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02 Sundarananda Thakura


"Sundarananda, another branch of Shri Nityananda Prabhu, was Lord Nityananda's most intimate servant. Lord Nityananda perceived the life of Vrajabhumi in his company." [C.c. 11.23] More Less


"Shri Sundarananda was an ocean of devotional mellows and one of the principle associates of Nityananda."[C.b Antya 5.728]


In Krishna-lila he was the gopala Sudama. His Shripat was in Maheshpur, which is within the present district of Jessore, Bangladesh. Nowadays only his birthplace can be seen there. He never married but the descendents of his brother and disciples are still residing there. Sundarananda was an ocean of mellows of love of Krishna. He is one of the main associates of Lord Nityananda. His disappearance is on the Kartik purnima. His samadhi is in Vrindavana and his worshipable Deity, Shri Kalachand, are residing in the 'new' Govindaji Mandira.