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Chapter 1

Prayers of Invocation


    All glories to Shri Krishna Chaitanya Mahaprabhu, the crest-jewel of all sannyasis. In Kali-yuga, He appears in His complete form to give the priceless jewel of love of Godhead to the surrendered souls. The Lord delivers the devotees and satisfies them with this rare gift ofprerna bhakti, pure love of God. But, roaring like a thunderbolt, He crushes the atheists of the world to dust.

    I pray to Shri Vighnanasana, Lord Ganesa, who has the body of a huge elephant with one tusk. He brings success in all endeavors. All glories to Lord Ganesa, the son of Parvati Devi.

    With folded hands, I pray to Lord Siva and Parvati. Let us all fall at their feet, offering our respects. Lord Vishnu is the only master of the three worlds. Lord Siva and Parvati can award anyone the boon of Vishnu-bhakti.

    I pray that Goddess Sarasvati will play on my lips so that they will glorify Gaurahari, who is as yet unknown in the three worlds. May the wonderful topics of the golden-hued Lord of Sarasvati flow from my mouth.

    I humbly beg the demigods and all my superiors that nothing will obstruct my attempt to glorify Lord Gaurahari. Let me not ask for the boon of wealth; for I am fallen and sinful. But please allow me to complete this book without any difficulty.

    Let me glorify the pure devotees of Lord Vishnu, and the most fortunate mahabhagavatas. These exalted devotees purify the world with their divine qualities. They are merciful to all and everyone loves them. Such devotees are the most auspicious personalities in the world.

    I am a totally unqualified person, incapable of telling right from left. Yet I'm trying to catch the sky with my hands, like a blind man trying to see a cintarnani gem on a nearby mountain. I don't know what the result will be.




    I have but one hope -- that Lord Gauranga will be merciful, because He doesn't consider whether one is good or bad. Overlooking disqualifications, the Lord freely gives everyone the shelter of His lotus feet.

     Please listen 'to the description of the behavior of a pure devotee. Dedicating his life for others, he gives his causeless mercy to all living entities. He becomes happy by making others happy. This Locana Dasa has only one hope. I want to attain the lotus feet of Narahari Sarakara Thakura [his spiritual master], who is my lord and the owner of my life. Although most fallen, I desire to 'glorify the indescribable qualities of Shri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu. To achieve this perfection, I hold the lotus feet of Narahari Thakura within my heart eternally.


Prayers to Lord Gauranga and His Associates


     All glories to Shri Krishna Chaitanya, Shri Nityananda Prabhu, Shri Advaita Candra, and all the Gaura-bhaktas.

     All glories to Narahafi and Gadadhara Pandita, the lords of my heart. Please cast your most merciful and auspicious glance upon me.

    Gauranga's golden transcendental form embodies all compassion. With many select prayers, I will glorify His soothing, reddish lotus feet. Let the devotees sit together and be blessed by the touch of Gauranga's lotus feet. O Lord, darling of Sacimata, let us offer our respectful obeisances to You. Please look favorably upon us and bestow a drop of Your mercy.

    All glories to Advaita Acarya, the crest-jewel of all lords. The world became fortunate by the mercy of your lotus feet. O Sita-Prananatha! [Lord of the heart of his wife, Sita] With folded hands, I praise you and beg for your mercy.

    I worship Shri Nityananda Prabhu, the son of Rohini Devi, the avadhuta, who is non-different from Lord Chaitanya.

    First of all, let me glorify the lotus feet of Gargacarya, who, taking pride in his grandson Gauranga, goes mad in ecstasy when he praises His qualities.

    I worship Jagannatha Misra, the father of Visvambhara, and Saci Thakurani, His mother.

    I worship Laksmi Thakurani, who was bitten by the snake of separation from Lord Chaitanya.

    I worship Vishnupriya Devi, who accepts the reddish lotus feet of Lord Gauranga as Her ornament.

    Joyfully, I glorify Pundarika Vidyanidhi, for whom Mahaprabhu cried in ecstasy.

    I glorify the lotus feet of Madhavendra Puri, Isvara Puri; and Shri Pandita Gosvami.

    I worship Govinda Gosai and Vakresvara Pandita who are like maddened bees after the sweet nectar of Gauranga's lotus feet.

