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Shri Chaitanya Mangala

By Gauranga Rasa Acharya
Shrila Lochana dasa Thakura

The Most Nectarean Biography of Lord Gauranga Mahaprabhu


Sesha Khanda
Incomplete, will be completed later


Sesha-khanda incomplete

     297. "Lord Krishna decorated Shri Radha's body with flower garlands and sandal paste. Then, accompanied by the gopis, He glorified Shri Radha' with many prayers.

     298. "Then He performed an abhisheka. Then He said to the gopis: `Please hear, O gopis. From today on Shri Radha' is the queen of Vrindavana.'

     299. "In this way Lord Krishna, the king of the Yadus, enjoyed the rasa-dance pastime. Suddenly the gopis no longer saw Lord Krishna.

     300. "Taking one gopi with Him, Lord Krishna had departed. Falling to the ground, the gopis wept.

     301. "The gopis that departed with Krishna was most honored by Him. Smiling, She said to Him: `I suffer greatly when I try to walk.

     302. " `Please carry Me. Take Me wherever You wish.' Lord Krishna said: `Climā on My shoulders, and I will carry You.'

     303. "She climbed on Lord Krishna's shoulders, and He carried Her for a short distance. Then cruel Krishna suddenly disappeared.

     304. "Lord Krishna disappeared. Distraught, that gopi wept.

     305. "In this way Lord Krishna left the gopis. The gopis wandered from one place to another. They had become wild.

     306. "Distaught in Lord Krishna's absence, the gopis loudly wept. Hearing their words brings great pain to the heart.

     30*-308. "Like performers on a stage, the gopis acted out the pastimes of Lord Krishna and the gopis. They became wild. Their hearts were filled with thoughts of Lord Krishna.

     309. "Then, as the gopis were about to fall unconscious, Lord Krishna suddenly came before their eyes.

     310. "Again Lord Krishna enjoyed the rasa-dance pastime. Again the gopis felt great bliss in the ras-dance festival.

     311. "In this way Krishna and the gopis enjoyed wonderful blissful pastimes for the remainder of the night. At the end every limā was languid. Everyone was completely exhausted.

     312. "Krishna and the gopis went to the Yamuna's bank. Holding each other in a tight embrace, exhausted Krishna and the exhausted gopis slept.

     313. "As the cooling waters of the Yamuna flowed nearby, the gopis blissfully slept in Lord Krishna's arms.

     314. "In this way that glorious night past and dawn came. Offering obeisances to Lord Krishna, the gopis returned to their homes.

     315. In this way Lord Gaura Raya saw place after place where Lord Krishna had enjoyed pastimes. With great joy Locana dasa thus sings the glories of Lord Gaura.



Song 9 (Vibhasa raga)



     Refrain: O Lord Gaura Raya, this one time please be merciful to me.


     316. Krishnadasa said: "Here You may see Khadiravana, where Radha' would come to sell milk and yogurt.

     317. "Arriving here with the boys, Krishna told them: `Let's frighten Radha. Let's tease Her.'

     318. "Hiding in the forest, the boys suddenly made a great tumult. Frightened Radha' tightly embraced Lord Krishna, pressing Herself against Him.

     319. "Trapped in Radha's embrace, Krishna protested, `Ah! Ah!' Then Krishna kissed Radha. He comforted Her with sweet words.

     320. "In this way Radha' brought pleasure to Lord Krishna. Radha' was then overcome with amorous desires. She forgot all about Her own home.

     321. "In this forest grove Radha' and Krishna then enjopyed many blissful pzstimes. Overcome with love for each other, They enjoyed a great rasa dance here.

     322. "That is why this place is named Madana-gopala (the place of amorous Krishna). Hearing these descriptions, Lord Gaura joyfully said: `Excellent! Excellent!'

     323. "Here You may see Kumudavana, where Lord Krishna enjoyed many pastimes. Here He played with the cowherd boys.

     324. "Here Lord Krishna playfully quarreled with Shridama, Subala, ansd the other boys.

     325. "Thatis why this place is named Kondaliya (the place of quarrels)."  Thus Krishnadasa described the pastimes Lord Krishna enjoyed in the forest named Kumudavana.

     326. "Here You may see Ambikavana, which rests on the bank of the Sarasvati River. Here the gopas and gopis worshiped Siva and Gauri.

     327. "Because he mocked Angira Muni's son, a Vidyadhara named Sudarsana had to accept the body of a snake.

     328. "To end that snake's body, he swallowed Nanda Maharaja. Touched by Krishna's foot, the snake disgorged Nanda.

     329. "In this place Kuvera's spy Sankhacuda died. Lord Krishna punched him on the head and took away his jewel.

     330. "In this place, grabbing its horns and feet, Lord Krishna threw the bull-demon Arishtasura to the ground. Blood streaming from its mouth, the demon died.

     331. "In this place Kamsa, worried by hearing Narada's words, imprisoned Vasudwva and Devaki.

     332. "Assuming the form of a horse, a servant of Kamsa named Kesi came here. Seeing Lord Krishna's great power, he became afraid.

     333. "Pushing His hand in Kesi's mouth, Lord Krishna stopped the demon from breathing. In that way Lord Krishna killed Kesi.

     334. "As the cowherd boys were pretending they were lamps in their childhood games, a demon came, kidnapped them, placed them in a mountain cave, and covered the cave's entrance with a great boulder.

