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Shri Chaitanya Mangala

By Gauranga Rasa Acharya
Shrila Lochana dasa Thakura

The Most Nectarean Biography of Lord Gauranga Mahaprabhu




Song 1 (Karuna-Shriraga)



1. O life master of Narahari and Gadadhara, pleas be kind to me. Please make Your auspcious glance fall upon me.

2. The Adi-khanda is concluded. Now the Madhya-khanda will begin. Whoever hears it will quickly attain a great treasure of ecstati spiritual love.

3. Now I will speak the Madhya-khanda, which is full of nectar, and which describes the Lord's Nadiya pastimes of preaching the gospel of ecstati love.

4. In the Madhya-khanda the Lord deliverd the sinners Jagai and Madhai and gave them a gift of ecstati spiritual love even the demigod Brahma finds difficult to attain.

5. In the Madhya-khanda the Lord openly manifested the Hari-nama-sankirtana movement of chanting Lord Krishna's holy names, and in that khanda, to deliver the fallen people, the Lord accepted sannyasa.

6. I will tell all these stories. The Madhya-khanda is full of nectar. Any person who hears it will find that the offenses in his heart are all destroyed.

7. with a hapoy heart the Lord returned to Nadiya. Happily He stayed with His friends and kinsmen.

8-9. To the brahmana boys of Navadvipa, boys whose actions were pure, boys who were the most pious and fortunate in the three worlds, Lord Visvambhara personally gave transcendental knowledge.

10. To these boys, His students, Lord Gaura-Hari one day kindly said:

11. "Lord Krishna's feet are the only truth you should study. One who knows that truth has devotion for Lord Krishna.

12. Do not study any other truth the sastras describe, any truth other than devotion to Shri Shri Radha-Krishna.

13. "Persons intoxicated with pride in their learning, wealth, and honorable families do not attain Lord Krishna. Only by devotional service does one easily attain Lord Krishna, the king of the Yadus.

14. "Lord Krishna is conquered by the nectar of devotional service. To prove this I quote these words from the sastras (Padyavali 8):


15. vyadhasyacaranam dhruvasya ca vayo vidya gajendrasya kim

kubjayah kim u nama rupam adhikam kim tat sudhamno dhanam

vamsah ko vidurasya yadava-pater ugrasya kim paurusham

bhaktya tushyati kevalam na ca gunair bhakti-priyo madhavah



"Where was the hunter Dharma's piety, Dhruva's maturity, and Gajendra's knowledge? Where was Kubja's beauty? Where was Sudama's wealth? Where was Vidura's noble birth? Where was Ugrasena's chivalrous strength? Lord Madhava is pleased only by devotional service and not by material qualifiications."


16. Teaching His students in this way, the Lord manifested the ecstati spiritual love and bliss He felt.

17. One time, as He lay sleeping in His own home, He wept in the ecstsy of love for Lord Krishna.

18. Overcome with the love Radha' feels, the Lord called out: "Now that He has gone to Mathura, a weapon is plunged into My heart. Now I am dead.

19. "Wretch Akrura, it was you who took My Krishna away." Speaking in this way and weeping, the Lord was overcome with feelings of ecstati love.

20. "Wicked-hearted Kubja, you took My Krishna away. Ah! Krishna was always a rake, a cheater, a thief of young girls' hearts."

21. Speaking in this way, the Lord wept, His weeping like a great rumbling roar. the hairs of His body stood erect. His manifestation of ecstati love was astonishing.

22. Astonished, Saci asked Lord Visvambhara: "Dear, why do you weep? Why are You unhappy?"

23. The Lord heard His mother's words, but gave no reply. He only wept. He was overcome with ecstasy.

24. In her heart Saci-devi thought: "By Lord Krishna's mercy He manifests the symptoms of ecstati love."

25. Very fortunate Saci knew all the truths of spiritual life. Facing her son, she sweetly said:

26. "Listen. Listen, my dear, my golden son. I see that You have something very wonderful, something very rare in all the worlds.

27. "Whatever wealth You find in Your journeys You always bring to me.

28. "In Gaya You found a great treasure of ecstati love for Lord Krishna, a treasure more valuable than priceless jewels, a treasure even the demigods cannot attain.

29. "If You truly have kindness in Your heart, then please give to me that treasure of ecstati love for Lord Krishna, a love that I fear to look upon."

30. In this way Saci-devi spoke. His heart melting, the Lord gazed at His mother and said:

31. "Mother, by the mercy of the Vaishnavas you will attain that ecstati love. Please know this for certain. What I say is the truth."

32. Hearing these words, Saci became very joyful at heart. That moment she attained ecstati love and devotion.

33. The hairs on her limbs stood erect. Her body trembled. Endless flooding rivers of tears flowed from her eyes.

34. With a joyous heart she called out: "Krishna! Krishna!" In this way Locana dasa describes the first time Lord Gaura manifested of ecstati love.



Song 2 (Shri raga-Disa)



35. In this way the Lord was overcome with ecstati love. There was a brahmana named Suklambara Brahmacari.

36. At his house the Lord was overcome with ecstati love. There flooding rivers of tears always flowed from the Lord's eyes.

37. Mucous always flowed from the Lord's nostrils. The brahmana Suklambara always cleaned the mucous from the Lord.

38. Day and night the Lord rolled on the ground and wept. Overcome, He would ask what the time was.

39. During the day He would ask: "How far has the night progressed?" Everyone would say: "It is day. It is not night."

40. In this way the Lord was overcome with love. Overcome with ecstasy, again and again He wept.

41. When three hours of the night had passed, He would ask what time of day it was. He was given thwe answer: "It is not daytime."

42. He was so overcome with love He did not know whether it was day or night. If He heard the holy name of Lord Krishna come from any mouth, He would fall to the ground.

43. If he heard someone sing songs of Lord Krishna's names or glories, He would roll on the ground and weep.

44. One moment He would fall to the ground like a stick. The next moment He would loudly sing Lord Krishna's names.

45. The next moment He would speak with a voice choked with emotion. His body trembled. The hairs standing erect on His limbs defeated the glories of the kadamba flower's filaments.

46. He was always in ecstasy. Some moments He was calm and peaceful. In those moments, on His friends' entreaties, He owuld bathe and give charity.

47. Then He would worship His Deity and offer food. Then He would honor the maha-prasadam.

48. As the days passed He enjoyed pastimes of ecstasy in this way. Every evening He sang and danced with great joy.

49. In this way the days and nights happily passed. The Lord tasted the nectar of ecstati love. He also taught the world.

50. Everyone please hear these words: To taste the nectar of love for Himself was the Lord's primary purpose in coming to this world.

51. To deliver the conditioned souls was His secondary purpsoe. This I know. That is why I say He is the crest jewel of all avataras.

52. All the avataras remain in Lord Gaura's body. All the avataras are His companions. They are all His servants.

53. When Lord Gaurachandra was manifest in Navadvipa, the blinding darkness in the hearts of the world's peoples fled far away.

54. The effulgence of His mercy extinguished the flames of suffering burning in the hearts of Kali-yuga's peoples.

55. The devotee associates of the Lord became like cakora birds overwhelmed by drinking the nectar moonlight of ecstati love.

56. Gadadhara Pandita became an associate of the Lord. Narahari Thakura stayed with the Lord.

57. Shrinivasa, Murari, Mukunda, Vakresvara, and Shridhara Pandita all had homes in Navadvipa.

58. Shriman, Sanjaya, Dhananjaya Pandita, Suklambara, Nilambara, and many other great souls were also there.

59-60. Shri Rama Pandita, Mahesa Pandita, Haridasa, saintly Nandana Acarya, Rudra Pandita, Damodara Pandita, and amny others were all followers of Lord Gaurianga.

61. I cannot write all their names. I cannot name them all, for then this book would become an ocean without any shores.

62. From many different places the devotees came and gathered at Lord Gaura's feet.

63. To the people of this world giving the great treasure of ecstati love, these devotees became wild with ecstati love.

64. The Lord was equally king to all the conditioned souls. With the devotees Lord Gaura enjoyed pastimes of ecstati love.

65-66. One day, accompanied by Shrivasa Pandita and his brothers, the Lord walked on the path. Thne He suddenly heard the sound of a flute. He did not know who made the music.

67. Hearing this flute music, the Lord was overcome with the love Shri Radha' feels. He wept and wept. He roared and roared.

68. Overcome, He fell like a stick to the ground. He wept. He manifested many symptoms of ecstati love.

69. The Lord was now completely wild. His loud laughter was a great blessing to His followers.

70. One moment He spoke to His students things beyond the touch of this world. The next moment He became like a wild man. The next moment He became silent.

71. Accompanied by Shrivasa Pandita, Rama, Narayana, and Mukunda, the Lord went to Shrivasa's house.

72. Within the house, the devotees filled with the four sides. In the midst was Lord Gaura-Hari. He was wild with lote for Shri Shri Radha-Krishna.

73. One moment He stood up. The next moment He fell to the ground. Then He rolled on the ground. Calling out, "Hari! Hari!", He loudly wept.

74. Day and night He was filled with the ecstasy of spiritual love. The hairs of His body stood erect. He spoke only of Lord Krishna. He spoke nothing else.

75. In His own home one time He was overcome with ecstati love. He loudly wept. Five or seven flooding rivers of tears streamed from His eyes.

76. "What will I do? Where will I go? What is the way? How will I become able to give My heart to Shri Krishna?"

77. Speaking these words, He wept in despair. Hearing His anguished words, everyone else wept also.

78. At that moment a divine voice respectfully said: "Please hear, O Visvambhara. You Yourself are the Supreme Personality of Godhead.

79. "To reveal the ecstasy of spiritual love You descended to the earth. To others You will mercifully teach the ecstasy of spiritual love.

80. "To establish the true religion on the earth You will begin the movement of chanting the holy names. Don't lament. Begin Krishna-sankirtana (the chanting of Lord Krishna's holy names).

81. "By Your mercy everyone in Kali-yuga will be delivered. To everyone You will give the ecstasy of love for Yourself. In this way everyone's sorrows will perish.

82. "Don't doubt. Please hear these words: Throw Your sorrows far away, and perform sankirtana (chanting, of Your own holy names."

83. Hearing these words from a demigod's mouth, the Lord became joyful at heart. He did not speak a word.

84. Please hear the wonderful story of what happened on another day. The songs of Lord Visvambhara's glories are filled with nectar.

85. One day the Lord went to Murari Gupta's house. The Lord was marked with the symptoms of ecstasy. The hairs of His body stood erect.

86. Entering the Deity room, the Lord was overcome with ecstasy. He began to speak.

87. Flooding rivers of tears flowed from the oceans of His eyes. His tears were like the celestial Ganga flowing from Mount Sumeru.

88. Everyone said: "Look! Look at that wonderful form. A form like a great mountain, the form of a boar, now stands before us.

89. "Look! Look at the very powerful form of Lord Varaha! With His great tusks He yearns to kill us!

90. "With His two tsusks the boar will kill us!" Saying these words, everyone ran into the Deity room.

91. In this way the Lord again manifested the ecstasy of Lord Varaha. On His hands and feet He paced the ground.

92. His form was enormous. His eyes were red. His steps were powerful. His roaring was ferocious.

93. He came upon a brass pot. Picking it up in His tusks, He lifted His head. For a moment held the pot aloft.

94. Discarding the pot, He opened His mouth. He asked Murari: "This is My form.

95. "I am the Supreme Lord. In this form I rescued the Vedas. I tell you I am the master. I am the Supreme Person.

96. "What is this form of Mine? Do you know it? Say something about it." Murari said: "Lord, how can I know You?"

97. Falling like a stick to the ground, Murari offered obeisances. "Lord, even the demigod Brahma does not understand Your nature and Your pastimes."

98. Then Murari quoted a verse from Bhagavad-gita. I will repeat it here. Everyone please hear these words.

99. In Bhagavad-gita (10.15, it is said:



svayam evatmanatmanam

vettha tvam purushottama

bhuta-bhavana bhutesa

deva-deva jagat-pate



"Indeed You alone know Yourself by Your own potencies, O origin of all, Lord of all beings, God of gods, O Supreme Person, Lord of the universe."*


100. This verse means: "O Supreme Personality of Godhead, You alone know Yourself. No one else knows You."

101. Thne Lord Gaura-Hari again said: "Do the Vedas have the power to know Me?"

102. In a voice choked with emotion, Murari replied: "Even thousand-headed Lord Ananta Sesha has no power to know the truth about You.

103. "How can the Vedas know thwe truth of Your pastimes? O Lord, no one knows Your glories."

104. Hearing these words, Lord Gaura again said: "The Vedas mocked Me. Listen to these words (Svetasvatara Upanishad 3.19):


105. apani-pado javano grahita

pasyaty acakshuh sa shrinoty akarnah

sa vetti vedyam na ca tasyasti vetta

tam ahur agryam purusham mahantam



" `Learned transcendentalists explain that God is the greatest, the original person. He has no material hands, but He can take anything. He has no material legs, but He can travel faster than anyone. He has no material eyes, but He sees everything. He has no material ears, but He hears everything. He knows everything, but no one knows Him.' "*


106. "The Vedas say I have no hands and legs. Others do not mock Me like these Vedas."

107. After speaking these words, the Lord laughed. His face was cheerful and kind. "The Vedas do not know Me.", He said.

108. The physician Murari bowed down and said: "Lord, please be kind. Please give me the gift of ecstati spiritual love."

109. The Lord again said: "Listen, Murari. You already love Me. Ecstati spiritual love is already yours.

110. "You should worship the Supreme Personality of Godhead, the Lord with a humanlike form, the Lord whose three-fold-bending form is dark like sapphires, the Lord who holds a flute in His hands.

111. "The root of His potencies bears the name Vrishabhanusuta (Shri Radha, Vrishabhanu's daughter). Her glorious complexion breaks the pride of new gorocana.

112. "Of how many beautiful gopis is Lord Krishna the beloved? Dedicate your body to Nanda's son Krishna. Then you will attain Him.

113. "In a land of cintamani jewels, in a jewel palace, on a jewel altar surrounded by kalpavriksha trees, handsome Krishna sits on a throne.

114. "He is surrounded by kamadhenu cows. His powers are beyond conception. His every desire is at once fulfilled. Give your love to Him.

115. "The effulgence of His limbs is the impersonal Brahman. Know that Krishna's sweetness is the greatest of all truths."

116. In the presence of all the devotees Lord Gaura spoke these words. Hearing these words, everyone felt their hearts become filled with bliss.

117. Hearing these words, Murari said before the Lord's feet: "Lord, please allow me to see Lord Ramacandra with my own eyes."

118. The moment he spoke these words, Murari saw Lord Ramacandra, whose form is dark like durva grass, and who is the life of Sita-devi.

119. Lord Rama was accompanied by Lakshmana, Bharata, Satrughna, and a host of others. Gazing at the Lord, Murari became filled with bliss.

120. His external consciousness fled far away. He fell and rolled on the ground. With a gesture of His lotus hand, Lord Rama gave a blessing of peace to him.

121. Lord Rama gave this blessing: "You will be filled with ecstati spiritual love. You are Hanuman. I am Your Ramacandra."

122. After speaking these words, the Lord departed for the temple. On another day Lord Gaura went to Shrivasa's house.

123. Sitting amongst His associates, He described the truth of ecstati spiritual for Himself.

124. With a joyful heart He called out: "Hari! Hari!" To His personal associates He said: "Listen. Listen to these wonderful words.

125. "With one heart listen to the words I speak, words that say how one may attain Shri Shri Radha'-Krishna."

126. Then the Lord recited a verse of Naradiya Purana. No one else there understood the heart of that verse.

127. That verse was (Naradiya Purana 38.126):



harer nama harer nama

harer namaiva kevalam

kalau nasty eva nasty eva

nasty eva gatir anyatha



"In this age of quarrel and hypocrisy the only means of deliverance is chanting the holy name of the Lord. There is no other way. There is no other way. There is no other way."*


128. "The Supreme Personality of Godhead is the same as His name. In the Kali-yuga the Lord is manifest in the form of His holy name. This the fools do not know.

129. "Please know that the Supreme Personality of Godhead is identical with His holy name. That truth is shown in this verse by the word `kevalam'. In this verse Vyasa three times refutes the idea that the Lord is different from His name.

130. "To emphasize this truth to the miseld sinners, three times he repeats it.

131. "By Lord Hari's holy name alone one attains liberation. Here please know that the word `kevalam' means `liberation'.

132. "The holy name here refers even to namabhasa (the dim light of the holy name). Even by namabhasa one attains liberation. This all the scriptures teach.

133. "By namabhasa one attains liberation. These truthful words the scriptures speak. When the holy name itself rises, then one attains ecstati spiritual love. This the Puranas affirm.

134. "To teach the demigod-worshipers that there is no other way, this truth is three times stated in this verse.

135. "Chanting the holy name of Lord Hari is the same as meditating on Lord Krishna surrounded by His cows, gopas, and gopi associates. Please know that the holy name contains all the truths of the Vedas."

136. Rapt in the ecstasy of Lord Varaha, Lord Gaura spoke these words. Then, filled with ecstati spiritual love, He danced in nama-sankirtana (chanting of the holy names).

137. Ecstati love for Lord Krishna quickly takes birth in anyone who hears of Lord Gaura's glorious pastimes in Nadiya.

138. Holding a straw between my teeth, I, Locana dasa, declare: Lord Gaura's feet are my only treasure. I have no other.



Song 3 (Dhanasi-raga)



139. Shining like a full moon in Navadvipa, Lord Gaura always manifested a flooding nectar stream of ecstati love.

140. The devotees became like cakora birds, always drinking the nectar effulgence of the moons of His feet. With limitless mercy the Lord revealed the truth of ecstati spiritual love.

141. Please hear the wodnerful story of the Lord's pastimes on another day. The Lord was sitting in His home, His effulgent form more glorious than the forms of ten million Kamadevas.

142. His neck was like a lion's neck, or like a conchsell. His eyes were like lotus flowers. In a voice deep like rumbling clouds He said:

143. "Why do I see men with four, five, and si faces in My house? My heart is filled with wonder to see them."

144. Staying at the Lord's side, and hearing these words, Shrinivasa Pandita gave this reply:

145. "All the demigods have come to see You. The beings with four, five, and si faces are Brahma and the demigods.

146. "You are an ocean of ecstati spiritual love. Your form is a great treasure of ecstati spiritual love. All the demigods have come to beg from You a gift of that treasure of ecstati spiritual love."

147. Lord Mahaprabhu sat on a glittering throne. On one devotee's body He rested His body. Another devotee was at His feet.

148. Falling down before His feet, Shrinivasa and the other devotees wept and said:

149. "We would ask of You a boon. O master of the highest limit of mercy, please give us the nectar honey of love for Your lotus feet."

150. In a voice like a thundering cloud Lord Visvambhara said: "Everyone lick up that nectar honey. I give you the mercy of ecstati spiritual love."

151. At that time all the demigods attained ecstati spiritual love. Thier bodies were filled with ecstati love. They were struck with wonder.

152. Calling out, "O Radha'-Govinda!", the demigods danced. Seeing this, the Vaishnavas became joyful at heart.

153. The demigods and goddesses danced. Tears flowed from their eyes. The hairs of their bodies stood erect. They perspired. They were tossed by waves of ecstati spiritual love.

54. One moment they rolled on the ground and fell before the Lord's feet. Another moment they called at the top of their voices, "Haribol!" and danced.

155. Another moment they offered prayers to Lord Gaura-Govinda. Another moment they fell like sticks before the Lord's feet.

156. Another moment the demigods placed their heads at the Lord's feet and begged: "Please keep Your feet in our hearts."

157. Again and again the Lord replied: "So be it." The demigods became filled with the treasure of ecstati spiritual love.

158. Having attained the treasure of ecstati spiritual love, the demigods departed for their own abodes. Seeing all this, the devotees became blissful at heart.

159. This shows why the people say the Lord loves his devotees. Seeing the Lord's mercy, Suklambara Brahmacari spoke some words.

160. Suklambara Brahmacari was very pure. His body was purified by many pilgrimages. His nature was gentle and sweet.

161. He approached the Lord and spoke some words. He was not afraid. Yearning to attain ecstati spiritual love, he spoke what was in his heart.

162. "O! O, Lord Gaura! O Supreme Lord! Please hear. Please hear. Today with my own eyes I have seen Your mercy.

163. "I have traveled to many holy places, but still I am unhappy. Why I do not know.

164. "I traveled to Mathura and Dvaraka, but still I was unhappy. Please give me the treasure of ecstati spiritual love."

165. Hearing these words, the Lord replied: "Please hear, O Suklambara, My words.

166. "How many dogs and jackals live in that forest? What am I to them?" Thus spoke the Lord.

167. "If Lord Krishna does not stay in one's heart, one cannot attain the mercy of the holy places.

168. "Love for Lord Krishna is the only true religion. There is no other. Look, the scriptures declare:


169. minah snana-parah phani pavana-bhun- mesho 'pi parnasanah

sasvad bhramyati cakrigaur api bako dhyane sada tishthati

garte tishthati mushiko 'pi gahane simhah sada vartate

tesham phalam asti hanta tapasa sad-bhava-siddhim vina



" `Fish intently bathe. Snakes eat only air. Sheep eat only grass. The o circling the grinding wheel always walks. Cranes are rapt in meditation. Mice live in holes. Lions live in the forest. A person who, without love for Lord Krishna, practices austerities like the austerities of these animals, attains a result like what these animals attain.'


170. "In the Narada-pancaratra (2.6, it is said:



aradhito yadi haris tapasa tatah kim

naradhito yadi haris tapasa tatah kim

antar bahir yadi haris tapasa tatah kim

nantar bahir yadi haris tapasa tatah kim



"Ifone can understand the Supreme Personality of Godhead and engage in His service, there is no more need of severe austreities, penances, and so on. However, if after performing severe austerities and penances, one does not understand the Supreme Personality of Godhead, such practices are useless.'*


171. Hearing these words, the brahmana Suklambara fell to the ground. Distraught, he wept, and his devotion for the Lord grew.

172. Lord Gaura could not tolerate His servant's grief. His fair form became reddened with compassion. It was red like the rising sun.

173. "I give you ecstati spiritual love! I give you ecstati love!", the Lord called out in a voice choked with grief. In this way Suklambara attained the mercy of ecstati spiritual love.

174. When Suklambara attained ecstati spiritual love his body trembled. The hairs of his body stood erect. Tears streamed from his eyes.

175. Joyfully he chanted the Lord's holy names. Seeing this, everyone became very joyful at heart.

176. Shri Gadadhara Pandita was the abode of all virtues. He stayed at the Lord's side. He always chanted the holy names.

177. One night he took rest in the Lord's room. Glancing at him, the Lord was pleased and said:

178. "Tomorrow at dawn you will attain rare ecstati spiritual love. By the Vaishnavas' mercy your desire will be fulfilled."

179. Speaking these words, the Lord took the flower garland from His own body and placed it around Gadadhara's neck. At dawn everyone came to see the Lord.

180. The Lord told everyone His words of the previous night. By those words Gadadhara attained ecstati spiritual love.

181. With a happy heart Gadadhara bathed in the Ganga. Overcome with ecstati spiritual love, his body trembled.

182. He worshiped Lord Jagannatha, and then he worshiped his own master, Lord Gaura.

183. He anointed Lord Gaura's limbs with fragrant sandal paste, placed a splendid flower garland on the Lord's neck, and recited many prayers.

184. Every day he worshiped the Lord in this way. He slept in the Lord's bedroom.

185. He slept at the Lord's feet. His heart was always filled with devotion and faith.

186. The words he spoke to the Lord were always sweet like nectar. Hearing these words, Lord Visvambhara felt bliss in His heart.

187. His words were like nectar showers in the Lord's heart. When He went to dance, the Lord held his hand.

188. With Narahari at one hand and Gadadhara at the other, the Lord danced the rasa dance pastime in Shrivasa's house.

189. Then the devotees saw Lord Gaura manifest the dark form of Lord Krishna and Gadadhara manifest the form of Shri Radha.

190. Then Narahari manifested the form of Madhumati gopi. Seeing all this, the Vaishnavas called out: "Hari! Hari!"

191. Then the land of Vrindavana was manifest in that place. There Saci's son stood, surrounded by cows, gopas, and gopis.

192. Then the Lord's personal associates manifested their original forms as gopas and gopis. The Lord and His devotees tasted the nectar of the different rasas.

193. Shri Raghunandana is the eternally new Kamadeva. He is counted among the spiritual Kamadevas.

194. Surrounded by these devotees, who stood in front and on every side, the Lord danced.

195. Seeing the Lord and the devotees in their Krishna-lila forms, everyone wept. In this way Lord Krishna, who is the moon of Vraja, was manifest in Navadvipa.

