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Shri Chaitanya Shataka

Texts 1-20




Those who in this age of Kali hear the topics of Shri Guru-tattva, chant the holy name of Hari with great attention, and worship the guru, sadhus, and devatas-know for certain that they alone are the devotees of Shri Krishna Chaitanya.


Shri Krishna Chaitanya has preached and manifested the holy name of Hari, which is auspicious for the whole world, and which is being made easily available to anyone and everyone. Whoever receives the holy name is certainly glorious and he becomes qualified to deliver others.


A person may have respect for the Vaishnavas, and always engages in sankirtana, still if he is against Shri Krishna Chaitanya, he is actually not a devotee of the Lord.


Even if a person serves and worships with undiverted mind the lotus feet of Shri Hari, and that person is fixed in his occupational duty, but if he is averse to Shri Gaurasundara, then he can become neither glorious nor a knower of the truth.


Why should those persons want to attain love of God who do not know or do not want to know Shri Gaurasundara, who is the source of all incarnations mentioned in the Vedic literatures. Such persons have certainly already been deceived. O Lord Hari! How can such things take place? For what use did people with such a mentality take birth? These persons are eligable to fall into the hell known as Kumbipaka.


I am eagerly seeking shelter at the reddish lotus feet of the son of Shaci, Shri Gaurasundara. O Vaishnavas, O lords of my family! Please have mercy on this poor suffering soul and make me eligible to attain my desired goal and my mind will be fixed without disturbance on the feet of Shri Gaurasundara.


I don't want wealth or followers, fame or birth in a good family, austerity, material happiness, auspiciousness, children or any other so-called benedictions. O Lord Gaurahari! Please give me the benediction that I may surrender at Your lotus feet and worship You life after life.


O Lord Gaurahari! I am afflicted by the miseries of the world and have lost my memory. O merciful Lord! Please protect me from the fear of material existence.


I have attained this rare human form of life after many lifetimes in many universes. O Lord! Out of anxiety I am taking shelter at Your lotus feet. Please protect me.


O son of Shaci! I am low and fallen, and thus I am suffering. My situation is critical. Please be merciful and protect me. Everyone in this world has become absorbed in love for You. O Lord, please do not neglect me.


O Lord! Other demigods are able to deliver sinful people, but You, O Gaurasundara, are my only deliverer because You are the deliverer of the fallen.


At the reddish lotus feet of the son of Shaci, Shri Gaurahari, my only repeated prayer is, 'In life or death may I always remember Your beautiful form.'


O Krishna! You have accepted a blackish form in Dvapara-yuga, but in Kali-yuga You have accepted a golden form. You are teaching the people of the world, loving devotional service to Krishna by manifesting Your sweet pastimes.


Whatever has been manifest in my mind I'm offering at Your lotus feet with my body, mind, and words. O merciful Lord! Please help me perfect my life in every way so that I can constantly remember Your lotus feet.


O Lord! You are the independent controller. You have accepted a form full of transcendental loving pastimes and You are delivering the people of this world by giving them the holy name of Shri Hari.


O friend of the forlorn! O ocean of mercy! Please liberate me from the shackles of this material world without delay. Let me chant Your spotless pure name and visit the holy places so that I may meet the saintly persons who are as good as the demigods.


O Lord Gaurasundara! Please excuse whatever I have previously heard, said, thought or done. Please give me the benediction that I can always remember Your lotus feet. This is my heart's desire.


O Lord Gaurasundara! Giving up all shame, I am humbly praying at Your lotus feet. Please give me loving devotional service and always keep me at Your reddish lotus feet.


O Lord Gaurasundara! I've been drowning in this ocean of material existence for many lifetimes. Kindly deliver me. My only prayer is that I may always be engaged in chanting the holy name and serving Your lotus feet.


O Lord Gauranga! You are nondifferent from Vrajendranandana. O ocean of mercy! I offer this prayer at Your lotus feet. Please make me qualified to serve You in all respects.


Whoever regularly reads or hears this Shri Chaitanya Shataka with devotion and attachment will certainly attain the son of Shaci, Lord Gauranga, and he will find engagement in the service of His lotus feet.