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Shri Vishakhadevi's Appearance on Radhashtami

Mother Sudakshina
Father Pavana
Husband Vahika
Complexion vidyut, like lightning
Cloth taravali, clusters of stars
Grove situated to the Northeast, named
Visakhananda, is megha or raincloud-like; all things therein are colored of red, green, yellow and black.
Service arranging vastralankara. the Divine Couple's clothing and ornaments.
age 14/2/15, the exact same age as Radha
birthday Bhadra Sukia Astami born the
same moment as Shri Radha on the day of Radhastami.
Mood svadhina-bhartrika, a heroine who
dominates her beloved, taming him according to her own whims
Temperament adhika-madhya, moderately exalted.
Favourite Instrument mridanga
Favorite Tune raga saranga
Maidservant Vilasa-manjari (Jiva Goswami)
8 girlfriends Madhavi, Malati, Chandra-rekha, Kurijari. Harini, Chapala, Surabhi, Subhanana
Special talents since her father is very scholarly, she is similarly fully learned in many branches of knowledge; a wise counselor and diplomat in amorous affairs; expert at joking; formulates various methods of arranging the Divine Couple's meetings to facilitate Their tasting of different mellows; skillful in painting leaves and vines on bodily limbs, plus making various lypes of crowns with flower garlands, and also sewing colorful embroidery on clothes; most intelligent and adept of all the messengers; she also supervises the sakhrs and d0s!s who produce and take care of clothing, as weli as Vrinda Devi's maidservants who maintain the flowers, vines and trees of Vrindavan.

Identify in Gauranga-Lila Ramananda Raya or Svarupa Damodara Goswami

saudamini nicaya -caru-ruci-pratikam
shri-radhike! tava caritra-gunanurupam
sad-gandha-candana-ratam vishaye vishakham

Whose complexion glows with the luster of a host of lightning-flashes
Who wears charming cloth the graceful radiance of star-clusters 0 Sn Radhike! Whose characteristics and qualities are similar to Your own Who is engaged in serving nice fragrances and sandaiwood paste - I take shelter of Visakha.