196. One moment Lord Gaura danced with Gadadhara. The next moment They were transformed into handsome dark Lord Krishna and Shri Radha' in the nectar rasa-dance arena.

197. Gazing at these wonders, the devotees called out: "Hari! Hari! Jaya! Jaya!" They made a sound like thundering clouds.

198. As a beautiful sunset filled the horizon and daytime came to an end, rainclouds suddenly filled the circle of the sky.

199. The rainclouds rumbled deeply. Seeing them, the Vaishnavas became anxious.

200. Seeing a disturbance had come, they became unhappy. "How cane we escape this disturbance?", they thought.

201. Actually the rainclouds had come to taste the nectar of ecstati love. Watching Lord Gaura's pastimes, they thundered with ecstati love.

202. At that time Lord Mahaprabhu began to play karatalas. Loudly He chanted the holy names.

203. In their hearts the demigods felt that their lives had then become successful. Craning their necks, they eagerly gazed at Lord Gaura from the sky.

204. Then the rainclouds fled. The sky became clear, and the Vaishnavas became joyful.

205. A spotless moon shone in the evening sky. As the devotees sang the Lord's glories, Lord Gaura danced.

206. Manifesting humanlike forms, the clouds came by the Lord's side. Following the devotees, they danced.

207. What more can I say of these clouds? Lord Gaura gave ecstati spiritual love to everyone in the three worlds. Lord Gaura-Hari did not consider to whom He should give the gift of lote and to whom He should not give it.

208. In the midst of the devotees the Lord danced. Surrounded by everyone, Saci's son danced.

209. Overcome with love, the great king of dancers danced. The anklets on His lotus feet made a great melodious sound.

210. The saintly brahmanis happily chanted "Jaya! Jaya!" From the sky the demigods eagerly watched.

211. Overcome with ecstati love, all the devotees danced. What austerities did they perform in how many births that they were able to join in these pastimes? I do not know.

212. Somehow they were able to dance with Lord Gaura. Filled with bliss, they had attained the treasure of ecstati spiritual love.

213. The Lord filled the earth and the sky with His mercy. Hearing all this, Locana dasa is filled with bliss. Locana dasa speaks these words.



Mukundera prati Kripa

Mercy to Mukunda


Song 4 (Syamagada raga)



Refrain: His handsome tall form is like Mount Sumeru's summit. He trembles, overcome with ecstati spiritual love. From head to foot the hairs of His body stand erect. Tears stream from His eyes. Overcome with bliss, Saci's son dances in Nadiya's villages.


1. Shrinivasa and his four brothers joyfully sang auspicious songs. Haridasa called out: "Hari! Hari!" There was a great roar of songs comparing Lord Gaura to the teenage couple of Vraja. Everyone was tossed by waves of ecstati spiritual love.

2. Without stop Murari and Mukunda Datta sang songs glorifying the Lord. The hairs on their bodies standing erect in ecstasy, they sang. Yearning to taste the nectar of ecstati spiritual love, like intoxicated bumblebees the devotees surrounded the lotus flower of Lord Gaura's feet.

3. On all four sides came calls of "Jaya!" In the middle danced Lord Gaura, effulgent like gold. Everyone there was overcome with bliss. Wherever anyone looked everyone was filled with bliss. The weeping of ecstati love filled the ten directions.

4. Whenever two devotees met, they embraced in the ecstasy of spiritual love. Poets recited poems. Falling down before the Lord's feet, panditas and gsovamis recited prayers. The devotees created what was like a marketplace of the holy name.

5. The hairs of His body erect with ecstasy, Lord Gaura seemed decorated with pearls and gold. His face was reddened with ecstati love. He smiled a gentle nectar smile. Then He revealed the treasure in His heart.

6. On moment He spoke wildly like a drunkard. The next mometn He declared: "I am the Supreme Personality of Godhead". The next moment He bowed down to offer obeisances. The next moment He spoke blessings. The next moment He gave boons to His followers.

7. No man or woman in the seven continents had ever seen the ecstati love the Lord revealed. Gazing at Lord Gaura's ecstay of love, Locana dasa also is overcome with love.



Song 5 (Tarajabandha-dhanasi raga)



Refrain: How did the demigod Brahma create Lord Gauranga's handsome form? How can anyone, even a person with a heart hard like stones and wood, gaze at Lord Gaura's form and not melt with love?


8. Who churned what nectar to make the butter that fashioned Lord Gaura's limbs? Who kneaded the nectar of the worlds to fashion the nectar of love Lord Gaura feels?

9. Who, mixing together the nectar of love and the yogurt of infatuation, fashioned Lord Gaura's two eyes? Who, gathering the sweetest honey, fashioned Lord Gaura's soft, soft words and gentle, gentle smile?

10. Who, stirring togather many flooding streams of sweet nectar, fashioned Lord Gaura's golden complexion? Who, gathering together many sweet pheni candies, fashioned Lord Gaura's limbs?

11. Who anointed Lord Gaura's limbs with the paste of lightning? Who anointed Lord Gaura's face with paste of the moon? What sculptor fashioned Lord Gaura's wonderful form from the clay of exquisite handsomeness?

12. Overwhelmed by the fragrance of the lotus flowers that are Lord Gaura's hands and feet, the shining moons of all the full-moon nights weep. The twenty nails on Lord Gaura's fingers and toes fill the world with light, light that gives eyes to persons blind from birth.

13. Where do I not see Lord Gaura? Gazing at Lord Gaura's form filled with the wonderful pastimes of ecstati spiritual love, the women wept. How could they tie up their hearts to keep them safe from Lord Gaura?

14. What heart is not delighted by Lord Gaura's playful pastimes, which are the sweetest nectar of nectars? Who anointed Lord Gaura's face with the paste of amorous playfulness? Unable to see His face, I weep.

15. Who placed on Lord Gaura's forehead the rainbow and the half-moon? Beautiful and saintly girls yearn to touch Lord Gaura's form with their hands.

16. Who fashioned the jewel palace that is Lord Gaura's form? Seeing Lord Gaura's playful pastimes, the saintly girls, overcome with desire, weep.

17. The girls cannot always gaze on Him, even from the corners of their eyes. Now the birds of their eyes fly to Lord Gaura. Seeing their thirst to gaze at His face, graceful Lord Gaura walks very slowly.

18. Saintly girls flee from their homes. The lame run. The atheists and offenders sing Lord Gaura's glories. Rolling in the dust, everyone weeps. No one is peaceful and composed. Lord Gaura's glories have sweetness without limit.

19. Some call out: "Run! Run to see Him!" Some embrace in the bliss of spiritual love. Some dance. Some loudly laugh. Attracted by the breeze bearing the fragrance of Lord Krishna's form and glories, many saintly ladies say: "Go to see Him!"

20. Gazing at the moon of Lord Gaura's face, the girls of Nadiya's villages wept, tears again and again streaming from their eyes. Their hearts became filled with love. The hairs of their bodies stood erect. In their hearts they kept a vigil, always thinking of Lord Gaura.

21. Overcome, the kings of the yogis and sages meditate day and night on Lord Gaura in their hearts. He who is the king of all the planets now rolls in the dust, weeps, and calls out "Radha! Radha!"

22. Renouncing His pastimes with Goddess Lakshmi, He now yearns to enjoy pastimes of spiritual love. His two eyes are now red with love. meditating on Radha' in His heart, He does not reveal His true identity. Now His form is fair like Hers.

23. Look! Look, O people of the world, at the wonderful love the master of the three worlds now manifests. Why is He surrounded by people who have no wealth? I do not know. What treasure does He hope to find? Why, overcome with bliss, does He dance in this way?

24. Glory! Glory! Glory! Lord Gaura Raya has broken open the treasure house of the nectar of ecstati spiritual love. Now He distributes that nectar to everyone. He brings life to the lifeless. He gives cripples the power to leap over mountains. Locana dasa joyfully sings His glories.



Song 6 (Varadi raga-Disa)



Refrain: Hari! Rama! Narayana! Saci-dulal! Gaura!


25. Please hear the wonderful story of another day's pastime. The pastimes of Saci's son are eternally new and fresh.

26. This story is very wonderful. The like of it has never been heard in this world. Still, the fallen people will not believe it in their hearts.

27. In this pastime Lord Gaura revealed the secret truth about Himself. To His personal associates He said: "Please see this world of birth and death is maya."

28. Saying this, He spoke of other things. Then, forgetting all the worlds, He became rapt in chanting Lord Hari's holy names.

29. Chanting His own holy names, He became wild at heart. Rolling on the ground, He wept. His spiritual love was very strong.

30. Suddenly He stood up, clapped his hands, and to His personal associates revealed His true identity, the truth that He is indeed the Supreme Personality of Godhead.

31. "Look. Look. I now plant a mango seed. The seed I plant will now grow into a tree."

32. Saying these words, Lord Gaura planted a mango seet. At once it sprouted.

33. As everyone watched and watched, the tree quickly grew. On the top branches buds and flowers formed.

34. As everyone watched and watched there was a great wonder. Everyone saw the flowers turn into mangoes.

35. In a moment the mangoes became ripe. With a finger Lord Gaura pointed to one of the fruits.

36. Someone picked that fruit and brought it to the Lord. Everyone watched. Then he offered it to the Lord.

37. Suddenly no one in three worlds could see that tree. Only the fruit remained. The tree was an illusion.

38. "Please see that it was only maya.", the Lord said to everyone. "Aware that this world is maya, do not be overcome by lamentation in this world of birth and death.

39. "By the power of My maya this world of birth and death is created. unaware of this truth, the people claim this world is their property.

40. "How will one get the power to cut the ropes of My maya? There is only one path. Following it, one can conquer maya.

41-42. "If one desires to attain liberation as a result of the actions he does with his material body, then one should dedicate one's body to Lord Krishna's lotus feet. Such a person is not bound by pious deeds or neglect of pious deeds, or by what, in material terms, is auspicious and what is not.

43. "Therefore I consider that devotional service to Krishna, offering everything to Krishna, is the highest truth. When one offers everything to Krishna, one cannot stay aloof from Him.

44. "A person who offers everything to Lord Krishna attains Lord Krishna in all respects. The Bhagavad-gita, Shrimad-Bhagavatam, and in all the Puranas sing this truth.

45. "A person who does not offer everything to Lord Krishna lives in vain. A person who offers everything to Lord Krishna attains the most valuable treasure one can find in this world of birth and death."

46. In this way Lord Gaurachandra revealed a very wonderful truth. Hearing it, Locana dasa becomes filled with bliss. Locana dasa tells this story.



Song 7 (Shri raga)



Refrain: Glory to You, O Lord Gauranga1 Glory to You!


47. Seeing the physician Mukunda, Lord Mahaprabhu smiled and said:

48. "You know the truth of Brahman. This I have heard. O Mukunda Datta, I will now explain that truth to you."

49. Speaking these words, the Lord recited a verse. Their herts beating quickly, everyone listened.

50. The Lord said:



ramante yogino 'nante

satyanande cid-atmani

iti rama-padenasau

param brahmabhidhiyate



"The mystics derive unlimited transcendental pleasures from the Absolute Truth, and therefore the Supreme Absolute Truth, the Personality of Godhead, is also known as Rama."*


51. Then Lord Gaura-Hari again mercifully said to the physician Mukunda:

52. "In your heart you think worship of four-armed Lord Narayana is the best worship. But you have very little knowledge of meditating on two-armed Lord Krishna.

53. "Please look at this treasure, the best of all treasures, that now stands before you. Please see what is truly auspicious for you. Please worship two-armed Lord Krishna. Plunge your heart in thinking of Lord Krishna.

54. "It is from Lord Krishna that the form of Narayana has come. This the scriptures say. Never do the scriptures say the form of Lord Krishna has come from Narayana."

55. Lord Visvambhara spoke these kind words. Hearing them, the physician Mukunda respectfully bowed his neck and said:

56. "I will bathe in the Ganga, and then I will do as You wish. For me the dust of the Vaishnavas' feet as the greatest mercy.

57. "Your lotus feet are an umbrella placed over my head. Please bathe me in a shower of service to You. That is my only wish.

58. "O Lord, how can I know what is good and what is bad? Within and without I am like a drunken blind man.

59. "O Lord, please be merciful to me. Please mercifully give the gift of being able to render service to You.

60. "You are the Supreme Personality of Godhead, the master of all masters. Your form is made of transcendental bliss. You are Lord Krishna. You are the root from where all the avataras have sprouted."

61. Hearing these words, Lord Gaura became satisfied at heart. With His lotus foot He touched Mukunda's head.

62. At that moment the hairs on every lim of Mukunda's body stood erect. Tears filled his eyes. His voice became choked with emotion. In this way the physician Mukunda manifested the symptoms of ecstati spiritual love.

63. With a voice choked with emotion he spoke many prayers. He said: "O Supreme Personality of Godhead, O master of all masters, O first cause of all causes, all glories to You!"

64. Glancing at Mukunda, Lord Mahaprabhu Visvambhara Hari said:

65. "O physician, please listen. Listen to My words. In your heart you chew and chew the spiritual message of Bhagavad-gita.

66-67. "If you wish to attain what is truly good for the spirit soul, if you yearn to attain the bliss of pure love for Lord Krishna, then please stop chewing and chewing the Bhagavad-gita's words. Instead, with great love chant the holy names of Lord Krishna.

68-69. "Instead, worship Lord Krishna, whose handsome dark form glistens like sapphires, who is the crown of all dancers, who holds a flute in His hand, whose garments are yellow, whose neck is adorned with a garland of forest flowers, and who is surrounded by a host of gopis."

70. Hearing the Lord's command, the physician Mukunda was overcome. The tears he wept fell to the ground.

71. Humbly offering prayers at the Lord's feet, he said: "O Lord, I have no power to escape the inescapable world of birth and death.

72. "Even Brahma, Siva, Lakshmi, and Ananta have no power to defeat Your undefeatable maya.

73. "Without Your mercy, who has the power to defeat Your supremely powerful maya? Please listen, O Lord Visvambhara.

74. "O am very lowly and fallen. What power have I to defeat the world of birth and death and worship Your feet?

75. "O Lord, if, seeing how unhappy I am, You feel merciful to me, then please become like mercy personified to me.

76. "O Lord, please be merciful and ggive me the secret treasure of ecstati spiritual love.

77. "Please make my heart like a bumblebee filled with love for the honey-pollen of the lotus flower of Your feet.

78. "Please splash me with the ocean of Your mercy. Please don't hate me. I am very fallen and unimportant."

79. Hearing this anguished appeal, the Lord felt great mercy in His heart.

80. Smiling, the Lord said: "Listen, Mukunda. Soon you will attain your wish."

81-82. Then, accompanied by his brothers, the wise and very pure-hearted devotee Shrinivasa Pandita served Lord Krishna. Then, with great love, he worshiped Lord Visvambhara's feet.

83. Again and again he chanted the Lord's holy names and praised His glories. His younger brother Shri Rama was very affectionate to him.

84. Shri Rama Pandita was very devoted to his older brother. Together the two brothers would sing the Lord's glories.

85. Shrivasa and Shri Rama were both very dear to Lord Gaura. With a joyful heart the Lord enjoyed many pastimes with them.

86. In their house the Lord danced with His personal associates. At those times Lord Gaura seemed like Lord Kapila surrounded by a host of sages.

87. In their house Lord Gaura passed many days happily teaching hundreds and hundreds of students.

88. There the Lord met and taught student after student. Amongst them one student was a very great fool.

89. That foolish son of a brahmana said: "I say Shri Krishna is only a manifestation of maya."

90. Hearing these words, Lord Gaura covered His ears with His hands and ran to bathe in the Ganga.

91. Accompanied by His associates, and still wearing His clothes, the Lord bathed in the Ganga. Then, roaring like thunder, and the hairs of His body erect with ecstasy, Lord Gaura chanted the holy names of Lord Hari.

92. "My ears were contaminated by the wicked words of that sinful and degraded offender who is worthless like a pile of ashes."

93. After speaking these words, Lord Gaura, His voice like thundering clouds, chanted Lord Hari's holy names. Thus Locana dasa describes the splendor of Lord Gaura's glories.




Description of the Truth of Lord Advaita


Song 8 (Bhatiyari raga)



Refrain: Lord Gaurachandra, who is Saci's son, and who is also the Supreme Personality of Godhead known as Hari and Narayana, in His heart decided on a plan to catch in the trap of ecstati spiritual love the souls in maya's prison.


1. Now I will tell another wonderful story. Everyone please turn your thoughts from other things, and listen with great care.

2. The hairs of my body stand erect as I sing Lord Gaura's glories. The splendor of Lord Gaura's glories is a limitless flood of the sweetest nectar.

3. Accompanied by Shrivasa and many devotees and students, Lord Gaura happily went to see Advaita Acarya.

4. Some sang songs. Others chanted Lord Hari's holy names. others called out: "Hari! Hari!" Nothing was like that procession.

5. The devotees sang, and Lord Gaura personally danced. The Lord forgot Himself. He was overcome with the splendor of ecstati spiritual love.

6. From head to foot the hairs of His body stood erect. His eyes were red. Gazing at Lord Gaura's, face, everyone became restless with ecstati love.

7. Lord Gaura slapped His arms and loudly called out. Everyone rolled on the ground and wept.

8. As to see Lord Advaita they walked on the path, everyone was overcome with ecstasy in this way.

9. When they saw Lord Advaita Acarya Gosai, they all fell to the ground like sticks.

10. With great respect Lord Advaita fell before Lord Gaura's feet. His voice choked with emotion, He spoke humble prayers.

11. Saying, "You are the crest jewel of ten million Advaitas", Lord Advaita offered obeisances and rolled on the ground.

12. Finally Lord Gaura and Lord Advaita embraced. They spirnkled each other with tears from Their eyes.

13. Then Lord Gaura sat down and spoke graceful words, words that remove sins, words that bring the gift of pure devotional service.

14. Hearing these words, Lord Advaita said: "Your two reddish eyes will make even the offenders melt with ecstati love.

15. "The offenders say there is no devotional service in Kali-yuga. With their own eyes they should see My Lord Chaitanya Gosai."

16. When Lord Gaura heard these words His lips trembled. With a deep voice like a thundering cloud He said:

17. "There is no devotional service in Kali-yuga? What else exists in Kali-yuga? Devotional service is all that exists in Kali-yuga. Devotional service is all that exists in this world of birth and death.

18. "Persons who say, `There is no devotional service in Kali-yuga' are born in vain. Everyone please listen.

19. "In Kali-yuga the great mercy of devotional service to Lord Krishna is very prominent. No other yuga is merciful like Kali-yuga."

20. Anxious at heart, Shrivasa Pandita then said:

21. "Lord, look. Standing before us is such an offender brahmana. He will be a great obstacle in the festival of glorifying Lord Krishna."

22. That person was a great offender. His actions were evil. He was very proud of his learning.

23. To that person Lord Mahaprabhu said: "Demon, don't stay in this place."

24. That brahmana bewildered by maya did not stay. With a happy heart Lord Mahaprabhu then enjoyed His pastimes.

25. Lord Gaura took Shrivasa's hand in His right hand and Gadadhara's hand in His left hand.

26. He leaned on Narahari's body. Glancing at Raghunandana's face, He wept.

27. He placed His lotus feet on Shri Rama Pandita's body. In this way Lord Mahaprabhu enjoyed pastimes in Advaita Acarya's presence.

28. On the four sides the Vaishnavas sang the holy names. In the middle Saci's son danced.

29. As Lord Krishna had danced with the gopis in the great festival of the rasa dance, so Lord Gaura gracefully danced in the kirtana of chanting the holy names.

30. As the dancing continued, Advaita Acarya and Sita became joyful.

31. Then Lord Gaura accepted a meal in Advaita's house. Advaita placed a garland on Lord Gaura's body and anointed Lord Gaura's graceful limbs with fragrant sandal paste.

32. Advaita Acarya considered Himself very fortunate. "The Lord is merciful to Me.", He thought.

33. Falling down before Lord Visvambhara's feet, Lord Advaita's associates wept. Picking them up, Lord Visvambhara embrced each one.

34. As His own holy names were sung, Lord Gaura sang and danced. Then, accompanied by His own associates, Lord Gaura returned to His own home.

35. Day after day Lord Gaura enjoyed pastimes in this way. Hearing of these pastimes, Locana dasa has become blissful at heart.



Song 9 (Varadi raga)



Refrain: Chasing away all inauspiciousness, Lord Gaura gave to the world the treasure of ecstati spiritual love.


36. Sitting in His own home, Lord Mahaprabhu explained the spiritual truth of the Supreme Personality of Godhead.

37. He said: "There is only one Supreme Lord. He is Lord Krishna. He is the creator and maintainer of the worlds. He is the Supersoul present everywhere in this world."

38. Speaking these words, the Lord made a fist. Everyone watched.

39.Again He said: "Everyone listen. Only a person who has devotion can understand the truth of Lord Krishna.

40. "Without devotion to Lord Krishna one may struggle and struggle, but one will not attain liberation.

41. "If he thinks he is the same as Lord Krishna, a conditioned soul cannot become free from the prison of repeated birth and death.

42. "Without being liberated one cannot understand Lord Krishna in truth." Saying this, Lord Gaura continued: "Listen to this example.

43. "Look. Look at the five fingers of My hand. One finger may be anointed with honey. The other four fingers may be anointed with something horrible.

44. "The four fingers with a foul smell one will not even look at with his eyes. But the one finger anointed with honey one will try to lick with his tongue.

45. "The one finger is Lord Krishna. A person whose interest lies only in Lord Krishna and nowhere else is truly liberated."

46. With these words Lord Gaura, who is a treasure house of transcendental virtues, described the philosophy of jnana-yoga in many way. Then He was silent for a moment.

47. Then Lord Gaura kindly said: "Devotional service ot Lord Krishna is the best of all truths. There is no other truth.

48. "The people think that by cultivating transcendental knowledge one may attain Lord Krishna. But the truth is that rendering loving devotional service to Lord Krishna's lotus feet is the best way to attain Lord Krishna.

49. "One who knows the truth keeps his heart attached to Lord Krishna. A person whose heart is attached in that way develops unalloyed devotion to Lord Krishna.

50. "Such a person meditates on Lord Krishna's lotus feet. Chanting `Hari! Hari!', he always thinks of Lord Krishna's lotus feet.

51. "Lord Krishna's dark three-fold-bending form is spiritual, eternal, and full of bliss. Lord Krishna always stays with Shri Radha. Lord Krishna is more enchanting than Kamadeva. He is the best of dancers. He enjoys many pastimes.

52. "In Vrindavana forest, in a palace of nine kinds of jewels, charming Lord Krishna is surrounded by beautiful gopis.

53. "Vrindavana is beautiful with many cuckoos, peacocks, parrots, bumblebees, and many kinds of blossoming flowers.

54. "In Vrindavana the land os made of cintamani jewels, the trees are all kalpavriksha trees, and the cows are all kamadhenu cows.

55. "Beautiful Vrindavana is surrounded by the Yamuna. Seeing the sweet beauty of Vrindavana, Goddess Lakshmi yearns to go there."

56. As Goddess Lakshmi gazed at Vrindavana, a flood of tears rose in her two reddish eyes, and the hairs of her body stood erect.

57. One moment she laughed. The next moment she wept. The next moment she sang and danced." Addressing everyone, Lord Gaura said in a voice choked with emotion:

58. "In this way My great devotees mercifully purify the three worlds."

59. After speaking these words, Lord Gaura became very joyful at heart. He danced and He made His devotees dance also.

60. In this way Lord Gaura happily enjoyed pastimes in Navadvipa. He would meet His devotees by the Ganga's banks.

61. On another day Lord Advaita Acarya Gosai came to Navadvipa to see Lord Visvambhara.

62. At that time Lord Mahaprabhu had gone to Shrivasa's house. Waiting for Lord Mahaprabhu's return, Lord Advaita bathed and performed worship.

63. At Shrivasa's house, with a happy heart Lord Mahaprbahu placed flowers on a stick and said:

64. "To kill the demons I worship this stick. In My hands this stick will become like a lion to protect the devotees.

65. "With this stick I will punish the demons." To everyone the Lord said:

66. "One demon especially hates My devotees. For many births he will be afflicted with leprosy.

67. "I will make him live in a hell of witches and goblins. He will become a stool-eating pig.

68. "I will punish his students. With this stick I will kill all the offenders.

69. "In My heart I decided: `I will enter the jungle.' To Me this world is a great jungle.