    I worship Paramananda Puri, Vishnu Puri, and Gadadhara Dasa, holding their feet on my head.

    With a heart full of joy, I pray .to Murari Gupta. Please bless me so that I can properly glorify Shri Gauranga Mahaprabhu.

      I glorify Shrivasa Thakura and Haridasa Thakura. I only desire to obtain the feet of the brothers, Vasudeva Datta and Mukunda Datta. I glorify Raya Ramananda who is an abode of love. Let me constantly praise Jagadananda Pandita.

    I worship Rupa, Sanatana, and Damodara Pandita. I also offer my repeated obeisances to Raghava Pandita.

    I worship Shri Rama, Sundarananda, Gauridasa, and all followers of Lord Nityananda.

    I glorify my worshipable lord, Narahari Thakura, who protects me in this world and the next. Except him I have no friend in the three worlds. So let me worship Narahari Thakura who is an ocean of Gauranga's qualities.

    With folded hands, let me fall on the ground to offer my obeisances to Govinda, Madhava, and Vasu Ghosh.

    I whole-heartedly glorify Shri Vrndavana Dasa Thakura, who enchanted the world with the words of his Chaitanya-Bhagavata.

    My dear brother, we should always glorify the family Deity of Raghunandana. As a boy, Raghunandanda Thakura fed a laddu to his Krishna Deity. Who would dare consider that boy an ordinary person?

     I worship his father, Shri Mukunda Dasa, who has unalloyed faith in the path shown by Shri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu.

    I worship all the known and unknown devotees of the Lord. I keep their feet on my head as a crown jewel.

    I worship the mahantas and their followers. I always sing the glories of their feet.

    Don't mind if I mention someone's name first and another's later. There is no precise alphabetical order. If, by mistake, I forget to glorify someone' s name, I beg forgiveness by offering them a hundred obeisances.

    I glorify all the devotees, both on the earth and in the heavens. One by one, I offer my obeisances to everyone.

    Desiring to attain love of Godhead, let us happily glorify the transcendental qualities of Shri Gauranga Mahaprabhu.

    I, Locana Dasa, my heart brimming with joy, sing the transcendental glories of Shri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu.


The Source of Chaitanya-Mangala


    First, let me beg the blessings of all the mahabhagavatas. Then I can properly sing the glories of the Lord. I am the lowest of the low, so how can I explain the greatness of Shri Chaitanya's transcendental character? Since I don't know anything, what's the use of my incoherent words? If, without knowing the highest truths about Lord Chaitanya, I try to say something, I will suffer embarrassment before the great souls.

    Although I'm not qualified and full of faults, I cherish an intense desire to sing about the sweet qualities of Shri Gauranga Mahaprabhu.

    While living in Navadvipa, Shri Murari Gupta had the opportunity to remain always in the company of Gaurachandra. Who can describe his greatness? He is known throughout the word as Hanuman. After crossing the ocean to Lanka, Hanuman burned Ravana's palace to the ground. Then Hanuman brought Rama the good news about His beloved Sita. He revived Laksmana by bringing visalya-karani [a medicinal herb]. That same Hanuman now resides in Nadia as Murari Gupta.

    Being highly realized, Murari Gupta knows all truths. As an eternal associate of the Lord, he is fixed at the lotus feet of Shri Gauranga Mahaprabhu. He expertly told all of Lord Chaitanya's childhood and boyhood pastimes in his great Sanskrit epic, Shri-Krishna-Chaitanya-carita mahakavya, [also called Karcha, diary].


    At the behest of Shri Damodara Pandita, Murari Gupta explained Gauranga's transcendental pastimes from beginning to end, and how the Lord mercifully distributed love of Godhead. Damodara Pandita recorded these as slokas in his Karcha [diary].

    Reading this book inspired me to write a biography of Lord Gauranga, using a form of Bengali verse called Panchali. Although I'm not qualified to write this biography, please don't neglect it or get angry with me. As an ignorant child wants to touch the moon upon seeing it, who wouldn't want to taste nectar when it comes before him? Similarly, I want to glorify Lord Gaurasundara, and therefore I need the mercy of the Vaishnavas.

     Let me offer my obeisances to the lotus feet of the Vaishnavas. My heart yearns to sing about Gauranga's wonderful qualities. My worshipable lord is Narahari Sarakara Thakura. With a humble heart, I beg him to please fulfill my desire.


