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Chapter 3

Lord Chaitanya Returns to Nilacala


Gauranga Gives Jewels for Buttermilk


    In a joyful mood Lord Chaitanya moved quickly toward Nilacala. In ecstatic love He exclaimed, "Ha Jagannatha!" Absorbed in Krishnaprema, Gauranga moved with the determination of a lion. He was moving so fast that His associates couldn't keep up. The Lord came to a small village in the forest and met a cowherd boy who was carrying a pot full of buttermilk to sell in the market.

    Gauranga said, "O dear cowherd boy. I'm thirsty, can you give Me some buttermilk?"

    Falling down at the Lord's feet, the boy said, "Please take this buttermilk, and drink as much as You want."

    Lord Chaitanya drank the whole pot of buttermilk. Then that socalled sannyasi walked away while saying, "You stay here and collect the money from My colleagues who are following Me."

    The Lord moved on quickly and the boy sat down, ttfu^ng to himself. After some time the Lord's followers arrived there and inquired of that boy, "Did you see a sannyasi?"

    The cowherd boy said, "Yes, He drank all my buttermilk. He said that you would pay for it. If you have any money, then please pay me so I can go home."

    Surprised, Gauranga's associates looked at each other and said, "Where will we get money? We don't have any money with us."

    The cowherd boy said, "That's all right, just forget it. Just tell that sannyasi that this was my humble offering to His lotus feet." Then the boy tried to lift his empty milk pot and go home. For some reason, he couldn't budge the pot. Removing the lid, he saw that it was full of precious jewels and gold.

    The cowherd boy ran down the road in the direction of Lord Chaitanya. He found the Lord waiting for His associates a short distance away. Gauranga smiled benevolently upon the boy. When Lord Chaitanya's associates arrived, they were happpy to see that the cowherd boy had attained the lotus feet of the Lord.

    Gauranga said, "Hey cowherd boy, go back home. You obtained a boon and Krishna gave you His mercy." While walking home the boy became invested with love of God. He danced and chanted madly in the ecstasy of Krishna-prema. All the villagers became overjoyed to see

that the cowherd boy had received the mercy of the Lord. Locana Dasa happily sings the glories of Gauranga.

    Gradually, Gauranga and His party came to Gauda-desh. After bathing in the Ganges, Gaurahari moved on to Radha-desh and stopped in the village of Kulia. Lord Chaitanya thought, "As a sannyasi, it's My duty to see the place of My former life."


Gauranga Visits Navadvipa and Sacimata


    As Lord Chaitanya stopped in Navadvipa, all the townspeople ran to see Him. Forgetting all their miseries, they said joyfully, "Oh Gaurasundara has returned!" The Nadia housewives neglected their relatives and rushed to see the Lord.

    Sacimata, with disheveled hair and dress, ran to see her beloved son. "Where' s my Visvambhara? I want to see Him and kiss His beautiful face. Oh my Nimai has returned to Nadia! People, please hold Him; it's not wrong if you do.

    "He's the life and soul of everyone. If He doesn't stay in Nadia, then how will we maintain our lives? And without life how can our religious practices be maintained?", said Saci. Then Sacimata met Gaurachandra who was sitting on an asana.

    Sacimata said, "O my Nimai! Come home. I don't want You to be a sannyasi. By taking sannyasa You've neglected Your duties. Better I die first; then You take sannyasa and do all those things later."

    Bewildered and crying, Sacimata simply gazed at the body of Gauranga. She wanted to touch her son and cleanse His body which was covered with dust from traveling. Saci said, "O my dear son. I want to sit You on my lap."

    Even the earth split open upon receiving the touch of the pitiful tears of Sacidevi. Not only human beings, but even stones melted by her crying. Overwhelmed, everyone stood motionless around Mahaprabhu and cried madly. Seeing Sacimata's unhappiness and everyone's crying, Lord Chaitanya thought, "What should I do to pacify My mother?"

    Gauranga said, "Don't cry mother, listen to Me. Previously, you told Me I could take sannyasa, and now you're crying over it. Being under the influence of maya, you still consider Me your son. In the material world, no one can escape maya."

