Krishna's mad elephant-mind with the chain of their sweet beauty." (56)

"These are not the knees of King Vrsabhanu's daughter, but the wellhidden cases where Cupid placed Krishna's eyes and heart after having blissfully stolen them!" (57)

"What can the sweetness of Shri Radhika's thighs be compared to? Are they the place of enjoyment for Krishna's handpalms? The elephants would be afraid if I compared them with their tough-skinned proboscis and the watery bananas would be ashamed if I compared them with their worthless peels!"

manojanam shri govardhana katakam ancan na lab Ilaic
mudam yah kalindyah pulina guna lila smaranajam na tatratyam casyah pulinam anuvindann agharipum nitambam so'syas tam sama labhata pasyann ubhayajam

"Krishna does not find as much pleasure in wandering around the beautiful foot of Govardhana Hill, remembering the sports and attributes of the Yamuna-bank, or in remembering Govardhana Hill while walking on the bank of the Yamuna, as much as I-Ic does by looking at Shri Radhika's buttocks" (59)

radha sronir iyam sama na pulinaih satya kaver gir iyam yad veni yamuna tad eva pulinam kanci marali tatili no cca tatra liarer mano natavarah shri rasalasyam katliam svabhir vrtti sakhi natiblzir anisam kurvann na visramyati

Arent the words of the poet that Radha's buttocks are like the bank of the Yamuna, Her braid is like the Yamuna and Her waistbells sing like the swans in the Yamuna. If not, then why would Krishna's mind, the best dancer, or His mind's girlfriends, the dancinggirls of desires always dance the Rasa there, without ever resting?" (60)

"Shri Radhika's middle has made friends with the waist of the lion, who is the killer of big elephants, thinking out of fear, anger and sorrow: "Those deceitful thieves, Radha's buttocks, breasts and hips, have made friends with the proboscis and the temples of the elephants (gaining their vastness) taking my own vastness away (when Radhika attained adolescence these limbs increased their volume and Her waist became very thin)."

Shri Radhika's buttocks and breasts were first poor, then they teamed up and stole away the volume of Her waist (when She attained puberty). After that, though, they still quarreled out of greed. Seeing this, did the Creator divide them with the three lines on Her belly to stop the quarrel?" (62)

"Has the Creator bound Shri Radhika's waist with these three strings of Her belly-lines out of fear that it would otherwise break out of thinness from separation from Her friend childhood?" (63)

sudha sarasya kanakabfini dalam bhrngali phullabja virajad antaram kim ecad abhati na kintu radhika tundam sa romavali nabhi bhusitam

"Is this a blooming golden lotuspetal in a lake of nectar, surrounded by a swarm of bumblebees? No, it is Shri Radhika's navel, surrounded by hairs in Her belly!" (64)

"Shri Radhika's belly has hairs that defeat the charm of Banyanleaves. When these hairs shiver they defeat fresh golden lotuspetals and adorn Her belly as regal opulent musk-tilaka". (65)

"Shri Radhika's hands are beautified by the auspicious marks of a pitcher, a garland of lotusflowers, a fan, a
moonbeam, an earring, an umbrella, a post for binding sacrificed animals, a conchshell, a Baeltree, an altar, a
seat, a flower, a vine, a whisk and a svastika, as if these items are there to serve Her beloved." (66)

"If lotusflowers (Shri Radhika's hands) were beautified by Campaka flowerbuds (Her fingers) with full ruby moons (Her fingernails) on their tips that are sharper than Cupid's goads, it would still not equal the beauty
of Shri Radhika's hands that defeat the beauty of lotusflowers and fresh sprouts!" (67)

radha karabja sukhara nakhara bakarer vaksas tati garuda ratna kabatikayam utkirna citra karanaya ratisa karos£hanka susuksma nisitah sphutam ullasanti

"The very sharp nails on Radhika's lotuslike hands, that carve pictures on Krishna's chest (by scratching it), that is like a sapphire door, look like Cupid's chisels to carve stones." (68)

mule 'dho vadanam varataka yugam cagre'mbuje vibhrati naite svarna mrnalake ratipater ye pasatam agate krsnotphulla tamala veseana patu bilvat kucadhah phale radha bahu late ime kara yuga shri pallave divyatah