70. "Some people here are like tigers. Others are like boulders. Others are like trees. Others are like blades of grass.

71. "Some people I consider ferocious animals. Therefore I say that to Me this world is like a great jungle."

72. Hearing that Lord Advaita had come, Lord Gaura thought: "I was not there to greet Him. I should go to greet Him."

73. At that moment Lord Advaita arrived at that place and came before Lord Gaura.

74. Placing a gift before Lord Gaura's lotus feet, Lord Advaita offered obeisances, falling like a stick to the ground.

75. Grasping Advaita's hand, Lord Gaura said: "It is because of You that I came to this world.

76. "You bowed Your head before My lotus feet. You offered Me tulasi-manjaris. You worshiped Me and wept.

77. "With the heart of a true devotee You loudly called for Me. It is because of Your love for Me that I came here with My devotees."

78. Saying these words, Lord Mahaprabhu sat on a seat. "Dance.", He commanded Advaita Acarya.

79. Singing the dasa-avatara prayers, the great brahmana Lord Advaita Acarya danced very elaborately.

80. Overcome with bliss, Shrivasa and the other devotees sang the holy names of Lord Hari.

81. Watching all this Lord Gaura Mahaprabhu became happy. He smiled and said to Lord Advaita:

82. "Your children always pray that I give them ecstati spiritual love. I will give it. I will give them the gift of ecstati loving devotion. This I tell to You."

83. Hearing these words, Lord Advaita Acarya became pleased. In His heart He thought: "Now My mission is successful."

84. Then Advaita Acarya said: "Lord, please hear My words. These people are all devoted to Your lotus feet.

85. "You love Your devotees. You are an ocean of mercy. Please give them a great treasure of ecstati spiritual love. Please protect Your devotees."

86. The devotees all approached the Lord. Sitting on all sides, they surrounded Him.

87. Lord Gaura was like a moon filling the evening sky with glorious light. Glancing at Advaita Acarya, Lord Gaura said:

88. "O lotus-eyed Advaita, You are My greatest devotee. It is because of You that I came here.

89. "You happily sing My glories and dance. Everyone I see here is intent on devotional service."

90. Hearing these words, Shrivasa Pandita approached Lord Gaura and with a happy heart said:

91. "I have one request. Please hear my words. I am afraid to speak. My heart is in turmoil.

92. "I have one doubt in my heart. Therefore I ask this question: Is Advaita Acarya a devotee of Yours?"

93. When Lord Gaura heard these words His face became flushed with anger. His eyes red with anger, He spoke this rebuke:

94. "Uddhava and Akrura are both very dear to Me. You think Advaita Acarya is less than them?

95. "Of all My devotees in Bharata-varsha who is equal to Advaita Acarya?

96. "Brahmana, you are very foolish to speak these words. None of My devotees is equal to Advaita Acarya.

97. "He is the king of the Vaishnavas. He is My very self. This I say. He is the creator of all the worlds. He has come here to deliver the people of Kali-yuga.

98. "He whom the scriptures call Maha-Vishnu has assumed the role of a devotee, descended to this world, and become Advaita Acarya.

99. "Therefore I very emphatically say to You: Glorify Advaita Acarya with prayers. At every moment serve Him with devotion."

100. Hearing these words, the brahmana Shrivasa felt fear in his heart. He remained silent. No word came to his mouth.

101. Then Lord Gaura-Hari again said: "Don't again chew the ideas of impersonalism.

102. "If again you hear and gaze on the ideas of impersonalim, I will not again give ecstati spiritual love to you and your followers.

103. "Only persons who turn away from karma and jnana attain ecstati love for Lord Krishna. Knowing this, don't take shelter of karma or jnana."

104. Hearing these wofds, Shrivasa Pandita said: "Please grant me this boon: That my heart will forget everything about impersonalism."

105. Murari said: "I do not know anything about impersonalism." Lord Gaura said: "From lotus-eyed Advaita Acarya you may learn the actual truth.

106. "With a pure heart earnestly engage in devotional service to Lord Krishnacandra. Liberation is a maiservant serving devotional service."

107. Hearing these words, everyone became joyful at heart. In their hearts the devotees thought: "I will obey this command."

108. Wild by tasting the honey at Lord Krishna's lotus feet, and glorious like a host of demigods, the devotees joyfully danced.

109. The stories of Lord Gaura's pastimes in Nadiya are all glorious like this story. In this way Locana dasa describes Lord Gaura's preaching the philosophy of ecstatic spiritual love.



Song 10 (Sindhuda raga)



110. His eyes are red lotus flowers. His moving glances are restless birds. He is plunged in the nectar honey of compassion for others. His face is a full moon. Its moonlight makes every heart weep with ecstasy. How muh spiritual love has he brought to this world?


Refrain: Trembling with ecstati spiritual love, the moon that is Saci's son joyfully dances in Nadiya's villages. Everyone sings auspicious songs of "Jaya! Jaya!" Gazing at Him, everyone is filled with wonder. He is handsome like Kamadeva. He is the king of dancers.


111. The hairs on His body stand erect, hairs like the filaments on golden kadamba flowers. His body is covered with perspiration. His body is filled with ecstati spiritual love. He is is glorious like the newly-risen sun. On His conchshell neck choked with emotion, half-spoken words rest.

112. On His fragrant lotus feet glisten ten toenail moons and a pair of golden anklets. He glistens like a moving lightning flash. He fills the demigods with wonder.

113. In the midst of the seven continents of the earth rest the nine islands of Navadvipa. In Navadvipa Lord Gaura-Hari manifests ecstati spiritual love. Chanting the holy names of Lord Hari, Lord Gaura-Hari fills with bliss the land and sky.

114. He is graceful like a lion cub. His deep voice is like thundering rainclouds. He is tossed by the waves in the ocean of spiritual love. He chants: "Hari! Haribol!" He makes the whole world overcome with bliss. On both sides the saintly girls drink the sight of Him.

115. His limbs are effulgent like glistening lamps or like the shining sun. His pastimes are glorious. His graceful form defeats ten million Kamadevas grasping bows and arrows of flowers. He has brought ecstati spiritual love to this world.

116. The graceful sandal-paste moons on His face defeated hundreds of thousands of full moons in the sky. The swiftly flowing streams of tears from the corners of His eyes gave to the people of the world, people bewildered from birth, the gift of ecstati spiritual love.

117. He was graceful like an intoxicated elephant. He was overcome with ecstati love. Gazing at Him, everyuone became filled with wonder. He charmed the beautiful girls. Gazing at Him, they forgot their homes. Gazing at Him, they became filled with the longings of Kamadeva.

118. How can I speak any metaphors or similes to describe my Gaura Raya? His graceful form was filled with kindness. He filled the people of Nadiya with such ecstati spiritual love they no longer knew whether it was day or night. Locana dasa joyfully sings this song.




Meeting Lord Nityananda


Song 11



Refrain: O! O! Lord Gaurachandra is my very life!


1. In His home Lord Gaura sat on a splendid seat. On the four sides He was surrounded by His devotees.

2. Glancing at Shrivasa, Lord Gaura said: "

o you know the meaning of your name?

3. "You are the abode of devotional service. Therefore you have the name Shrivasa."

4. Glancing at Gopinatha, Lord Gaura said: "You are very devoted to Me. Wherever I go, you follow."

5. Glancing at Murari, Lord Gaura said: "Recite your stanzas. I will hear them."

6. Hearing these words, intelligent Murari recited the stanzas he had written. As Lord Gaura listened, Murari recited:


7. rajat-kirita-mani-didhiti-dipitasam

udyad-brihaspati-kavi-pratime vahantam

dve kundale 'nka-rahitendu-samana-vaktram

ramam jagat-traya-gurum satatam bhajami



"Again and again i worship Lord Ramacandra, the master of the three worlds. His effulgent jewel crown fills the directions with light. His two earrings are the forms of Brihaspati and Sukra. His face is like a spotless moon.


8. udyad-vibhakara-marici-vibodhitabja-

netram su-bimba-dasana-cchada-caru-nasam


ramam jagat-traya-gurum satatam bhajami



"Again and again i worship Lord Ramacandra, the master of the three worlds. His eyes are two lotus flowers blossoming wide in the glistening sunlight. His lips are bimba fruits. His nose is graceful. His charming smile defeats the glistening moon."


9. After hearing these verses of the Raghuvirashtaka, Lord Gaura wrote a word on Murari's forehead.

10. Writing the word "Ramadasa" on Murari's forehead, Lord Gaura said: "By My mercy you are Ramadasa (Lord Rama's servant).

11. "Without Lord Rama you cannot live for even a single sesame seed's worth of time. I am your Lord Rama. Please know that for certain."

12. Speaking these words, Lord Gaura manifested His form as Lord Ramacandra. He was accompanied by Sita-devi, and by all His companions and associates.

13. Murari recited many prayers before the Lord's feet. He said: "Glory, glory to Lord Ramacandra, who has now become Saci's son!"

14. Again and again Murari recited prayers. Then he rolled on the ground. Then he again spoke many different kinds of prayers.

15. Then Lord Gaura mercifully said to Murari: "Please do not know anything but devotion to Me.

16. "If that is your desire, I will be Lord Ramacandra to you. I will be Lord Ramacandra, and you will taste the nectar of service to Me.

17. "Still, in this sankirtana movement you must chant the glories of Shri Shri Radha'-Krishna. In this way please render devotional service to Me. Please hear these words with all your heart."

18. After speaking these words, Lord Gaura recited a stanza. He said: "O brahmana Shrivasa, please listen as I recite this stanza (Shrimad-Bhagavatam 11.14.20):


19. na sadhayati mam yogo

na sankhyam dharmam uddhava

na svadhyayas tapas tyago

yatha bhaktir mamorjita



"My dear Uddhava, neither through ashtanga-yoga (the mysti yoga system to control the senses, nor through impersonal monism or an analytical study of the Absolute Truth, nor through study of the Vedas, nor through practice of austerities, nor through charity, nor through acceptance of sannyasa can one satisfy Me as much as one can by developing unalloyed devotional service unto Me."*


20. After reciting this verse, Lord Gaura said: "Everyone please hear. Please follow My instruction.

21. "Following Shrivasa Pandita's advice, please serve Me with devotion. Then you will become very happy.

22. "O Shri Rama Pandita, please hear My words. Please serve your elder brother. That is the same as service to Me.

23. "All of you please understand this. All of you please serve Shrivasa. Then you will attain the splendor of My feet."

24. To everyone Lord Gaura, who dearly loves His devotees, spoke these words. Tears came from His red with mercy eyes.

25. Then intelligent Shrivasa Pandita offered Lord Gaura some milk. The Lord happily drank it.

26. Then he offered the Lord fragrances, sandal, garlands, fragrant betelnuts, incense, and a lamp.

27. With a happy heart Lord Gaura accepted the offerings and then gave the remnants of them as gifts to His devotees.

28. In this way the night happily passed. At sunrise the Lord returned to His own home.

29. The devotees also returned to their homes. They bathed, worshiped their Deities, and again went to see Lord Gaura's lotus feet.

30. Smiling, ord Gaura said to them: "Listen, a great wonder has come. Shripada Nityananda Avadhuta has come here.

31. "Who has the power to describe His glories? We are very fortunate. We must have performed many past pious deeds that today We will see His feet.

32. "Rama, Narayana, Mukunda, and Murari, quickly find the answer to this question: Where is Nityananda?"

33. When the Lord gave this command, they at once went searching in the southern part of the city.

34. They searched, but they could not find Him. Then they returned to Lord Gaura's lotus feet.

35. Folding their hands, they said to the Lord: "We searched, but we could not find Him."

36. Lord Gaura said: "Everyone please hear. Everyone should search their own homes."

37. On the Lord's command they all rushed to their homes.

38. At dusk they again met before Lord Gaura.

39. Seeing him walking on the path, the Lord called out: "Murari!" Murari replied: "Lord, I did not find the Avadhuta." Then Lord Gaura gently smiled.

40. Then the Lord confidently said: "The great saint is at Nandana Acarya's house. Let s go there.

41. Hearing these words, the devotees became joyful. Chanting "Jaya! Jaya!", they walked with the Lord.

42. Walking on the pathways, they made a great tumult of "Hari! Hari!" The hairs on Lord Gaura's body stood upright. His voice was choked with emotion.

43. Tears streamed from Lord Gaura's eyes in five or seven flooding rivers. Overcome with ecstati love, His golden youthful form had no power to walk.

44. One moment He strode like a powerful lion. The next moment, wild with ecstasy, He stumbled and fell, motionless, to the ground.

45. His deep voice was like a thundering raincloud. Wild with bliss, He roared.

46. Overcome with bliss, Lord Gaura walked in this way. Then He suddenly saw Avadhuta Lord Nityananda Raya.

47. Lord Nityananda had a glorious ruddy fair complexion. He was very handsome. Glistening ornaments graced His limbs.

48. A glorious yellow garment graced His hips. On His head was a loosely tied turban the color of a yellow campaka flower.

49. As He walked, the anklets on His feet jingled. Hearing that sound, beautiful doe-eyed girls felt their hearts tremble.

50. His smiling like glistening lightning robbed the beautiful girls of their shyness.

51. His deep voice was like the rumbling of rainclouds. Hearing the lion's roar of His voice, the wild elephant of Kali-yuga was at once defeated.

52. His graceful walking was like the graceful walking of an intoxicated elephant. Flooding streams of ecstati spiritual love flowed without stop on His cheerful face.

53. He was flooded with ecstati love. The hairs of His body stood erect. He trembled, perspired, and manifested a host of ecstati symptoms. He was filled with the desire to taste the nectar rasas of ecstati love.

54. In His hand He held a golden staff to crush Kali-yuga's pride. His graceful palms were like red lotus flowers.

55. He wore bracelets, armlets, necklaces, and a host of jingling ornaments. On His cheeks were earrings. He was glorious like the sun.

56. He stumbled and fell. Then He fell again. Then He stood up. Someone said: "Hold Him up." Then He asked the assembled devotees: "Where is Gopala Krishna?"

57. He was like a divine child, a being not of this world. One moment He wept. The next moment He laughed. The next moment He addressed Revati: "Give Me some honey."

58. One moment He jumped and jumped with His two feet. The next moment He spoke words no one could understand.

59. The fragrance of His limbs filled the young girls with bliss.

60. Falling to the ground, Lord Gaura offered obeisances to Him.With sweet words Lord Gaura spoke auspicious prayers.

61. Then Lord Nityananda fell before Lord Gaura's feet. They both tried to touch each other's feet.

62. They embraced. They wept and wept. How many times did They embrace? They talked and laughed. They gazed at each other's graceful faces.

63. "I wandered the whole earth. Where were You? I could not find You.

64. "Finally I heard that Nanda's son was hiding in Navadvipa in Gauda-desa.

65. "I came to catch the thief. Now I have Him in My grasp. Where will He flee to now?"

66. Saying these words, Lord Nityananda laughed, wept, and danced. Lord Gauranga joyfully danced at Nityananda's side.

67. "Lord Nityananda will crush Kali-yuga's pride. He will deliver the fallen, lame, blind, foolish, and everyone else.

68. "Lord Nityananda's power will purify the three worlds. The fools, sinners, and offenders do not know His power.

69. "Everyone will fall into Lord Nityananda's trap." Lord Gaurachandra spoke these words.

70. Then Lord Gaura happily performed sankirtana of chanting Lord Hari's holy names. He danced and Lord Nityananda danced with Him.

71. When the dancing ended, They sat down together. Filled with bliss, everyone fixed their eyes on Them.

72. Then Lord Gaura took the dust from Lord Nityananda's feel and placed it on the devotees' heads.

73. When the dust of Lord Nityananda's feet was placed on thee devotees' heads, their hearts became filled with ecstati spiritual love. Tears streamed from their eyes.

74. In this way the Lord enjoyed blissful pastimes moment after moment. Finally Lord Gaura, Saci's son, returned to His own home.

75. Walking on the paths, He described Lord Nityananda's glories. He said: "No one in the three worlds can compare with Lord Nityananda.

76. "Everyone hear. Please hear My words. Nityananda's love and devotion for Lord Krishna is not ordinary.

77. "First is born knowledge. After that devotional service is born within one. After that, detachment from sesne pleasures takes its birth.

78. "In this way, day by day, gradually, gradually one falls in love with Lord Krishna. Then one becomes advanced in spiritual life."

79. On another day Lord Mahaprabhu invited Lord Nityananda, the best of sannyasis, to His home.

80. Again and again Lord Gaura offered alms to Lord Nityananda. He anointed His limbs with sandal paste, offered Him a splendid garland, and rightly worshiped Him.

81. Gazing at Lord Nityananda, Saci felt her eyes become filled with with cooling pleasure. Again and again gazing at His face, she became wild with ecstati love.

82. Lord Gaura said to her: "Know that Nityananda is your true son. Please take care of Him better than you take care of Me."

83. Loving Him like a son, Saci gazed at Lord Nityananda's face. "You are my son.", Saci-devi said.

84. "Please always be kind to my Visvambhara. From today on You are both my sons."

85. As she spoke and spoke in this way, tears flowed from her eyes. Loving Him like a a son, Saci embraced Lord Nityananda.

86. Loving her like a mother, Lord Nityananda fell like a stick before Saci's feet. He sweetly said:

87. "You say you are My mother, and that is the truth. I am your son. Please now that for certain.

88. "A mother never takes seriously her son's mischief. I am your son. Please know that is true in every way."

89. Saci was filled with a mother's love for Lord Nityananda. Tears flowed from her eyes. Her voice was choked with emotion.

90. In this way Saci tasted the nectar of a mother's love for her two sons. As she gazed at her two sons, her heart became filled with cooling pleasure.

91. On another day Shrivasa Pandita invited Lord Nityananda for a meal. Avadhuta Lord Nityananda came to his home.

92. Lord Nityananda enjoyed the meal. Shrivasa Pandita pleased Him in many ways. In that way the day passed.

93. At that moment smiling Lord Gaura Mahaprabhu entered Shrivasa's courtyard.

94. Entering the temple-room and sitting down on the Diety's throne, Lord Gaura said: "Look with your eyes at Me."

95. Hearing these words, Lord Nityananda, the best of sannyasis, respectfully gazed at Lord Gaura's body.

96. What was Lord Gaura's intention? Lord Nityananda did not exactly know.

97. Glancing at His associates, Lord Visvambhara Mahaprabhu said:

98. "Everyone leave the temple room. On My command everyone leave the temple room."

99. What did Lord Gaura say to Lord Nityananda when They were alone? Who knows the heart of that secret?

100. Lord Gaura said: "Look at Me. You struggled so greatly to find Me."

101. Then Lord Gaura manifested a si-armed form, then a four-armed form, and finally a two-armed form.

102. Gazing at these very wonderful forms, Lord Nityananda Avadhuta remembered the pastimes They both had enjoyed before.

103. As Lord Nityananda watched, my Lord Gaura manifested, in a single form, three avataras.

104. Lord Nityananda saw Lord Ramacandra, Lord Krishna, and Lord Gauranga combined in a single glorious divine form. Then He saw the eternally young teenage couple Shri Shri Radha'-Krishna.

105. Lord Nityananda joyfully danced. His bliss had no end. He was flooded with an ocean of ecstati spiritual love, an ocean that had no horizon.

106. Everyone please hear this wonderful story. Locana dasa sings this song glorifying Lord Gaura.




Meeting Advaita and Haridasa


Song 12



Refrain: Lord Gaura weeps. May Lord Gaura be manifest in my heart.


1. Now I will tell another wonderful story. No one has seen or heard of these pastimes of Lord Gaura.

2. Lord Gaura is the master of all the worlds, the Supreme Personality of Godhead now descended to the earth.

3-4. Persons who are offenders at heart, who are worthless like piles of ashes, whose intelligence is destroyed, and whose hearts are made dull and stunted by Lord Vishnu's maya, will all become pure and holy saints when they hear of Lord Gaura's glories. They will become saints because their disease of materialism will die.

5. Once, during the ninth hour of the night, Lord Gaura suddenly began weeping.

6. Surprised, Saci asked her son: "Dear one, why do You weep? Will You not tell me.

7. "Hearing You weep, I could not be peaceful. I felt as if my body had burst into flames, or as if an arrow was shot into my heart."

8. Hearing His mother's words, Lord Gaura was silent. Then, sitting on His bed, He described what He saw in a dream.

9. He said: "I saw a person with a body handsome and glorious like a dark monsoon cloud. His crown was of peacock feathers. His effulgence was wonderful.

10. "He wore bracelets, armlets, necklaces, and anklets. On His forehead were sandal-paste moons. He was very effulgent.

11. "He wore yellow garments and held a flute in His left hand. With a joyful heart I gazed at His handsome form."

12. Lord Gaura wept. A flood of tears streamed from His eyes. "Don't tell anyone. No one should hear of this.", He said.

13. Hearing these nectar words from Lord Visvambhara's mouth, Saci became filled with bliss.

14. The hairs on Lord Visvambhara's body stood erect. His body was effulgent.

15. At that moment Lord Nityananda Raya arrived from Shrivasa's house.

16. Lord Nityananda saw Lord Visvambhara manifest a very handsome form, an effulgent form with great arms and a deep navel.

17. In His right hand was a club, and in His left a flute. In another right hand was a lotus, and in another left hand was a bow.

18. His complexion was like molten gold. On His chest was a Kaustubha gem. A pair of shark-shaped earrings glistened at His cheeks.

19. A necklace of emeralds glistened on His chest. Avadhuta Nityananda Raya gazed at this wonderful form.

20. Lord Nityananda gazed at this four-armed form. Suddenly there were no bow, no flute, and no four arms.

21. In a moment He was a two-armed form, a form very merciful to the people, His form of Lord Gaura.

22. Lord Nityananda gazed at Lord Gaura, embraced Him, and then began to sing and dance.

23. Overcome, He wildly danced. He was plunged in a great ocean of ecstati spiritual love.

24. Lord Gaura said: "Taking Shrivasa, Narayana, Shri Rama and Murari with You, please depart.

25. "Go, O Avadhuta, to Advaita Acarya's house. Tell Him of these wonders."

26. Hearing Lord Gaura's command, They all became joyful at heart.

27. Accompanied by Lord Nityananda, with joyful hearts they hurried to Advaita Acarya's house.

28. Bowing down, they told everything. Hearing their words, Advaita Acarya danced, overcome with bliss.

29. Two by two They joyfully embraced. Nityananda and Advaita joyfully danced.

30. They were plunged in an ocean of bliss. Tossed by the waves of that ocean, They called out like thundering clouds.

31. Nityananda and Advaita talked of Lord Gauranga's confidential pastimes. Talking and listening, They both becasme wild at heart.

32. Two days blissfully passed in this way. The Vaishnavas blissfully sang Lord Gaura's glories.

33. After first placing their request at Lord Advaita's feet, the devotees quickly left to see Lord Gaura-Hari.

34. Approaching Lord Gaura, they all offered respectful obeisances. Folding his palms, Murari recounted everything.

35. He described the confidential pastimes at Lord Advaita's home. Hearing these pastimes, Lord Gaura became joyful. A smile took birth upon His face.

36. Then next day Advaita Acarya came to see Lord Gaura's lotus feet.

37. Sitting in the temple room at Shrivasa's home, Lord Gaura gently smiled.

38. Then Lord Gaura joyfully sat on the Deity's throne. The effulgence of His body filled the room with light.

39. His body was effulgent like molten gold. Then, filled with the passion of ecstati spiritusl love, His body became reddish like the morning sun.

40. His ornaments, garlands, and fragrant sandal all glistened. He was glorious like the full moon.

41. Gadadhara and Narahari stood there. Shri Raghunandana gazed at the graceful moon of Lord Gaura's face.

42. The devotees surrounded Lord Gaura on four sides. Glorious like a moon surrounded by a host of stars, Lord Gaura, the king of the brahmanas, smiled.

43. Filled with the bliss of ecstati love, Lord Nityananda sat down before Lord Gaura. Gazing at Lord Gaura's face, Lord Nityananda boisterously laughed and deeply wept.

44. At that time Lord Advaita also gazed at Lord Gaura. Lord Advaita Acarya, the moon of the brahmanas, loudly roared like a lion.

45. From head to foot, the hairs of Lord Advaita's His body stood erect. The whole world could not contain the bliss in His heart.

