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Shri Chaitanya Mangala

By Gauranga Rasa Acharya
Shrila Lochana dasa Thakura

The Most Nectarean Biography of Lord Gauranga Mahaprabhu




Vandana Offering Obeisances


Song 1 (Patha-manjari raga)


 1. Obeisances, obeisances, obeisances to the saintly demigod Ganesha, who destroys all obstacles, who has a single tusk, who is stout, and who helps all auspicious projects. Glory, glory to Parvati's son!

 2. Folding my palms, I bow my head before Gauri and Shiva. Falling at their feet, I serve them. They are the creators of the three worlds. They are the givers of devotion to Lord Vishnu. They are all the gods and goddesses.

 3. I bow my head before Goddess Sarasvati. O goddess, please play on my tongue. Please give me many songs praising Lord Gaurahari, wonderful songs like nothing known in the three worlds.

 4. With a voice choked with emotion, I beg: O spiritual masters, O demigods, please place no obstacles before me. I don't want money. I am an unimportant person. I want only that no obstacles will stop this book.

 5. I bow down before the devotees of Lord Vishnu, devotees who are very fortunate, devotees whose virtues purify the whole earth, devotees who are merciful to everyone, devotees who love everyone, devotees whose pastimes bring auspiciousness to the three worlds.

 6. I am worthless. I don't know right from left. I want to climb up and grab the sky. I am a blind man who wants to find a splendid jewel, even though I have no power to see even a mountain. What will become of me? I do not know.

 7. There is but one hope. The Lord accepts any person, high or low, that sings His glories.He is merciful to everyone. To everyone He gives the shade of His feet. He does not worry whether the people are worthy to receive His mercy.

 8. Please hear the glories of the Vaishnavas. Without any ulterior motive they are merciful to everyone. They live to benefit others. To others they give even their ornaments. Their hearts become happy when they do good to others.

 9. Narahari Thakura is my life. I am his servant. His feet are my hope of hopes. Although I am fallen, I yearn to sing Lord Gaura's glories. That is the hope of Locana dasa.

 10. By the mercy of his feet I will be able to sing these songs. That is the hope in my heart. His two feet, which fulfill all desires, I always hold in my heart.



Song 2 (Kodara raga)



 11. Glory, glory to Lord Shri Krishna Chaitanya and Lord Nityananda! Glory to Lord Advaitacandra! Glory to all the devotees of Lord Gaura!

 12. Glory to Gadadhara and Narahari, who are the masters of my life. O masters, please be kind and cast an auspicious glance upon me.

 13. Lord Gaura's fair form is splendid like gold and filled with mercy. Falling down before the reddish soles of His cooling feet, I will sing His glories.

 14. O devotees, let us sit down together and touch the coolness of Lord Gaura's feet.

 15. Let us bow down before Shaci's son, our Lord. O Lord, for even a single sesame seed's worth of time, please give us Your glance of mercy.

 16. Advaita Acarya Gosai is the crest jewel of all masters. By the mercy of His feet this world has become fortunate.

 17. I bow down and sing: O Advaita, O master of Sita's life, please be merciful. With folded palms I stand before You.

 18. I bow down before the saintly avadhuta Lord Nityananda, who is Balarama Himelf. He is not different from Lord Chaitanya.

 19. Falling down at his feet, I sing the glories of Gargacarya, who is Lord Gaura's maternal grandfather. He is very proud of Lord Gaura's virtues and glories.  20. I offer my respectful obeisances to Jagannatha Mishra, who is Lord Vishvambhara's father. I offer my respectful obeisances to Shaci Thakurani, who is the Lord's mother.

 21. I offer my respectful obeisances to Laksmi Thakurani, who is the Lord's wife. She was bitten by the snake of separation from the Lord.

 22. I offer my respectful obeisances to Mother Vishnupriya, who lives in Navadvipa. The reddish soles of Lord Gaura's feet are the ornament she wears.

 23. I offer my respectful obeisances to Pundarika Vidyanidhi. Lord Mahaprabhu happily called his name.

 24. With a single heart I offer my respectful obeisances to Shri Pandita Gosai. I offer my respectful obeisances to the feet of Ishvara Puri and Madhavendra Puri.  25. I offer my respectful obeisances to Govinda Gosai and to Vakreshvara. They are like two wild bumblebees at the lotus flower of Lord Gaura's feet.

 26. Placing their feet on my head, I offer my respectful obeisances to Paramananda Puri, Vishnu Puri, and Gadadhara dasa.

 27. I offer my respectful obeisances to Murari Gupta. To him I pray: If you place your mercy in my thoughts, I will earnestly and joyfully sing Lord Gauar's glories

 28. I offer my respectful obeisances to Shrivasa Thakura and Haridasa Thakura. I yearn to attain the feet of Mukunda Datta and Vasudeva Datta.