"The pits of Radha's vine-like arms look like downward sheaths of a seed and under these sheath are Her lotuslike handpalms. These arms are not golden lotusstems, but the ropes of Cupid that expertly clasp around Han, who is like a blooming Tamala-tree who holds Her baelfruit-like breasts and sproutlike hands." (69)

kamarti sindhu taranaya harer vidhatra radha vyadhayi taranir mani citra haimi tat ksepani ca nih ita subha roma rajir nyastam ca bahu yugalam kim aritra yugmam

"The Creator has made the golden boat with wonderful jewels named Radha to help Krishna cross over the ocean of His lusty desires. Are Her arms the cups to scoop the water out of this boat and the hairs on Her arms its oars?" (70)

shri radhika parsva ma(ta like subhe saundarya ka nyc vrnutah sma ye svayam madhurya putrau han parsva sadvarau
savyapasavya krama vaiparityatah

"Shri Radhika's sides are like two daughters of beauty and Krishna's sides are like the sons of sweetness. They meet eachother's opposites (when Radha and Krishna stand facing Eachother Radhika's left side touches Krishna's right side and vice versa) and embrace Eachother, accepting Eachother as brides and bridegrooms" (71)

smara jaya lipi yukta hataki pattikeyam kim U vidhrta manobhu sastrikam svarna pitham madana bhujaga pasadhara tunam na haimam nahi lasati virajad veni radha suprstham

"Is this a golden slab with Cupid's victory inscribed in it? Is it a golden platform holding Cupid's armory or is it a golden quiver holding Cupid's snake-like ropes? No it is none of these things! It is Radha's back, beautified by Her braided hair!" (72)

sahaja vinatam amsa dvandvam asyah kavindra
giridhara kara sasvad bharato namram ahuh
mama tu matam anuccair apy adali sarvam uccaih sirasa gana matkyodbhati tat saubhagena
"The poets say that Radhika's shoulders are naturally low because Giridhari always holds His strong arms on them, but in my opinion they just appear low because Rad∂iika's head comes up very high out of pride of being superior to all other gopis!" (73)

saundarya laksmir ila kavya laksmih sangitya laksmis ca harer mude'sLi
purlicti dilatur gananat tu rckha
trayena kanthah kim U bhaty amusyah

"Has the Creator blissfully carved three lines on Radhika's throat - the goddess of beauty, the goddes. of poetry and the goddess of beautiful song - to complete l~Iari's pleasure?" (74)

simartliam uccaih sirasor vivadcr balistha nasa stanayor vidhata
radha vapur nivrti kantha madhyc rek ha traycilaiva cakara simam

"The Creator made a boundary of three lines in the middle of Radhika's neck, to stop the quarrel between Her nose and Her breasts over supremacy in raisedness." (75)

vyarthi krta svara gunair gahanam pikali bhcjc sudlia ca katutam jadatam tata snil yasya shriya dara tatis ca samudram asyah
kenopamantu kavayas tam imam sukantham

"When the Pika-birds hear Radhika's voice they flee into the forest out of shame, nectar turns sour and the vinas become stunned. Seeing the beauty of Her throat, the conchshells flee into the ocean. Which poets can make a comparison to Radhika's beautiful throat?" (76)

"When a lotuspetal on which a blackbee sleeps in the morning sun meets with a black Pika-bird resting in the window of a golden temple, and both of them see Radhika's beautiful chin decorated with a spot of musk, which is beautified even more by the touch of Shri Krishna's finger, they yearn to attain a beauty equal to that!"

"Radha's lips are known as bandhu jiva and bimbadharau, because they are the life ('iva) of Radha's friend (bandhu) Shri Krishna, and Her love for Krishna is reflected (bimba) in them, so they are known as bimbadhara. Therefore they cannot be compared with Bandhujiva-flowers and Bimbafruits!" (78)

ananda purnamrta sattva murtch krishnasya jiva tu tayapta kiReh
etavata varnita san mahimno radhadharasyanya gunaih kim ukta iii