46. Lord Advaita offered prayers and many gifts. He placed splendid new cloth before Lord Gaura's lotus feet.

47. Offering tulasi-manjaris, He worshiped Lord Gaura. He offered fragrant sandal and a fragrant jasmine garland.

48. Falling down like a stick, He offered respectful obeisances. Lord Gaura picked Him up and embraced Him.

49. Lord Gaura accepted the offerings and then distributed the remnants of them to the devotees.

50. The garments and ornaments adorned His graceful body. Calling out, "Hari! Hari!", He danced with the devotees.

51. LordAdvaita Acarya, Lord Nityananda Raya, Shrivasa, Murari, and Mukunda sang Lord Gaura's glories.

52. All the Vaishnavas there were filled with bliss. Forgetting themselves, they tasted the nectar of rasa.

53. Praising each other, they said: "You are fortunate. Fortunate." They thought the happiness of impersonal nirvana was very patheti and unimportant.

54. Filled with the bliss of spiritual love, they did not know if it was day or night. Their hearts were overcome with bliss.

55. At sunrise their dancing began. When night came they continued to dance. When the sun rose again they were still dancing.

56. )vercome with the bliss of spiritual love, they passed day and night in this way. Finally Lord Gaura commanded them to stop dancing.

57. He said: "Return to your homes, bathe, and worship your Deities. After you have taken your meals, return here. "

58. When these duties were completed, the devotees met again at Lord Gaura's feet.

59-61. At that time the great soul Haridasa, who with a joyful heart always chanted Lord Krishna's holy names, who was like a bumblebee intoxicated by tasting the pollen of Lord Krishna's lotus feet, and who, wild by tasting the nectar of the spiritual rasas was like a lion cub, unexpectedly came to Navadvipa. Happily smiling, Lord Gaura said: "He has come. He has come."

62. With great love Lord Mahaprabhu embraced Haridasa and offered him a sitting place.

63. Wise Haridasa bowed down to offer respects. The Lord grasped his hand and picked him up.

64. The Lord anointed his body with fragrant sandal paste. The Lord placed His own prasadam flower garland on Haridasa's body.

65. Then the Lord commanded him to eat. He offered him abundant maha-prasadam food.

66-67. In this way, accompanied by Haridasa, Advaita Acarya, Nityananda, Shrivasa, and a host of devotees, with a joyful heart Lord Mahaprabhu enjoyed sankirtana pastimes of chanting Lord Hari's holy names.

68. Day and night passed in these blissful pastimes. At the end, saying, "Now please go home", Lord Gaura bid farewell to Advaita Acarya.

69. Obeying Lord Gaura's command, Advaita Acarya returned to His home. Whoever saw or heard these pastimes was overcome with bliss.

70. Then Lord Gaura bid farewell to Avadhuta Lord Nityananda Raya.

71. Walking a few steps with Him, Lord Gaura was overcome with ecstati love. He did not allow Him to go very far.

72. Lord Nityananda could not bring Himself to depart, even though Lord Gaura had bid HIm farewell.

73. As He was bidding Him farewell, Lord Gaura said to Him: "Please give a portion of Your kaupina to these devotees."

74. On Lord Gaura's word, Avadhuta Lord Nityananda gave a wonderful portion of His kaupina to the devotees.

75. Accepting that portion of the kaupina, Lord Gaura smiled and gave it to His personal associates.

76. Accepting that kaupina-prasadam, the devotees wrapped portions of it around their heads.

77. Finally bidding farewell to Lord Nityananda's lotus feet, Lord Gaura's associates returned to their homes.

78. Their hearts filled with despair, they all returned to their homes. As they sat in their homes, tears streamed from their eyes.

79. For some moments they bathed and worshiped their Deities. But at dusk they all went to see Lord Gaura-Hari.

80. Lord Nityananda went to Lord Advaita Acarya Gosai's home. Day and night They happily talked of Lord Gauranga.

81. Everyone please hear the story of another day's pastimes. When you hear it you will attain ecstati devotion for Lord Krishna's feet.

82. Songs glorifying Lord Gaura are the sweetest nectar. The wonderful stories they tell are beyond what the world or the Vedas have the power to know.

83. Lord Gaura gazed at His associates and embraced them. Hearing the chanting of His own glories, He danced in ecstasy.

84. On the four sides everyone joyfully sang and danced. In the center Lord Gaura Raya danced, overcome with bliss.

85. Taking Shrivasa's hand in His, Lord Visvambhara suddenly departed. Where did He go? I don't know.

86. In the four directions the devotees sang and danced, but Lord Mahaprabhu was not in their midst. No one could see Him.

87. Fear took birth in the devotees' hearts. Distraught, everyone wept.

88. They rooled on the ground and wept. No one was peaceful and composed. Everyone in Nadiya wept.

89. They all ran. They searched house after house. They did not find the Lord. Tears streamed from their eyes.

90. "Where did my Lord go? I will drink poison and die."

91. Everyone lamented in this way. Hearing these laments, Saci fell unconscious.

92. Her garments were not neatly arranged. Her hair was untied. Striking her breatsts and running about, she was like a wild woman.

93. "Son! Dear son!", she called out. "Visvambhara! Come home! Si hours have already passed!

94. "You are the lamp of our family! You are the moon of Nadiya! You are the star of my eyes. Unable to see You, I will go blind!"

95. Seeing how everyone was now overcome, Lord Gaura, who dearly loves His devotees, suddenly came before them.

96. As a rising sun suddenly appears in the blinding darkness, so Lord Gaura suddenly appeared in the Vaishnavas' hearts.

97. Falling before the Lord's feet, the devotees loudly wept. Gazing at His graceful face, they wildly danced.

98. Someone said: "Lord Mahaprabhu, when our eyes could not see You, the ten directions became filled with blinding darkness."

99. Now become wild, Saci embraced her son. Millions of kisses she placed on His lotus face.

100. "I am a blind woman, and You are My walking-stick. You are the stars shining in my eyes. You are the soul that keeps my body alive. You are all I have. I have nothing but You.

101. "My whole world became a barren desert. But now the rising moon of Gaura has killed the blinding darkness."

102. Murari, Mukunda Datta, and Haridasa humbly said: "O Shrivasa, please hear our words.

103. "The Lord thinks no servant more dear than you. It is by your mercy the Lord's feet noe stand before us.

104. "What can we say to you? Please be merciful to us."

105. After speaking these words, everyone sang the glories of Lord Hari. Wild with ecstati spiritual love, Lord Gaura Raya danced.

106. Everyone please hear this wonderful story, the story of how in Navadvipa Lord Gaura revealed the jewel of ecstati spiritual love.

107. Pure ecstati love and devotion is very rare in the three worlds. Who has the power to attain it?

108. Even Lakshmi, Ananta, Siva, and Sanatkumara do not know the heart of pure ecstati devotion.

109. Lord Gaura revealed the truth about pure ecstati love and devotion. With a joyful heart Locana dasa speaks these words.



Bhakta-gana-saha-vihara o Jagai-Madhai-uddhara

Song 13 (Dhanasi raga)



Refrain: O! O! He who has a wonderful golden form dances in Nadiya.


1. Forgetting Himself, Lord Gaura manifested the ecstasy of spiritual love. In this way He enjoyed pastimes in Navadvipa.

2. Although He is supremely independent, He agrees to be controlled by His devotees. Very humble, He begs His devotees for the gift of ecstati spiritual love.

3. The people of this world cannot understand the ways of His pastimes. Only His personal associates understand His intentions.

4. Understanding His intentions, Shrivasa, Haridasa, Murari, and Mukunda sang. They were overcome with the bliss of spiritual love.

5. Overcome with bliss, the Lord's personal aasociates sang and danced. Then Avadhuta Lord Nityananda Raya arrived.

6. Someone said: "Avadhuta Lord Nityananda has come!" There were greetings of "Jaya! Jaya!" Everyone joyfully sang auspicious songs.

7. Lord Nityananda walked slowly like an intoxicated person. But when He heard the sounds of "Hari! Hari!", His heart was overcome.

8. He stopped. He became unsteady. His too feet walked and then stopped. He looked in the four directions.

9. From head to foot the hairs of His body stood erect, hairs that defeated the glory of the kadamba flower's filaments .

10. He tilted His neck. With two reddish eyes He intently looked about. Then He became wild. He screamed and He ran.

11. He ran to the hundreds and hundreds of devotees. Overcome with bliss, He ran to Lord Gaura Raya.

12. Seeing Lord Nityananda, Lord Gauranga tightly embraced Him. They were both overcome with spiritual love.

13. From Their eyes tears of spiritual love and bliss flowed. Overcome with bliss, Their bodies trembled.

14. They blissfuly danced with Their associates. They were like Krishna and Balarama surrounded by the cowherd boys.

15. When the dancing came to an end, Lord Gaura announced: "Now please wash Lord Nityananda's feet.

16. "On your heads accept the water that has washed Lord Nityananda's feet. Then you will be tossed by waves of spiritual bliss and love."

17. Hearign Lord Gaura's command, everyone felt their hearts become filled with bliss.

18. They said: "We accept the Lord's command. On our heads we will place the water that has washed Lord Nityananda's feet."

19. Hearing Lord Gaura's command, Lord Nityananda wept in ecstati love. Tears fell from His reddish eyes.

20. He joyfully embraced everyone. Everyone was tossed by blissful waves in the ocean of spiritual love.

21. Overcome with spiritual love, everyone wept. They held Lord Nityananda's feet to their hearts.

22. There was an endless festival of spiritual love. Within their hearts everyone was effulgent with love. Outwardly on their bodies were the various symptoms of ecstati love.

23. Seeing this, Lord Gaura was pleased at heart. Smiling, He watched.

24. Surrounding Him on four sides, the devotees spoke many prayers. At that moment Haridasa suddenly arrived.

25. A glistening jewel necklace rested on his neck, and anklets of gold and jewels rested on his reddish feet.

26. The hairs of his body stood erect. His eyes were filled with tears. His body trembled in ecstati love. He roared in ecstasy.

27. He danced ecstatically before the Lord. The whole world could not contain the bliss and love he felt.

28. To Lord Gaura Haridasa offered padya, arghya, and acamana. Then Lord Gaura asked him to accept some food.

29. At that moment Advaita Acarya suddenly arrived. Approaching Lord Gaura, He offered respectful obeisances.

30. Lord Gaura picked Him up and then offered obeisances to Him. Everyone stood respectfully and then bowed down to offer respects.

31. Manifesting the form of Lord Brahma, Haridasa danced and danced. Then he fell like a stick before Lord Gaura's feet.

32. With his four mouths he loudly recited many prayers from the Vedas. Saying, "Be as you were before", Lord Gaura picked him up and embraced him.

33. Manifesting his form as Haridasa again, he wept, laughed, and danced. He floated in a limitless ocean of spiritual bliss and love, an ocean that had no horizon.

34. Respectfully placing Lord Gaura's command on his head, Advaita Acarya Gosai also honored prasadam.

35. Accompanied by all His associates, Lord Gaura sat down in a private room. He gently smiled.

36. To His associates Lord Gaura talked about Himself. He told them of His plan to save the world.

37. Lord Gaura said: "I will taste the sweet nectar of ecstati love. I will destroy irreligion. I will establish the true religion. I will manifest the nama-sankirtana movement of chanting the Lord's holy names.

38. "In country after country, in home after home, I will manifest the ecstasies of Vraja: the dasya, sakhya, vatsalya, and shringara rasas.

39. "I will enjoy the great treasure of love for Shri Shri Radha'-Krishna. I will enjoy it Myself and I will distribute it to the three worlds. I will make everyone enjoy it.

40. "I will give that treasure of ecstati spiritual love to the devotees and demons, to the candalas, yavanas, fools, women, and children.

41. "The bliss of Vrindavana I will bring to Nadiya. In country after country I will make every person taste that bliss."

42. In this one book I will tell these wonderful narrations, the narrations of Lord Gaura's pastimes in Nadiya.

43. Gadadhara and Narahari sat at Lord Gaura's two sides, and Shri Raghunandna happily sat at the Lord's feet.

44. Lord Advaita Acarya and Lord Nityananda Raya sang songs glorifying Lord Gaura.

45. Murari, Mukunda Datta, Shrivasa, Haridasa, and the other devotees were all the abodes of ecstati spiritual love.

46. Suklambara, Vakresvara, Shriman, Sanjaya, Shridhara Pandita, and many others were all great souls.

47. Who has the power to glorify all the great souls properly? They accompanied Lord Gaura when He descended to this earth.

48. With a joyful heart Locana dasa declares: Nothing is equal to Lord Gaura's pastimes in Nadiya.



Song 14 (Shri raga-Disa)



Refrain: Lord Gaura is my very life! O! O! O! The Supreme Personality of Godhead, who is known as Hari, Rama, and Narayana, has now become Saci's son effulgent like gold!


49. Everyone please listen. I will tell a very wonderful story. Anyone who hears this story will become free of all sins.

50. Making His home in Navadvipa, Lord Gaurachandra enjoyed many pastimes with His students.

51. The devotees would assemble and, with great love and bliss, chant the holy names in sankirtana.

52. Smiling, Lord Gaura told the devotees: "In house after house please chant the holy names of Lord Hari.

53-54. "Teach the children, adults, candalas, unfortunates, saints, sinners, and everyone else in Navadvipa how to chant the holy names of Lord Hari. Then everyone will easily cross over this world of birth and death."

55. Hearing these words, the devotees said to the Lord: "We have no power to chant Lord Hari's holy names from house to house.

56. "In Navadvipa dwell two very wicked persons. Their sins have no end.

57. "They are two brothers. Though they are brahmanas, they are great sinners. They have great power in Navadvipa. Their names are Jagai and Madhai.

58. "They will not leave any woman, be she a brahmani, a yavani, or a guru's wife, in peace. They drink wine. They turn from any pious deed.

59. "Again and again they violently attack the brahmanas, gurus, and Deities. If they do not see their victims outside, they invade their homes and attack them there.

60. "Hundreds and hundreds of times they have murdered brahmanas, women, and cows. How many are their sins? I have no power to count them.

61. "Though they live by the Ganga's bank, they never bathe in her waters. In this birth they have never worshiped the Supreme Lord.

62. "Again and again they hurt even their friends and kinsmen. They are great offenders. They hate Shri Krishna-sankirtana, the chanting of Lord Krishna's holy names."

63. On that day the devotees spoek these words to Lord Gaura.

64. When he heard everyone speak these words, Lord Gaura became angry in His heart.

65. His two eyes became red like the rising sun. In His heart He thought:

66. "A sinner-brahmana named Ajamila spoke at the moment of his death the word Narayana.

67. "Though he spoke the word Narayana only out of love for his son, that brahmana attained a spiritual body and went to Vaikuntha.

68. "But Jagai and Madhai are more sinful than Ajamila. How will I deliver them?

69. "When I think of them I fell unhappy at heart." Then the Lord openly spoke. He said: "Everyone please hear My words.

70. "Hari-nama-sankirtana, the chanting of Lord Hari's holy names, is the kali-yuga-dharma, the religion for Kali-yuga. By chanting the holy names one performs all pious deeds.

71. "Everyone should gather with his friends and kinsmen and chant the holy names.

72. "There should be a fragrant breeze of song. There should be mridangas and karatalas. There should be sweet loud chanting of the holy names.

73. "I will fill the city with kirtana, the chanting of the holy names. When the people hear it, they will all come and join the chanting.

74-76. Lord Advaita Acarya and His followers, the smiling Avadhuta Lord Nityananda, Haridasa, and Shrivasa with his four brothers, as well as Murari, Mukunda Datta, Gadadhara Pandita, Shri Candrasekhara Acarya, Suklambara, and all the other personal associates of the Lord assembled at Lord Gaura's house.

77. By Lord Gaura's command all the devotees assembled there.

78. Everyone began a great kirtana of chanting the holy names. Then Lord Gaura led them in a procession.

79. Tossed by waves of bliss, they walked through the neighborhoods of Nadiya. Their chanting of "Hari! Hari!" rose and filled the sky.

80. Meanwhile Jagai and Madhai slept in their house. Drunk with wine, the two brothers slept.

81. Lord Gaura brought His kirtana along the path to their house. Everyone in Nadiya ran to watch.

82. There was a tumultuous kirtana with karatalas, mridangas, and other musical instruments. In the four directions "Hari! Hari!" were the only sounds anyone could hear.

83. The tumultuous kirtana wakened the two brothers. Raising their heads, they looked. Then they screamed with rage.

84. With eyes red with rage, they watched. When they heard the kirtana's sound it was like an iron clu striking their ears.

85. The kirtana's sound was like an iron lance pushed into their hearts. "If you wish to stay alive, then please be quiet."

86. These words the people in the neighboring houses said. They said: "Please stop at once. Who is it that has made these powerful men so angry?

87. "We command you: Go at once. We forbid you to sing. By whose power have you come by this path?"

88. The neighbor-messenger said to Jagai and Madhai: "Accompanied by a host of brahmanas, the brahmana Nimai Pandita, who is Jagannatha Misra's son, performs kirtana of chanting the holy names."

89. Jagai and Madhai said: "Forbid Him to sing. Make Him walk on another path. If He wishes to remain alive, He should be quiet.

90. "If He does not understand, if He continues this senseless uproar, then with my own hands I will take away His caste, His kinsmen, and the breath that keeps Him alive."

91. Saying these words, Jagai and Madhai sent the messenger back to the devotees. The messenger said to Lord Gaura: "Please listen, O son of Saci.

92. "Raising Your arms, You chant the holy names of Lord Hari from house to house.

93. "In this way You double the spiritual love and bliss in the world. Your chanting of "Hari! Haribol!" touches the sky."

94. Meanwhile, unable to tolerate the sound of the kirtana, the two sinful-hearted brothers rushed out the door of their house.

95. Their faces and eyes were red with rage. Their garments fell and fell from their limbs.

96. They trembled as they walked. They were almost unconscious with rage. Their voices roared with a host of threats and curses.

97. They looked in the four directions. They walked up to Lord Gaura. "Be smart and get out!", they screamed.

98. "Ha! Ha! Brahmana, You should try to save Yourself a lot of trouble." Then they spoke a host of threats and curses.

99. Seeing this angry outburst, the people of Nadiya looked at each other in the four directions. They were frightened.

100-101. Accompanied by Lord Advaita Acarya Gosai, Lord Nityananda, Haridasa, Shrivasa, Murari, Mukunda, and all His associates, Lord Visvambhara again sang the holy names of Lord Hari.

102. They happily sang Lord Hari's holy names. They never tired of singing Them. At this point Jagai and Madhai became wild with rage.

103. Grabbing a stick, one of them smashed a clay pot into pieces. Then the two brothers ran toward the devotees.

104. They angrily pelted the devotees with fragments from the broken pot. One of those pieces struck Lord Nityananda's head.

105. Where the pot fragment struck blood began to flow. Seeing this, the devotees said: "Alas! Alas!"

106. Seeing this, Lord Gaura became filled with sorrow. To the two sinners He shouted:

107. "No one is more sinful than you. Reports of Your sins fill the whole earth.

108. "You have done what no one else dare do. Look at what you have done!"

109. Saying these words, Lord Gaura went to Lord Nityananda. With cloth from His own garment Lord Gaura bandaged Lord Nityananda's wound.

110-111. Lord Gaura knew the great glory of Shripada Nityananda. If a single drop of Lord Nityananda's blood had fallen to the ground, great inauspiciousness would have come to the earth. Therefore with care and fear Lord Gaura, with cloth from His own garment, bandaged the wound on Lord Nityananda's head.

112. Then Lord Gaura angrily called for His Sudarsana-cakra, With folded hands the Sudarsana-cakra respectfully stood before the Lord.

113. The Sudarsana-cakra said: "Glory, glory to Lord Mahaprabhu, to Saci's son! O master, what is Your command for me?"

114. Lord Gaura said: "Kill Jagai and Madhai. They wounded Lord Nityananda and brought great sorrow to My heart."

115. Hearing these words, the Sudarsana-cakra burst into flames, the same flames that destroy the universe when the worlds are all destroyed. Then the flaming Sudarsana-cakra charged at Jagai and Madhai.

116. Seeing the flaming Sudarsana-cakra attacking them, Jagai and Madhai felt their hearts fill with fear. Their bodies trembled.

117. Glancing at the Sudarsana-cakra, Lord Nityananda smiled and said: "Lord, why reveal Your powers in this way?

118. "We have kindly come here to deliver all the fallen, wretched, pathei sinners in the three worlds.

119. "We should deliver Jagai and Madhai. We should be the friends of the fallen. Then We will protect Our good reputation as the purifiers of the fallen (patita-pavana)."

120. Speaking these words, Lord Nityananda fell at Lord Gaura's feet. Before Lord Gaura's feet He placed this humble request:

121. "Lord, please give these two sinners to Me. Then the people will call Us by the name Patita-pavana (the purifiers of the fallen).

122. "In other yugas We killed many demons. But these two sinners We should deliver. We should deliver them, body and soul."

123. Hearing Lord Nityananda's words, merciful Lord Gaura said: "Glory to You, Nityananda! Glory to You, O son of Rohini!

124. "I am Your submissive servant. This all the scriptures say. I agree with all You have said.

125. "Anyone who just once his life speaks the word `Nityananda' becomes purified. He becomes My pure devotee."

126. Then, accompanied by His personal associates, Lord Gaura returned to His own home. Filled with wonder, Jagai and Madhai stood there.

127. The sound of sankirtana and the sight of Lord Mahaprabhu filled them with wonder. Stunned, they stared ahead.

128. Again and again in their hearts they tried to understand the meaning of Lord Mahaprabhu's words.

129. "There is no sin that we have not done, that we have not done. We attacked a sannyasi."

130. As they thought in this way again and again, their hearts became pure and free from sin. Look! Look at the power of Lord Mahaprabhu's mercy!

131. Filled with sorrow and repentance, the two brothers ran. Seeing them, the people of Nadiya became filled with wonder.

132. Finally coming to Lord Mahaprabhu's door, they called out: "Lord! Lord!"

133. Sitting at home amongst His associates, Lord Gaura said: "Who calls for Me? Please see who is at the door.

134. "Murari, please bring the visitors here to Me." Following the Lord's command, Murari embraced the two brothers and brought them before the Lord.

135. Seeing the Lord, the two brothers made a great sound of grief and repentance. They fell to the ground before the Lord's feet. They wept. They said:

136. "You are the purifier of the fallen. You are an ocean of mercy, the master of the worlds, the friend of the fallen.

137. "You are an ocean of mercy. O Lord, Your heart is filled with mercy." Seeing the two brothers' anguished repentance, Lord Gaura melted with mercy.

138. Picking them up, Lord Gaura asked them: "Listen, O Jagai and Madhai. Why have you come to My place? Why do you weep?

139. "You are the two great masters of Navadvipa. You are very wise and learned. Why do you weep?"

140. Hearing the Lord's eords, Jagai and Madhai said: "It is only because of Your mercy that we have come to You.

141. "How many cows have we killed? How many women? How many men? How many sins have we committed. No one can count them.

142. "Fie on us, the so-called masters of Navadvipa. We have killed many brahmanas and many gurus.

143. "How many girls from brahmana, yavana, and candala families did we not leave in peace? How many guru's wives did we not leave in peace?

144. "To the people of the world we gave nothing but violence. We did no pious rituals to peace the demigods or pitas.

145. "We are worthless like piles of ashes. What more can we say to You? The nShri umber of hairs on our heads does not equal the number of our sins.

146. "Everyone say the person namwed Ajamila was a great sinner. Still, they do not say he was not more of a sinner than us.

147. "Whe Ajamila spoke the name `Narayana', Lord Narayana delivered him. Lord Narayana did not come and deliver us.

148. "People like us are never delivered. Why do You feel compassion for us?"

149. Hearing these words of sincere sorrow and repentance, Lord Gaura said: "I give My mercy to you."

150. When He sees the sorrows of sorrowful souls, the Supreme Lord also feels sorrow. Therefore He is mercy personified. His form is filled with mercy.

151. He is an ocean of mercy. He shows great mercy. Taking the two brothers with Him, the Lord then went to the Ganga's bank.

152. The people of Nadiya ran there to see the great wonder. There Lord Gaura manifested very wonderful ecstati spiritual love.

153. Respectfully standing, the brahmanas and saintly devotees watched. In their presence Lord Gaura spoke these merciful words:

154. "Now I will take upon Myself all your sins. Please give all your sins to Me."

155. Speaking these words, Lord Gaura extended His hand to accept a tulasi leaf. Frightened, the two brothers would not give the tulasi leaf.

156. Then Lord Gaura, the Supreme Personality of Godhead, mercifully said: "Jagai and Madhai, now you must give your sins to Me."

157. Jagai and Madhai said: "Lord, please listen. No one can even count our sins.

158. "We are the lowest of lowly persons, the most sinful of sinners. At the thought of giving our sins to You, our hearts tremble in fear."