 29. I offer my respectful obeisances to Ramananda Raya, the abode of spiritual love. Eternally I offer my respectful obeisances to Jagadananda Pandita.

 30. I offer my respectful obeisances to Rupa Gosvami, Sanatana Gosvami, and Svarupa Damodara Gosvami. Many times I offer my respectful obeisances to Raghava Pandita Gosvami.

 31. I offer my respectful obeisances to Shri Rama, Sundarananda, Gauridasa, and all the other associates of Lord Nityananda.

 32. I offer my respectful obeisances to Narahari Thakura, the spiritual master of my family. He is my worshipable deity. He is my protector in this world and the next.

 33. I offer my respectful obeisances to Narahari Thakura. But for him I have no friend in this world. He is an ocean of Lord Gaura's glories.

 34. Falling to the ground, I fold my hands and offer my respectful obeisances to Govinda Ghosha, Madhava Ghosha, and Vasu Ghosha.

 35. With a single heart I offer my respectful obeisances to Shri Vrindavana dasa Thakura, whose song Chaitanya-bhagavata charms the worlds.

 36. O my brothers, at every moment I bow down before and sing the glories of the Deity in Shri Raghunandana's home.

 37. As a boy Ragunandna would feed laḍus to his Deity. Who dares think Raghunandana an ordinary person?

 38. I offer my respectful obeisances to Rsghunandana's father, Shri Mukunda dasa. His faith in the path of Lord Chaitanya's philosophy is pure and spotless.

 39. Whether I know their names or not, I offer my respectful obeisances to all the devotees. They are the jewels I wear on my head.

 40. I offer my respectful obeisances to the mahantas and their followers. I sing the glories of their feet.

 41. In my heart I do not think one devotee is first and another is last. There is no reason I offered obeisances to some first and others later.  42. If by mistake I did not mention someone's name, I offer my respectful obeisances to him a hundered times. In that way I will wash away my offense to him.

 43. I offer my respectful obeisances to the devotees who live on the earth and the devotees who living in the worlds aboce. One by one, I bow down before the feet of every devotee.

 44. Yearing to attain spiritual love for Him, everyone please sing the glories of Lord Gaura. With a happy heart this Locana dasa sinsg this son.


Song 3 (Varadi raga - Disha)


 Refrain: Dear friends, again and again I beg you. O great souls, I beg for your blessings, so I may be able to sing Lord Gaura's glories.


 45. How can I, a lowly person, a pile of ashes, understand the spiritual truth? How can I sing the glories of Lord Gaura's virtues and pastimes?

 46. Not understanding these truths, I will talk foolishly. Then I will be embarrassed before the great souls.

 47. I am not qualified. I am a fool. Still, I yearn to taste the sweetness of Lord Gaura's glories.

 48. Shri Murari Gupta lived in Navadvipa. He always stayed near Lord Gaurachandra.

 49. Who has the power to describe his glories. The people in this world say he is Hanuman himself.

 50. Jumping the ocean, he set Lanka afire. He carried Sita's message and repeated it to Lord Rama.

 51. Bringing the vishalya-karani herb, he saved Lakshmana's life. That same Hanuman became Murari Gupta and lived in Nadiya.

 52. He knows all the Lord's sercrets. He is very wise and very devoted to Lord Gaura's lotus feet.

 53. H edescribed Lord Gaura's loving pastimes from birth through childhood, from beginning to end

 54. Damodara Pandita asked him to describe all these pastimes from beginning to end.

 55. In this way Murari Gupta wrote a book in Sanskrit verse, a book that bears the title Gauranga-carita" (the Pastimes of Lord Gauaranga), a book that came from Murari Gupta's mouth as He conversed with Svarupa Damodara.

 56. Hearing this book, I became very pleased. That is why I now write of Lord Gaura's pastimes in these Bengali verses in the meter pancali.

 57. I am not qualified. I make many mistakes. Still, please don't rebuke me. Don't become angry.

 58. Who does not like to taste nectar when he sees it? I foolish child will wish to grasp the moon in the sky.

 59. I yearn to speak of Lord Gaura's glories. That is why I now need the Vaishnavas' mercy.

 60. I bow down before the Vaishnavas' feet. My heart yearns to sing Lord Gaura's glories.

 61. Narahari Thakura io my lord and master. I humbly offer obeisances to him. I beg him: Please filfill my desire.



Song 4 (Marahati raga - Disha)



 Refrain: Lord Hari, who was the two Ramas, and who is now the moon among the brahmanas, is my very life.


 62. First I will tell a wonderful story, the story of how Advaita Gosai offered obeisances to Lord Gaura when the Lord was still an unborn child in his mother's womb.