"Radha's lips are famous as the means of survival for Krishna, who is Himself the very form of full nectarean bliss. After knowing these glories, what is the need of mentioning any of their other qualities?" (79)

radha dantan vjjita sikhara phulla kundadyamitran visva vyaptir ita nyca ka ran unmadan viksya vedhah
drak ced osthadhara su pihi:ann akarisyat tada te
nana varnam jagad api sitadvaitam eva vyadliasyan

"Radha's teeth, that look like ripe pomegranate-seeds, defeat their enemies the blooming white Kundaflowers. Seeing the bright white rays of these jewellike teeth pervading the whole universe, the Creator at once covered them with Her lips. If not, then the whole multicolored universe would be pervaded by an undifferentiated white effulgence!" (80)

kundakrtir hira rucir vicitra shri radhikaya rada kira raji
ya nitya krishnadhara bimba matrasvadena lebhc sikilarac chabitvam

"Radhika's parrot-like leeth are shaped like Kundaflowers and colored like diamonds. These parrots always relish the Bimbafruit-like lips of Shri Krishna, from which they attain the colour of ripe pomegranate-seeds!"

radha rasajnaruna ratna darvi krishnaya reje p)rivcsayanti
san narma sangita sukavya rupan sva vag viiasainrta sad vikaran

"Shri Radha's tongue is like a ruby spoon that serves Krishna the nectar of Her joking words, Her songs, Her poetry and Her clever words like nectarean sweetmeats!" (82)

"Shri Radha has placed the clever dancinggirl of Krishna's true glories in Her throat. Has the red ~etI of this clever dancinggirl now come out of Her mouth in the form of I-Icr tongue?" (83)

shri krishna sat kirty abhidhana namno su navya yunor miehunasya dhatra hindola lilabhir atasya cakrc
radha rasajnaruna vastra dola

"Seeing the true fame of Shri Krishna and the young couple of His names and forms eager to play on the swing, the Creator has made Radha's tongue like this swing, covered by a crimson sheet." (84)

piyusabdhi taranga varna madliuram narma prahelima yam sabdarthobhaya sakti samsita rasalankara vastu dhvani
bhrngi bhrnga piki pika dhvani kalasvadhyapakam rajale shri krishna sravaso rasayanam idam shri radii ika bhasiiam

"Shri Radhika's words, whose syllables are as beautiful as waves in an ocean of nectar, that are full of clever jokes and speech, sounds, double meanings, analogies and substances, and that teach the male and female bees and Pika-birds how to sing, are like nectar to Shri Krishna's ears!" (85)

prcmajya narmali sita rasavali madlivika manda smi~a candra samyuta asya mrsersya maricanvitadb1'uta
vani rasalollasat isa trptida

"Shri Radha gives joy to Her Lord with Her amazing words that are flavoured with the gili of love, the sugar of humour, the honey and camphor of Her mild smile and the black pepper of Her feigned envy." (86)
1/2ř_ _sudha sand jyam hareh kim u mano maralasrayah sudha kirana kaumudi trsita drk cakori gatih sudha sita ghana vali sutanu cataki jivani virajati na radhika smita sudhormi unmilati

"Is this a river of nectar, where the swan of Han's mind takes shelter? Is it a ray of ambrosial moonlight, that is the shelter for Han's eyes, that are like thirsty Cakorabirds? (Cakora's only live on moonlight) Or is it a row of clear, white ambrosial clouds that are the only sustenance for Han's Cataki-bird like excellent body? No, it is the high ambrosial wave of Radhika's smile!" (87)

harer gunali vara kalpavallyo radha hrd aramam anu praphullah lasanti ya yah kusumani tasani smita cchalat kintu bahih skhalanti

"The nice desire-vine of Han's qualities blooms up in the garden of Radha's heart. Do it's flowers now come out in the form of Her smile?" (88)

shri radha vadanam sudhaksaya sarah krishnarnavam yat tato niskramyancati pancama svara sudlia sroia svatiyam kvacit sangilanirla vahini tato ito vani sudha nimnaga kvapy amoda sudhadhuni smita sudha divya nadi canyatah