Brief Outline of Subjects in Chaitanya Mangala


    First, I'll describe the wonderful pastime of how Advaita Acarya, the best of the brahmanas, worshiped Sacimata's womb. Shri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu, the Lord of the three worlds, appeared on the earth along with His eternal associates.

    I' 11 narrate His childhood pastimes, His name-giving andsgrain-eating ceremonies. Although He didn't wear ankle-bells, Saci heard them when Nimai crawled about. Against His mother's will, Nimai would touch dirty objects. Then He would preach high philosophy to justify His action.

     To test His strength, the local ladies would ask Nimai to fetch a coconut. Surprisingly, within seconds He would manifest one. I will describe how the Lord played with a puppy, bringing joy to the neighbors. Murari Gupta watched Nimai playing in the street with His friends. The people of Nadia greatly relished the Lord's dancing and chanting of Hari-nama along with His boyfriends.

     His father taught Nimai how to write with chalk on a stone slab. Whoever hears this pastime obtains relief from all suffering.


    Now listen carefully as I tell about Visvambhara's playing with His eider brother, Visvarupa. These two brothers were just like Indra and Upendra who were born of the same mother. I will describe Visvarupa's sannyasa, and how Visvambhara consoled His mother and father.

    Visvambhara loved to play all day on the sandy banks of the Ganges with His friends. Seeing this, His father, Jagannatha Misra, became angry and disappointed. He dragged Visvambhara into the house and rebuked Him for wasting His time in frivolous sports.

    Please listen attentively as I describe how Nimai bestowed mercy to His father in a dream. Next, I will tell of the Lord's ear-piercing, sacred thread, and other ceremonies. After completing His boyhood pastimes He started His pastimes of youth. During this period, He gradually manifested love of Godhead.

    Visvambhara, along with His classmates, began studying at the feet of His teacher. The Lord would laugh at the Bengali dialect spoken by some of the students. Later, I will describe how Nimai Pandita asked Sacimata to observe Ekadashi. When Jagannatha Misra left this world Nimai cried over the loss of His father.

    I will tell you the beautiful story of Lord Gaura's marriage ceremony, which gives unlimited happiness to everyone. I' 11 describe a confidential incident that occurred on the Lord's way to the Ganges. Gauranga's trip to East Bengal [Bangladesh] and how Laksmipriya Devi, His wife, left this world will be told. Upon returning, the Lord re-married, taught His students, and traveled to Gaya. You'll receive immense pleasure by attentively hearing these narrations.

     When the Lord returned from Gaya He constantly displayed symptoms of ecstatic love of God. O brother! You'll derive profuse pleasure from hearing the pastimes in Madhya-khanda. Your hair will stand on end as you relish these transcendental subjects, which are just like solidified nectar. I feel great ecstasy within my heart even before I describe how, by discussing Krishna katha in the association of devotees, one will manifest ecstatic love of God.

    Madhya-khanda tells about Gauranga's Navadvipa pastimes of preaching and distributing love of Godhead. These topics flow like streams of nectar. Lord Chaitanya manifested matchless pastimes, never seen in any previous yuga. I'll tell how the devotees met the Lord in Navadvipa.


    You will hear how Sacimata received the gift of prema, and how one night Gaura heard the sound of Shri Krishna's flute. Hearing that flute, the Lord became overwhelmed with ecstatic love, when suddenly, a divine message vibrated in the sky.

    Lord Chaitanya revealed His Varaha rupa to give mercy to Murari Gupta. Lord Brahma and the demigods became blissful upon seeing this. I'll narrate how Suklambhara Brahmacad attained love of Godhead. Receiving Gauranga's mercy, Gadadhara Pandita cried all day and night in ecstatic love.

Immediately after sowing a mango seed, Lord Gaurasundara satisfied the devotees by distributing mango prasada. Anyone who hears this will become free from all doubts.

     Covering His spiritual identity, Shri Chaitanya manifested ecstatic love of God. Although the depth of the Lord's love is unfathomable, still He revealed it to everyone. I'll tell the wonderful pastime of Shri Gauranga's meeting Shri Nityananda Prabhu and also Haridasa Thakura. The meeting of Advaita Acarya with Lord Nityananda is especially sweet.