    Sacimata said, "O heart-less one, listen to me. You took birth on this earth as my son. Because of this the people of'the world have worshiped me. You are the well-wisher of everyone; therefore, You are worshiped in all the three worlds. Through the scriptures I can understand Your way of love and affection. You may be whatever, but ultimately You are my son life after life. And may You always remain my son."

    Lord Chaitanya became perturbed by Sacimata's words. He realized His mother couldn't get free from illusion. He said, "Do whatever you want, but I have one last request."

    Sacimata said, "You want to leave Navadvipa because Vishnupriya and Your mean mother reside here."

    To please Sacimata, Gauranga entered Navadvipa and stayed at Barakona-ghata, near His former home. He begged prasada from the house of Suklambhara Brahmacari. Before leaving, the next morning, Mahaprabhu paid respects to Sacimata:

    "I ' m bound by your motherly affection. But why have you forgotten our previous agreement? I will always stay with anyone who serves Lord Shri Krishna, be he a devotee, Vishnupriya or yourself." Then Lord Chaitanya paid respects to His mother and said repeatedly, "Always serve Krishna and don't be attached to this material existence."

    Knowing that Gauranga was about to leave Navadvipa, Sacimata's heart throbbed painfully. All the devotees followed the Lord as He walked out of town. Lord Chaitanya stopped in Santipura, and spent the whole day in kirtana-vilasa [relishing the nectar of chanting Hare Krishna].

    Being extremely eager to see Lord Jagannatha, the next day Gauranga hastened toward Nilacala. Lord Chaitanya addressed all the Nadia devotees: "Please return to your homes. Now I'll be staying in Nilacala.


When you come to see Lord Jagannatha, you can meet Me also."

    All the devotees broke down crying when the Lord departed. Following the same route as before, Lord Chaitanya soon came to Tamaluka. Gauranga, absorbed in the happiness of Krishna-prema, passed His journey without fatigue. The people who saw Lord Chaitanya along the way were inundated in a nectar shower of pure love of God.


The King Sees Jagannatha as Lord Chaitanya


    Reaching Nilacala, Lord Chaitanya thought, "Soon I'll see Lord Jagannatha." Feeling intense attraction, the Lord chanted, "Ha Jagannatha !" and ran toward the temple. Gauranga let out a roar at the Lion Gate [the main temple entrance on Grand Road]. The local people felt unlimited joy as they ran to see Lord Chaitanya.

    Gaura Raya was very pleased with the darsana of Lord Jagannatha. Shri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu spent the whole day and night relishing kirtana,

and glorifying the transcendental qualities of Lord Hari. Thus Locana Dasa sings the praises of Gaurahari.

    In Nilacala, day after day, Mahaprabhu enjoyed performing sankirtana along with His intimate devotees. Everyday different devotees came to meet Lord Gauranga, who regularly manifested ever-fresh pastimes. Now I' 11 describe the pastime wherein Lord Chaitanya showed mercy to King Prataparudra.

    Although astonished to hear the wonderful glories of Gauranga, King Pr. ataparudra kept silent. One day when the King was looking at Lord Jagannath, he saw that the Lord had become Lord Chaitanya, the greatest of the sannyasis. "What am I seeing?" thought the King. Then

to confirm his vision, he asked the pujari, "What are you seeing?" The p. uj ari said, "I'm seeing Lord Jagannatha."

    The King replied, "I don't want to disappoint you, but I'm seeing a sannyasi sitting on the asana of Lord Jagannatha. But fearing my punishment, you're saying you don't see anyone except Lord Jagannatha. Now tell me the truth, what are you seeing?"

Pujari, "I'm sorry, we don't see anything but Lord Jagannatha."

King Prataparudra thought to himself: "Then why am I only seeing a sannyasi with my eyes? I've heard unlimited glories about this sannyasi.

    Now let me find out for myself."

    Then he went to visit Lord Chaitanya, the greatest of the sannyasis. He found Shri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu and His followers sitting in the TotaGopinatha temple chanting the names of Hari and talking about Vrndavana.