159. When Lord Gaura heard these words, tears streamed from His eyes. Then, in a voice like thundering cloud, He said: "Haribol!"

160. Again Lord Gaura extended His hand to accept their sins. Then Jagai and Madhai placed the tulasi leaf in Lord Gaura's hand.

161. From the four sides came a great tumult of "Hari! Haribol!" Then Lord Gaura embraced Jagai and Madhai.

162. Touching them, Lord Gaura delivered Jagai and Madhai. He took all their sins upon Himself.

163. Overcome with ecstati spiritual love, Jagai and Madhai spoke half-formed words with a choked voice. The tears from their eyes drenched their garments.

164. They trembled. The hairs on their bodies stood erect. Before the Lord's feet they fell to the ground. They spoke many prayers filled with anguished repentance.

165. In this way Lord Gaura delivered them and many others also. Lord Gaura is an ocean of mercy. He is the great purifier of the very fallen.

166. In this way Lord Gaura delivered Jagai and Madhai from their sins. Filled with ecstati spiritual love by the touch of Lord Gaura's glorious graceful body, Jagai and Madhai danced.

167. Thus taking on Himself all of Jagai's and Madhai's sins, Lord Visvambhara, the Supreme Personality of Godhead, also danced.

168. Who is glorious and supreme like Lord Gaura? He is an ocean of mercy. He does not see faults. He loves everyone.

169. Happy to have delivered some fallen souls, Lord Gaura danced. This pastime brings great hope to Locana dasa, who remains shackled in the prison of maya.



Mahaprabhur Bhagavad-bhave Vicitra-lila


Lord Mahaprabhu's Extraordinary Pastime of Manifesting Lord Krishna's Form

Song 15 (Dhanasi raga)



Refrain: O Lord Gaura, O moon of the brahmanas, O Lord who, to free the people from the world of birth and death, set various traps to catch the fallen souls.


1. Glory to Lord Gauranga! Glory to Gadadhara and Narahari! Anyone who hears Lord Gauranga's glories attains ecstati spiritual love.

2. Please hear the story of another day's wonderful pastimes. To Navadvipa Lord Gaura brought the most precious treasure.

3. Surounded by His associates in His own home, Lord Gaura placed very gentle words on the lotus flower of His mouth.

4. The words He spoke were like flooding rivers of nectar. Bathing in those rivers, the devotees became wild with bliss.

5. As Lord Gaura was enjoying these wonderful blissful pastimes, a wandering mendicant unexpectedly arrived.

6. This mendicant was named Vanamali. He came with his son. He had been born in a brahmana family in East Bengal.

7. Seeing Lord Visvambhara surrounded by His devotees, the brahmana and his son became filled with joy.

8. The brahmana and the boy could not speak. In a voice choked with ecstasy the brahmana said:

9. "I am afflicted by poverty. Although I am poor, I always remained pure and upright.

10. "I know for certain that Visvambhara is the Supreme Personality of Godhead. This I see directly. He is no other.

11. "Now my birth in this world has borne its fruit, for I have seen fair Lord Visvambhara, who is a treasure house of all transcendental virtues.

12. "Now that I gaze at Him, I feel my heart filled with cooling pleasure. Now the horrible flames of my poverty are all extinguished.

13. "By tasting nectar food, one is pleased within. In the same way when I gaze at Lord Gaurachandra I feel my body is sprinkled with showers of nectar."

14. With merciful eyes Lord Gaura glanced at the two brahmanas.

15. The two brahmanas then happily sang the glories of Lord Hari. By Lord Gaura's mercy they attained the treasure of ecstati spiritual love.

16. The brahmana and his son joyfully dance. In a moment the size of a single sesame seed the ropes that bound them to the world of birth and death were cut.

17. Lord Gaura Mahaprabhu is an ocean of mercy. No one else is a a greater friend of the poor and fallen.

18. On another day Lord Visvambhara, the king of dancers, danced in the midst of sankirtana.

19. At that time the two brahmanas again came. Watching, the boy became filled with wonder.

20. Where His fair form once was, Lord Gaura now manifested a dark form. His hips were decorated with a yellow cloth. In His hands was a flute.

21. The peacock feather in His crown fluttered in the breeze. Gazing at this form, the devotees began to sinmg.

22. In this way everyone saw Lord Krishna, whose form is dark and who is the king of dancers, manifest with Shri Radha' in Vrindavana forest.

23. They saw the Yamuna, Govardhana Hill, Bahulavana, Bhandiravana, Madhuvana, and many other places also.

24. They saw the cows, gopis, and gopas. In Navadvipa they saw Lord Krishna, the cowherd boy handsome like Kamadeva.

25. Seeing all this, the brahmana fell unconscious. The hairs of his body stood erect. Tears filled his eyes.

26. Then he roared like a thundering cloud. He slapped his arms. He called out: "Krishna! Krishna!" He became like a brass-pot cymbal making a great din in a noisy marketplace.

27. Seeing this, the Lord stopped dancing. "Hold him. Hold him still.", He said. The devotees held the brahmana.

28. Everyone please hear these songs of Lord Gaura. Lord Gaura is the Supreme Personality of Godhead. He is eternally young.

29. He cuts the shackles of karma. He gives the treasure of ecstati spiritual love. Who is like Him?

30. When there was no material world, He created it. He is attained only by loving devotion. He is beyond the touch of the material senses.

31. Again and again He mercifully gives to the people the prasadam remnants of His divine garlands, sandal-paste, and food. He is not proud. He loves everyone.

32. He is always untouched by matter, yet no spirit soul in the material world is ever bereft of His company. He performs no pious rituals, yet it is He who commands that pious rituals be performed.

33. In the Vedas He declares what actions are right, yet He feels free to break His own rules any time He pleases.

34. To the people He gives the great treasure of ecstati love and devotion to the Supreme Lord, who is Himself. He is called "Nava-vidhata-ratna" (the jewel who is the eternally young Supreme Personality of Godhead).

35. My Gaura Raya is an ocean of mercy. To everyone He easily gives the greatest treasure.

36. Lord Gaura gives the great treasure of ecstati spiritual love. No one else gives it. Locana dasa says this: Please worship Lord Gaura, the eternally young Supreme Personality of Godhead.



Song 16



Refrain: Anyone who once sees Lord Gaura's form will not, even till the moment of death, forget Him.


37. Now please hear the wonderful pastimes of another day. The Lord enjoyed blissful pastimes in Shrivas'as home.

38. One day Shrivasa Pandita performed rituals for the pitas. With a pure heart he listened to the recitation of Vishnu-sahasra-nama (thousand names of Lord Vishnu).

39. At that time Lord Gaura came to visit. Hearing the thousand names, Lord Gaura felt His every desire was fulfilled.

40. Listening and listening, Lord Gaura heard the name "Nrisimha". At that moment Lord Gaura's two eyes became red with anger. He shook His hair upward.

41. The hairs of His body stood erect. His body became red. He roared like a lion.

42. Taking a stick in His hand, He began to run about. Seeing Him, all the people felt their hearts tremble.

43. Then Lord Gaura began to chase everyone. His hair was no longer bound. Filled with anger, Lord Gaura had no power to restrain Himself.

44. Seeing Lord Nrisimha, everyone fled. In amoment Lord Gaura put doen His stick and abandoned His manifestation of Lord Nrisimha.

45. Saci's son is the seed from where all avataras grow. Whenevr He wishes He can manifest any avatara.

46. Stopping His manifestation of Lord Nrisimha, Lord Gaura sat down on His seat. Surprised, Lord Gaura said:

47. "I don't know what I just did. Did I commit any offense? What do you think in your hearts?"

48. Hearing these words, everyone said: "Why do You speak these words? How can You commit an offense?"

49. Shrivasa said: "Whoever sees You becoems free from the shackles of material life."

50. Everyone please hear the story of another day's pastimes. One day a persons singing Lord Siva's glories arrived.

51. He offered obeisances to the feet of Lord Gaura-Hari, and then with a happy heart he sang Lord Siva's glories.

52. "Siva! Siva!", he joyfully called out. Pure devotion for Lord Siva was manifest in his body.

53. Listening, Lord Gaura became joyful at heart. As He heard Lord Siva's glories, Lord Gaura felt His joy increase more and more.

54. Manifesting the nature of Lord Siva, Lord Gaura danced. Forgetting himself, the devotee of Lord Siva was filled with joy.

55. Then Lord Gaura climbed on that devotee's shoulders. No one is fortunate like that devotee.

56. Carrying Lord Gaura on his shoulders, that devotee joyfully sang and danced. His eyes now red, Lord Gaura manifested the form of Lord Siva.

57. The Lord spoke orders like Lord Siva. He spoke words like Lord Siva's words. He played a dambaru drum. With His mouth He loudly sounded on a horn.

58. Loudly chanting, "Rama! Krishna!", Lord Gaura laughed and wept. Filled with the sentiments of Lord Siva, Lord Gaura wept.

59. Aware of all spiritual truths, Shrivasa Pandita carefully recited many prayers.

60. Shri Mukunda Datta also recited many prayers. Aware of all spiritual truths, they joyfully danced.

61. Lord Gaura descended from the singer's shoulders. With great devotion, Lord Gaura sang the glories of Lord Hari.

62. Wild with bliss, Lord Gaura danced. Joyfully singing the glories of Lord Hari, Lord Gaura was plunged in an ocean of bliss.

63. In this way Lord Gaura, who is an ocean of mercy, showed great mercy. Hearing of this pastime, Locana dasa is overcome with bliss.



Song 17 (Disa)


Refrain: Lord Gauranga places ecstati spiritual love in the living entities' hearts. Who will not weep to hear of Lord Gauranga's glories?


64. Now please hear the wonderful pastime of another day. Lord Gaura had just completed His pastime of dancing with His associates.

65. Lord Gaura fell to the gound likje a stick. Everyone joyfully sang: "Hari! Hari!"

66. At that moment a brahmana came and, smiling, took the dust of Lord Gaura's lotus feet.

67. Seeing this, Lord Gaura suddenly jumped up. Seeing what the brahmana had done, Lord Gaura became very unhappy.

68. His face became withered with grief. Filled with rage, He breathed heavily from His nostrils.

69. Lord Gaura stood up, ran, and jumped into the Ganga's waters.

70. The Lord sank into the waters. No one could see Him. Everyone jumped in after Him.

71. The people of Nadiya became wild. Everyone wept with grief.

72. Calling "Son! Son!", Mother Saci ran and tried to jump into the water.

73. Liek a wild woman she wpet. She wept and wept and wept. She rolled on the ground.

74. Seeing how everyone was filled with anguish, Avadhuta Lord Nityananda Raya jumped into the Ganga.

75. Diving into the water, with His hand Lord Nityananda grabbed Lord Gaura and quickly lifted Him to the Ganga's bank.

76. Seeing this everyone became filled with joy. Relieved, everyone wept.

7*-78. Embracing Lord Visvambhara, Saci-devi wept. Gazing at Lord Gaura's face, with anxious hearts Shrivasa, Murari, Mukunda, Suklambara, Haridasa, and the other devotees all wept.

79. Gazing at Lord Gaura's face, they became free of all grief. Then they happily returned to their homes.

80. Accompanied by His associates, Lord Visvambhara hurried to Murari Gupta's house.

81. Staying there for a moment, Lord Gaura proceeded to Vijaya Misra's house.

82. There Lord Gaura passed the night. At dawn He walked on the Ganga's northern bank.

83. There He wandered. No one knew what was in His heart. Frightened, the devotees followed Him.

84. From among the devotees a saintly brahmana humbly said:

85. "O Lord Gaura, O ocean of virtues and glories, please be kind. In this age everyone is an offender.

86. "O Lord Mahaprabhu. Please be merciful. Please abandon Your anger. Please forgive Your servant's offense.

87. "O Lord, O ocean of mercy, O mercy personified, it was to give Your mercy to the people that You mercifully descended to this world.

88. "Please don't turn Your face from us. How can we understand all the thoughts within Your heart?

89. "Please return home. Please abandon Your anger. Please look again at Your followers. Please give Your mercy to them."

90. Hearing these humble words from one of His followers, Lord Gaura felt His heart melt with mercy.

91. With a joyful heart Lord Gaura returned home. Accompanied by His followers, Lord Gaura sang the glories of the Supreme Lord, who is actually Himself.

92. In this way the villages of Nadiya became filled with bliss. Locana dasa joyfully sings this song glorifying Lord Gaura.



Song 18 (Varadi raga-Disa)



Refrain: O! O! O! To chase away all calamities Lord Gaura filled the world with the treasure of ecstati spiritual love.


93. Renouncing all grief, and accompanied by His followers, with a happy heart Lord Gaura-Hari went to Shrivasa's home.

94. Lord Gaura sat down with Shrivasa, Haridasa, and the other devotees. They all gazed at Lord Gaura's face.

95. At that time Lord Mahaprabhu spoke to everyone there these confidential words: "Everyone please hear.

96. "Wealth, youth, and followers are all worthless for a person who does not worship Lord Krishna's eternal feet.

97. "As I stay in this world of birth and death My heart is scorched by flames of suffering. Although I have attained a valuable body like this one, I never served Lord Krishna.

98. "In this world of birth and death a human body os very rare and difficult to attain. Why should a man or a woman worship Lord Krishna?

99. "A person who does not worship Lord Krishna wastes his valuable human body. His comfortable home is in vain. His activities as a husband, son, father, or mother all all vain.

100. "Someone has secretly told everyone that I will leave My family. I will go far away."

101. "I must stop this rumor. "What I have heard will make me die.

102. "Please hear, O Lord Mahaprabhu. No one speaks this rumor. I have not heard it from any mouth."

103. Hearing these words, Lord Gaura, the Supreme Personality of Godhead, held Murari. He gave him the gift of an embrace.

104. Embraced by the Lord, the physician Murari was overcome. He forgot himself.

105. From head to foot the hairs of his body stood erect. He quoted this ancient verse (Shrimad-Bhagavatam 10.81.16):


106. kvaham daridrah papiyan

kva krishnah shri-niketanah

brahma-bandhur iti smaham

bahubhyam parirambhitah



"He said, `Who am I? The sinful poor friend of a brahmana. And who is Krishna? The Supreme Personality of Godhead full in si opulences. Nonetheless He has embraced me with His two arms.' "*


107. Hearing these words, Lord Gaura manifested a form effulgent like ten million suns.

108. Sitting on an asana, Lord Gaura sweetly saidf: "I am spiritual, eternal, and full of bliss. Don't think I am ever far from you."

109. Hearing these words, everyone was overcome with bliss. The hairs of their bodies stood erect.

110. Then saintly Shrivasa Pandita performed an abhisheka ceremony, bathing Lord Gaura with Ganga water.

111. After the abhisheka he rightly worshiped Lord Gaura. Lord Gaura, who is a treasure-house of all virtues, was pleased by His worship.

112. Everyone blissfully sang Lord Hari's glories. Glancing at the devotees' faces, Lord Gaura Raya danced.

113. Placing Narahari's lotus feet on his head, Locana dasa describes these sweet pastimes of Lord Gauranga.



Song 19



114. Everyone please carefully listen as I tell the wonderful story of another's day's pastimes.

115. Lord Gaura, who is an ocean of mercy, a klap-avrksa tree of loving devotional service, and the siksha-guru (teacher, of all the worlds, taught everyone in the world.

116-119. He acted in such a way as to teach His followers. Taking with Him Advaita Acarya, Shrivasa, Haridasa, Murari, Mukunda, Gadadhara, Suklambara, Rama, Narahari, Raghunandana, Shri Mukunda dasa, Vasu Ghosha, Jagadananda, and all the devotees, with a joyful heart Lord Gaura went to the temple of Lord Krishna.

120. Wearing a kaupina and carrying a broom and dustpan on His shoulder, Lord Gaura was surrounded by His associates.

121. Each of the Lord's followers was dressed in this way. Each had his hair tied. Each held a broom and dustpan in his hands or resting on his shoulders.

122. In this way Lord Gaura went to clean the temple. Never have I heard of sauch wonderful pastimes.

123. Having become sweepers for Lord Krishna, the Vaishnavas went from door to door gathering recruits. In this way the Vaishnavas assembled and cleaned the temple.

124. By His example Lord Gaura thus taught the people of the world. Everyone please worship Him. He is supremely wise.

125. He is the giver of pure love and devotion. No one is like Him. Aware of these truths, please worship Lord Gauranga's feet.

126. How many avataras descend to this world yuga after yuga? They are all manifest from Lord Gaura.

127. No one is like Him. He is the Supreme Lord, the supreme master. To teach the world how to engage in devotional service, He carried a broom and dustpan on His shoulder.

128. He rarely descends to this world. He does not come in every catur-yuga. Still, He went from house to house and begged the people to engage in devotional service.

129. He is the Supreme Personality of Godhead, the supreme master. This I say to the devotees: No one is His equal.

130. Without considering who is worthy and who not worthy to receive it, to everyone Lord Gaura happily gave the great treasure of Vrindavana.

131. Lord Gaura begged everyone to accept the feelings of pure spiritual love, love that is beyond the pious and impious deeds of this world. In this way Saci's son delivered everyone.

132. Neither Brahma, Siva, Lakshmi, nor Ananta Sesha have the power to describe all of Lord Gaura's glories.

133. With their words they have no power to describe all of Lord Gaura's glories, for Lord Gaura's glories are beyond the conception of the material mind.

134. O my brothers, please worship Lord Gaura's glories. Please do not neglect them. Simply by worshiping Lord Gaura everyone will escape this world of repeated birth and death.

135. Lord Gaura is the Supreme Personality of Godhead. There is no one like Him. I, Locana dasa, declare: All the avataras are manifest from Lord Gaura.



Kushtha-vyadhira papa-mocana o Baladevavesa

The Lord Frees a Leper From Sin and Manifests the Ecstasies of Lord Balarama


Song 20



Refrain: Hari! Rama! Narayana! Saci's son splendid like gold!


1. Please hear another wonderful pastime of Lord Gauranga. Anyone who hears this pastime will attain great spiritual love.

2. Walking on the path with His associates, Lord Gaura tasted the nectar of talking about Lord Krishna. His limbs trembled in ecstasy.

3. On that path a leper came and humbly placed some words before Lord Gaura's feet:

4. Falling to the ground, he offered respectful obeisances. Very agitated and distressed, he humbly said:

5-6. "Lord, everyone says You are Lord Janardana, You are eternal, You are the Supreme Personality of Godhead, You are the master of the great demigods, the friend of everyone in the three worlds. O master, O ocean of mercy, please deliver me.

7. "Hearing that You are the purifier of the fallen, I have come to You. O master of all, please deliver me.

8. "O son of Saci, O master of the poor and helpless, O Lord Gauranga, O Lord Gopala, please deliver me.

9. "In the three worlds no one is more sinful than me. Please deliver me from this unbearable leprosy."

10. Hearing these words, Lord Gaura became angry at heart. With angry eyes He stared at the leper.

11. The Lord said: "Listen, O wicked sinner wretched like a pile of ashes. Why did you blaspheme a Vaishnava?

12. "Every living entity in this world of birth and death is My friend. But anyone who hates a Vaishnava is My enemy.

13. "When someone insults Me I am not unhappy. But when someone insults Shrivasa Pandita, how can I remain peaceful and happy?

14. "You spoke insulting words to him. Even after a hundred births you will not be free of your offense.

15. "I will not deliver anyone who has offended a Vaishnava.

16. "Now you may see only the outside of my body. But inside My heart the Vaishnavas are My life breath. Of this there is no doubt.

17. "If someone hates Me buts serves the Vaishnavas, then I will deliver him. I will kill all his sufferings.

18. "But if some fool attacks a Vaishnava, then I will throw that fool into hell. I will not give him shelter.

19. "You are a wretched, wicked sinner. How long will you suffer in hell? Your sufferings will never end."

20. Hearing these words, the leper fell to the ground and wept. He wept with anguish. He could not restrain himself.

21. The leper said: "In other avataras You are merciful to your devotees. But in Kali-yuga in house after house everyone is a wretch and a sinner.

22. "If You kill anyone who does not worship You, then why should You be known as Patita-pavana (the purifier of the fallen)?

23. "Glory to You, O Lord who bear the name Visvambhara and who give auspiciousness to everyone! Glory to You, O mighty-armed Lord who establish the true religion!

24. "You build the bridge of the true religion. By walking on that bridge the people cross the ocean of repeated birth and death. Lord, O son of Saci, please do not reject me.

25. "If there is any mercy in Your heart, then please be merciful to me. Still, I know You are not independent. You are a servant of the Vaishnavas."

26. After hearing these words, Lord Gaura went o Shrivasa's house. Sitting down, He told everything. He said:

27. "On the path I saw a leper. For many births he will suffer the results of his offense.

28. "Because he offended you, his whole body is melting with leprosy. I saw him, but I did not deliver him.

29. " `Please deliver me!', the leper called. `How can I deliver you? You are an offender.', I told him.

30. "Of course, if you wish to give mercy to him, then by your mercy you can deliver that sinner."

31. Hearing Lord Gaura's description of His activities, Shrivasa smiled and said:

32. "You speak of me in this way, but actually I am very low and fallen. On my wish, please deliver that sinner.

33. "Please end any offense he has committed to me. Please be merciful to him and end his sufferings."

34. Hearing these words, Lord Gaura said: "Hari!" Becoming merciful, Lord Gaura delivered that person from the disease of leprosy.

35. At that moment, on the Ganga's bank, that leper attained the supreme medicine, the medicine of Shrivasa's mercy.

36. At that moment he attained a splendid spiritual body. Overcome with ecstati love, and shouting "Gauranga!", he ran about.

37. He said: "Where is Lord Gaurachandra, the moon of my heart? He delivered me from the great blindness, from the disease of material life."

38. At that moment Lord Gaurachandra left Shrivasa's house to find the leper and deliver him from his leprosy.

39. The Lord met the leper on the path. The leper fell to the ground before the Lord's feet.

40. Picking him up and embracing him, Lord Gaura gave that soul the gift of rare ecstati spiritual love, love even the demigod Brahma finds difficult to attain.

41. That soul laughed, wept, danced, sang, and rolled on the ground. Calling out:"Krishna, the holder of the club, is my friend!", he danced.

42. Seeing this, all the devotees became joyful. Seeing this, all of Nadiya was filled with wonder.

43. Everyone plase hear of Lord Visvambhara's pastimes. Anyone who hears of them quickly attains loving devotional service (prema-bhakti).

44. Overcome with bliss, Locana dasa hears Lord Gaura's wonderful pastimes in Nadiya.


45. On another day, as Lord Gaura enjoyed pastimes of dancing, a brahmana came to His door.

46. The brahmana who came then yearned to see Lord Gaurachandra dance.

47. That brahmana waited at the door, but he could not enter. Unable to see the Lord, he became unhappy.

48. Unhappy, the brahmana returned to his home. Meanwhile Lord Gaura joyfully danced. He did not know what had happened.

49. The next day that brahmana unexpectedly meat Lord Gaura as the Lord was bathing in the Ganga.

50. As Lord Gaura was bathing in the Ganga, the brahmana, his body trembling, with angry eyes stared at the Lord.

51. Staring at the Lord, he angrily said: "I went to Your house. I wanted to see You.

52. "I wanted to see You dance, but a most sinful brahmana forbade me.

53. "As I, not allowed to enter, had to stay outside the door, so will You also have to stay outside the world of household life."

54. Speaking these words, that brahmana angrily broke his sacred thread. He was wild with anger. He was not peaceful.

55. "I cannot bear to be left outside the door. I give You this curse: You will stay outside the door of household life."

56. Hearing these words, Lord Gaura became happy at heart. He said: "This curse is a great boon for Me."

57. In this way the Supreme Personality of Godhead accepted the curse. Hearing this, the brahmana became afraid at heart.

58. He said: "What did I just do? O Lord, You made me speak those words. You are all-pervading. You are the Supersoul present in every heart.

59. "You will deliver the false philosophers. Accepting sannyasa, You will give them all the gift of ecstati spiritual love.

60. "People with call You `sannyasi' and `guru'. They will humbly bow before You. Then You will give them the gift of ecstati spiritual love.

61. "O Lord Gaura-Hari, O crest-jewel of the philosophers, You will break open the treasure-house of ecstati spiritual love and You will freely distribute its contents.

62. "You have vowed to plunge the whole universe in ecstati spiritual love. What pious or sinful person will You not deliver?

63. "Only I will be cheated of that love. Only I will remain unwounded by that arrow of ecstati spiritual love. O purifier of the fallen, what will become of me?"