     335. "After kidnapping the boys, this demon fell form the sky and died. After thus killing the demon, Lord Krishna again joyfully enjoyed playing with His gopa friends.

     336. "Here is the site of Nanda's palace on Nandisvara Hill. To the west You may see the forest Kamyavana.

     337. "Here You may see the slippery rock where the cowherd boys played. Morning and afternoon the boys played games of sliding down this rock.

     338. "North of Nandisvara is Pavana-sarovara. In the four directions You may see the places where Lord Krishna tied His calves.

     339. "Following the command Kamsa gave in Mathura, at dusk Akrura entered Vrindavana.

     340. "As he traveled on the path he thought many thoughts. When he saw Lord Krishna's footprints he felt his life had become perfect.

     341. "When He saw Krishna and Balarama in the pasture-ground, he fell like a stick before Their feet.

     342. "Taking him home with Them, Krishna and Balarama treated him with great respect. That night he told Them of the plans in Kamsa's heart.

     343. "The next morning Nanda gave a proclamation. The proclamation was: `We will go to offer tribute to King Kamsa.'

     344. "Then Krishna and Balarama climbed a chariot. Accompanied by Akrura, They went to see the king.

     345. "Weeping, the gopis were on the verge of death. They fell to the ground. Overcome by Lord Krishna's absence, they wept.

     346. "They fell to the ground and wept. Their hair became dishevelled. Their garments and ornaments were in disarray.

     347. "Who has the power to speak with his mouth words to describe their weeping? Their bodies seemed lifeless. Their hands and feet and limbs were still.

     348. "Lord Krishna sent a messenger to pacify them. Lord Krishna's message was: `After a few days I will return.

     349. " `You are all dear as life to Me. If I abandon My life, I will not keep My body. That is the proof I will return.

     350. " `I will kill some demons and then I will quickly return. Please don't be unhappy. Please know this is the duty I must do.'

     351. "The cowherd men climbed on their carts. At the Manasa-ganga ghata they stopped to rest.

     352. "At the Yamuna ghata the cowherd men bathed and ate some fruit.

     353. "At Akrura-prasada-sthana (the placve where Akrura attained Lord Krishna's mercy), Lord Krishna revealed to the cowherd men His divine power and opulence. Nanda and the cowherd men arrived in Mathura in the afternoon. Lord Krishna followed close behind.

     354. "The people there lamented: `Alas! Alas! It is not right They fight with these wrestlers. Krishna and Balarama are only boys.

     355. " `It is not right. Kamsa is pushing this atrocity.' Gazing at Krishna, the people thought this in their hearts.

     356. "Gazing at Krishna, fhen frightened Kamsa saw death personified.

     357. "The wrestlers saw Krishna as a person powerful like a thunderbolt. The yogis saw Krishna as the Supreme Personality of Godhead.

     358. "The Yadus saw Krishna as the Diety worshiped in their family. The innocent people saw Krishna as the creator of the universe.

     359. "The gopas saw Krishna as their kinsman. The women saw Krishna as Kamadeva personified.

     360. "The brothers Krishna and Balarama stood in the wrestling arena. Everyone gazed at Them.

     361. "Canura and Mushtika wrestled with Krishna and Balarama. Frightened King Kamsa watched.

     362. "Krishna killed Canura. There was a great disturbance. Balarama killed Mushtika. There was a feroicous tumult.

     363. "With Their fists Krishna and Balarama killed ten million more wrestlers. Krishna threw to the ground and killed the wrestler named Salva.

     364. "Then Krishna began to kick apart the dais above the arena. Seeting Krishna's power, the surviving wrestlers fled in the four directions.

     365. "Watching all this, Kamsa at once commanded: `Krishna and Balarama should be driven away.

     366. " `Nanda and the gopas should be imprisoned. Ugrasena, Vasudeva, and Devaki should be killed.'

     367. "Lord Krishna then knew that the time had come. He ferociously lept into Kamsa's private dais.

     368. "Kamsa hurriedly drew his sword. Letting out a ferocious roar, Krishna grabbed him by the hair.

     369. "Grabbing him by the hair, Lord Krishna threw him to the ground. Jumping on him from the dais, Lord Krishna, who is the universe personified, straddled his chest.

     370. "Feeling on him the weight of the entire universe, Kamsa gave up his life breath. King Kamsa was thus very fortunate and glorious, for at that moment Lord Krishna rested on his chest.

     371. "When Kamsa died, the people cheered, `Jaya! Jaya!' The jubilant demigods showered a great monsoon of flowers.

     372. "Krishna grabbed dead Kamsa by the hair, dragged him a certain distance, picked him up, and threw him to the ground.

     373. "Kamsa's eight brothers headed by Kanka were wild with grief. Together they attacked.

     374. "They tried to kill Krishna and Balarama, but in the time it takes to move an eyebrow Lord Balarama killed them all.

     375. "The place where Lord Krishna dragged Kamsa is named Kamsa-khali. Now please listen with all your heart.

     376. "The place where Krishna and Balarama rested is named Visranti-ghata. Lord Balarama consoled Kamsa's lamenting widows.

     377. "Lord Krishna released His father and mother from their shackles. Overcome with joy, they kissed Him.