"Shri Radha's beautiful face is a boundless stream of nectar from which sometimes rivers of nectarean songs in the fifth note, as well as blissfull rivers of nectarean words, jokes and smiles flow into the Krishna-ocean."
"The beauty of Radha's face defeats that of the peak of Mt. Sumeru, from which the celestial nectarstreams of Her smile, Her divine pleasure, Her speech, Her songs and Her tunes flow into the Krishna nectar-ocean!"
"When a traveller sees a wagtailbird on a lotusfiower he knows that his journey will be auspicious. Similarly, the Creator made Radhika's face a lotusflower to bless Krishna's eyes. Then, seeing how restless they were, he bound Her wagtailbird-eyes to the golden post of Her nose." (91)

han nayana cakora pritayc radhikaya mukha sasinam apurvam purnam utpadya dhata nayana harina yugmam nyasya tasmin sulolam nyadhita tad avaroddhum parsvayoh karna pasau

"The Creator made Radhika's wonderful moonlike face just to please Han's Cakorabird-like eyes. In this moon He placed the marks of Her deer-like eyes (The moon has marks of a deer on its globe also) and he bound these restless deer up with the ropes of 11cr cars." (92)

candrah kalanki ksayitoti vihva las tat padaghatair malinam yathambujam sunirmalam santata puma manda lam
kenopanicyam vada radhikananam

"The moon is contaminated by spots and is sometimes eclipsed and the lotusflower is contaminated by the touch of the moonbeams. So tell me, what may we compare Radhika's ever-full and spotless face with?" (93)
radhaya ji(a hema darpana madam ganda dvayam sunaaram lavanyanirta purnitam hi kanaka ks~unyam saw yugmakam yat tatanka suvarna padma kalikam kas(urika citrasac chaiba lam makari vilasa valitam krishnati trsnaharam

"Shri Radha's cheeks defeat the luster of golden mirrors. They are like two beautiful nectarfilled lakes on golden soil because there are two golden lotusbuds hanging on them from Her ears (earrings), musk-pictures are like its moss and Capricorn-earrings are playing in them as aquatic beings. Therefore these cheeks naturally ~uench Krishna's conjugal thirst" (94)

shri krishna shri nayana madhupa dvandva posaya dhatra shri lavanyannirta maya sarasy anane radhikayah utpady asmin madhura nayana cchadmanendivare dve shri gandendu nyadhita sa tayoh parsva utphullatayaih

"To feed Shri Krishna's beautiful honeybee-like eyes the Creator made a lake full of nectarean beauty known as Shri Radhika's face. In this lake two sweet blue lotusfiowers spring up (Her eyes) and two moonlike cheeks surround these lotusflowers to make them blossom". (95)

"Look'. ls this a great parrot sitting in a cage on Radhika's forehead that became thirsty after seeing Her Bimbafruit-like lips and shows its beak in the form of Her nose?" (96)

asyah sunasa madanadbhutesur vyalola cilli dhanur arpito'pi vivesa muktaphalakagrako'pi drutam harer hrt dhrti varmitam yah

"This nice nose is a wonderful arrow of Cupid in front of which is a pearl. Her restless eyebrows are Cupid's bow on which this arrow is fixed to pierce Han's peaceful heart!" (97)

amusvah .~ri nasa tilakusuma tuno ratipaler adho vak tram purnah kusuma visikhais citra mrgayoh sukha dvara tasmat smita caya misat te nipatitah saravya(vam yesam alabhata hares citta hannah

"Radhika's nose is like Cupid's quiver filled with flower-arrows. When Radhika smiles, keeping Her head low, the hunter Cupid shoots arrows from this quiver to pierce the deer of Han's mind". (98)

radhaya nayananjanadhara ruca vyaptam nu gunjayatc nasa mauktikam etad ity avidusam kavyam mamaitan matani sasva( krishna viraji ragi hrdayasvasani lair bhavitam tat tad varnatayasu tat parinatam tesam hi tat tad gunaih

"How has the pearl on Radha's nose became black and red just like gunja-beads? Ignorant poets say it is a reflection of Her black eyeliner above ii and Her red lipstick shining under it, but I think that the red colour is Her passion for Krishna and the black colour represents Krishna Himself. These colours come out when Radhika breathes out through Her nose and this colors 11cr nosepearl!" (99)
_L_ _nayana yuga vidhane radhikaya vidhatra jagati madhura sarah sancitah sad guna ye bhuvi patita tad amsais tena srstanya sarair bhramara mrga cakorambhoja mino(palani

