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1.       Divine Name and its Efficacies                         1-11


Divine Name-The sweetest of all (1) Divine Name- The sole remedy for all ills (2), Different Divine Dispensations (2), Divine Name- The best in Kali Yuga (3), Age of machines (4), Age of free controversy (5), Abodes of Kali (5), Divine Grace-Essential (6), Self-surrender- Way to Divine Grace (6), Divine Name-The sole path for all (7), Divine Name-The elixir of life (7 Divine Name-Its true nature (7), Name and Form identical (8), Divine Name-Beyond human conception (9), Lord Chaitanya-His method of propaganda (10), Saints' lives-Humanity's guiding stars (10)


2.       Namacharya Shri Haridas Thakur                        11-22

His advent (11), Thakur at Benapol (11), Thakur and Tarak-Brahma-Nama (12), Thakur and his adversaries (12), Thakur and Ramchandra Khan (13), Ramachandra Khan's evil plots (13), Thakur and me young harlot (14), Harlot's second memorable night (15), Third attempt-Harlot converted (16), Thakur-Invulnerable to sense-allurements (18), Harlot-a faithful disciple and saint (19), Cilory of die Divine Name (19), Ramachandra Khan's doom (19), Divine Name-Redeems worst of sinners (20), Prerequisites for Sadhu'r, company (20), IZsscntial requisites for Nama-Bhajan (21)


3.       Lord's Name-The Divine Panacea                       22-4(1

Materialised mind uncongenial to devotion (22), Thakur at Chandpur (27), Thakur on the effects of the Name (28), Thakur and Gopal Chakravarti (30), Thakur on Bhakti and Mukti (30), Gopal Chakravarti rebuked (31), Thakur consoles die gadiering (32), Evil consequences of disparaging Sadhus (32), Qualifications of a religious preacher (33), Scriptures- The sound audiority (34), Scriptures and die modern public (34), Scriptures de-lined (37), Verbal jugglery- The sign of ignorance (39), Bhakti-Second to none (39)


4.       Haridas Thakur at Santipur                      41-75

His meeting with Advaita Acharya (41), Bhakta-His unique position (42), Thakur and Mayadevi (44), Shri Krishna-The Darling Lord of millions (47), Shri Krishna- His Personality (48), Shri Krishna- His Avataras (50), Shri Krishna- Brahman (51), Shri Krishna- Paramatma (52), Shri Krishna- Bhagavan (52), Shri Krishna- Tlie Fountainhead of all potencies (54), Shri Krishna- His Divine Attributes (60), Shri Krishna- His Lila Madhurya (63), Shri Krishna-His Prem Madhurya (64), Shri Krishna- His Venue Madhurya (66), Shri Krishna- His Rupa Madhurya (67), Shri Krishna- Tlie Name excels all other Names (73)


5.       Spiritual Master and Self-surrender                     76-105 .

Guru and his function (76), Spiritual preceptor- Indispensable (77), Personality of Guru (77), True disciple-HIs qualifications (81), The act of submission (82), Activities favourable to devotional progress (88), Unfavourable acts that arrest devotional progress (95), Firm confidence in the Lord (98), Choosing the Lord as Protector (99), Self-dedication to the Lord (101), Prayers with repentance (101), Submission and total self -sur¬render (102)


6.       Haridas Thakur and the Kazi                    105-123

Thakur and the inhabitants of Fulia (105), Complaint against Thakur (106), Thakur and the convicts (107), Thakur and the Governor (109), Thakur's exposition of religious principles (110), Religious rivalry-Its basis (112), Sanatan Dharma- The all-embracing religion (112), Kazi's reaction on Thakur's exposition (113), Thakur's firm determination (113), The cruel judgment (114), Thakur's compassion on the persecutors (116), Enemies of Thakur humbled (120), Thakur on his persecution (121), Thakur and the venomous serpent (122)


7.       Haridas Thakur and the Snake-Charmer.              124-134

Thakur under divine rapture (124), Artificial display of trance (125), Thakur eulogised (125), Navadvip and its religious bankruptcy (127), The efficacies of loud chanting (127), Social order and die present day world (132)


8.       Haridas Thakur at Navadvip                     134-151

The then condition of Navadvip (135), Contemporary world (137), Is service of God a necessity? (139), Why does God create us? (139), Is God so heartless? (140), Where does God hide? (141), Thakur joins die banner of Mahaprabhu (141), Thakur-The noted Bhakta of Mahaprabhu (143), Mahaprabhu on Thakur (143), Thakur sings die glories of die Lord (145), Mahaprabhu confers boons on Thakur (147)


9.       Haridas Thakur at Puri                            151-164

Thakur-The inspiring ideal of humility (151), Temple and ritualistic worship (152), A few words on temple entry (152), Thakur settles at Siddha Bakul (154), Thakur and Sanatan Gosvami (155), Sanatan Gosvami on Thakur (155), Mahaprabhu's sermon to Thakur and Sanatan Gosvami (156), Thakur's ideal life-An eye-opener to Sadhakas (157), Thakur's last request to Mahaprabhu (160), Thakur's prayer granted (161), Thakur's Samadhi

(161), Descent and ascent of Bhaktas (163)


10.     Mahaprabhu's Discourse on Nama                    165-180

Mahaprabhu at Banaras (166), Maratha Brahmin impressed by Mahaprabhu (167), Prakasananda's remarks (167), Mahaprabhu accepts MaraUia Brahmin's invitation (168), Mahaprabhu expounds the Divine Name (168), Name and Mantra (173), Mahaprabhu's advice to householders (176), Vaidhi Bhakti (178)


