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Chapter Two


Description of the Quarrel Between Shridama and Radha

1-2 On whose request did Krishna come to the surface of the earth, what the Lord did before He returned to His own abode, how He removed the earth's burden, and how He killed the demons, of all these I will, carefully thinking of what happened, tell you the story.

3 Listen and I will tell you of Lord Hari's descent as a cowherd boy. His arrival in Gokula, and Radha's descent as gopi.

4 Listen and I will tell you in detail what before you heard me tell only briefly in the story of Sankhacuda's death.

5 Shridama quarrelled with Radha and She cursed him to become the demon Sankhacuda.

6 Then Shridama cursed Radha: Go to a human womb in Vraja! Become a girl of Vraja and walk on the earth's surface!

7 Afraid of Shridama's curse, She went to Shri Krishna and said: I will become a gopi! Shridama cursed Me! What will I do to prevent it! O breaker of fears please tell me.

8 How can I live without You? O Lord, without You every moment will become a hundred yugas.

9-10 My heart bursts into flames when the blinking of My eyes separates Us. O Lord glorious as the autumn moon, using the cakora birds of My eyes I drink the nectar of Your face day and night. I declare that You are My heart, My self, My mind and My body.

11 You are My eyes and My power to see. You are My life. You are My treasure. Awake of asleep, I always meditate on Your lotus feet. O Lord, without serving You I cannot live for a moment.

12 Hearing these words, Lord Krishna placed His beautiful beloved on His chest. He reassured Her and removed Her fears. He said:

13-14 O girl with the beautiful face, during the Varaha-kalpa I will go to the earth. You will go with Me and also take birth on the earth. O goddess, I will go to Vraja and enjoy pastimes (with You) in the forest.

15 You are more dear to Me than life. If I am present why should You be afraid?

Saying this, Lord Hari, the master of the universes, became silent.

16 For this reason the master of the universes went to Nanda's Gokula. Why should He be afraid? Of what would He, the killer of fears, be afraid?

17 Pretending to fear the illusory potency, He assumed the appearance of a gopa, approached Radha, and enjoyed pastimes with Her.

18-19 To keep the promise He made when the demigod Brahma prayed to Him, Lord Krishna came to earth with the gopis, removed the earth's burden and then returned to His own abode.

20 Shri Narada said: Why did Shridama quarrel with Radha? What you briefly told before, now please tell at length.

21 Shri Narayana Rsi said: One time, in a rasa-mandala in a secluded place in a great forest in Goloka, Lord Hari enjoyed pastimes with Shri Radha. Overcome with bliss, Radha could not understand Herself or anything else.

22 Leaving Her unsatisfied in the midst of Their pastimes, He went to enjoy amorous pastimes with Viraja, another gopi.

23 Beautiful Viraja resembled Radha. She has a billion beautiful gopi friends.

24 As she sat on a jewel throne, this gopi, who thought Lord Krishna more dear than life, and who was fortunate and glorious among women, saw Lord Hari approach.

25 Lord Hari looked at her, her face glorious as the autumn moon, and she, ravishingly beautiful, smiled, and with crooked eyes gazed at Him.

26 She was eternally sixteen years old, in the full bloom of youth. She wore exquisite garments and Her beauty was richer with jewel ornaments.

27 Seeing that she was being tortured by Kamadeva's arrows and the hairs of all her limbs were erect with excitement, Lord Hari at once enjoyed pastimes with her.

28-29 In the great forest, in a secluded place, in a circle of jewels, on a bed made of flowers, as she embraced to her chest the Lord of her life, who is more glorious than millions of Kamadevas, Viraja fainted, overcome with the bliss by enjoying amorous pastimes with Lord Krishna.