64. Hearing these words, Lord Gaura said: "Your words were not a curse. They were a blessing for Me. You have fulfilled My desire. You need not fear."

65. Hearing this, the brahmana fell down before the Lord's feet. Picking him up, Lord Gaura embraced him.

66. Embraced by the Lord, the brahmana was overcome with ecstati spiritual love. He trembled with ecstati love for Lord Krishna.

67. Lord Gaura fulfilled the desire in that brahmana's heart. Lord Gaura gave him a gift of ecstati spiritual love even the demigod Brahma finds difficult to attain.

68. In this way Lord Gaurasundara enjoyed wonderful pastimes, pastimes the wicked-hearted have no power to understand.

69. When He spoke these wordds, Lord Mahaprabhu became very joyful at heart. Locana dasa thus happily sings the glories of Lord Gaura.



Mahaprabhur Vividhavese Prema-vitarana


Lord Mahaprabhu's Manifestation of Various Divine Forms and His Distribution Then of Ecstati Spiritual Love


Song 21 (Vibhasa raga-Disa)



Refrain: Glory, glory to the moon of Lord Gauranga, a moon that in Kali-yuga has risen in the land of Nadiya.


Please hear this story of Lord Gaura's pastimes. The three worlds are filled with the glories of Lord Gaura. Please hear this story of Lord Gaurangacandra's pastimes.


1. Now I will tell another story. Please hear this very wonderful story of the Lord's very wonderful, eternally-new pastimes in Nadiya.

2. With a happy heart Lord Gaura sat in His own home. Surrounding Him on four sides were His associates.

3. Suddenly a sound came from the sky. "Give Me honey.", declared a voice like a thundering raincloud.

4. At that moment Lord Gaura manifested the form of Lord Balarama. His form was like a white mountain-peak. His garments were blue.

5. His feet were graceful. His eyes were like lotus flowers. Gazing at His wonderful form, everyone was delighted at heart.

6. The Supreme Lord who gives to everyone the gift of ecstati spiritual love, then Himself enjoyed many pastimes of ecstati love. Filled with ecstati love, the glorious Lord danced.

7. Accompanied by His pwrsonal associates, Lord Gaura sang the holy names of Lord Hari. In this way He went to the home of Advaita and Murari.

8. Stuttering, "Give, give Me honey-wine", Lord Gaura loudly, loudly laughed.

9. He had become like the king of small boys. Holding out His hands, He said: "Give Me honey-wine. Give."

10. In His hands the devotees placed a cup filled with water. Thinking it honey-wine, Lord Gaura raised the cup, drank it, and then hiccuped.

11. Intoxicated with ecstati love, Lord Gaura trembled and danced. Again He drank and hiccuped.

12. One moment He fell down. The next moment He stood up. Then next moment He wept and laughed. The next moment He placed the sweet liquid to His lips. The next moment He loudly, loudly laughed.

13. Seeing this, all the devotees offered prayers. Calling out "Haladhara!", someone grasped Lord Gaura's feet.

14. Then, enjoying the pastimes of Lord Balarama, Lord Gaura Mahaprabhu spoke peerless words sweet like nectar.

15. "I am not Shri Krishna", He cheerfully announced. Therefore you may bring Me more of this wonderful nectar honey-wine."

16. A certain brahmana was standing there. Saying, "You are a fool", with a finger the Lord pushed him.

17. Pushed by the Lord's finger, the brahmana fell far away. Pushed by the Lord, the brahmana felt ashamed.

18. From morning to evening Lord Gaura enjoyed pastimes as Lord Balarama.

19. Decorating his head with the lotus flower of Narahari's feet, Locana dasa sings this song glorifying Lord Gaura's glories.


20. Now please hear the wonderful pastimes of another day. Rapt in the ecstasy of Lord Balarama, Lord Gaura danced.

21. Lord Gaura was suddenly rapt in ecstasy. As He remembered Lord Balarama, His eyes became reddened.

22. He rolled on the ground. His hair became dishevelled. Saliva flowed from His mouth. Everyone became distraught.

23. Seeing Gadadhara, Lord Gaura regained external consciousness. He spoke some garbled words. Gadadhara could guess what He meant.

24. Lord Gaura said: "I know you are My friend. You are dear as life to Me. O jewel of the brahmanas, please hear. I am conquered by the love you bear from Me.

25. "I am your master, and you are My very life. That is why it is said that Gauranga is Gadadhara's property (gada-ir Gauranga). Please listen carefully.

26. "What I feel is not beyond your understanding. Your body is My internal potency.

27. "Night and day you stay with Me. You do not leave for even a single sesame seed's worth of time. Except for you, who understands Me?

28. "Please bring all the Vaishnavas who are My dear friends. I want to see them."

29. Accepting the Lord's command, Gadadhara brought Advaita Acarya and all the devotees.

30. When the devotees came, Lord Gaura gazed at them. He was overcome with emotion. Tears filled His eyes.

31. Advaita Acarya sweetly asked: "Dear one, why have You called for Us?"

32. Hearing these words, Lord Gaura tried to speak, but He could not. His voice was choked with emotion.

33. Overcome, Lord Gaura spoke half half words. He somehow said: "I saw Balarama like a white mountain-peak. He embraced Me.

34. "He was adorned with golden ornaments. He was splendid like the sun. He glistened with the splendor of many ornaments."

35. Speaking and speaking in this way, in a vision Lord Gaura gazed at Lord Balarama, whose form was like a white mountain-peak.

36. Then Mahaprabhu Lord Visvambhara Raya entered the ecstasy of being Lord Balarama. Again and again He sang and danced.

37. The Vaishnavas were overcome with bliss. Everyone trembled with love for Lord Balarama.

38. On every side everyone was overcome with bliss. Two days passed. Still Lord Gaura's ecstasy did not break.

39. On the next day Lord Gaura was still dancing. On four sides He was surrounded by saintly devotees.

40. His footsteps made the earth tremble. His half-closed eyes were red like the rising sun. He spoke in half half words.

41. Like an intoxicated elephant He walked slowly. Finally He was so overcome with ecstati love He no longer had any power to walk.

42. In this way Lord Gaura was overcome with ecstasy. His companions were also overcome. Overcome with the ecstasy of being Lord Balarama, Lord Gaura danced.

43. He sang and danced until sunset. Then the scent of varuni wine suddenly filled the air.

44. The splendid divine fragrance of varuni wine scented the four directions. Filled with wonder, the devotees gazed at each other.

45. The ten directions were scented with the fragrance of varuni wine. With that fragrance the devotees became intoxicated with the intoxication of ecstati love.

46. At that time the great brahmana Shrivasa Pandita saw a vision. Please hear what he saw.

47. Many splendid, divine, splendidly-dressed, jewel-like persons suddenly approached.

48. One had lotus eyes and a lotus on his ear. Another had earrings and blue garments.

49. Another wore a turban and yellow garments. I have no power to describe their graceful forms, garments, and ornaments.

50. A brahmana named Vanamali was there. I will speak of him. Please listen.

51. He saw a form made of gold, a form decorated with jewels, and glorious like the peak of Mount Sumeru.

52. Gazing at this form, he felt his heart become filled with bliss. The hairs of his body stood erect. Filled with wonder, he looked at everyone there.

53. Rapt in the ecstasy of Lord Balarama, Lord Gaura, the master of the three worlds, danced with His devotees.

54. With joyful hearts the demigods watched from the sky. Then, satisfied at heart, the demigods returned to their own abodes.

55. In this way the day and night passed. Then, smiling and smiling, Lord Gaura went to bathe in the Ganga.

56. Gathering together, the Vaishnavas also bathed in the Ganga.

57. Laughing and joking, in the water Lord Gaura enjoyed wonderful nectar pastimes with His associates.

58. When His bathing ended, the Lord quickly rose from the water. Offering obeisances to the Lord, the devotees returned to their own homes.

59. Then Lord Gaura also happily returned to His own home. At dawn everyone again came before the Lord.

60. Please hear what Lord Gaura said. Speaking half words in a voice choked with emotion, He said:

61. "Lord Varaha embraced Me. Then Lord Balarama entered My heart.

62. "The black anjana on My eyes is the flute-player Krishna." Lord Gaura spoke nectar words. Everyone please listen.

63. Seeing Shrivasa, Lord Mahaprabhu said: "Give Me My flute." Then He held out His graceful hand.

64. Then the very intelligent and saintly devotee Shrivasa said to the Lord:

65. "Listen. Listen, O Lord Mahaprabhu. Rukmini, the daughter of Bhishmaka, now holds Your flute in Your own house.

66. "Tonight when You close Your door You will regain Your flute. This I tell to You."

67. Moment after moment Lord Gaura enjoyed blissful pastimes in this way. His pastimes in Nadiya are very wonderful.

68. Anyone who understands the nectar of Lord Krishna will understand the heart of these descriptions. The descriptions of Lord Gaura's pastimes in Nadiya are the greatest treasure.

69. To everyone who does not know of Lord Gaura I humbly say: Please do not turn away from Lord Gaura. Give all your heart to hearing of Lord Gaura's glories.

70. O my brother, please give your heart to hearing of Lord Gaura. What else is there to do in this world? By hearing of Lord Gaura in this way you will soon hold Lord Krishna, the master of the three worlds, in your hand.

71. They who do not worship the Lord will not, not, not attain deliverance. Locana dasa says this again and again.


72. On another day Lord Gaura, sitting on a divine seat, said to the devotees:

73. "All the scriptures declare the glories of My sankirtana-yajna (chanting the glories of Lord Krishna).

74. "Sankirtana is the best of all spiritual activities. Please know that especially in the Kali-yuga it is the best activity.

75-76. "This truth is revealed in the fifth Veda (the Mahabharata), where it is said that with his five mouths Lord Siva sings Lord Krishna's glories without stop, Narada, playing his vina and dancing, also sings them, and the great sages headed by Sukadeva and Sanaka-kumara also sing them.

77. "The Vedas describe Shri Shri Radha'-Krishna in Vrindavana. Filled with ecstati love, Shri Shri Radha'-Krishna dance with the gopis.

78. "Eternally Shri Shri Radha'-Krishna saty in the spiritual world of Vrindavana. Filled with great ecstati spiritual love, Lord Siva chants Their glories.

79. "Although he always sings of Them, Lord Siva can never come to the end of Shri Shri Radha'-Krishna's glories. These truths the Vedas reveal in Kali-yuga.

80. "Anyone who chants Lord Krishna's glories attains spiritual enlightenment. Appearing in the form of that glorification, the Vedas bestow their mercy on that person.

81. "The living entities ears are sacrifical openings. The tongue is a sacrifical ladle. The sound of Lord Krishna's glories is charming sacrifical ghee.

82. "When the ladle of the tongue pours that ghee into the openings of the ears, the ghee enters the heart. In the heart the ghee adds fuel to the fire of ecstati love. It makes that fire burn with great flames. The flames of that fire make the body tremble. They make the body's hairs stand erect.

83. "Freed from sin in this way, the living entities dance. Salokya and the other kinds of liberation follow behind them.

84. "However, the living entities will not cast even a sidelong glance at liberation. Instead, tasting the sweet nectar of Lord Krishna's glories, they joyfully dance.

85. "The Vaishnava acaryas all perform this yajna. Please know that sankirtana-yajna is the best of all yajnas.

86. "In this way the great treasure of ecstati spiritual love takes birth in the heart. Lord Nityananda is the master of that treasure.

87. "Gadadhara Pandita is the goddess that controls that ecstati spiritual love. O jewellike devotees, please understand these truths.

88. "Advaita Acarya Gosai brought Me here. Therefore it is He who firmly establish the sankirtana-yajna.

89. "Shrivasa, Narahari, and the other devotees also helped establish the sankirtana-yajna.

90. "In Kali-yuga please take this sankirtana-yajna from house to house. In this way please deliver all the fallen people."

91. Hearing these words, the devotees wept and wept. Falling down before the Lord's feet, again and again the devotees offered respectful obeisances.

92. Each one of them Lord Gaura, the Supreme Personality of Godhead, picked up and embraced. Filled with bliss by hearing of these pastimes, Locana dasa sings this song.



Song 22 (Varadi raga-Dhula Khela-jata)



93. Please hear another wonderful song describing Lord Gaura's glories, a song beyond anything the people or even the demigods know. Lord Gaura, who is decsroated with the jewels of all virtues, who is filled with ecstati love, and who is mercy personified, preached the glories of bhakti-yoga (devotional service).

94. Please listen with all your heart, and I will tell another story. Accompanied by His associates, Lord Visvambhara, the Supreme Personality of Godhead, went to Candrasekhara's house.

95. With a voice choked with emotion, Lord Gaura glorified the gopis. Tears flowed from His reddened eyes. He manifested the ecstasies of the transcendental rasas.

96. The Supreme Personality of Godhead, who is the gopis' master, and whose feet Goddess Laksmi is wildly eager to serve, became filled with feelings of devotion. Simply by describing devotional service, Lord Gaura became rapt in ecstasy.

97. Manifesting the features of a gopi, and now overcome with bliss, Lord Visvambhara, the Supreme Personality of Godhead, danced in Shri Candrasekhara's house. Then Shrivasa manifested the features of Narada Muni.

98. Bowing down before Lord Gaura's feet, Shrivasa humbly said: "Please think of me as Your servant." After speaking these words, the great sage Narada said to Gadadhara Pandita:

99. "Please listen to what I say. You are a gopi. Please understand who You were before. I describe great wonders. You are a very exalted a rare person in this world. Please carefully hear my description of You.

100. "Everyone please hear my description. Life after life You are born in Gokula. Rejecting Your vow of faithfulness to Your husband, You always serve Lord Krishna. In this way You stay in Vrindavana.

101. "You are Lord Krishna's most imprtant potency. You are Krishna's potency Radha. What do I know that I can describe You?

102. "You are the crest jewel of the beautiful gopis. You deeply love Lord Krishna. How can I describe the truth about You?

103-104. "No one understands the great devotion You feel for Lord Krishna. That devotion is the greatest secret in the three worlds. Brahma, Siva, Lakshmi, Ananta, Prahlada, Narada, Sanat-kumara, and all the sages and demigods do not understand even a small fragment of the devotion You feel for Lord Krishna. The Supreme Personality of Godhead, the master of all the glory and opulence in the world, desires to feel the love that You feel. Therefore He has now placed Your fair complexion on His own limbs.

105. "The Supreme Personality of Godhead, whose maidservant is Goddess Lakshmi, yearns to feel the spiritual love You feel. He nows holds that love in His heart. The master of all the worlds is now overcome by those feelings of love, the glorious love that You feel.

106. "You know the glories of Lord Krishna's heart. With Your love You bind Him. Uddhava, Akrura, and the other great devotees serve Your feet. In Your heart please do not stop being merciful to us."

107. In this way Shrivasa, the jewel of the brahmanas, spoke. Hearing his words, the devotees became blissful. The Vaishnavas embraced each other. They gazed at Lord Visvambhara's feet.

108. Overcome with bliss and love, they danced. At that time Haridasa arrived. He held a stick in his hand. He respectfully stood before the Lord. Then he very joyfully sang the Lord's glories.

109. "O my brothers, at every moment please sing the glories of Lord Hari (hari-guna-sankirtana).", he said. Then he loudly, loudly laughed. As he sang Lord Hari's glories, flooding rivers of tears flowed from his two eyes. He joyfully looked in the four directions.

110. Hearing Haridasa's words, all the jewellike Vaishnavas responded by making a great rain-shower of nectar. They joyfully sang and danced. In the center danced Lord Gaura Raya. Weeping, the devotees grasped the Lord's reddish feet.

111. Then the devotee whho is the king of all the Vaishnavas, the devotee who is an abode of all transcendental virtues, the devotee who bears the name Advaita Acarya, arrived. His handsome glory had never before been seen on the earth. He stood before Lord Gaura. He was very powerful. He was born as a plenary expansion of the Lord.

112. Calling out "Hari! Hari!", Lord Advaita danced with bliss and love. From head to foot the hairs of His body stood erect. Tears flowed from His two eyes. He filled everyone with wonder.

113. He gazed at Lord VIsvambhara's graceful feet. He roared. He slapped His arms. The kirtana had become like a great marketplace, a wonderful marketplace of ecstati spiritual love.

114. All the Vaishnavas found their hearts filled with bliss. They were plunged in an ocean of ecstati spiritual love. Surrounded by the Vaishnavas, Lord Gaura-Hari placed spiritual bliss within the world of birth and death.

115. Then Lord Gaura said: "Listen. Everyone be attentive." Then Lord Gaura was suddenly transformed into a gopi. On His breast was a bodice. On His wrists were conchshell bracelets. His two eyes were plunged in nectar.

116. His garments were silk. Anklets adorned His feet. His waist was slender like a fist. His beauty enchanted the three worlds. What metaphor can I speak to describe His form? In this way Lord Gaura manifested the form of a gopi.

117. The splendor of His limbs was beyond anything of this world. The breeze from them was like the fragrant breezes from the Malaya Hills. He was adorned with a garland of new jasmine flowers. He was like the peak of Mount Sumeru. It was as if two flooding celestial Ganga rivers flowed over Lord Gaura's limbs.

118. Tasting the nectar of the rasas, Lord Gaura, the king of dancers, danced in the midst of the Vaishnavas. Then Lord Gaura thought of Goddess Lakshmi. Filled with ecstasy, He entered the Deity room of the temple.

119. In the Deity room Lord Gaura manifested the divine four-armed form of Goddess Lakshmi. Seeing this, everyone respectfully stood like sticks. In this form the Lord walked with graceful half-steps. A veil covered His half-closed eyes.

120. Falling before the Lord's graceful feet, everyone offered prayers. Overcome with bliss, someone prayed: "This boon I ask: Please give me pure love and devotion."

121. Listening to everyone's prayers, the Lord thought of Goddess Durga. Suddenly He manifested the form of Goddess Durga. Everyone was filled with wonder. How many demigods suddenly came and recited how many prayers?

122. Sitting on a throne, and pleased with the prayers of the devotees and demigods, Goddess Durga gently, gently smiled and said: "I have come to see your love and devotion.

123. "I have come to see you sing and dance. Please speak the desires in your hearts." Hearing these words, everyone prayed: "Please give us devotion to You."

124. When everyone had asked this boon, Goddess Durga said: "Listen. Listen. Listen, everyone. I am powerful Goddess Durga. I fulfill everyone's desire.."

125. Hearing these words, everyone offered obeisances, falling like sticks to ground. Then Goddess Durga smiled, took Haridasa by the hand, and placed him on her lap.

126. Placing him on her lap, the goddess rocked Haridasa to and fro as if he were a five-year old boy. Seeing this wonder, everyone became joyful at heart. Even the birds and beasts became joyful.

127. Then someone said: "Please cast a merciful glance at Murari. He is Your servant." Hearing these words, the Lord smiled with a smile sweeter than nectar.

128. Tears of love and mercy flowed from the Lord's eyes. The moon of His face was red with mercy. Overcome with bliss and love, Saci-devi served the Lord's graceful feet.

129. In His heart thinking of them as His children, Lord Gaura as Goddess Durga brought everyone there close to Him. Loving them like a mother, with eyes filled with tears of love He looked at everyone.

130. At that moment a brahmana suddenly arrived. Loudly he called out to the Lord. Seeing the distressed person's sufferings, the Lord became wild with grief. Tears flowed from His eyes.

131. Again manifesting his form of Lord Gaura, the Lord mercifully gave ecstati spiritual love to that person. Seeing that the Lord again manifested His form of Lord Gaura, the devotees offered obeisances. Again and again they fell down ltke sticks.

132. In these nectar pastimes the night passed. At dawn everyone returned to his home. Accompanied by His associates, Lord Gaura, a stout staff in His hand, walked home.

133. At that moment merciful Lord Gaura, who is the master of all the worlds, humbly and mercifully removed all suffering from the earth.

134. Anyone who hears this wonderful truth will find that all material sufferings in his heart become destroyed. Such a person will never perish. Fie on the wretches who doubt these words!

135. How can a person who, accepting only logic, scripture, and direct perception as sources of knowledge, and not having directly seen any of these pastimes, and not willing to accept them on the basis of logic, and not having read of them in any scripture, does not accept that these pastimes are true, become delivered?

136. To give His mercy to others, Lord Gaura descended to this world. No one is like Him. Let the people say what they say. I will say what I have directly seen, and what I know in my mind and my heart.

137. In this way I worry. This worry brings pain to my heart. My heart weeps. To whom will I tell this? Locana dasa sings this song glorifying Lord Gaura.



Sannyaser Purvavastha

Before Accepting Sannyasa


Song 23 (Varadi raga)



Refrain: O! O! O! Lord Gaurachandra is my very life!


1. Now I will tell the wonderful story of a pastime no one in the world has ever seen. No one in the world has ever seen or heard of such a pastime.

2. Anyone who has even a single sesame seed of doubt should pay careful attention with all his heart. To benefit everyone Lord Gaura revealed the truth about Himself.

3. Singing and dancing, joyful Lord Gaura came to Candrasekhara's house.

4. Shri Candrasekahara Bhattacarya also became joyful. Please hear of the wonderful pastimes the Lord enjoyed in his home.

5. Lord Gaura came dancing. His effulgence was like millions and millions of rising moons.

6. More than nectar His effulgence was wonderful, glorious, and cooling. No one could look at it. It was as if lightning filled the four directions.

7. Gazing at the Lord, everyone felt their hearts become filled with bliss. Tears filled their eyes. The Lord's effulgence was blinding.

8. Gazing at this sight, the people of Nadiya became filled with wonder.

9. Someone asked the Vaishnavas: "What is the meaning of this? Please tell us."

10. The Vaishnavas replied: "What do we know? Lord Visvambhara, who is rich in the jewels of transcendental virtues, has come dancing.

11. "That is all we know. We do not know anything more. His pastimes are beyond the knowledge of the world and the Vedas.

12. "He manifested an effulgent form for seven days without stop. Because of His effulgence we did not know if it was day or night.

13. "Saci's son, who follows the religion of compassion, manifests blissful pastimes that are eternally new and fresh."

14. On another day, speaking from his heart, Shrivasa, the best of brahmanas, asked this question of Lord Gaura:

15. "In Kali-yuga the chanting of Lord Hari's holy names brings the perfect and complete fruit of all spiritual endeavors. What does the chanting of the holy names bring any lesser result in the other yugas?"

16. Hearing these words, Lord Gaura said: "Listen, O Shrivasa. Your question is good. I will give a clear answer.

17. "In Satya-yuga the perfect religion is meditation. In Treta-yuga the perfect religion is performance of yajna.

18. "In Dvapara-yuga it is said that the worship of Lord Krishna's Deity form is the heart of religion. However, in Kali-yuga no one has the power to perform these activities properly.

19. "The Supreme Lord is identical with His holy name. Therefore in Kali-yuga Lord Hari's holy name has all power.

20. "In the three other yugas the great devotees serve Lord Narayana by properly performing medittaion, yajna, or Deity worship.

21. "In Kali-yuga every is very sinful and ill-behaved. Therefore the Lord feels extreme compassion for therm.

22. "Therefore the Lord has arranged that in Kali-yuga all perfection may be obtained very easily. It is attained simply by chanting the Lord's holy names.

23. "In the other yugas one must strive with a great effort. But in Kali-yuga one may very easily attain the Lord's mercy."

24. Placing Narahari's feet on his head, Locana dasa repeats Lord Gauranga's sweet words.


25. The days happily passed in this way. Then Lord Gaura suddenly saw this thought in His heart:

26. "I cannot stay here. I cannot. I must go to see the land of Vrindavana.

27. "Where is My Yamuna? My Vrindavana? Where is My Bahulavana? My Bhandiravana? My Govardhana?

28. "Where is My Radha? My Lalita and the other gopis? Where is My Nanda? My Yasoda?

29. "Where are My Shridama and Sudama? Where are My white and dark surabhi cows?" Calling out in this way, Lord Gaura ran about, overcome with ecstati love.

30. Holding a straw between His teeth and gazing in the four directions, He wept piteously.

31. "How can I continue to pass My time in this world of birth and death? Where must I go to find the feet of Nanda's son?"

32. Speaking these words, He broke the sacred thread resting on His neck. Separated from Lord Krishna, He was overcome with grief.

33. He called out, "Hari! Hari!" He sighed. The shed flooding rivers of tears. He did not say anything.

34. The hairs of His body stood erect. His body became red. Seeing all this, Murari said:

35. "Listen. Listen, O Mahaprabhu, O Gaura, O Supreme Personality of Godhead. Nothing is impossible for You.

36. "You have the power to go or stay anywhere. But please do not go anywhere without first telling me.