11.     Ninefold Devotion                        180-198

Sravana (181), Kirtan (184), Smarana (184), Padasevan (186), Archan (188), Vandan (189), Dasya (190), Sakhya (191), Atmanivedan (192), Hu¬mility (194), Forbearance (195), Absence of pride (197), Honouring others (197), Names-Specific and generic (197)


12.     Safeguard against Namaparadhas                    198-211

First offence (200), Second offence (202), Third offence (203), Fourth offence (204), Fifth offence (206), Sixth offence (207), Sevendi offence (207), Eighth offence (208), Nindi offence (209), Tenth offence (209)


13.     Na'mabhas and Uttama Bhakti                 211-247

Namabhas defined (211), Love is its own reward (217), Unalloyed devotion or Uttama Bhakti (220), Bhakti-Appeals to all (230), Bhakti-Its special characteristics (231), Bhakti-Vaidhi and Raganuga (237), Bliav Bhakti (239), Sevenfold blessings of Nama-Sankirtan (244)


14.     Shri Nama-Sankirtan-The Highest Goal                 247-276

Navavidha Bhakti-Acliieves eternal weal (247), Nama-Sankirtan is Bhakti's purest form (253), Smarana -vs- Kirtan (244), Kirtan superior to Smarana (254), Nama-Sankirtan -vs- Dhyan (259), Nama-Sankirtan floods all senses with Madhurya (260), Krishna-Sankirtan yields Krishna Prem (261), Nama-Sankirtan-Both a Means and an End in Itself (262), Nama-Sankirtan-Practised with a feeling of love-sickness (263), Nama-Sankirtan-An emblem of Lords' Mercy (263), Lives of devotees guide our conduct (265), Lord's Mercy-The greatest need for all (266), Sakshat Darsan-vs-Darsan in Dhyan (269), Sanatkumars meditate in Shri Vishnu's presence (270), Nama dearer to Lord than His Svarup (271), Mystic powers of Shriman Nama (272)


15.     Potentialities of Nama-Sankirtan                      276-315

Shri Nama-Sankirtan destroys all sins (277), Shri Nama-Sankirtan purifies the chanter's family, associates, etc. (284), Shri Nama-Sankiilan destroys all diseases (284), Shri Nama-Sankirtan dispels all griefs (285), Shri Nama-Sankirtan removes the sufferings caused by Kali (286), Shri Nama-Sankirtan redeems persons destined to hell (287), Shri Nama-Sankirtan destroys des¬tiny (287), Shri Nama-Sankirtan destroys all offences (288), Shri Nama-Sankirtan grandly fulfills all wants (288), Shri Nama-Sankirtan is superior to all the Vedas (289), Shri Nama-Sankirtan is far superior to all pilgrimages (289), Shri Nama-Sankirtan is far superior to all holy acts (290), Shri Nama-Sankirtan grants all prayers (291), Shri Nama-Sankirtan possesses all kinds of power (292), Shri Nama-Sankirtan imparts bliss to the whole universe (292), Shri Nama-Sankirtan makes one universally adorable (293), Shri Nama-Sankirtan singularly rescues even an absolutely helpless one (293), Shri Nama Sankirtan can be prctised everywhere and at all times (294), Shri Nama-Sankirtan achieves Shri Krishna Himself '(295), Shri Nama-Sankirtan leads to Vaikunth (297), Shri Nama-Sankirtan pleases Shri Krishna (299), Hence Shri Nama-Sankirtan wins over Shri Krishna (299), Shri Nama-Sankirtan Itself is the highest End of human existence (300), Shri Nama-Sankirtan is the high¬est form of devotion (300), Mahaprabhu's exposition on 'Haremama' Sloka (303), Shri Krishna-Namashtak (306)


16. Shri Krishna Sankirtan-The Quintessence                315-353

Krishna-Prem-The highest spiritual wealth (316), Krishna's deeds are unfathomable (318), God-given griefs -vs- those from one's acts (319), Krishna Bhakta -vs- other devotees (322), What Krishna bestows on His Bhaktas (323), Selfless service -vs- selfish service (324), Krishna is Svayam Bhagavan (326), Krishna Nama reigns supreme (327), Call 'Krishna' with a feeling of separation (332), Krishna Nama makes Krishna subservient (334), Krishna Nama is weightier than Nami (336), Krishna Nama-Tlte wish-yield¬ing Gem (340), Krishna is the Primeval Cause (341), Gauranga-The Namavatar of Krishna (345), Prayers invoking Gaur-Krishna's blessings (348), Address to my erring self (351), The hymn of life (353)


Index of Slokas                           354-362

Index of Bengali Verses  363


I bow Ye! O Divine Dralunin Twins! With arms extending to the knees, And splendour as of sparkling gold; O Sole Progenitors of Sankirtan old! Twain Descents of Divine Mercy! I bow Ye again! Universes' Supports and Benefactors Twain! Lotus-Eyed Brahmin Gems! O Purest Rages! Divine Fulfillers of the laws of all ages!


Out of Mercy alone the Glories of the Divine Name, Unprecedented in epic history to spread Krishna Prem, and to relish Its luscious sweetness with gay abandon Shri Krishna graced this earth as Shri Sachinandan. 'Twas ne'er given before in history's chequered record And was tasted anew by Him with Bhaktas in gay accord. May Gaur-Hari of the splendour of molten gold Illumine the hearts of us all-bolh young and old.