    The next time the King took darsana of Lord Jagannatha, he again saw Lord Chaitanya instead of Lord Jagannatha. Gaurahari looked like the effulgent golden Mt. Sumeru. Astonished, the King became convinced that Lord Jagannatha had now incarnated as a sannyasi. Out of growing affection for Lord Chaitanya, the King went to Tota-Gopinatha temple to meet the Lord. No one was there except the Lord's servant, Govinda.


The King Gets the Mercy of Lord Gauranga


     The King said, "Govinda, how can I get to see the lotus feet of Lord Chaitanya?"

Govinda said, "O King, don't be sad. But you can't see Him here now."

    King, "When should I come?" His affection increasing, the King stayed in the city all day without going anywhere. King Prataparudra humbly appealed for help from Lord Chaitanya's devotees. Puri Gosvami and a few others decided to help the King meet Lord Gauranga.

    Shortly thereafter, the devotees assembled in the house of Kasi Misra, and made a plan to inform the Lord about the King's desire. Feeling sympathy for the King, Puri Gosvami approached the Lord a few days later and politely said, "My Lord, I want to make a request of You, but I'm afraid. But if You order, then I'll say it."

    Lord Chaitanya said, "Oh My beloved Puri Gosvami. Under My shelter You needn't be afraid. Please speak your heart."

    Puri Gosvami said, "Will You keep my word? After discussing with Kasi Misra and others, I'm telling You that King Pratapamdra of Nilacala is a personal servant of Lord Jagannatha. He has repeatedly asked us to help him fulfill his desire to attain Your lotus feet. If You allow him, then he can fulfill his desire."

    Lord Chaitanya, "All of you please listen. The scriptures forbid a sannyasi from meeting a king. As you know, I am a sannyasi and he is a king. Therefore, I have no business meeting him."

    Puri Gosvami, "Lord Gauranga, please listen. If the King hears this, he'll faint. We have witnessed his intense love for You. Your words will just break his heart. Today is the tenth day of the King' s fast. He spends

his days simply desiring within his heart to meet You." Lord Chaitanya, "All right, please bring the King."

    All the devotees joyfully brought King Prataparudra to meet Chaitanya Mahaprabhu. Paying obeisances to Lord Chaitanya, the King forgot himself in ecstasy. His eyes moistened with tears, and tiny bumps of joy broke out on his body. The King was overcome with emotions upon seeing the splendid body of Gaurasundara. The Lord smiled gently in response.

     Suddenly, Lord Chaitanya manifested a wqnderful six-armed form to King Prataparudra. Astounded, the King offered his dandavats and then tried to stand up. Overwhelmed with ecstasy, the King staggered slowly. Tears poured from his eyes, his body became numb and covered in horripilation. The four directions resounded with Hari-nama sankirtana.

     Floating in an ocean of love of God, the King called out in a voice choked with tears, "Prabhu! Prabhu!" Raising both arms in the air, the King danced and chanted excitedly, "Hari-bol ! Hari-bol ! Hari-bol !; O my Lord, You've blessed me and now my life is perfect." The devotees felt blissful to see that the King had attained Krishna-prema.

     Lord Chaitanya said, "Listen, you are the king. Your main duty is to look after your subjects. The subjects are like sons and the king is like the father. This is the essence. Lord Krishna bestows His mercy equally on all living entities.

     "According to one's nature, he receives a particular body. Whether one is a king or a subject, both must suffer and enjoy. By one's karma he becomes a king or a subject. Just remember that one who treats all others as he would treat himself is actually a servant of Lord Shri Krishna." In this way, Lord Chaitanya instructed King Prataparudra, who happily offered obeisances to the Lord.

     Locana Dasa joyfully sings about the glorious pastimes of Gaurachandra.


The Final Pastime: King Vibhisana and the Poor Brahmana


    Now I'll tell another wonderful episode from the ever-fresh transcendental pastimes of Lord Chaitanya. Please listen attentively to these confidential topics. The Vaishnavas were relishing unlimited happiness in the daily association of Gaurahari.