"The Creator collected the essence of all the sweet and good things of the world to make Radhika's eyes and the leftover parts fell down to earth to become the blackbees, deer, Cakorabirds, plain lotuses and blue lotusflowers!" (100)

khanjana tiksanam anjana liptam kanja nava smaya bhanjana drplam sanjananacyuta ranjana silam sumukhi tavandaja ganjana lilam

"0 Fairfaced girl! Your collyrium-smeared eyes act like wagtailbirds, they break the pride of new
lotusflowers, give pleasure to Acyuta, the Creator of bliss, and they belittle the playfulness of the fishes!"

"Krishna's dancing Makara (an aquatic being) -earrings have been married to the fish-like eyes in Radha's face by the Creator. Radha's face is like a nectar-lake, and because these fishes (the earrings and the eyes) were attracted to eachother they are learning how to dance (swing). When Radha's fish-like eyes try to escape (when She turns them away from Han's face out of shyness) the Creator catches them in the net of Krishna's ears." (102)

radhaksi padma dvaya dhamni tisthatah sada srjantau bhramara prajapati prajavalim manasik im yato'sakau
kataksa dhara misato niretyutah

"In the pupils of Radha's two lotuseycs are progenitors that create progeny of blackbee-like expressions of Her desires that come out as a swarm of glances." (103)

"Shri Radhika's eyebrows are naturally squinted and extended like the inivincible Vishnukranta-vines that sprouted the two black-

bluish flowers of Her eyes!" (104)

"Has the eclipse swallowed the moon that had only two phases, has the moon been polluted by its bites? No, it is Radhika's spotless forehead, situated in between Her hair and Her creeper-like eyebrows!" (105)

"Shri Radha's forehead has crushed the pride of a new moonbeam under which are Her beautiful eyebrows and above which are Her locks like a swarm of blackbees above and under a golden Madhavi- petal." (106)

gunamani khanir asya va~labhah krishna eva pranayini bhavitasya krishna evanuragah fti lipir alikantar vaidhasiyasty asau kim bahir api mada sindurendu dambhat sphutabhut

"Krishna, the mine of jewellike qualities, is certainly Radha's only lover, and loving Radha is attracted to Him alone. This was written on Her moonlike forehead by the Creator in the form of Her musk-tilaka (which has Krishna's colour) and the vermilion in Her part (which is red like Her attachment to Him)." (107)
Hř_ _simanta rekhancy arunambaravrtam sainduram asyas tilakam vibhati
karavagunthabhidha mudrayavrtam tamrarghya patram sasikham smarasya va

"Shri Radhika's head is covered by a vermilion stripe in the part as well as a crimson veil covering Her head,
or maybe it is Cupid's pointed copper Arghya-bowl over which Cupid holds his hand as if practising a
mudra?" (108)

shri krishna hrn matta matangajasyavasista radha kaca kananantah
tad ganda sindura madabh isik tam vartmasya simanta misad vibhati

"Shri Radha's hair is like a dense forest where the mad elephant of Krishna's heart enjoys. The sindura from His temples have colored the pathway of Her part (where He stroIl~" (109)

"Both Her moonlike face and Her dark hair take shelter of Shri Radha without mutual enmity But still they are afraid of eachother, therefore the darkness of Her hair makes a border for its own protection with a phalanx of locks that appear as bumblebees, while the moon placed its phase-phalanxes on Her bright forehead for it's own defense." (110)

alaka madhupa mala bhati ya radhikaya
mukha kamala madhuli pana Iubdhopavistat nayana harina yugma rodhanayaghasatror
madana mrga yunasau lambhita vaguratvam

"Shri Radhika's honeybee-like locks become eager to drink the honey of Her lotuslike face, above which they reside. The hunter Cupid has placed them as a net to catch Krishna's deer-like eyes." (111)

radha manovrtti latankuragatah krishnasya ye bhavanaya tadatmatam
suksmayatah prema sudhabhisekatas te nihsrta kesa misad bahir dhruvam

"The sprouts of Radha's thought-vines have become bluish like Krishna through constant meditation on Him. These thin, long sprouts are sprinkled by the nectar of love and come out as Her hair." (112)

