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NITAAI-Veda.nyf > Compiled and Imp Scriptures > Chaitanya Shataka > Sataka Texts: 21-40 > 40th Text

Shri Chaitanya Shataka



yasmin deshe kulacaro
dharmacarash ca nasti vai
tathapi dhanyas tad desho
nama sankirtanad dhareh


yasmin-in which; deshe-in the country; kula-acarah-family conduct; dharmacarah-virtuous conduct; ca-and; na-not; asti-there is; vai-certainly; tatha-api-however; dhanyah-glorious; tat-that; deshah-country; nama sankirtanat-by the congregational chanting;  hareh-of Hari.


If somehow or other the people of a particular country become averse to religious principles and thus devoid of good behavior, if they then take up the performance of hari-nama sankirtana, then that country and those people become glorious.