     378. "Lord Krishna made Ugrasena king and bid farewell to Nanda Maharaja. I have no power to describe that action.

     379. "I fear to hear how cruel Krishna's bid farewell to Nanda Maharaja. I die in agnoy to describe it." Thus says Locana dasa.


     380. "Akrura tried to bring Krishna and Balarama to his home. They said to him: `In the future we will come.'

     381. "Seeing that Krishna was postponing His departure from Mathura, the cowherd men waited, keeping their carts on the bank of the Sarasvati River.

     382. "Nanda and the other gopas waited there. Akrura informed Kamsa of Lord Krishna's arrival.

     383. "Aware of this, He decided to stay there for some time. The two brothers, Krishna and Balarama, went to see Mathura.

     384. "They saw a washerman named Durmukha. Seeing him, Krishna and Balarama requested some garments from him.

     385. "Sinful Durmukha replied with harsh words.With the tip of His hand, Lord Krishna beheaded him.

     386. "Then Lord Krishna cheerfully dressed in splendid garments freom that washerman. Then Lord Krishna went to the home of the florist Sudama.

     387. "Sudama respectfully stood and then bowed down before Lord Krishna's feet. Placing a splendid garland around Lord Krishna's neck, he spoke many prayers.

     388. "He worshiped Lord Krishna. Then Krishna and Balarama departed. They met Kubja, a hunchback girl whose body was bent in three places.

     389. "When Lord Krishna saw the hunchback Kubja, many jokes took birth within His heart. He joked with her, and she responded by saying, `Come with me. Come.'

     390. "At her home Kubja worshiped Krishna and Balarama. With splendid fragrant aguru she anointed their glorious limbs.

     391. "Very pleased with the hunchback Kubja's service, with the touch of His hand Lord Krishna gave her a beautiful divine form.

     392. "Overcome with amorous desire, with her eyes Kubja drank in the sight of Lord Krishna. Now free of all shyness, she openly expressed the desire she felt.

     393. "With sweet words Lord Krishna pacified her. Then the two brothers Krishna and Balarama, now dressed in the colorful garments of dancing actors, departed.

     394. "At the place of the dhanur-yajna Lord Krishna broke the bow and killed Kamsa's servants.

     395. "Holding the broken bow in His hands, Lord Krishna killed Kamsa's servants. At sunset He met Nanda and the cowherd men.

     396. "That night Kamsa saw a dream. The next day he had a very great dais built.

     397. "To the right of that he had two other daises built. On them Vasudeva and Devaki were to sit.

     398. "He thought: `Tomorrow Vasudeva and Devaki will sit on those seats and watch as I kill their sons Krishna and and Balarama.'

     399. "On four sides he had other daises built so his friends and associates could watch the wrestling.

     400. "Behind the daises he had a well built, a well where he could throw of Krishna and Balarama after he had killed them.

     401. "When the sun rose Kamsa sat on his royal dais and said: `Bring the cowherd men. Let them see the royal function.

     402. " `Also bring the two boys Krishna and Balarama. I have heard They are excellent fighters. I wish to see Them fight.'

     403. "On King Kamsa's order everyone ran there. Hearing of a fight, Krishna and Balarama also ran.

     404. "They ran to the entrance of the fortress. At that entrance stood an elephant big like a mountain.

     405. "Sereing Krishna and Balarama, the elephant angrily tried to kill Them. It angrily stood before Krishna and Balarama.

     406. "Grabbing the elephant's trunk, after some struggle, Lord Krishna climbed on the elephant's back, killed the man riding it, and pulled out the elephant's tusks.

     407. "After pulling out the tusks, Lord Krishna grabbed the elephant's tail, spun it around in the sky, and threw it a distance of 32 miles.

     408. "Hearing of the elephant's death, King Kamsa shuddered. His heart was filled with fear.

     409. "Then Krishna and Balarama walked before King Kamsa. The cowherd men felt their hearts tremble in fear.

     410. "Then Canura and Mushtika heard Kamsa say: `My heart wishes to see you wrestle.'

     411. "In this way there was a great wrestling match in the arena. Krishna wrestled with Canura, and Balarama wrestled with Mushtika."

     412. In this way I sing of how the king of Vrindavana enjoyed pastimes in Kali-yuga. Please hear my song.


     413. "In this way Lord Gaura circumambulated the land of Mathura-mandala. The great soul Krishnadasa described everything to Him.

     414. Falling at Lord Gaura's feet, Krishnadasa humbly begged: "I am very distraught. Please do not leave me.

     415. "You are Lord Krishna Himself. This I know for certain. O Lord Gaura Raya, please hear my words. Please be merciful to me."

     416. Hearing these words, Lord Gaura said: "By your kindness My heart had become purified.

     417. "In MY heart I fervently wished: `I must see Vrindavana.' By your mercy I saw the secret holy places of Vrindavana.

     418. "Now My heart is filled with joy. O Krishnadasa, may Lord Krishna be pleased with you."

     419. All the people of Mathura-mandala came to see Lord Gaurachandra.

     420. Though they saw Him only once, they never forgot Him. They were overcome with ecstati spiritual love. They had no way to stop the love they felt.

     421. Children, elders, youths, women, and men all agreed: "He is Lord Krishna Himself. He is Lord Krishna.

     422. "Lord Krishna Himself has came to Mathura to see the places of His confidential pastimes."