"The whisk-like hair of Vrndavana's princess defeats the beauty of peacockfeathers and increase Krishna's love and joy, shining beautifully like Lord Vishnu's majesty!" (ca + amara and the demigods, sitikantha including Siva. Radhika's hair is more splendid than Siva's and the demigods', like Vishnu's prowess) (113)

krishnanga bhaso nicitah susuksmah shri radhaya ya manasa drsa ca
ta eva dhammilla misena vandyah punjikrla murdhni dhrta vibhanii

"All the fine blackish luster of Krishna's body, which is in Shri Radha's eyes and mind was collected in the praiseworthy hairbraid She carries on Her head!" (114)

ratnavali kanti sarasvati yuta mukta prasunavali gangayanvita
n4a shriyasau yamunayita svayam veni triveniya vabhau natabhruvah

"Lowerbrowed Radhika's braid looks like the Triveni (the confluence of three holy rivers). The jewels in it
are colored like the Sarasvati, the pearls and flowers in it like the Ganga and the hair itself shines like the blackish Yamuna!" (115)

vilasa visrantam avcksya radhika
shri kesapasam nlja puccha pinchayah nyakkaramasankya hriyeva bhejire
girim camaryo vipinam sikhanditah

"Seeing Radhika's loosened braid when She takes rest after enjoying with Krishna, the peacocks shyly and fearfully flee into the forest, and the deer flee into the mountains, seeing that the lustre of their feathers and tails is defeated!" (116)

"Shri Radha's whole body smells of kunkuma, Her navel, eyebrows, hair and eyes smell of blue lotus smeared with aguru and musk, Her chest, ears, nose, hands and feet smell of lotus smeared with camphor and Her armpits and Her nails smell like Ketaki-flowers sprinkled with sandalpaste." (117)

krsnendriyahlada gunair udara shri radhika rajati radhikeva
sarvopamanavali mardi silany angani vangani ca bhanty amusyah

"Shri Radhika is ornamented with all the qualities of sweetness and beauty that can please Krishna's senses. In this she can only be compared with Radhika Herself! She defeats all standards of comparison with Her every limb!" (118)

shri radhikananya sama lasaty asau madhurya sampattir ivaghavidvisah
madhurya sampattir apiyam uccakaih shri radhikevanupama virajate

"Shri Radhika's body defies all standards of comparison in the world. It is unrivalled in the opulence of sweetness as is Krishna's body!" (119)

prema pramana rahito'nupama guna shrih saundarya sampad asa ma ruciram ca silam tarunyam adbhutatamam sakhi radhikayah krishnah katham na bhavita vasago gunajnah

"Sakhi! How can Krishna's mind, that appreciates qualities, not be controlled by Radhika's incomparible love, qualities, beauty, opulence, righteousness and most wonderful adolescence? This love cannot be proven by any mundane means!" (120)

pativratyam kva nu paravadhutvapavadah kva casyah premodrekah kva ca paravasatvadi vighnah kva cayam kvaisotkantha kva nu bakaripor nitya sangady alabdhir mulam krstva kasati hrdayam kapi salya trayi nah

"Where there is such devotion to the husband (Krishna), how can there be any accusation of adultery? Where there is such great love, how can there be any obstruction from others? Where there is such eagerness, howcan Krishna's eternal company be unattainable? These three spears are piercing our hearts at the roots!" (121)

ka krishnasya pranaya janibhuh shrima(i radhikaika
kasya preyasy anupama guna radhikaika na canya

jaihmyam kese drsi taralata nisthuratvam kuce'sya
vancha purtya prabhavati sadamusya radhaiva nanya

"Who is the birthplace of Krishna's love? It is Shrimati Radhika only Who is Krishna's most dearly beloved? Radhika and no one else. With Her curly locks, Her restless eyes and Her hard breasts She can ful fill Krishna's desires like no-one else!" (122)

prapliulla punnaga krtasraya sada prapliulhtangi 'iiadhusudaiiasraya amoda puma vara patra bliangika
vrndavane'sau lasatiha radhika