30 Seeing Lord Hari embraced by her in the jewel pavilion, Radha's friends at once told their mistress.

31 Hearing their words, Radha became angry and lay down on Her bed.

32 Her eyes like red lotus flowers, the goddess wept bitterly. The great goddess said to them: "Show Him to Me."

33 If you speak the truth, then come with Me. I will give Krishna and this gopi the result They deserve.

34 When I punish her who will save her? With her quickly bring Lord Hari's other lovers also.

35-36 Don't bring that smiling, crooked-hearted, nectar-mouthed pot of poison to My home. Instead, take the Lord to My beautiful pavilion and keep Him there.

37 Hearing Radha's words, some gopis became frightened, and they all folded their hands and humbly bowed their heads and necks.

38 Standing before Her, they all said to the Lord's eternal beloved: "We will show You the Lord with Viraja."

39 After hearing their words, beautiful Radha, ascended a chariot. She departed with 1 630 000 000 gopis, travelling on a chariot...

40 ...made of may regal jewels, splendid as millions of suns, roofed with thirty million domes made of regal jewels, splendid with a variety of colourful flowers, pulled by colourful horses,...

41 ...with ten thousand wheels, enchanting the heart, travelling as fast as the mind, beautiful with ten million pillars and many different glorious jewels,...

42 ...with many wonderful and colourful beautiful pictures, with many rubies in the inside rooms, with many jewels decorating the wheels,...

43 ...with four hundred thousand splendid and wonderful wheels decorated with wonderful bells and tinkling ornaments,...

44 ...with a hundred thousand jewel palaces, with doors made of the best of jewels, with jewel pictures,...

45 ...with domes of the best regal jewels, with splendid spires, with delicious foods and exquisite garments,...

46 ...beautiful with many jewel beds, jewel cups and cases, and golden platforms,...

47 ...with ten million ruby staircases, with very beautiful syamantaka and kaustubha jewels,...

48 ...splendidly beautiful with wonderful forests and lakes and hundreds of groves of millions of lotus flowers,...

49 ...with splendid jewel domes and spires eighty miles wide and eight hundreds miles high,...

50 ...splendid with ten million garlands of parijata, kunda, karavira and yuthika flowers,...

51 ...fragrant with many very beautiful campaka, nagesa, mallika, malati, and madhavi flowers,...

52 ...decorated with many garlands of kadamba flowers and thousand petal lotuses,...

53 ...decorated with wonderful forests, lakes, and colourful flower gardens, fast as the wind, the best of all chariots,...

54 ...covered with exquisite fine cloth, decorated with hundreds of jewel mirrors,...

55 ...decorated with sapphires and white camaras, fragrant with sandal, aguru, musk and kunkuma,...

56 ...splendid with ten million parijata-decorated beds, ten million flags, and ten million bells,...

57 ...with ten million jewel beds covered with wonderful and colourful blankets, fragrant with campaka flowers, sandal and kunkuma,...

58 ...decorated with flower-pillows, and perfect for amorous pastimes, and also decorated with many beautiful things never seen or heard of before.

59 O sage, quickly descending from the chariot thus described, Lord Hari's beloved goddess Radha, at once went to Him in the pavilion of jewels.

60 At the entrance She saw a handsome, smiling, lotus-faced guard accompanied by a hundred thousand gopas.

61 To that gopa, who was Shri Krishna's dear friend named Shridama, goddess Radha, Her eyes now like red lotuses, angrily said:

62 Go away! O servant of a rake, go away! I will see what kind of beautiful lover Your master has now!

63 Hearing Radha's words, strong and fearless Shridama, holding a stick in his hand, did not allow Her to enter.

64 Their lips trembling, the other gopis angrily pushed the servant Shridama.

65 Hearing a great commotion from the people of Goloka and understanding that Radha was angry, Lord Hari disappeared.

66 Hearing the word "Radha" and seeing Lord Hari disappear, Viraja became afraid. By practice of mystic yoga she gave up her life.

67 Her body at once became a river circling Goloka.

68 That river was filled with jewels, very deep, eight hundred million miles wide, and ten times as long.