     423. Someone said: "If He is not Krishna, then why does He manifest Lord Krishna's three-fold-bending form? Why does He again and again call out, `Radha!'?"

     424. Dya and night the people stayed with Him. They would not leave His side. One by one Lord Gaura glanced at the trees, vines, and plants of Vrindavana.

     425. One by one Lord Gaura saw all the holy pastime places. In this way Lord gaura filled the forests with ecstati spiritual love.

     426. In home after home in Mathura-mandala Lord Gaura was manifest. Some people saw Him as a small boy. Others saw Him as a playful youth.

     427. Some suddenly heard His flute music. Others, wild with the nectar of ecstati spiritual love for Lord Krishna, embraced Him as their master.

     428. No one thought of Him as an outsider. Every person thought of Him as his own dear companion. In this way the seed of ecstati spiritual love was planted in every person's heart.

     429. When Lord Gaura walked in the forest every tree and vine floated in ecstati spiritual love.

     430. The cuckoos, bees, and peacocks ran to the Lord and stayed by His side.

     431. They eagerly gazed at the Lord's face. With eyes of love the Lord glanced at them all.

     432. Everyone knew that Lord Gaura's acceptance of sannyasa was only a trick. Eventually Lord Gaura returned to the company of the devotees at Nilacala.

     433. With great joy Locana dasa sings this song glorifying Lord Gaura's pastimes in Mathura-mandala.



Prabhur Nilacale Pratyavartana


The Lord's Return to Nilacala


Song 10 (Suha-i raga)




     1. With a joyful heart Lord Gaura walked to Nilacala. Chanting "O! O Jagannatha!", He swiftly traveled.

     2. Filled with bliss and love, He walked like a powerful lion. His companions could not keep pace with Him.

     3. The Lord's companions fell far behind. Alone Lord Gaura entered the forest.

     4. Within the forest was a village. A gopa boy approached to sell buttermilk.

     5. Seeing him, Lord Gaura approached and said: "Give Me the buttermilk, O gopa. I am thirsty."

     6. Hearing these words, the gopa fell at the Lord's feet and said, "O Gosvami, please drink the buttermilk, as much as You wish in Your heart."

     7. Lord Gaura drank the buttermilk. He emptied the pot. Lord Gaura, who in His pastimes accepted the role of a sannyasi, drank the buttermilk and continued walking.

     8. To the gopa Lord Gaura said: "Wait here. The people following Me will give you some coins."

     9. After speaking these words, Lord Gaura quickly departed. Waiting there, the gopa began to think in his heart.

     10. After some moments the Lord's associates came. In their hearts they tried to understand which path the Lord had taken.

     11. They asked: "O gopa, did you see a sannyasi walk down this path?" The gopa replied: "A sannyasi came a drank a whole pot of buttermilk.

     12. "He said you would bring some coins. You would place some coins in my hands, and only then should I return to my home."

     13. Hearing these words, the Lord's associates looked at each other. "Where will we get any coins?" they said.

     14. The gopa said: "Then just continue. You need not give any coins. I just offered some service to a sannyasi's feet."

     15. When he had spoken these words the empty pot in his hands suddenly became very heavy. He could not lift it.

     16. The pot was filled with jewels. Running, he called out: "O! O sannyasi!"

     17. A short distance ahead Lord Gaura was waiting for His companions. Seeing the gopa, Lord Gaura gently smiled.

     18. The Lord's companions then arruved. They saw the gopa at Lord Gaura's feet.

     19. Lord Gaura said: "O gopa, please return to your home. Lord Krishna is merciful to you. You got from Him a blessing."

     20. In this way the gopa attained Lord Gaura's mercy. Walkign home, the gopa danced. He became wild with ecstati spiritual love.

     21. Seeing him, everyone became filled with joy. Locana dasa sings this song glorifying Lord Gaura.



Song 11 (Syama-gada raga)



     Refrain: Alas! Alas! Alas, I have no love for Lord Gaurasundara!


     22. Walking and walking on the path with His associates, Lord Gaura came to West Bengal.

     23. Adter bathing in the Ganga, Lord Gaura entered Radha-desa. Walking and walking, He came to Kuliya-grama.

     24. "I will see My former asrama. That is a sannyasi's duty. I will come near Navadvipa." These thoughts came to Lord Gaura's heart.

     25. Hearing that Lord Gaura would come, the people of Navadvipa forgot all their sorrows.

     26. With great love calling out, "O! O Gauarcandra!", the saintly ladies ran. No one stopped to look back.

     27. Hear heart wild, eager Saci ran. Her hair was dishevelled. No cloth was on her breast.

     28. "Where is my Visvambhara? I will see Him with my eyes. Again and again I will kiss His beautiful face.

     29. "My Nimai has come to a town in Nadiya. The people should graā Him and hold Him captive. There is no wrong in doing that.

     30. "He is the life breath of everyone here. He is our only life. Without our life breath how can we perform our religious duties?"

     31. Speaking and speaking in this way, Saci ran. Finally she saw Lord Gaurachandra sitting down.

     32. Seeing the Lord, she said: "Please hear, O Nimai. Please come home again. It is not Your duty to accept sannyasa.

     33. "You can accept sannyasa later. Let me die first. Then You may do anything."