 63. Accompanied by His associates, servants, weapons, and confidential companions, the Supreme Personality of Godhead, the master of the three worlds, was born on the earth.

 64. The Lord's mother and father happily performed His anna-

prashana (first grain) and nama-karana (name-giving) ceremonies for their son.

 65. Now I will describe the boy-Lord's pastimes. Even when He wore now anklets, the people still heard the sound of tinkling anklets on His feet.

 66. He would touch unclean things. Then He would speak bewildering words of philosophy.

 67. To test His powers, the village ladies asked Him to bring a coconut. Very quickly He brought it.

 68. The Lord played with a puppy. Seeing this, everyone was pleased.

 69. Murari Gupta saw that boy playing on the street with His friends.  70. With His friends the boy sang the names of Lord Hari and danced. Seeing this, everyone became blissful at heart.

 71. The father placed a piece of writing chalk in the boy's hand. Anyone who hears this pastime finds that sufferings and inauspiciousness flee far away.

 72. Please carefully listen as I tell how the boy Vishvambhara played with His brother Vishvarupa.

 73. Those two brothers were like Indra and Vamana. I will tell these stories and you will hear them.

 74. I will tell how Visvarupa accepted sannyasa and how Visvambhara consoled His mother and father.

 75. I will describe Vishvambhara's pastimes, how He played with the other boys and how He did mischief.

 76. The boys would meet and play on the Ganga's sandy banks. Once the Lord's father followed the footprints he saw in the sand.

 77. Seeing his son there, the Lord's father bacame unhappy at heart. Taking Him home, the father loudly rebuked his son.

 78. Later, the Lord gave His mercy in a dream. I will tell all these stories. Please hear them with a single heart.

 79. With a joyful heart I will tell of the Lord's karna-

vedha (ear-piercing), cụa-karana (hair-cutting), and upavita (sacred thread) ceremonies.

 80. When His childhood ended, the Lord's teenage years entered. Day by day, the Lord's spiritual Love became more completely manifest.

 81. Then He studied at His teacher's house. He would make fun of the way people spoke in East Bengal.

 82. He commanded His mother to observe ekadashi. At the proper times I will describe many things.

 83. At that time Jagannatha Mishra went to the other world. Stricken with grief, the Lord wept for His father.

 84. I will tell many other wonderful stories. I will tell of the shoreless ocean of bliss at the Lord's wedding.

 85. Please hear how The Lord and His bride secretly exchanged glances at the Ganga's bank. I must tell that story.

 86. I will tell how the Lord traveled to East Bengal and how Lakshmipriya ascended to the spiritual world.

 87. Returning to West Bengal, the Lord married again, taught His students, and traveled to Gaya.

 88. One by one I will tell all these stories. Everyone please hear them. You will taste many blisses. Please do not turn away.

 89. I will tell how the Lord returned to West Bengal, manifested ecstatic spiritual love, and was always plunged in the nectar of the spiritual rasas.

 90. O my brothers, the stories in this book's Madhya-khaṇa are filled with many blisses. They are filled with nectar. When you hear them, the hairs on your bodies will stand erect.

 91. By telling these stories to the devotees, I will feel ecstatic love. Even before I tell them I feel joy arise in my heart.

 92. O my brothers, the stories of Madhya-khaṇa describe the Lord's pastimes in Nadiya. These pastimes, where the Lord preached the religion of ecstatic love, are like flooding streams of nectar.

 93. The Lord manifested very wonderful pastimes. In the four yugas no devotee had heard of such wonders.

 94. In the Madhya-khaṇa I will tell these wonderful stories of the Lord's pastimes in Nadiya, of the Lord's preaching the religion of devotional service.

 95. I will tell how every day the devotees would gather together. I know how to describe those pastimes.

 96. First I will tell how Shaci attained the gift of ecstatic love. I will tell how, walking on the street, the Lord heard flute music.

 97. Then the Lord was overcome with ecstatic love, and then a divine voice suddenly spoke from the sky.

 98. Being kind to Murari Gupta, the Lord assumed the role of Varaha. Brahma and the demigods saw the Lord assume that role.

 99. Then Shuklambara Brahmacari attained ecstatic love. I will tell all these stories. Please hear them with all attention.

 100. By the Lord's mercy Shri Gadadhara Paṇita was overcome with ecstatic love. Day and night he wept.

 101. One by one the Lord gave ecstatic love to everyone. I will tell all these stories.

 102. Being kind to the devotees, the Lord planted a mango seed. Any doubts that may stay in the heart of a person who hears that story will perish.

 103. Concealing His original spiritual identity, the Lord manifested ecstatic spiritual love. By following impersonalist jnana no one can understand Him. He reveals Himself to His own associates.

