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Lord Baladeva in Vraja


The spiritual planet goloka Vrndavana, the eternal abode of Lord Krishna, is shaped like the whorl of a lotus flower. Even when the Lord descends to any one of the mundane planets, He does so by manifesting His own abode as it is. Vrndavana is compared to a lotus flower because it is incredibly beautiful, fully alive and can expand and contract.


Being a form of Lord Baladeva, Shri Vrndavana-dhama is completely spiritual, fully cognizant and saturated with unlimited prema for Shri Krishna. The spiritual lotus of Vraja-dhama fully cooperates with Krishna's desire for pastimes by expanding and contracting to facilitate His transcendental movements. Within a short time, for example, Krishna can traverse the distance between Nandagrama and Vamsivata where He meets nightly with Radharani.


According to material calculations, Vamsivata is thirty-seven miles away from Nandagrama. But by Shri Balarama's blessings, Krishna arrives there easily and quickly. In his expansion as Shri Vraja-dhama, Lord Balarama fully accommodates all the necessary features of Shri Krishna's mind-pleasing pastimes. This is the inconceivable nature of Shri Krishna and His transcendental abode of Vrndavana-dhama. The spiritual lotus of Vraja also arranges for accomplished devotees to effortlessly wander all over Vrdavana to participate in Radha and Krishna's splendid spiritual pastimes. One day while Shrila Sanatana Gosvami was doing bhajan in Vrndavana, he walked to and circumambulated Govardhana Hill. Then Sanatana Gosvami walked to Goloka to perform madhukari, and by evening he returned to Vrndavana to serve his beloved Deity, Madan-mohan. Serving as the spiritual lotus of Vraja, Shri Balaramaji enabled Sanatana Gosvami to perform this incredible service of walking over 108 kilometers in one day.


Shrila Rupa Gosvami compares Vraja to a lotus: When it blooms fully, the different sites of Krishna's pastimes appear to be distant from one another.


But after sunset, the lotus contracts, and the places come closer together to assist the meeting of Shrimati Radhika and Shri Krishnacandra.