     34. Her heart wild, Saci loudly wept. With unblinking eyes she gazed at Lord Gaura.

     35. "Dear son! Dear son!", she said. She yearned to touch Lord Gaura's body. "Dear son, let everything be as it was before. Let me place my hand on Your body.

     36. "Let me wipe the dust from Your graceful body." Saying these words, Saci fell to the ground.

     37. Again sitting up, she said: "Dear son, please hear my words. In my heart I yearn to embrace You."

     38. Watching Saci weep, the earth split apart. As if they had become human beings, the stones wept.

     39. The the four directions everyone wept sorrowfully. No one looked back. They forgot their homes.

     40. Seeing His mother's sorrow, and seeing everyone weep, Lord Gaura thought in His heart: "What shall I tell them?"

     41. Lord Gaura comforted His mother: "Don't weep. Please don't weep. Hear My words.     42. "With your permission I accepted sannyasa. Why do you weep so sorrowfully?

     43. "You think of Me as your son. The illusions of maya are not yet destroyed for you. In this horrible world of birth and death it is very difficult to become free of maya's illusions.

     44. "Even when they are attacked they do not perish. Maya's illusions are very ferocious." Then Saci said: "O merciless son, please hear my words.

     45. "The people of this world worship me because You took birth on this earth as my son.

     46. "You are the friend of all living entities. You are worshiped in the three worlds. The devotees love You dearly. These truths I know from the holy scriptures.

     47. "You may be whatever You may be. But You certainly are my son. May You remain my son birth after birth. May we be bound together by the ropes of karma."

     48. Hearing His mother's words, Lord Gaura became agitated. He could not refute her words. He was filled with compassion for her.

     49. Lord Gaura said to her: "Whatever you wish please do. I have but one final rquest."

     50. Saci said: "You wish to leave Navadvipa and go away, for in Navadvipa wicked Vishnupriya stays, and I stay also."

     51. On His mother's request, Lord Gaura again entered Navadvipa. He stayed a Barakona-ghata, which was near His old home.

     52. He accepted His meal at Suklambara Brahmacari's home. At dawn of the following day He offered obeisances to His mother and departed.

     53. To His mother He said: "I am bound to you by the ropes of your glorious spiritual virtues. Have you forgotten the promise I made to you in secret?

     54. "I will always stay in your heart, in Vishnupriya's heart, and in the heart of anyone who becomes a devotee or who worships Lord Krishna."

     55. Lord Gaura bowed down before His mother. Again and again He said to her: "Please never abandon Lord Krishna. Never become a person who worships this world of birth and death."

     56. Saci's heart burst into flames. Lord Gaura departed. The devotees ran after Him.

     57. Lord Gaura went to Lord Advaita Acarya's home in Santipura. For 24 hours He there enjoyed pastimes of chanting the holy names.

     58. At dawn He quickly departed. He yearned to see Lord Jagannatha.

     59. To everyone Lord Gaura said: "Please return to your homes. I will go to Nilacala.

     60. "When you come to see Lord Jagannatha, you may also see Me."

     61. After speaking these words, Lord Gaura chanted, "Haribol!" and departed. A great sound of weeping arose.

     62. Walking and walking, Lord Gaura came to Tamoluka. He walked on the same path as before.

     63. Walking on the path, Lord Gaura was filled with bliss and love. All who met Him on the path were showered with ecstati love. They all floated in the nectar of ecstati love.

     64. Laughing and joking, playful Lord Gaura walked. By walking on the path He felt no fatigue. Walking and walking on the path, He finally came to the abode of Lord Jagannatha.

     65. With great love thinking, "Soon I will see Lord Jagannatha, the king of Nilacala, O! O, Lord Jagannatha!", Lord Gaura quickly walked.

     66. Arriving at the Simha-dvara gate, He let out a great roar. Every person there became plunged in a shoreless ocean of spiritual bliss.

     67. Gazing at Lord Jagannatha, Lord Gaura became delighted. Gazing at Lord Gaura, every person there became delighted.

     68. Loudly, loudly the people chanted, "Hari! Hari!" Day and night they joyfully sang Lord Hari's holy names.

     69. Day and night Lord Gaura enjoyed pastimes of chanting the holy names. Locana dasa joyfully sings this song glorifying Lord Gaura.



Song 12 (Lalita raga-Disa)



     Refrain: Sing! O Sing Lord Gaura's glories, glories that bring auspiciousness to all the worlds!


     70. Lord Mahaprabhu joyfully stayed at Nilacala. Meeting with the devotees, He chanted Lord Hari's holy anmes.

     71. Meetign with many devotees Lord Gaura manifested eternally new pastimes.

     72. Now I will tell the story of Lord Gaura granting mercy to King Prataparudra.

     73. From many mouths hearing of Lord Mahaprabhu's glories, King Prataparudra was filled with wonder. Still he did not say a word about this.

     74. One day the king went to see Lord Jagannatha. But on the altar he did not see Lord Jagannatha. He saw a sannyasi instead.

     75. "Who is He? Who?", the king thought. His heart was astonished. The king asked the pujari: "Whom do you see on the altar?"

     76. The pujari replied: "I see Lord Jagannatha." The king said: "I am thwarted by you all.

     77. "I see a sannyasi in Lord Jagannatha's place. Afraid that I will punish you, you do not say what you truly see.