    There was once a Dravidian [South Indian] brahmana named Rama. He was poor and miserable because of starvation. His body was just a bag of skin and bones. His stomach burned from hunger, and he couldn' t tolerate his severe poverty.

    One day he thought, "How can I get free from this misery? In my past life, I must have committed many grievous sins, and now I'm suffering for it. I know I must suffer my lot, but somehow I wish I could mitigate my miseries."

    The brahmana knew that only God could change his karma and give him relief. He heard that Lord Jagannatha, the Lord of the universe, was residing in Nilacala. So he went to see Him to beg for His mercy.

    Again the brahmana thought, "I' m a poor brahmana suffering from starvation. Everyone says that Krishna is very dear to the brahmanas. But due to my offenses, the Lord is ignoring me. Therefore, let me just give up this worthless life."

    In due course, the brahmana came to Nilacala and took darsana of Lord Jagannatha. The brahmana prayed: "My Lord, I'm a poor brahmana, dying of starvation. I have no one but You. Please save me from the misery of poverty and give me wealth."

    That day the brahmana begged a little food to eat. The next day, he returned to the temple and prayed, "O Lord, this brahmana is suffering terribly and is about to die. Please remove my poverty and give me abundant riches. I beg You to give me the boon of wealth. Otherwise, I'll kill myself right before Your eyes." The brahmana started fasting.

    Meanwhile, Lord Gauranga sat peacefully, surrounded by His intimate devotees, joyfully singing the glories of Vrndavana. Suddenly, the Lord, feeling aggrieved within His heart, fell silent. The devotees wondered why the Lord so abruptly became distracted, and fell silent.

    Although the brahmana kept fasting for seven days, Lord Jagannatha didn't respond. Severely weakened by fasting, the brahmana decided to drown in the ocean. Standing on the shore, he asked the sea to give him a place. At that time, a huge person, as tail as a mountain, suddenly emerged from the ocean. The brahmana wondered about the idenftty of that person who had come from inside the ocean.

    The brahmana watched that huge man waik out of the ocean and onto the beach, where he assumed an ordinary size. The brahmana said, "This man must be Lord Jagannatha Himself, because who else could just appear from the middle of the ocean?" Then the brahmana chased that man for some distance along the beach. The man stopped, turned around and said, "Who are you and where are you going? .Tell me exactly."

     Brahmana, "I'm weak from fasting for seven days. After seeing you my life is now successful. Tell me frankly who you are; don't deceive me. Otherwise, you'll be responsible for killing a brahamana."

     The man said, "Why do you want to know my identity? I am whoever I am. What business is it of yours to know who I am? Anyway, why are you starving to death?"

     Brahmana, "I am suffering because of my extreme poverty. I can't maintain my brahminical status. I pass my days and nights without eating anything. My family doesn't care for me. I have no shelter. I. prefer death to life, so I'm committing suicide by starvation."

     Hearing the brahmana's plight melted the heart of that great personaiity.

     The man, "O brahmana. Listen, my name is Vibhisana, and I'm going to see the lotus feet of Lord Jagannatha. You' re suffering because' of your past sins. Bound by the results of their karma, people in this world suffer or enjoy. They become free from their karma only after experiencing the results, "With loving devotion, go and see the smiling face of Lord Jagannatha. Then you'll never undergo any miseries in future lives." After saying this, Vibhisana started walking toward the temple. The poor brahmana walked behind him.

      Meanwhile, Gaurahari, who was sitting among His associates, asked Govinda to see who was standing at the door. Vibhisana was there with. the brahmana. Govinda came back and told Gauranga that two brahmanas were waiting by the door of Tota-Gopinatha's temple. On Gauranga's order, Govinda cordially greeted them and led them inside to meet Lord Chaitanya.


    One brahmana guest sat beside the Lord, and the poor fasting brahmana remained at a distance. To everyone's surprise, Gauranga affectionately addressed the brahmana sitting beside Him: "After a long time, I'm seeing you again." Mahaprabhu and the brahmana cried profusely. Then the Lord caressed the brahmana with His beautiful hands, and inquired about his well-being. None of Lord Chaitanya's associates knew this brahmana; nor did they understand the conversation.