     The deliverance of Jagai and Madhai will be narrated. I will explain how Gauranga bestowed mercy upon a brahmana and his son. The followers of Lord Siva received Gaura's mercy. Lord Chaitanya once jumped into the Jahnavi [Ganges] immediately after seeing a brahmana's misconduct. Hearing this pastime will astonish the heart of anyone in the three worlds.

     Listen to Gauranga's unparalleled pastime of cleaning the Gundica temple. Hear the miracle of how He cured a leper. You' 11 taste unlimited bliss hearing about Gauranga's assuming the mood of Lord Balarama.

     Once while enacting a drama in Candrasekhara's house, Gauranga manifested such prema that its influence spread throughout the land and sky.

      I'll explain the confidential topic of Gauranga's adopting an incredible mood of renunciation. Upon seeing Shri Kesava Bharati in Navadvipa, the Lord felt delighted in His heart. At that moment, He decided to take sannyasa from him. Heating about Gauranga's sannyasa, Sacimata and Vishnupriya became drowned in an ocean of distress. The Lord left Navadvipa and took the renounced order of life from Kesava Bharati in Katwa.


    In Advaita Acarya's house, the Lord met the devotees, consoled everyone, and began His travels. On the way to Purusottama Ksetra [Jagannatha Puri], He stopped in Remuna and shared an intimate pastime. Everyone will feel joyful as they hear me tell each of Lord Chaitanya's transcendental pastimes.

    On the way to Jajipura, Gauranga exhibited a wonderful pastime in Ekam nagar. I'll tell the ecstasy Gauranga felt upon seeing Lord Jagannatha, and how Lord Chaitanya showed His divine form to Sarvabhauma Bhattacarya.

    The topics of Madhya-khanda are the essence of all nectar; but you must also hear the pastimes in the Sesh- khanda. Madhya-khanda ends with Gauranga's manifesting pure love of Krishna. Joyfully, Locana Dasa explains these subjects.

    All glories to Shri Krishna Chaitanya who descends on earth as an incarnation. Ah! How fortunate are the residents of earth. Mother Bhumi was blessed to be ornamented with His divine lotus feet.

    To give mercy, the light of the universe appeared in Navadvipa. The anxious devotees, who had been waiting for a long time, now ran to Shriman Mahaprabhu to receive His gift of love. The devotees were like eager bees flying swiftly toward a lotus full of honey, or like cakora birds drinking the rays of the full moon. The devotees were maddened cataki birds that sing joyfully upon seeing rain clouds.

    Immersed in bliss, Gauranga dances madly and sometimes roars like a lion, while giving out love of God. The devotees, feeling just like men who have recovered their long-lost wealth, began worshiping the Lord with their tears of happiness. As elephants jump into a lake to get relief from a forest fire, the devotees forgot their miseries by drowning in the nectar ocean of Krishna-prema.

    In ecstasy someone cried out the name, 'Thakura!' In a joking mood, someone else hiked up his dhoti tightly between his legs, and slapped his arms like a wrestler preparing to attack. Everyone forgot themselves in the bliss of love of God. That same love which Laksmi Devi hankers after with folded hands, Shri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu was now freely distributing without discrimination.

    What more can I describe than this? Lord Ananta Sesa, who holds the universes on his head, appeared as Nitai to taste the sweet rasa of Krishna-prema. Shri Nityananda Prabhu, being totally enraptured in prema-raSa, couldn't recognize friend or foe. He therefore gave love to everyone. Walking with the gait of a maddened elephant, Nitai caused the earth to lose its balance.

    Listen to the matchless character of Mahesa [Lord Siva] who appeared as Shri Advaita Acarya. His glories are unlimited. Advaita Acarya forgot his knowledge ofjnana by constantly discussing topics ofprema rasa with Lord Chaitanya.

    Without restriction, Advaita relished transcendental pastimes with other rasika-Vaishnavas. After tasting the loving mellows of Krishnao prema, Advaita Acarya and his associates joyfully distributed them to everyone without opposition. Without these two Lords, Shri Nityananda and Shri Advaita Prabhu, no one would have received such mercy.

     Gauranga appeared on earth for this purpose. All glories to the auspicious moment when the whole world, desiring pure love of Krishna, will chant the holy name of Hari. Even Brahma finds difficulty in attaining Krishna-prema. Locana Dasa happily describes these trancendental topics.