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The Chariot of Lord Baladeva


Balarama rides in the chariot known as Taladhvaja. Tala means rhythm and dhvaja means ensignia or distinguishing symbol. Rhythms are said to have originated from Lord Shiva's cosmic dance. The rhythm created by Balarama's huge moving chariot is said to produce an equally powerful and blissful sound. The four horses that pull Balarama's chariot are 1.Tivra-strength, 2.Ghora-constancy, 3, Dirgha-timelessness, and 4.Srama-work. Balarama's chariot in Orisa is 47 feet high and requires 763 pieces of wood to build.


Daruka, the one who takes care of all, is Balarama's charioteer. (Lila's of Lord Jaganatha, pg64-77)

Lord Balarama is the beauty incarnation of the Lord. (Shrimad Bhagavatam First Canto pg.168)