"Shri Radhika is like an ever fully blossoming vine in Vrndavana who takes shelter of the blooming Punnaga-tree (or: adolescent Krishna, who blossoms with desire). Her nice leaves are full of flowers of pleasure that are the shelter of Madhusudana (the rasika honeybee Krishna)." (123)

na diksasya siksa sravana paihane va guru mukhat tathapiyam radha tri jagad abala vismaya bhuvam kalambodheh saurer api pa ra ma santosana krtam kalanam acarya vraja mrgadrsam apy ajani sa

"Shri Radhika was never initiated, nor did She hear or study from a siksa guru, but still She became the teacher of arts for all the Vraja gopis, who astonih all the ladies of the three worlds with their skills and who give the highest satisfaction to Sauri (Krishna), the Ocean of all arts." (124)

"Although Radha gave up the duties of the housewives, leaving them and Her husband afar like blades of grass, She is worshipable as a chaste lady because of Her pure character, which is a wonderful creation of Lord Brahma." (125)

prajagara svapna susuptisu Shri gandharvikayah satatam Iii nanya mano vapur vag akhilendriyanam krishnaikatai'atvam rte'sIi vrttih

"In wakefulness, dreams or in deep sleep there is no one else in Gandharvika's (Radhika's) mind, body, words or senses but Krishna and no-one else!" (126)

"Shri Radhika's naturally playful dancing eyes, thai are expert in stealing the wealth of Han's patience, defeat the beauty of the fishes, the deer, the Cakori-birds, the wagtailbirds, the shebees, Cupid's arrows and the blue lotusflowers!" (127)

cakora vapiha sarojininam palir nabho'ranya jajani dma
hriyeva bheje katham atra hetum krishnaika tane vada radh ike nah

"0 Radhike, tell us, why are the Cakora's flying away in the sky, why are the Cataka birds hiding in the forest and why are the lotusflowers humbly hiding in the waler? 0 You who are exclusively fixed in Krishna,
tell us, are they ashamed (to come before You, knowing that You are more fixed in Krishna than they are in the moonlight, the rainwater and the sunlight respectively)?" (128)

gir bhu lila yuvatisu varaih sad gunaih sarabhutas tabhyah sa shris tata iha maha prema gopanganas tah
tabhyas candravali mukha lasad yutha natha amubhyah shri radhasyam yad iha nitaram so' pi krishnah satrsnam

Lord Vishnu's potencies gi (speech) bhu (earth) and Jila (play) are the best of qualified young girls. Laksmi devi is greater than them and higher than her are the most loving cowherdgirls of Vraja, of whom Candravali is the most beautiful groupleader. But the most qualified of all in always arousing Krishna's desires for love is Shri Radha." (130)

candravali pranaya rupa gunaih prayatnad vyakti krtair vyaracayat sva vasam bakarim shri radhika tu sahaja prakrtair nijais tair
vyasmarayat tam iha tam api ha kuto'nyah

"Candravali must do some effort to control Krishna by showing her love, her form and her qualities, but Shri Radhika can naturally control Krishna with Her qualities, making Him forget even Candravali, what to speak of others?" (131)

na dosaleso'pi gunair lasantyam shri radhikayam iti gir na salya
kesesu kautilyam uroja yugme kathinyam aksnos ca yad asti laulyam

"The words that there is not the slightest fault in Shri Radhika's qualities are not true, because there is crookedness in Her hair, hardness in Her breasts and restlessness in Her eyes". (132)

(This is a vyaja stuti, or praise on the pretext of criticism, for although crookedness, restlessness and hardness are enerally faults, in Radhika's aforementioned features they become qualities)

drsau cakoryau sakhi radhikayah krishnananendau smita kaudmudinam
panan mukham camburuham yad asmin krishnaksi bhrngau patatah satrsnau

"0 Sakhi! Shri Radhika's Cakori-bird like eyes blissfully drink the ambrosial rays of Krishna's smilin moonlike face and Krishna's eyes are like bees that thirstily fall on Shri Radhika's lotuslike face!" (133)

vinapy akalpaih shri vrsaravi sula krishna savidlic mudotphulla bhavabharana valitalih suk hayat
vina krishnam trsnakulita hrdayalankrti cayair
y~tapy esa mlana malinayati tasam tanu manah