     78. I will never punish you. Now whom do you see? Tell the truth."

     79. Hearing these words, the pujari replied: "I see only Lord Jagannatha. I see no one but Him."

     80. King Prataparudra thought and thought: "With my eyes why do I see a sannyasi?

     81. "I have heard this sannyasi is like a shoreless ocean of glory. I will test to see if He is that person on the altar."

     82. Thinking in this way, the king hurried to the place where the sannyasi Lord Gaura was staying.

     83. The king saw Lord Gaura in the Tota-Gopinatha temple. Surrounded by the devotees, Lord Gaura chanted "Hari! Hari!" and talked about Vrindavana.

     84. Again the king went to see Lord Jagannatha, and again he saw in Lord Jagannatha's place a sannyasi with a form like the golden mountain Sumeru.

     85. Gazing at the sannyasi, the king felt his heart become filled with wonder. He thought: "Lord Jagannatha has descended to this world in the form of this sannyasi."

     86. King Prataparudra's heart became filled with love. Quickly he left. He was very fortunate.

     87. No person was present in the Tota-Gopinatha temples. The king felt broken. To Lord Gaura's servant Govinda the king spoke these sorrowful words:

     88. "How will I see the feet of the Gosvami who was here before? O great soul, please tell me how."

     89. Govind replied: "O kinng, do not be sorrowful. You cannot see Him now. He is very busy."

     90. "Then when may I see Him? Please tell me, O great soul?" With great love the king spoke these sorrowful words..

     91. That day the king stayed in the city. Seeing the Lord's associates, he begged them with plaintive words.

     92. Puri Gosvami and the other devotees descided to approach Lord Gaura Gosvami.

     93. After two or four days had passed they met at Kasi Misra's house.

     94. The devotees gathered and considered what should be done. "We will all approach the Lord," they decided.

     95. On another day the devotees approached Lord Mahaprabhu at Kasi Misra's house.

     96. The devotees were concerned at heart for the king. To the Lord Puri Gosvami said:

     97. "O Gosvami, I have a request, but I fear to speak it. If You gove the command I will be free of fear."

     98. Lord Gaura said: "Please hear, O Puri Gosvami. In My presence you need never fear.

     99. "What you wish to say, say. I will hear what is in your heart." Puri Gosvami said: "Then You will hear my words.

     100. "On the command of Kasi Misra and the other devotees, I sepak these words.

     101. "Lord Jagannatha resides in Nilacala. The king of Nilacala is Prataparudra, who is a servant of Lord Jagannatha and and servant of You also.

     102. "The king yearns to see your feet. He asked all of us to arrange that he may see Your feet."

     103. Lord Gaura said: "Everyone please hear My words. It is not a sannyasi's duty to see a king.

     104. "I am a sannyasi. He is a king. We should never see each other."

     105. Then Puri Gosvami said: "O Lord, please listen carefully. Hearing these words, the king will fall unconscious.

     106. "We have all seen how he deeply loves You. Hearing these words, he will fall into a calamity. He will commit suicide.

     107. "Today is the tenth day of the king's fast. He has turned from all else. He desires only to see Your feet.

     108. "Filled with sorrow, he asks us again and again. Seeing his sorrow, we now act on his behalf."

     109. Hearing these words, Lord Gaura said: "Bring the king. I will satisfy him."

     110. Hearing these words, everyone became joyful. They brought the king into Lord Gaura's presence.

     111. Seeing Lord Gaura, the king offered respectful obeisances. Overcome with ecstati spiritual love, the king forgot himself.

     112. The hairs of his body stood erect. Tears streamed from his eyes. His voice was choked with ecstati love. He gazed at Lord Gaura's form.

     113. Glancing at the king, Lord Gaura gently, gently smiled. Then the king saw Lord Gaura manifest a six-armed form.

     114. Seeing the sių-armed form, the king fell like a stick to offer respects. Overcome with ecstati spiritual love, the king trembled.

     115. His body was overcome. Tears flowed from his two eyes. A great kirtana of the holy names filled the four directions and touched the sky.

     116. Gazing at Lord Gaura's sių-armed form, King Prataparudra was overcome with bliss. He floated in an ocean of ecstati spiritual love.

     117. From head to foot the hairs of his body stood erect. In a voice choked with emotion he called out: "Lord! Lord!"

     118. Raising his arms, he danced. He said: "Haribol! Now my birth in this world has borne its fruit. Now the Lord is merciful to me."

     119. In the four directions the devotees floated in an ocean of bliss. Lord Gaura said: "O king, please hear My words.

     120. "To protect the subjects is your great duty. The subjects are children. The king is the father. What I say is the heart of a king's duty.

     121. "Lord Krishna is equally merciful to every living entity. According to his particular body each living entity perceives the world.

     122. "Whether a king or a subject, all living entities experience both pleasures and sufferings. According to his past karma each living entity has a high or a low station in this world.

     123. "He who is a true servant of Lord Krishna treats all living entities as he himself would be treated by others. This I tell to you."

     124. Lord Gaura taught the king in this way. Filled with joy, the king bowed down to offer respect.

     125. Everyone please hear how Lord Gaura manifested a glorious sių-armed form. Locana dasa thus describes the glories of Lord Gaura.





