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NITAAI-Veda.nyf > Compiled and Imp Scriptures > Chaitanya Shataka > Sataka Texts: 41-60 > 42nd Text

Shri Chaitanya Shataka



sarvavatara bhajatam jananam
tratum samarthah kila sadhu-varta
bhaktan abhaktam api gauracandras
tatara krishnamrita-nama-danaih


sarvavatarah-all avataras; bhajatam-of those who worship; jananam-of the people; tratum-to protect; samarthah-capable; kila-indeed; sadhu-varta-the people engaged in pious activities; bhaktan-devotees; abhaktam-non-devotees; api-even; gauracandrah-Golden Moon Lord; tatara-delivered; krishnamrita-nama-the nectar of Shri Krishna’s name; danaih-with the gifts.


I have heard from the mouths of the pure devotees that the Lord in other incarnations delivers His own devotees. But Shri Gauranga, appearing in Nadia, by bestowing the nectar of the holy names, delivered everyone, both devotees and nondevotees without discrimination.