    Lord Chaitanya said to His friend, the brahmana sitting beside him, "You know that brahmana standing in the back is suffering miserably. He lost all his knowledge due to poverty. As a result, he came here harassing and blaming Lord Jagannatha for his difficulties.

    "It is the nature of people to never find fault with themselves. After doing something wrong they blame the Lord. When he suffers from his misdeeds he accuses God, but when he enjoys happiness, he says it's due to his own good qualities.

    "That brahmana intendeel to die by fasting for the last seven days. What can Lord Jagannatha, who is dear to the brahmanas, do for him? However, seeing you has removed his poverty. So now give him an ocean of wealth and make him happy."

    The friendly brahmana said, "Yes, my Lord. I shall do as You say." After paying obeisances to the Lord, the two brahmanas left. Lord Chaitanya's associates were totally perplexed by this exchange between the Lord and the brahmanas.

    Meanwhile, outside, the poor brahmana inquired of Vibhisana: "You told that sannyasi that you are King Vibhisana. After paying obeisances to that sannyasi, why did you just leave without visiting the temple of Lord Jagannatha? You promised to obey the order of that sannyasi. Who is that sannyasi anyway? Please tell me. I'm a poverty-stricken brahmana; don't play any tricks on me."

    King Vibhisana said, "Listen, you foolish dull-headed brahmana! You just saw Lord Jagannatha in person directly with your own eyes. Your desire to attain vast wealth has already been fulfilled. Now I'll take you home to Dravida-desh [South India] and give you that wealth."

    Hearing this, the brahmana hit his head in anguish. Then he collapsed on the ground, clasping the feet of King Vibhisana.

    The brahmana said, "Please take me back to meet Lord Chaitanya again. I know I'm an ignorant brahmana, but let's go and see the Lord." Agreeing, Vibhisana brought him back to see Lord Chaitanya.

    Upon seeing the brahmana pair again, Lord Gauranga said, "Oh, why did you come back?"

Vibhisana, "My Lord, ask the brahmana the reason."

    Brahmana, "O respected Gosvami, I am ignorant. Lord, You are the life and soul of innumerable living entities. Actually, You are Lord Jagannatha Himself. I am the lowest and the worst offender. Due to my bad karma, I suffered from poverty, disease and other miseries.

    "Because of my impoverished condition, I came to You and asked for the wrong diet. Despite my distress, I don't have any taste for the medicine, because I was attached to the wrong diet. But You are the best doctor; so please give me the correct medicine. I'm dying from the misdeeds of my previous life."

    Hearing this confession, Lord Chaitanya laughed and said, "Lord Jagannatha did you a favor. Go ahead, now suffer what you deserve, either happiness or distress. Ultimately you will attain the lotus feet of Lord Jagannatha."


    After hearing this the brahmana offered dandavats to Lord Gauranga. The devotees chanted, "Hari-bol ! Hari-bol !" After receiving the boon, Vibhisana and the poor brahmana left the house in a joyful mood.

    Puri Gosvami said, "Prabhu, for our purification, kindly explain what just ha. ppened? Everyone' s curiou,s but afraid to ask You. So, taking courage, I asked on behalf of all Your devotees."

    Shri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu said, "Listen Puri Gosvami, I know that none of you understood what just occurred. That poor brahmana was suffering tremendously while living in South India. Being oppressed by poverty, he came here and harrassed Lord Jagannatha. Seeing his miserable plight, Lord Jagannatha felt sorry for him. By the Lord's arrangement, he met King Vibhisana, who was that brahmana sitting next to Me. King Vibhisana pleased that brahmana by giving him abundant wealth."

    The devotees exploded with ecstasy upon hearing this story. The land and sky flooded with Krishna-prerna. Everyone danced jubilantly, chanting, "Hari-bol! Hari-bol! Hari-bol!" Happily, all the devotees embraced one another.

    Listen everyone, to the wonderful, all-blissful, transcendental pastimes of Shri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu. Thus, Locana Dasa concludes the final chapter of Sesa-khanda, and completes his work, Shri Chaitanya Mangala.