This Book's Concluding Pastime


Song 13 (Varadi raga)



     1. Now I will describe another wonderful pastime. The songs glorifying Lord Gaura are eternally new and fresh.

     2. I will tell a very confidential pastime. Please listen with a single heart. The fallen non-devotees will not believe my words.

     3. But the Vaishnavas will feel great joy in their hearts when they hear my words. I will tell a very secret pastime of Lord Gaura.

     4. There was a south Indian brahamna whose name was Rama. He was very unhappy. His body was only skin and bones.

     5. For want of food the fire in his belly burned ferociously. There was no flesh on his body. It was dry and withered.

     6. Foer how long had he borne the unbearable sufferings of poverty? In his heart that brahmana thought and thought, trying to find a solution to his problem.

     7. He thought: "In my past births I must have committed many sins. That is why I am stricken with poverty. It is my past karma.

     8. "I do not eat, but still I do not die. That is the fate written for me.I suffer very greatly. Why do I not die?"

     9. Thinking and thinking in this way, the brahmana decided on a solution: "Without the Supreme Personality of Godhead's mercy no one can become free from past karma.

     10. "The Supreme Personality of Godhead resides in Nilacala. He is Lord Jagannatha. I will go to Him and beg Him to do something to help me.

     11. "For want of food this brahmana body will die. `The Supreme Personality of Godhead dearly loves the brahmanas.' This all the saints say

     12. "Still, because of my offenses the Lord pays no attention to me. Therefore I should die. I should give up my life."

     13. Thinking in this way, the brahmana walked. Walking and walking, he came to the abode of lotus-eyed Lord Jagannatha.

     14. Gazing at Lord Jagannatha, he spoke his request: "I am a poor brahmana about to die for want of food.

     15. "Only You can rescue me. No one else can rescue me. Please extinguish these flames of poverty. Please give me wealth."

     16. These prayers he spoke within his heart. Then he begged alms and ate.

     17. The next day he again prayed: "O Supreme Lord, please destroy my poverty. I am a brahmana on the verge of death.

     18. "Please give me great wealth. In my whole life I have never suffered as I do now.

     19. "I beg form you a gift of wealth. O Lord, please do not turn Your face from me. If you will not give me wealth, then before Your face I will give up my life."

     20. Speaking these words, the brahmana began to fast. Nearby Lord Gaurachandra met with His devotees.

     21. In the company of His devotees Lord Gaurachandra sang the glories of Vrindavana. Then sorrow suddenly arose in the Lord's heart.

     22. Everyone was surprised. The Lord's heart had changed. His tasting the nectar of transcendental rasas came to an end.

     23. Surprise and sorrow filled every heart. Why did Lord Gaura's heart suddenly change?

     24. The brahmana's fast was in its third day. He had not heard anything from Lord Jagannatha.

     25. Then the brahmana's fast entered its seventh day. Lord Jagannatha had not done anything to comfort the brahmana.

     26. The brahmana was now weak. He was emaciated from fasting. "I will die in the ocean." That was his final decision.

     27. Slowly, slowly the brahmana walked to the seashore. Bowing down, he said to the ocean: "Please guve me a place."

     28. At that moment he saw a giant in the midst of the ocean. The giant's body was like a great mountain.

     29. Watching, the brahmana thought in his heart: "Who is that walking in the ocean?"

     30. Watching and watching, he saw the giant walk onto the shore. Then the giant was transformed into a human being of ordinary size.

     31. The brahmana thought: "He must be Lord Jagannatha Himself. Who else can walk in the middle of the ocean?"

     32. Thinking in this way, the brahmana followed that extraordinary person. After walking some distance, that extraordinary person noticed that someone was following him.

     33. He looked. Indeed the brahmana was following him. "Where are you going?", he asked the brahmana.

     34. The brahmana replied: "Please hear. Hear, O great soul. Who are you? Where are you going? Please tell.

     35. "I am a brahmana who has fasted for seven days. Now I am very weak. Now that I have seen you my birth in this world has borne its fruit.

     36. "Please tell me the truth. Please don't try to trick me. It do not wish to make you responsible for a brahmana's death."

     37. Hearing these words, the great souls replied: "Why do you try to know things about me?

     38. "I am who I am. Why need you know who I am? Why in your heart have you decided to fast until death?"

     39. The brahmana said: "My body is tormented by a great fire of sorrowful poverty.

     40. "I cannot perform a brahmana's duties. I am worthless like a pile of ashes. Day and night I cry out for food.

     41. "No one in my family honors me. Where may I go and not be dishonored? I do not know.

     42. "I think death better than life. Therefore I tell you: Fasting, I will die."

     43. Hearing these words, the great soul felt his heart melt with compassion. He then said: "Please hear, O brahmana. My name is Vibhishana.

     44. "I am going to see Lord Jagannatha's feet. Please hear, O brahmana. It is because of your past actions that now you suffer.

     45. "Bound by past karma, the people of this world suffer and enjoy. Only when they experience the appropriate sufferings and enjoyments do they become free from those past pious deeds and sins.

     46. "Therefore you should gaze on Lord Jagannatha and be happy. Then in your future births you will not suffer."

