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Shrimati Radharani's 25 transcendental qualities

By which She controls Lord Krishna.

(1) She is very sweet.// She is sweetness personified;

(2) She is always freshly youthful.// She is a fresh young girl;

(3) Her eyes are restless.// Her eyes are always moving;

(4) She smiles brightly.// She is always brightly smiling;

(5) She has beautiful, auspicious lines.// She possesses all auspicious marks on Her body;

(6) She makes Krishna happy with Her bodily aroma.// She can agitate Krishna by the flavor of Her person;

(7) She is very expert in singing.// She is expert in the art of singing;

(8) Her speech is charming.// She can speak very nicely and sweetly;

(9) She is very expert in joking and speaking pleasantly.// She is expert in presenting feminine attractions;

(10) She is very humble and meek.// She is modest and gentle;

(11) She is always full of mercy.// She is always very merciful;

(12) She is cunning.// She is transcendentally cunning;

(13) She is expert in executing Her duties.// She knows how to dress nicely;

(14) She is shy.// She is always shy;

(15) She is always respectful.// She is always respectful;

(16) She is always calm.// She is always patient;

(17) She is always grave.// She is very grave;

(18) She is expert in enjoying life.// She is enjoyed by Krishna;

(19) She is situated at the topmost level of ecstatic love.// She is always situated on the highest devotional platform;

(20) She is the reservoir of loving affairs in Gokula.// She is the abode of love of the residents of Gokula;

(21) She is the most famous of submissive devotees.// She can give shelter to all kinds of devotees;

(22) She is very affectionate to elderly people.// She is always affectionate to superiors and inferiors;

(23) She is very submissive to the love of Her friends.// She is always obliged by the dealings of Her associates;

(24) She is the chief gopi.// She is the greatest amongst Krishna's girl friends;

(25) She always keeps Krishna under Her control. In short, She possesses unlimited transcendental qualities, just as Lord Krishna does.// She always keeps Krishna under Her control.