37. "If You want to go to another county, You may go. You are independent. You may separate Yourself from the Vaishnavas.

38. "You are independent. You can do whatever is in Your heart. But if You depart then all the people will again enter the world of birth and death.

39. "Lord, please do not do anything without considering the results. This I say to You."

40. Hearing these words, Lord Gaura became silent. Defeated by Murari, He had no power to speak.

41. Then some more days passed happily. His eyes filled with tears, Lord Gaura gazed at the people of Nadiya.

42. Filling His mother's eyes and heart with a mother's love, Lord Gaura-Hari enjoyed many pastimes with Vishnupriya.

43. He enjoyed many happy pastimes with His friends and kinsmen. He delighted everyone in Navadvipa.

44. With the Vaishnavas He enjoyed pastimes of chanting the holy names. Gazing at Him, the city's women hopelessly sighed.

45. His form is the most wonderful in the three worlds. His pastimes are the most blissful. He stands at the summit of all handsome grace.

46. His ornaments glistened. Reaching to His shoulders, His hair was decorated with jasmine flowers.

47. He was gracefully decorated with sandal tilaka. His red-bordered garments were the most graceful in the three worlds.

48. His associates and everyone else in the city gazed at Him.

49. In this way Lord Gaura was surrounded by His devotees. Gently, gently smiling, Lord Gaura told everyone of dream. He said:

50. "Listen, everyone. At night I saw a dream. He who is the jewel of the brahmanas suddenly came before Me.

51. "In My ear he spoke the sannyasa mantra. Now that mantra is manifest in My heart.

52. "From the mnoment that mantra entered, My heart has been unable to keep its independence.

53. "How can I abandon the dear master of My life? If I abandon Him, what will I do?

54. "He is sublimely handsome. His luster defeats the sapphire. Smiling, He always stays in My heart."

55. Hearing these words, Murari said: "You wrote that mantra's sashthi-tatpurusha-samasa."

56. Hearing these words, Lord Gaura said: "Your words do not pacify My heart.

57. "I try to become peaceful, but I only weep. Please don't speak words like those to Me. Instead hear My words.

58. "The sound of that mantra is very powerful. What can I do? I cannot resist it, as you suggest."

59. Hearing these words, everyone became sorrowful at heart. With an sorrowful heart Locana dasa speaks these words.


60. After some days the great pure-hearted sannyasi Shri Kesava Bharati arrived.

61. Because in his previous births he had accumulated a mountain of pious deeds he was now a very powerful sannyasi and a great devotee.

62. Lord Visvambhara saw him when he arrived. Seeing Lord Visvambhara, the sannyasi became joyful.

63. Lord Visvambhara respectfully stood and then bowed down before the sannyasi's feet. As He gazed at the sannyasi, tears of ecstati spiritual love flowed from the Lord's eyes.

64. Seeing Lord Visvambhara's body, the very intelligent king of the sannyasi's understood a little of the Lord's nature.

65. Kesava Bharati Gosvami then said: "Are You Sukadeva? Are You Narada?" These questions rest in my heart.

66. Hearing these words, Lord Visvambhara wept. Twice as many tears flowed from His eyes.

67-68. Very surprised, the sannyasi again said: "Thinking of all this, my heart has come to the conclusion that You must be the Supreme Personality of Godhead. You are the life of all the worlds. Of this there is no doubt."

69. Hearing these words, Lord Visvambhara continued to weep. He said: "After how many days will I find Lord Krishna's feet?

70. "You love Krishna very fervently. Therefore you see Krishna everywhere.

71. "After how many days will I see Krishna? I will wear garments like yours.

72. "To find Krishna I will travel from country to country. Where should I go to find Krishna, the master of My life?

73. Speaking these words to the sannyasi, and then falling like a stick to offer obeisances to him, Lord Visvambhara, taking the sannyasi with Him, returned to His own home.

74. Seeing Shrivasa, the Lord said to him: "Please take this sannyasi to your home."

75. Hearing the Lord's words, Shrivasa took the sannyasi and fed him very grandly.

76. After taking his meal, the sannyasi passed that day at Shrivasa's house. At dawn of the next day the king of sannyasis departed.

77. That morning Shrivasa told the Lord of the sannyasi's departure.

78. Hearing these words, the Lord became sorrowful at heart. Thinking of the sannyasi, the Lord walked home.

79. Returning home, Lord Gaura-Hari thought and thought. He decided to accept sannyasa.

80. From various hints understanding the Lord's decision, Mukunda tried to stop Him.

81. All the devotees came. Weeping, Mukunda placed these words before hte devotees' feet:

82. "Everyone please hear. Hear my owrds. Lord Visvambhara will accept sannyasa.

83. "For as long as He stays among us please fill your eyes with the sight of His form and fill your ears with the sound of the words from His mouth.

84. "The Lord will leave His home and go away. He will leave His mother and His servants."

85. Hearing these words, everyone became sorrowful at heart. In their hearts they tried to plan a way for the Lord to stay amongst them.

86. "The Lord is independent. We have no power to control Him." When these words were spoken, the frighetend devotees fell down.

87. Falling to the ground, they wept. Covered with dust, they called out: "O master of oure lives! O Lord Visvambhara!

88. "O! O Lord Mahaprabhu, where will You go? The black snake of Kali-yuga will gra and devour us.

89. "O Lord, please protect us from the fearful snake of Kali-yuga. Afraid of You, the snake of Kali will not attack us in Your presence.

90. At that time Lord Visvambhara arrived there. Seeing Shrivasa, the Lord said:

91. "Please hear. Hear, O dear brahmana Shrivasa. I will say something, if you are not afraid to hear My words.

92. "To find ecstati spiritual love I will go to another country. That love I will bring back and give to you. Please hear, O best of the brahmanas.

93-94. "As a man may clim on a boat, travel to a farway country, earn wealth, endure many difficulties, return home and with the wealth he brought maintains his kinsmen, in the same way I will gather ecstati spiritual love and give it to you."

95. Hearing these words, Shrivasa Pandita said: "Lord, if we do not see You, how will we remain alive?

96. "A person can maintain his friends and kinsemn only as long as they remain alive in their bodies. When they have left their bodies one can only offer sraddha to them.

97. "Only if we remain alive can You give us the treasure of ecstati spiritual love. If we cannot see You, we will certainly die."

98. Then Mukunda said: "Lord, my body is on fire. Though flames burn in my heart, my life breath cannot leave.

99. "I may be a fallen, wretched sinner. but You are a crooked-hearted cheater. I know the way You act.

100. "Not knowing Your true nature, fools like myself renounced the material world and took shelter of You.

101. "Renouncing religious rituals and duties we took shelter of Your feet. Why do You now renounce us?

102. "You are the purifier of the fallen. This all the scriptures declare. That is why we renounced all other duties and surrendered unto You.

103. "Now You will renounce us and go away. Lord, it is not right. This appeal I place befoere You.

104. "Not knowing how crooked is Your heart, we took shelter of You. In truth Your heart is very hard. It is like a thunderbolt.

105. "Outside You are like a fragrant nectar lotus flower, but inside You are like a thunderbolt. This truth my heart knows.

106. "I know Your heart is very hard. Your heart is like a pot of poison, poison with a little milk floating on its top.

107. "Your heart is like a wooden modaka candy anointed with camphor. No one knows that candy can never be eaten.

108. "If You go to another country, how will we stay alive? You enjoy being cruel to us. That is why You act in this way.

109. "If we cannot see Your face for even s single sesame seed's worth of time, we will die. We will weep and weep." Then Murari said:

110. "Please Listen. Listen, O Lord Gaura, O Visvambhara. Fallen Murari speaks. Please pay attention.

111. "With Your own finger You planted a wonderful tree. You watered it. Day and night it grew. It sprouted buds.

112. "Day after day You very carefully protected it. You built a fence around it. It's base You decorated with many jewels.

"Now, as it is about to give flowers and fruits You want to cut it down. Now we will all die. Our hearts will break into pieces.

114. "Day and night we know no one but You. When we dream we see the moon of Your face.

115. "We don't want anything in this world of birth and death. We want only to feel the breeze coming from Your feet, feet so rare and difficult to find in this world.

116. "If You leave us and go to another country, the tiger of material life will gra and devour us."

117. When these words were spoken, the devotees assembled together and fell down before Lord Gaura's feet.

118. O friend of the fallen, O protector of the unprotected, O deliverer of the fallen, You are the master of all the worlds."

119. With a blade of straw between his teeth, one devotee spoke these words filled with emotion. Another devotee raised his arms and loudly called out.

120. Lord Gaura said: "You are all My servants. I tell you all: Please listen. Please have faith in Me."

121. As the Lord began to speak, His voice became choked with emotion. Tears flowed from the red lotus flowers of His eyes.

122. With an emotion-choked voice He spoke half half words. Finally He could not speak. For a moment He was silent.

123. "The fear of being separated from Me torments you. My body is also tormented, tormented by separation from Lord Krishna.

124. "Thinking you will be happy by doing it, you try to please Me. How is that love?

125. "Separated from Lord Krishna, My heart is on fire. My senses are burned to ashes. My whole body is aflame.

126. "Even My mother is like a blazing fire. All your words are laced with poison.

127. "Life without Krishna is not life. A person who lives without Krishna is worthless like a pile of ashes. He is like a bird or a beast.

128. "He is like a corpse, or like a dead leaf fallen from a vine or a tree.

129. "Without Krishna religion and pious deeds are like a brahmana ignroant of the Vedas, or like a girl without a husband, or like a fish out of water.

130. "They are like ann unemployed poverty-stricken man trying to build a house, or like trying to build a university amongst the illiterates.

131. "Without Krishna, My life throbs with pain. Whatever you say will never enter My ears.

132. "Wearing a yogi's garments, I will go from country to country to find the master of My life."

133. Speaking these words, Lord Gaura fell to the ground and wept. The brahmana-thread on His body He broke and threw away.

134. "Krishna! Krishna!", He called out in a voice filled with pain. In a piteous voice calling out, "Master of My life!", He wept.



Song 24 (Vibhasa raga-Tarjjabandha)



Refrain: O! O! O! O!


135. "Everyone please hear. This world of birth and death is very horrible. It is filled with danger and uncertainty. The dangerous sense objects are filled with poison, poison that makes My heart burst into flames.

136. "Whatever the senses command, everyone does. No one can turn away from material desires. The people think material pleasures are eternally new and fresh. Never will they give them up.

137. "Lust, greed, and illusion never spare the people. Illusion, pride, and anger ro the people's hearts. Not for a single sesame seed's worth of time will the people turn from these and become enlightened.

138. "The people are imprisoned in this external world. They wander in the world of illusions. Thinking only of family and caste, they forget Krishna. Wandering and wandering, and filled with material desires, they commit many sins.

139. "They gaze at the wonders of this world, wonders behind which hides Lord Krishna. It is only with great effort that one attains a human birth, a birth where one can worship Lord Krishna.

140. "It is only with great difficulty that one attains this rare human birth. In such a birth one should worship Lord Krishna. A soul who attains a human body but turns away from Lord Krishna perishes. He falls into a world of illusions.

141. "Everyone please hear. I will describe what is in My heart. Please give this blessing to Me. Bless Me that I will attain love for Lord Krishna, and that I will be freed from the sufferings of this world. This blessing I beg of you all.

142. "Please always sing songs of Lord Krishna's pastimes. With your eyes gaze at His lotus face. Hold His feet in your hearts.

143. "What will I do? I cannot see Lord Krishna. Separated from Krishna, My heart has burst into flames. I am drowning in the ocean of repeated birth and death. My heart is tortured with sufferings.

144. "The devotees should tell others that Lord Krishna is the true father, the true mother, the true God, the true teacher, the true friend. The devotees should speak about Lord Krishna. They should worship Lord Krishna's feet.

145. "You are all My friends. You are all great Vaishnavas. Please do not stop Your hearts from giving mercy to Me. I will accept sannyasa. For everyone's benefit I will freely distribute ecstati spiritual love.

146. After speaking these words, Lord Visvambhara rolled on the ground. His hair became dishevelled. His fair limbs became covered with dust.

147. "Hari! Hari!" He loudly called. Heavily He breathed through His nostrils. From head to foot the hairs of His body stood erect. His voice choked with emotion, He spoke in half words.

148. One moment He wept. One moment He was filled with grief. One moment His eyes were filled with wonder. One moment He joyfully lept into the air. One moment His body trembled. One moment He was overwhelmed by feelings of separation from Lord Krishna.

149. One moment He called out, "Vrindavana!" One moment He called out, "Radha!" One moment He slapped His arms and called out, "Hari! Hari!" One moment He struck His hand to His chest.

150. Seeing all this, everyone became anxious at heart. What more can I say? Everyone was plunged in an ocean of sorrow.

151. Then Murari said: "Please hear, O Lord Gaura-Hari. You are supremely independent in every way. To teach the people of the world You kindly manifest these sorrows of separation from Lord Krishna.

152. "Whatever You wish in Your heart You will certainly do. What more can I say? You know everything. Every soul's destiny is controlled by You.

153. "Individual souls like myself do not know what the future holds. We are like flies or ants. You are an ocean of mercy, the friend of all. Please do what You think is best."

154. Hearing these words, Lord Gaura smiled and embraced everyone. Manifesting ecstati spiritual love, He addressed everyone. He spoke these words of enlightenment:

155. "Everyone please hear the words I speak. Please do not doubt them. Wherever I go, I will always stay with you. Please know that for certain."

156. Bidding farewell to all, Lord Gaura returned to His own home. In His heart He hasd already accepted sannyasa. This His mother did not know.

157. Saci's heart throbbed. For her there was no peace. Locana dasa says: How can anyone willingly leave the association of Lord Gaura, who is like an ocean of spiritual love?



Saci-matar Soka

Mother Saci's Grief


Song 25 (Ahiri raga-Disa)



1. Mother Saci heard the rumor that her son would accept sannyasa.

2. It was as if the sky had fallen on her head. Her heart overcome, Saci fell unconscious.

3. She became like a wild woman. She went everywhere in the four directions. Everyone she saw in Navadvipa she asked about that rumor.

4. She became convinced. Her son would accept sannyasa. Approaching Lord Visvambhara, she sighed and said:

5. "You are my son. You are the only eye in my body. If I cannot see You, I will see only blinding darkness.

6. "From the mouths of the people I heard my dear son will accept sannyasa. This news is like the sky falling and breaking my head.

7. "I am all alone. I have no husband. I have no one but You. Forgetting everyone, I gaze only on Your face.

8. "Your eyes are the lamps of my family. Everyone in Navadvipa tells me: `You are fortunate to have such a son.'

9. "Don't destroy my pride in my son. If You do not stay, my whole world will be burned to ashes.

10. "When they see my face, everyone thinks I am fortunate. If You go, when they see me everyone will turn his face away.

11. "You are my son. You are my great treasure in this world of birth and death. If I cannot see You, my whole world will become a jungle.

12. "If You leave me and go away, I will become unfortunate, filled with sorrows. I will drown in the Ganga. I will kill myself.

13. "How will Your soft feet walk on many journeys? When You are hungry and thirsty from whom will You beg food?

14. "How will Your body soft like butter bear the burning sunshine? That though fills me with sorrow.

15. "O my son, my golden Nimai. if You leave me, where will You go?

16. "While You are here I will drink poison and die. Then with my ears I will never hear that You have accepted sannyasa.

17. "Dear son, first I will die, and then You may go to another country. I will enter a fire and die in its flames.

18. "You are merciful to every living entity. Only to me You are not merciful. Why did the creator Brahma give me such a terrible fate? I do not know.

19. "Son, YOu are handsome, virtuous, and righteous. You are glorious in the three worlds. Your appearance charms all beautiful women. His hair is graceful.

20. "Decorated with jasmine flowers, Your garceful hair falls upon Your shoulders. When I see Him, Your appearance cools the burning sufferings of my life.

21. "Surrounded by friends and a book in Your left hand, You walk on the path. When I see You in this way my heart becomes pleasantly cool.

22. "Dear son, will You leave all Your friends? You will not chant the holy names with Your friends?

23. "You will not gloriously dance? Seeing You, the whole world becomes enchanted.

24. "You are the life of Your dear friends. Your acceptance of sannyasa will kill them all.

25. "I will die. Vishnupriya will die. Their hearts broken, all the devotees will also die.

26-28. "Murari, Mukunda Datta, Shrivasa, Advaita Acarya, Haridasa, Gadadhara, Narahari, Shri Raghunandana, Vasudeva Ghosha, Vakresvara, Shri Rama, and the other devotees will all die of they cannot see You. My dear son, please see all these truths and stop Your heart from thinking of sannyasa.

29. "You are a son without a father. Twice I arranged for Your marriage. I still have not seen any children.

30. "Sannyasa is not for a young man. Stay as a householder and perform Your duties.

31. "Lust, anger, greed, and illusion are all powerful in youth. How will You be successful in sannyasa?

32. "Controlling the heart is not easy in Kali-yuga. A restless heart destroys sannyasa.

33. "A householder is not accountable for sinful thoughts. But in sannyasa one's thoughts must be always pure."

34. Hearing Saci-devi speak these words, Lord Gaura spoke these words of enlightenment to His mother:



Song 26 (the same raga)



Refrain: Nectar words flow from the moon of Lord Gaura's mouth. How can the creator Brahma have remained peaceful after creating Lord Gaura's glorious form?


35. "Please listen and I will tell the wonderful story of Dhruva's mother and how Dhruva Maharaja became a great Vaishnava.


36. "It is said (Padyavali 8):


15. vyadhasyacaranam dhruvasya ca vayo vidya gajendrasya kim

kubjayah kim u nama rupam adhikam kim tat sudhamno dhanam

vamsah ko vidurasya yadava-pater ugrasya kim paurusham

bhaktya tushyati kevalam na ca gunair bhakti-priyo madhavah



" `Where was the hunter Dharma's piety, Dhruva's maturity, and Gajendra's knowledge? Where was Kubja's beauty? Where was Sudama's wealth? Where was Vidura's noble birth? Where was Ugrasena's chivalrous strength? Lord Madhava is pleased only by devotional service and not by material qualifications.'


37. "With a single heart please hear, O mother, the story of how Dhruva Maharaja attained a very exalted abode.

38. "Svayambhuva Manu was a mind-born son of the demigod Brahma. He was powerful and effulgent Lord Brahma himself.

39. "He had two sons: Priyavrata and Uttanapada. By Brahma's mercy they both became great kings.

40. "King Uttanapada married twice. Sruci and Suniti were his two beautiful wives.

41. "From Suruci were born dseven sons headed by Uttama. From Suniti was born only one son, named Dhruva.

42. "Uttama's mother was favored by Uttanapada, but Dhruva's mother was not favored by him.

43. "Beautiful Suruci was the favored queen. Dhruva's mother became her maidservant.

44. "Though she floated in an ocean of sorrows, Suniti never complained.

45. "Unhusked rice and unsalted vegetables were the meals given to Dhruva's mother.

46. "By the time Dhruva was five years old, his kother was suffering many troubles.

47. "One day King Uttanapada enjoyed pastimes with Suruci on a great throne.

48. "On that jewel throne the seven brothers headed by Uttama also enjoyed many pastimes.

49. "Meanwhile, five-yhear-old Dhruva, playing with other boys, had become covered with dust.

50. "Seeing his seven brothers on his father's lap, Dhruva began to clim the jewel throne.

51. "Reaching the throne, he went to sit in his father's lap when his stepmother threw him to the ground.

52. "Falling to the ground, Dhruva wept. Controlled by his wife, the king said nothing.

53. "Fallen to the ground, Dhruva wept, his pride crushed. That he was the son of a mother not in favor he did not know.

54. "Dhruva's stepmother said: `You weep for no reason. Though you are a maidservant's son, you tried to sit on the jewel throne.

55. " `Birth after birth your mother did not worship Lord Krishna. Have you no shame? You tried to sit on the jewel throne.

56. " `You are the son of an unfortunate mother. Your mother is not a devotee of Lord Vishnu. Why should you have the right to sit on a jewel throne?'

57. "These words Dhruva's seven brothers said to him. Weeping and weeping, Dhruva went to his mother.

58. " `My stepmother hit me. She threw me from the throne.

59. " `She said: `Your mother never worshiped Lord Krishna. Are you not ashamed to try and sit on the jewel throne?'

60. " `She spoke very strange words. I did not know you were a maidservant."

61. "Hearing these words, Dhruva's mother wept and said: `Dear son, i never worshiped Lord Krishna. I am very unfortunate.

62. " `Birth after birth I never worshiped Lord Krishna. I was never a servant of Lord Krishna. I never served Him.

63. " `Don't cry. Don't cry, my son, if your stepmother calls you the son of an unfortunate woman, or the son of a maidservant, or insults you.'

64. "As Dhruva wept, his mother spoke to him the truth of spiritual life." In this way Locana dasa joyfully sings the glories of Lord Gaura.



Song 27 (Sinduda raga)



65. " `Dhruva, you took birth from the wom of an unfortunate woman. I never served Lord Krishna. You are not loved by your father. When you are born from a woman who is not so unfortunate, then you may wish to sit on a throne.

66. " `Don't cry. Don't cry, Dhruva. I'll tell you what I know. Listen. Listen to my words. In the past your stepmother worshiped Lord Krishna. That is why she is fortunate.

67. " `Why would a person who worships Lord Krishna even want to sit on a throne? If you want, you can sit on a throne. If you worship Lord Krishna's feet you can easily attain the false fame and glory of this world.

68. " `Why were you forced to leave your father's lap? Why will everyone in thee world insult you? Because you are my son. From birth I am very unfortunate." Hearing Queen Suniti's words, Dhruva floated in a flood of tears.

69. " `Dhruva, listen. Listen to my words. O lotus-eyed one, there is one way you may become free from your sufferings. Only one and no other way.

70. " `How many times did Brahma and thre demigods serve Lord Krishna that they attained their exalted posts in Svargaloka? If you worship Lordf Krishna you can get a throne. You can be worshiped by everyone in the three worlds.'

71. "Hearing his mother's words, Dhruva thought and thought. `How will I find Lord Krishna?' He asked. His mother replied: `In Madhuvana you can find Lord Krishna. Somehow go there. This advice I give to you.

72. " `Go there if you are a true son of Uttanapada, if you wish to sit on his throne, if the name Dhruva that I gave to you will truly bring you good fortune, if you truly wish to sit on the throne.'

73. "Making the dust of his mother's feet the ornament of his heads, at an auspicious moment Dhruva departed for Madhuvana. He was rapt in meditation on Lord Krishna. At that moment sounds of `Jaya! Jaya!' resounded in Svargaloka."



Song 28 (Suhai raga)



Refrain: Please tell me: Where shall I go to find handsome dark Lord Krishna?


74. Everyone please hear these wonderful words. Lord Gaura said: "Please hear, O Mother Saci.

75. "Bowing down, Dhruva placed on his head the dust of his mopther's feet. Weeping and weeping, he consoled her.

76. "Then, his heart yearning to attain a exalted post by worshiping Lord Krishna, the great saint Dhruva departed for Madhuvana.

77. "If, walking on the path, he was tormented by hy hunger, he would eat a sweet ripe fruit that he found accidentally.

78. "If he became thirsty, Dhruva would drink some sweet-smelling water that he found by the path.

79. "Watching him, the demigods were filled with wonder. Who was this person able to act in this way? They did not know anything about Dhruva.

80. "Approaching Dhruva on the path, Narada Muni sweetly said:

81. " `You are a king's son. At your age you should be playing games. Why are you so proud and angry for no reason?

82. " `It is not right for you to go to the forest. When you are old you can worship Lord Krishna, the treasure-house of transcendental qualities.'

83. "Dhruva said to him: `If I worship Lord Krishna when I am old, I may still die in my youth. What will happen to me then?'

84. "Hearing these words, the great sage became happy. To Dhruva he gave the twelve-syllable mantra.

85. "Dhruva said: `I suffered because in the past I did not worship Lord Krishna. That is why the arrows of my stepmother's words wounded my heart.

86. " `You are very kind and I am very unfortuna5te. Please teach me about Lord Krishna. Please cast my sufferings far away.

87. " `By the power of serving Lord Krishna I will attain an exalted post even my father of my grandfather cannot attain.'

88. "Then Narada Muni said: `Dhruva, go to the Yamuna's bank in Madhuvana. Sit down there very calmly. Stay always calm and determined.

89. " `Always chant this bija-mantra: `Om namo bhagavate vasudevaya.'

90. " `Always chant japa of this mantra. After seven days you will attain spiritual realization.'