     47. Speaking these words, King Vibhishana continued walking. The poor brahmana followed.

     48. Lord Gaurachandra was sitting with His associates. "Who is at the door? Please see", The Lord said to Govinda.

     49. King Vibhishana stood at the door. Glancing at the brahmana, he rested his finger on his nose.

     50. Govinda went to the door of Lord Tota-Gopinatha's temple. At the door he saw the two young brahmanas.

     51. Glancing at them, Govinda returned to Lord Gaura. "At the door are two brahmanas. They did not say anything," Govinda said.

     52. Smiling, Lord Gaura said: "Bring them in. Bring them." One brahmana sat by the Lord's side. The other brahmana sat far away.

     53. Turning from everyone else, Lord Gaura respectfully spoke with to the first brahmana. Everyone was surprised.

     54. Lord Gaura said: "I have not seen you for a long time." Tears of love flowed from the eyes of Them both.

     55. With His glorious hand Lord Gaura touched that brahmana's body. "All is well? All is well?", the Lord asked. The brahmana replied with a gesture.

     56. The two of Them conversed. No one else understood the context of Their words. Lord Gaurachandra said: "That brahmana over there is very unhappy.

     57. "The flames of poverty have burned away his transcendental knowledge. He tries to harass Lord Jagannatha.

     58. "The conditioned soul never sees that he himself has done wrong. For the wrongs he himself has done he blames the Supreme Lord.

     59. "He thinks good and bad come from his own efforts. He thinks he enjoys by his own power. But the blame for his sufferings he places on the Lord.

     60. "When he enjoys he claims the credit, but when he suffers he blames the Lord.

     61. "This brahmana wishes to die by fasting for seven days. What can Lord Jagannatha, who dearly loves the brahmanas, do for him?

     62. "The sight of you has destroyed this brahmana's poverty. Now please give him wealth. Give him an ocean of wealth."

     63. Saying "Excellent. Excellent.", he at once stood up. Everyone else was bewildered.

     64. After falling down like sticks to offer respectful obeisances, the two men departed. Walking on the path, the poverty-stricken brahmana asked King Vibhishana:

     65. "You said: `I am King Vibhishana.' You bowed down before that sannyasi and then you went away.

     66. "Why did you not go to see Lord Jagannatha? Please tell this unhappy brahmana.

     67. "On your head you placed that sannyasi's command. Who was that sannyasi? Please tell me. Please don't try to trick me."

     68. King Vibhishana said: "Please hear, O foolish brahmana. You saw Lord Jagannatha with your own eyes.

     69. "He fulfilled your desire. Now you will attain great wealth. In the south of India I will give great wealth to you."

     70. Hearing these words, the brahmana placed his hand on his head. He passionately grasped Vibhishana's feet.

     71. "Let us go again to see the Lord. I am a foolish brahmana. This I tell to you.

     72. "I cannot shun Him. I must again go to the Lord."

     73. With a frightened heart again he approached Lord Gaura. When again He saw the two of them, a smile took birth within Lord Gaura.

     74. Lord Gaura said: "Why did you come back?" King Vibhishana replied: "Ask the brahmana for the reason."

     75. The brahmana said: "O Gosvami, I am a great fool. How many billions and billions of living entities live in this world?

     76. "You are the life of them all. You are the master of them all. No one is indpenendent of You. You are Lord Jagannatha, the master of the worlds.

     77. "I am very lowly. I am worthless like a pile of ashes. I am an offender. By the fault of my own past deeds I am afflicted with poverty, disease, and worry.

     78. "Crushed by worries, I eat what makes me ill. I will not place the medicine in my mouth. I yearn only for what will make my sickness grown.

     79. "I know that You give the true medicine. you are Dhanvantari Himself. It is by the fault of my own past actions that I suffer the disease of residing in this world of repeated birth and death. I am fallen and worthless like a pile of ashes."

     80. Hearing these words, Lord Gaura smiled and said: "Lord Jagannatha will give to you all that is good.

     81. "You will enjoy as you desire, and at the end you will attain Lord Jagannatha's feet."

     82. Hearing these words, the brahmana fell down like a stick to offer respectful obeisances. From the four sides the devotees chanted, "Hari! Hari!"

     83. Everyone please hear this wonderful story of how a poor brahmana attained a great blessing.

     84. Once they were outside the temple, the two men rejoiced. The thoughtful devotess then placed a question before Lord Gaura.

     85. Puri Gosvami said: "O Lord, if You are kind to us, please tell us the reason of what just happened. In that way please purify us.

     86. "Though they yearn to ask, no one here has asked. I ask on their behalf."

     87. Lord Gaura said: "Please hear. Hear, O Gosvami. I will tell what you could not understand.

     88. "That poor brahmana from south India had suffered many sorrows.

     89. "His body was burned by great flames of poverty. At the end he came beg from Lord Jagannatha.

     90. "Seeing his sorrow, Lord Jagannatha became pleased with him. That is how he suddenly attained the association of Vibhishana, who was the person he came here with.

     91. "Vibhishana brought him to Me, and Vibhishana also pleased that brahmana by giving him great wealth."

     92. Hearing these words, everyone became joyful. From the land to the sky, everyone floated in ecstati spiritual love.

     93. Everyone danced. Everyuone chanted, "Haribol!" Everyone joyfully embraced everyone else.

     94. Everyone please hear these wonderful pastimes of Lord Gaurachandra. In this way Locana dasa speaks the conclusion of the Sesha-khanda.


Thus ends the Sesha-khanda


Thus ends Shri Chaitanya-mangala