"If Shri Vrsabhanu's daughter is with Krishna She is ornamented with blossoms of happiness, looking charming even without ornaments on Her body, giving joy to Her girlfriends. But if She is without Krishna She looks pale and sad out of desire and anxiety, even if She is actually ornamented, and Her girlfriends are also sad in body and mind!" (134)
krishnah purah sphurati parsva yuge ca pascac cktasya vrttisu drsor visayc ca sasvat shri gandayos ca kucayos tarale yato'syah shri radhika tad iha krishnamayiti satyam

"Shri Radhika is worthy of the name Krishnamayi (filled with Krishna) when Krishna is always seen before Her, at both Her sides, behind Her, in Her heart, cheeks, breasts and amulet." (135)

krishnasya saundarya bharair vinirjitah kamo'sya kincit pratikartum aksamah radham iha pritimatim samiksya tam samvadhate'sau tad agocare 'ba lam

"Cupid was defeated by Krishna in his great beauty and was unable to directly revenge, so now he hurts Krishna through Radha, who thinks of Him with love by torturing 11cr." (136)

sprsati yadi muk undo radhikam tat sakhinam bhavati vapusi kampa sveda romanca vaspam adhara madhu mudasyas cet pibaty esa yatnad bhavati bata tad asam mattata citram etat

"How amazing! When Mukunda touches Radhika, all Her girlfriends start shivering, cryi~g and perspiring of joy, and when He drinks the nectar of Her lips (kissing Her) they all become mad!" (137)

krsno vanyan purusesa sad gunaih shri radhika strisu gunair vanyasi sangam vidhatus tv anayoh parasparam
dhatur nan narti gunajnata yasah

"Krishna is the best of men with His good qualities and Shri Radhika is the best of women through Her qualities. The Creator's fame as a knower of qualities is beautiful when He makes Them meet Eachother."

"Shri Radha is very generously giving Krishna Her beautiful pearl nccklace (Her bitemarks) while She also wears a pearl necklace from Krishna on Her chest Krishna happily drinks the honey from Her lips and gives Her His bites in charity Seeing only a little of this pastime the sakhis also all surrender their bodies!" (139)

anyaiva saundarya samrddhir asya bhangi tathanya vapuso drsos ca svantasya collasabharas tathanyo radhaiva sanya priya sangamena

"Shri Radha's wealth of beauty caused by Her union with Her beloved is different, the gestures of Her body and eyes are different, the joy in Her heart is different and Shri Radha is also different." (140)

"Why would Madhusudana (the rasika honeybee Krishna) leave the Radha-lotus whose fragrance pervades all directions and who is full of the honey of beauty and tenderness, to run after a mere Ketaki-flower?" (141)
madhavyah shrir madhavenaiva ramya madhavya ivotphullaya madhava shrih ity anyonya shri
samullasa hetu etau dha:ur yunjato'bhy~natasit

"The beauty of Madhavi (Radhika) is only charming when' She is with Madhava, and Madhava
(Krishna, or the spring-season) is only beautiful with blooming Madhavi (flowers or Radhika). In
this way the Creator is expert in increasing Their joy from Eachother's beauty." (142)

"Seeing Radha's beauty made by some expert creator, the Crcator became embarrassed and
wanted to make more young girls like Her, of the most essential ingredients of beauty, but He
could not create any girl like Her. Rather, he felt that all his previous creations were worthless!
Seeing Her face, he saw that he had made many mistakes while creating the moon and the
lotusfiower, so he proclaimed their inferiority by smearing spots on the moon and bringing
blackbees around the lotusflowers (wheras Radhika's face is spotless)."

radha gunanam gananam ganam vani vacah sampad agocaranam na varnaniyo mahimeti
yuyam janitha tat tat kathanair alam nah

"Shri Radha's are innumerable, they cannot be glorified evcn by Sarasvati-devi. Our efforts
are baffled. If there are not enough words in Sarasvati's storehouse, then who can describe them?" (145)

In this way Radhika's girlfriends jokingly described all of Her limbs with poetic analogies. Hearing this, Shri Radhika contracted Her blooming crooked eyes. All this gives great pleasure to
Krishna's ears and eyes. (146)