 104-108. Then I will tell the wonderful stories of the first sight of Lord Nityananda, the first meeting with Haridasa, the first meeting of Advaita Acarya and Lord Nityananda, how Jagai and Madhai were delivered, how the Lord was merciful to a brahmana and his son, how the lord was a merciful to a person singing Lord Shiva's glories, how the Lord became unhappy to hear a brahmana's misdeeds, and how the Lord then jumped into the Ganga. Anyone in the three worlds who hears these stories will feel his heart tremble.

 109. You will also hear the wonderful story of how the Lord cleaned a temple.

 110. You will hear many very wonderful stories. The Lord cured a leper. That was very wonderful.

 111. I will tell the stroy of Lord Gaura assuming the mood of Lord Balarama. All who hear that story feel endless bliss.

 112. At Candrashekhara's house the Lord manifested ecstatic love that cast a shadow over the land and sky.

 113. I will tell many secrets, the secrets of the Lord's wonderful renunciation.

 114. Seeing Keshava Bharati in Nadiya-nagara, the Lord felt joy in His heart. Then He decided to accept sannyasa.

 115. At this all the devotees grieved. Shaci and Vishnupriya lept into an ocean of grief.

 116. To accept sannyasa, the Lord left Navadvipa. With Keshava Bharati's help, He accepted sannyasa.

 117. I will tell these stories in detail. Then Lord Gaura went to Lord Advaita Acarya's house.

 118. Then comes the story of the Lord meeting the devotees. Comforting everyone, the Lord began His travels.

 119. Then the Lord went to see Jagannatha Puri. Then Then I will tell the confidential story of the Lord's pastimes at Remuna-grama.

 120. One by one I will tell of the Lord's pastimes as He traveled on the path. Anyone who hears these stories will become filled with bliss and love.

 121. I must tell the stories of the Lord's secret pastimes at Ekamra-nagara on His way to Yajapura.

 122. With a single heart you will hear the story of Lord Gaura seeing Lord Jagannatha and the story of Lord Gaura revealing His true identity to Sarvabhauma.

 123. O my brothers, this Madhya-khaṇa is sweeter than nectar. Then I will speak the Shesha-khaṇa. Please hear it also.

 124. At Madhya-khaṇa's end, Lord Gaura manifests ecstatic spiritual love. With a blissful heart Locana dasa speaks these words.



Song 5 (Dhanashri raga - Tarajachanda)



 125. Glory, glory to You, O Shri Krishna Chaitanya, who personally descended to this earth, who are thw auspiciousness of the worlds, whose feet are the earth's ornament, who are dearly loved by the whole earth!  126. The lamp that lights up the worlds has come to Navadvipa. Now He shines with His light of mercy. Thirsting to receive the gift of ecstatic love, after many days the devotees ran to Him.

 127. The devotees were like black bees flying to nectar-

laden blossoming lotus flowers, or like cakora birds gazing at the moon, or like cataka birds gazing at rainclouds and wildly singing Piu! Piu!"

 128. Overcome with ecstatic love, Lord Gaura danced. He showered a great monsoon of ecstatic love. He roared like a lion. Like poverty-stricken men who are suddenly rich, the devotees followed Him, worshiped Him, and wept.

 129. As wild elephants jump into a nectar lake to escape a forest fire, so the devotees jumped into the nectar of ecstatic spiritual love to escape the burning sufferings of this world.

 130. Someone called out, Lord!" Someone else slapped his arms. Filled with the bliss of ecstatic love, the devotees forgot even themselves. The ecstatic love that Goddess Lakshmi begs for with folded palms, Lord Gaura freely gave to all.

 131. What more can I say? Even Lord Ananta was overwhelmed by tasting the sweetness of that ecstatic love. Lord Ananta Shesha, who holds all the worlds on His head, came to the earth and assumed the name Nitai.

 132. Overcome with bliss, He did not know who was a friend and who was not. He walked like a maddened elephant. The soles of His feet made the earth tremble.

 133. Now hear of another wonder. Lord Shiva, whose glories are beyond conception, assumed the name Advaita. Talking with

Lord Chaitanya about the nectar of ecstatic love, Lord Shiva forgot all about yoga and jnana.

 134. Staying among the rasika devotees, Lord Advaita and Lord Nityananda gave them ecstatic love without any restriction. Without these two Lords, Lord Gaura would not have given His mercy. They came to this world with Lord Gaurachandra.

 135. Glory, glory to the auspicious moment when the people of the world will chant Hari!", and when everyone will yearn to attain ecstatic spiritual love, when everyone will desire to attain the ecstatic spiritual love even the demigod Brahma finds only with difficulty. Smiling, Locana dasa speaks these words.