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Shri Chaitanya Shataka

Texts 1-20




O friend of the universe. O ocean of love. Please give Your service and a place at Your lotus feet to this person, who is bereft of knowledge and full of duplicity. O Lord, Your name is Patita-pavana, therefore You must be merciful to me.


Lord Gaurachandra, who is the Supreme Personality of Godhead raises His long arms and mercifully requests everyone, 'O devotees of the Lord! Just chant the name of Hari!' Speaking these words, He dances in great love and shouts loudly, exclaiming, 'Ha! Ha!'. He then sometimes faints and rolls on the ground, striking His chest with His hands.


I offer my respectful obeisances to that Supreme Person who has given the living entities tormented by Kali the holy name of Krishna. That holy name is auspicious to the world and it destroys all obstacles along with the miseries of lamentation, illusion and greed.


His curling hair is tied with a garland of Malika flowers. His broad forehead is beautifully decorated with tilaka. And on His ear lobes hang jeweled earings.


I worship Shri Gaurachandra, whose body is smeared with sandalwood pulp and aguru. His hands are decorated with bangles and His lotus feet are beautified by the sweet sound of His anklebells.


O, what a beautiful body Shri Gaurachandra has! He is wearing saffron cloth and His complexion is like molten gold. He alone is the giver of all auspiciousness. He is most compassionate, the friend of the poor. Therefore He alone is worshipable.


I pray to that ever blissful Lord Shri Krishna Chaitanya, who has given up His form as Krishna and has appeared with a golden complexion in this Age of Kali.


I take shelter at the feet of Shri Gaurachandra, who has given up His yellow cloth and accepted the saffron cloth of a sannyasi. He is an ocean of mercy and the only shelter of the three worlds.


When the universe became three fourths filled with sin, the eternal Lord Shri Krishna appeared at Navadvipa as Shri Gaurasundara. He appeared in order to deliver the wretched living entities of Kali-yuga, who were drowning in the ocean of birth and death.


When Shri Gaurasundara appeared in this Age of Kali, the sinful persons-such as candalas and other low-born persons-all became Vaishnavas.


The Vaishnavas have received the mercy of Gaura. Seeing the unfortunate condition of the fallen souls who are completely bound in the cycle of birth and death, the Vaishnavas take compassion on them and distribute the holy names of the Lord.


As soon as Lord Gauranga began the auspicious congregational chanting of the holy names of the Lord, at that time the living entities, who were tormented by Kali became stunned hearing the wonderful qualities of the Lord and they rushed to the site of the sankirtana-yajna. All the pure and sinful persons on hearing that congregational chanting became maddened and danced.


It is most wonderful that when the son of Shaci, Lord Gaurasundara appeared at Navadvipa, all people-young to old, man and woman, and even the foolish-they all became attached to the holy name of the Lord.


After the appearance of Shri Gaurasundara in Kali yuga, everyone-even the candalas, yavanas, and fools-they all started to glorify the qualities of the holy name of the Lord.


The character of Shri Gaurasundara is indeed wonderful, but even more wonderful is the character of His dear servants. Shri Krishna Chaitanya along with His dear servants very affectionately bestow love of God on all.


I offer my respectful obeisances to Shri Gaurasundara, whose attractive curly hair is bound with a string of jewels and whose beautiful soft forehead is decorated with fragrant sandalwood paste. His ears are decorated with shark shaped earrings and His chest is decorated with a flower garland.


In order to obtain the dust of the lotus feet of that devotee of Gaurasundara-who always remembers the Lord's attractive, enchanting form, qualities and pastimes, with his body, mind, and speech-I along with my friends, son, and relatives will serve him for one hundred lifetimes.


O Lord! O Shri Krishna Chaitanya! My tongue is meant only for glorifying Your holy name. My ears are meant for hearing Your qualities. My mind is meant for remembering Your pastimes. My eyes are meant for seeing Your beautiful form and my head is meant for offering obeisances at Your lotus feet.


All the devotees of Shri Krishna Chaitanya are great mahatmas. They are the personification of the bliss of sankirtana and they are as good as Krishna. They deliver the fallen souls, who are burnt by the three fold miseries, by giving them love of God.


If somehow or other the people of a particular country become averse to religious principles and thus devoid of good behavior, if they then take up the performance of hari-nama sankirtana, then that country and those people become glorious.