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NITAAI-Veda.nyf > Compiled and Imp Scriptures > Chaitanya Shataka > Sataka Texts: 81-101 > 85th Text

Shri Chaitanya Shataka



kim u sukham upabhoktum vanchayed vancito 'sau
sakala-nigama-siddham gauracandram na vetti
hari hari katham etat kutra yatam caritram
sa bhava-jaladhi-madhye kumbhipake prapata


kim u-what indeed; sukham-happiness; upabhoktum-to enjoy; vanchayet-may endeavor; vancitah-cheated; asau-he; sakala-all; nigama-Vedas; siddham-perfectional liberation; gauracandram-Gaura Candra; na-not; vetti-knows; hari hari-chanting of Hari! Hari!; katham-how?; etat-this; kutra-where?; yatam-gone; caritram-character; sah-he; bhava-birth and death; jaladhi-ocean; madhye-in the misdst; kumbhipake-in the hell known as Kumbhipaka; prapata-fall into.


Why should those persons want to attain love of God who do not know or do not want to know Shri Gaurasundara, who is the source of all incarnations mentioned in the Vedic literatures. Such persons have certainly already been deceived. O Lord Hari! How can such things take place? For what use did people with such a mentality take birth? These persons are eligable to fall into the hell known as Kumbipaka.