91. "Attaining this instruction (siksha, and spiritual initiation (diksha), Dhruva became happy. He offered respectful obeisances to Narada Muni. Then he left for Vrindavana.

92. "After some days He arrived in Madhuvana. Seeing the kalpa-vriksha trees there, he became free of all ignroance.

93. "In this way Uttanapada's son arrived in Madhuvana." Locana dasa thus happily sings this song glorifying Lord Gaura.



Song 29 (Sindhuda raga)



Refrain: The great souls take sshelter of Lord Krishna's feet. They know that great sweetness stays at the Lord's reddish feet.


94. "Seeing Madhuvana, Dhruva becanme joyful. Observing the fast appropriate for arriving at a holy place, he passed the night.

95. "At dawn he bathed and chanted his mantra. He had neither hunger nor thirst. He floated in tears.

96. "Every five or seven days he ate one badari fruit. On the other days he accepted only some water touched by tulasi.

97. "Then he would fast for thirty days. Dhruva broke his fast only once a month.

98. "Once he would raise his arms with cupped palms. Then he would chant japa of the twelve-syllable mantra.

99. "His feet up, he stayed under the Yamuna's waters. In the summer he sat with fires on four sides.

100. "In the winter he stayed in the Yamuna's waters. During the monsoon he bore much suffering.

101. "Dhruva meditated and meditated. He was in a trance od samadhi. In his meditation he saw Lord Krishna, whose form bends in three places.

102. "Indra and the demigods were surprised. How did Dhruva become qualified to perform such activities. They did not know.

103. "Brahma said: `In the end he will be qualified for my post. Then Dhruva will sit in Brahma's post. I must do something to stop him.'

104. "Kuvera and Varuna said: `He will attain our posts. Lord Krishna will give our posts to him. This we know.'

105. "Indra said: `Dhruva will attain my post. Lord Krishna will kindly give it to him.'

106. "Indra said: `Everyone else yearns after my post. Dhruva, though he does not yearn after it, will attain my post.'

107. "All the demigods said: `We sit on exalted thrones. By his great austerities Dhruva will attain our posts.'

108. "Brahma ansd the other demigods devised various strategies to break dhurva's great austerities.

109. "With single-pointed concentration Dhruva meditated on three-fold-bending Lord Krishna. Brahma, Indra, and the other demigods came to test Dhruva's resolve.

110. "One demigod called aloud into Dhruva's ear: `Dhruva, you will die. Did you come here to die?'

111. "Another demigod said: `Dhruva, your father is dead.' Another demigod said: `Dhruva, a black snake approaches.'

112. "Another demigod said: `Dhurva, your mother is dead.' Another demigod said: `Dhruva, quickly flee.'

113. "Another demigod said: `Dhruva, a forest fire approaches.' Another demigod said: `Dhruva will did. He will die.'

114. "Indra's elephant tried to push its tusks into Drhuva's chest.Then the elephant wrapped its trunk around Dhruva's waist.

115. "Vayu's snake tried to devour Dhruva. Surya's tiger tried to drink Dhruva's blood.

116. "With snake ropes the demigods bound Dhruva and threw him into a fire. Candra tried to drown Dhruva in the yamuna's waters.

117. "What can the bites of ten million snakes do to a person who keeps Lord Krishna's name on his tongue?

118. "How can a person who meditates on three-fold-bending Lord Krishna become broken. In the end Brahma and the demigods fled.

119. "With single-pointed concentration Dhruva meditated on Lord Krishna's feet." Locana dasa joyfully sings his glories.



Song 30 (the same raga)



Refrain: I take shelter of the reddish feet of the cowherd boy Krishna, who is kind to the poor and fallen.


120. Your name is Patita-pavana (the purifier of the fallen). O savior of the fallen, glory, glory, glory to You!

121. "Everyone please hear more of this wonderful story. Narada Muni spoke to Lord Krishna.

122. "Sitting with Goddess Lakshmi on a jewel throne, the Lord listened to Narada's vina music.

123. "Gently smiling, Lord Krishna said to Narada: `Why does your heart not pay attention to your vina music?'

124-125. "Narada Muni replied: `Please hear, O lotus-eyed Lord. My heart does not pay attention to my vina musi because I am rapt in thinking of one of Your devotees. My mind thinks of how You are always the master of the poor and helpless.'

126. "Hearing Narada's words, lotus-eyed Lord Krishna said: `Who is this devotee, on whom you meditate? Please tell Me.'

127. "Narada said: `He is Uttanapada's very noble-hearted son. His saintly-hearted mother is not favored by her husband.

128. " `Dhruva's stepmother bears the name Suruci. One day she enjoyed many pastimes with her husband on his throne.

129. " `Her seven sons headed by Uttama also laughed and enjoyed pastimes on that jewel throne.

130. " `Seeing his brothers hugged by their father, Dhruva climbed up on that jewel throne.

131. " `Climbing on the throne, Dhruva sat in his father's lap. Then Dhruva's stepmother threw Dhruva to the ground.

132. " `Falling to the ground, Dhruva wept. Controlled by his wife, King Uttanapada said nothing.

133. " `Distraught by his stepmother's words, Dhruva went to Madhuvana and performed austerities on the Yamuna's banks.'

134. "Hearing Narada's words, lotus-eyed Lord Krishna gently smiled and sweetly said:

135. " `I do not give mercy to persons who are not initiated. Neither do I take affense with the misdeeds of a person who is not initiated.

136. " `Renouncing his father and mother, this boy performs austerities in Madhuvana. With a vow he meditates on Me.

137. " `From a Vaishnavi's wom a non-Vaishnava is never born. Vaishnavas and Vaishnavis are ready to tolerate all difficulties.

138. " `I must make a Vaishnava's vow successful. I will visit Dhruva. I will grant him a boon.

139. " `The devotees bind Me with ropes of love and devotion. Bound by the devotees' devotion, I have no power to escape. I have no power to escape from a devotee who meditates on Me.'

140. "Narada Muni said: `It is not that Dhruva is uninitiated. Please viti him and be merciful to him. At this moment it is as if he is burning in a forest fire.'

141. "Hearing these words from Narada's mouth, lotus-eyed Lord Krishna climbed on Garuda and flew to Madhuvana.

142. "Gently smiling, Lord Krishna said to Dhruva: `For your sake I have come from Vaikuntha. I have come to grant you a boon.'

143. "Hearing Lord Krishna's words, Dhruva was filled with bliss. His meditation broken, with folded hands he stood before the Lord.

144. "Dhruva said: `O great Lord, what boon shall I ask? Please be kind to me that I will be able to chant Your glories.'

145. "Lord Krishna said: `I must grant whatever you wish. Please ask for an exalted post. I will give whatever post you wish.

146. " `Why did you come to Madhuvana? Please tell Me. Your stepmother did not allow you to sit on a throne.

147. " `If I do not give you an exalted post, then how can I bear the name Vancakalpataru (He who is like a tree that fulfills all desires)?

148. " `Exalted posts are like blades of straw. Your devotees do not desire them. They are like ashes.'

149. "Lord Krishna said: `I will give you the throne of every king. I will give you the highest post in the three worlds.

150. " `You are Uttanapada's son. You will become king. All your subjects will chant My glories.

151. "Everyone will talk of Dhruva's realm, which will be above the worlds of all the sages.'

152. "Giving this boon, Lord Krishna suddenly disappeared. Visvakarma built Dhruva's world of Dhruvaloka.

153. "Attaining this boon, Dhruva left Madhuvana." Locana dasa happily sings the glories of Lord Gaura.



Song 31 (the same raga)



Refrain: He who is Lord Gaura and the cowherd boy Krishna is my very life.


154. "Hearing Lord Krishna's words, Dhruva returned to his own country. Meanwhile King Uttanapada's remorse had become very great.

155. "Even Dhruva's stepmother wept. She lamented: `Where has Dhruva gone? I am very unfortunate. For my sons' sake I pushed Dhruva from the throne.'

156. "King Uttanapada said: `Perhaps my son's death is already written by fate. How many days must pass before I see Dhruva again?'

157. "King Uttanapada said: `O mother of Dhruva, now you are my most important queen. From this day on all my other saintly queens are your maidservants.'

158. "Unable to see his son, the king was overcome. He fell to the ground unconscious.

159. "At that time seeing Narada unexpectedly arrive, the king, the heart filled with worry and sorrow, respectfully stood to receive him.

160. "The king offered Narada padya, arghya, and a sitting place. Revealing his heart, he said:

161. " `I have a five-year old son. Where did he go? I do not know.'

162. "Narada said: `Enduring many troubles, Dhruva attained pure devotion to Lord Krishna. Now he will return to his own place.

163. "It is said:



kulam pavitram janani kritartha

vasundhara sa vasatis ca dhanya

svarge sthitas tatra pitaro 'pi dhanya

yasyah suto vaishnava-nama loke



" `A woman whose son is famous as a Vaishnava in this world is glorious and successful. Her family is purified. Her home and country are glorious. Her ancestors in Svargaloka are glorious and fortunate.


164. yasyasti vaishnava-putrah

putrini sa vidhiyate


janani sukari-sama



" `A woman whose son is a Vaishnava is the mother of a glorious son. A woman who has a hundred sons that are not Vaishnavas is like a mother of piglets.'


165. "Father, mother, in-laws, and all family members are delivered when one of their number becomes a Vaishnava.

166. "Your son purely worshiped Lord Krishna. Now your son will return. Please know he is a tilaka mark glorifying your dynasty.

167. "Hearing Narada's words, the king became joyful, Now his desire was fulfilled. He had the royal road sprinkled with sandalwood perfume.

168. "Khadi, yogurt, mangala, durva grass, kunkuma, and musk were sprinkled on the path. The path was splendid with flowers. It was decorated with rows of glistening lamps.

169. "The king ran to greet his lost son. After going some distance, he found Dhruva.

170. "Seeing Dhruva, the king said: `Now my life breath has returned.' He embraced his son. He kissed him millions of times.

171. "King Uttanapada brought Dhruva back to the royal assembly. Hand after hand offered gifts to him.

172. "Giving the kingdom to Dhruva, Uttanapada retired to the forest. After some days every heart in the kingdom was filled with bliss.

173. "With power and valor he conquered many kingdoms one by one. Untroubled by any thornlike rival, he ruled his empire for forty years.

174. "To the demigods and gandharvas he proved his power and valor. Then, accompanied by his mother, Dhruva went to his own abode, Dhruvaloka."

175. Then Saci said: "I will go with You. I will stay with You and we will enjoy pastimes of talking about Lord Krishna.

176. "You, my golden son, will shave Your head. I will also shave my head.

177. "I will wear saffron robes. I will place an earring in my ear. I will become a yogini and I will travel with You."

178. Hearing His mother's words, Lord Gaura became agitated. Worried, He spoke words to enlighten His mother.

179. Saci's son, the crest-jewel of the all-knowing, then enlightened His mother. Thus says Locana dasa.



Song 32 (Varadi raga-Disa)



Refrain: Please hear this song glorifying Lord Gaura, of Saci's moonlike son, a song full of wonderful words, a song that brings auspiciousness to the ears.


180. Lord Krishna said to Saci: "Don't be agitated. Please hear My words. Why make your heart become sorrowful with the falso activities of this world?

181. "Again and again I tell you: Still you do not listen. Please know that the greed, bewilderment, anger, and pride of this world are all illusions.

182. "Who are you? Who is your son? Who is the mother? Who is the son? Please know the words `Yours' and `Mine' are only illusions. Please renounce these illusions.

183. "Who is a woman? Who is a man? Who is a wife? Who is a husband? But for Lord Krishna's feet there is no auspicious goal.

184. "Lord Krishna is the father. He is the mother. He is the friend and kinsman. He is the creator. He is the one who takes away. He is the only true wealth.

185. "Without Him everything is an illusion. I speak the truth. Without Him this whole world is an illusion.

186. "The people in this world are captives in the prison of Lord Vishnu's illusory poetncy Maya. They are shackled by their own pride and false-ego.

187. "The people act selfishly. Later they are bound by the reactiosn of thos acts.

188. "Bound y the ropes of karma, the souls wander in the material world. They do not know who in truth they are. Forgetting Krishna, they are bewildered.

189. "In all the fourteen worlds a human birth is very rare and valuable. I tell you the heart of the truth.

190. "The sufferings in this world are like an ocean without a shore. In a single moment all may be destroyed. Everything in this world is temporary.

191. "A person who, aware that this human body is very rare and difficult to obtain, worships Lord Krishna becomes free from Maya.

192. "Simply by worshiping Lord Krishna, that person attains everything. Free from maya's shackles, he falls in love with Lord Krishna.

193. "If you loved Lord Krishna as much as you love Me, how much good fortune would you attain?

194. "By loving the things of this world one attains only death as one's reward. By loving Lord Krishna one attains liberation from the world of birth and death.

195. "He is the true friend, the true mother, the true father, who gives to his associates the gift of love and devotion for Lord Krishna's feet.

196. "My heart is tormented by separation from Lord Krishna. I fall at your feet and beg:

197. "You loved Me deeply. By following your teachings I became pure at heart.

198. "You have always protected Me. Please worship Lord Krishna's feet. Renounce the idea that I am your son.

199. "To attain love for Lord Krishna I will accept sannyasa. In country after country I will distribute the great treasure of love for Lord Krishna.

200. "Other sons bring gold and silver. After enjoying them, one perishes. They are not the true goal of life.

201. "Though one gathers great wealth, in the end he must suffer. The wealth must go and he must die.

202. "The wealth I give is love for Lord Krishna. Lord Krishna's feet give the greatest wealth and good fortune to everyone.

203. "That wealth of love for Lord Krishna is not destroyed in this world or in the next. Mother, thsse words I speak to you. In your heart please forgive Me.

204. "In every birth one gets a mother, father, and host of associates. It is not in every birth that one finds a spiritual master and Lord Krishna. Please know this truth in your heart.

205. "In a human birth one may find a spiritual master and Lord Krishna. A human being who has not accepted a spiritual master I consider like the birds and the beasts."

206. Hearing these words, Saci was very surprised at heart. She gazed at the lotus flower of Lord Visvambhara's face.

207. Now the illusory Maya controlled by the master of the fourteen worlds was flung far away. Now Saci saw all spirit souls with equal vision.

208. "At that moment Saci understood that her Visvambhara was in truth Lord Krishna. Though all illusion was thrown far away, she still spoke the words "my son".

209-210. Filled with wonder, she gazed at her son, who now manifested a dark form defeating a host of new monsoon clouds, a form bent in three places, holding a flute, glorious with yellow garments, and surrounded by hosts of cows, gopas, and gopis in Vrindavana forest.

211. Gazing at her son, Saci felt great wonder in her heart. The hairs of her body stood erect. She trembled.

212. She did not renounce the love she felt for her son. She thought herself very fortunate to have Lord Krishna as her son.

213. "Lord Krishna, who is very difficult to find in all the worlds, has become my son. I cannot bring Him under my control. What power have I over Him?"

214. Thinking in this way, Saci said: "You are the jewel of persons. You are the independent Supreme Personality of Godhead.

215. "Because I was very fortunate, for some days You stayed under my control. Now, by Your own wish, You will accept sannyasa.

216. "One request I place before You: How can I lose the priceless treasure that You are?"

217. Speaking these words, Saci wept in a piteous voice. Five or seven flooding streams of tears flowed from her eyes to her neck.

218. Saintly Saci wept and wept. As she wept, Lord Gaura bowed His head.

219. Again raising His head, Lord Visvambhara said: "Mother, please hear My words.

220. "Any day when you wish to see Me, you will see Me at once."

221. Hearing these words, Saci still wept. With a sorrowing heart Locana dasa speaks these words.




Vishnupriya's Lament


Song 33 (Varadi raga-Dhula khela-jata, Karuna-chanda)



1. In this way Saci spoke her heart. Her heart was sorrowful. Her face was withered. No words came to her mouth. From her two eyes tears streamed. Seeing her, Vishnupriya fell unconscious.

2. Vishnupriya spoke no nectar-sweet words. Her heart was agitated. From the peoples' mouths she had heard whispered rumors. From hints she could understand the truth. It was as if she was struck by a thunderbolt. Poor Vishnupriya fell unconscious.

3. Vishnupriya thought in her heart. At the day's end Lord Gaura cheerfully returned home. He ate and drank. Then He lay down on His bed. Vishnupriya quickly approached Him.

4. Touching His lotus feet, she sighed. Her face anxious, she gazed at Him. Wrapping the vines of her arms around the feet of her master more dear than life, she pressed those feet to her heart.

5. Tears from her eyes soaked her bodice. The flooding streams of her tears washed the Lord's feet. Lord Gaura suddenly awakened. He asked Vishnupriya what she was doing.

6. "You are most dear, most dear to Me. Why do you weep? O goddess, please tell.", He said. He placed her on His lap. He placed His right hand on her chin. With sweet words again He asked His question.

7. Goddess Vishnupriya wept. Her heart was broken. She spoke not a word. The life breath in her heart was filled with suffering. She felt no longer could she stay in her body. Tears streamed from her eyes.

8. Again and again Lord Gaura asked, but saintly-hearted Vishnupriya never answered. She only held His feet and wept. Lord Gaura knows every art. With the cloth from His own body He wiped her tears. Then He asked some questions.

9. Speaking of how They could enjoy many pastimes, He made the love within her grow. His words could make a stone burst into flowers. Seeing how eager Lord Gaura was to enjoy with her, moon-faced Vishnupriya spoke some words in a voice choked with emotion.

10. She said: "Please listen. Listen, O master of my life. Please place Your hand on my head. Will You not accept sannyasa? This I heard from the peoples' mouths. Now my heart is broken. I will enter fire.

11. "My life, wealth, beauty, youth, garments, grace, playfulness, love, and skill are meant only to please You. If You leave me, what will I, worthless like a pile of ashes, do? My heart will burn in flames of poison.

12. "Let my body perish. I have only this to say: How will You walk on the pathways? Your feet are soft like sirisha flowers. I fear even to touch them with my hand.

13. "When You stumble and fall like a stick to the ground, my life breath trembles and streams of tears flood my limbs. How will You place Your reddish feet on the bramble-filled forest paths?

14. "When You do even the slightest action, I see drops and drops of perspiration on the moon of Your face. The monsoon will come. Some days rain will come. Other days the sun will shine. In sannyasa the sufferings are great.

15. "I know nothing but Your feet. Why do You throw me away? Why do You not fear to break the rules of religion? Why will You leave Your elderly mother Saci, who is already halfway to her death?

16. "Why will You accept sannyasa? Why will You leave Murari, Mukunda Datta, Shrivasa, Haridasa, Advaita Acarya, and all the other devotees?

17. "You are filled with love. You live in everyone's heart. Still, Your actions are very troublesome. When they hear You have gone to a faraway country, Murari and all the devotees will perish.

18. "What will I do? I am worthless like a pile of ashes. I am the material attachment You wish to renounce. It is because of me that You wish to accept sannyasa. That is my fear. Very well, I will take one last look at You, and then I will swallow poison. Then You may happily live in Your own home.

19. "O master, please don't go to another country. There is no one but You in my world. My heart is on fire to gaze at Your face." Vishnupriya had no power to say any more words. Her heart was filled with sorrow. She only grasped Lord Gaura's feet and wept.

20. Hearing Vishnupriya's words, Lord Gaura smiled, picked her up, and placed her on His lap. With His garment He wiped the tears from her face. He joked with her in many ways. "Don't be unhappy for no reason.", He said.

21. "Who said I would leave you and accept sannyasa? Whatever I do will tell you. Don't perish with this needless sorrow."

22. After saying these words, Lord Gaura-Hari kissed and embraced her. With her He enjoyed many wonderful nectar pastimes. With limitless loving pastimes, with pastimes at the highest point of all grace and beauty, He satisfied Vishnupriya.

23. With blissful nectar pastimesa They passed the night. Flames again rose in Vishnupriya's heart. Gazing at the face of hre beloved more dear than life, again she questioned Him.

24. Placing her Lord's hand on her breast, Goddess Vishnupriya asked: "Please don't lie to me. Tell me the truth. Will You leave me?

25. "You asre the supreme master. You will do whatever You like. You are never controlled by anyone. You will do whatever You wish. If You wish to accept sannyasa, what can I say to stop You? Please tell the truth to me."

26. Hearing thewse words, the Lord gently smiled and said: "Please listen, O dearest beloved. What I say is for your benefit. Please listen carefully.

27. "Whatever you see in this world is an illusion. Only the Supreme Personality of Godhead and the Vaishnavas are real. Please know that everything else is an illsuion.

28. "Children, husband, wife, father, and mother are all illusions. They are all temporary. Who has a relationship with whom? Lord Krishna's feet are our only family. We have no other family in truth. Please see all other family as the illusions of Maya.

29. "Who is a husband and who a wife? Both are spirit souls. Their relationship is false. it is only the shackles of material illusion. Lord Krishna is the hsuband of all. All are His wives. This truth no one knows.

30. "Seed and egg join, and then an infant is born from the place where urine flows. Filled with ignorance, the infant falls to the ground. That infant grows to become a child, then a youth, and then elder. He suffers many troubles. Still, he is very proud of his body and his home.

31. "For so long he maintained his family, but in his old age his family only insults him. In old age he has no honor. Gradually he grows blind and deaf. Despondent, he weeps. He never worshiped Lord Krishna.

32. "He accepted a human body in this world of birth and death to have an opportunity to worship Lord Krishna. But, bound by maya's shackles, he forgets his true purpose. Intoxicated with pride, he forgets his teue master. At the end he dies and goes to hell.

33. "Your name is Vishnupriya (She who is dear to Lord Vishnu). Now please make that an appropriate name for you. Please don't needlessly lament in your heart. This I tell to you: Throw your worries far away and dedicate your body and mind to serving Lord Krishna."

34. Then Lord Gaura manifested His power as the Supreme Personality of Godhead. He threw his illusory potency maya far away. He made Vishnupriya joyful at heart. Her suffering and lamentation fled far away. Her heart was filled with bliss. Suddenly she saw four-armed Lord Vishnu standing before her.

35. Even though she saw four-armed Lord Vishnu before her, Goddess Vishnupriya naver abandoned the idea that Lord Gaura was her husband. Falling down before the Lord's feet, she said: "O Lord, please hear the one request I place before You.

36. "I, a person worthless like a pile of ahses, have taken birth in this world of birth and death. You are the dear master of my life. You are my great treasure. I am Your maidservant. Why, then, do I feel like I am falling down into hell?"

37. Speaking these words, sorrowing Vishnupriya wept. She was wild with grief. Seeing His dear dear devotee's distress, Lord Gaura also wept, the tears flowing from His eyes. Then He embraced her and gave her His mercy.

38. He said: "Please hear, O Goddess Vishnupriya. I will tell you what is in My heart. Whenever you think of Me, I will come before you. I solemnly tell you this is the truth. It is the truth."

39. Hearing Lord Krishna's promise, Vishnupriya thought for a moment and said: "You are the independent Supreme Lord. You will do whatever You wish. What power have I to stop You? I will never say anything to stop You."

40. Vishnupriya bowed her head. Tears flowed from her eyes. Gazing at her, the Lord spoke sweet words. Listening to Lord Gaura's words and deeds, sorrowing Locana dasa sings this song.



Song 34 (Varadi raga-Disa)



Refrain: O! O! He who is the moon of the brahmanas is my very life. The sweetness of Lord Gaura's form charms even Kamadeva. May the sight of Lord Gaura's form always be awakened within me.


41. In this way some days and nights passed. Flames blazed in the devotees' hearts.

42. Gathering together, the devotees sang the glories of Lord Gaura. Weeping, they revealed their hearts.

43. Saci and Vishnupriya wept day and night. For them the ten directions were filled with blinding darkness. For them every place was a lifeless desert.

44. The devotees and people of Navadvipa found no peace. Walking in the city, they were always anxious and troubled.

45. His heart filled with sorrow, Shrivasa, the king of the brahmanas, then spoke to Lord Gaura.

46. He said: "I fear to speak. Lord, if You permit, I will go with You.

47. "The others would also go with You. If they cannot see You, they will not maintain their lives.

48. "Amongst them I will be the first to die. Please hear, O Lord Visvambhara. I speak what is in my heart."

49. Hearing these words, Lord Gaura gently, gently smiled and said: "Please hear, O Shrivasa.

50. "Please do not fear that you will ever be separated from Me. I will never leave the side of you and the devotees.

51. "I will always stay in the Krishna-temples in your homes. Please be peaceful at heart."

52. Speaking these enlightening words, Lord Gaura pacified Shrivasa. At dusk the Lord went to Murari Gupta's home.

53. Accompanied by Haridasa, Lord Gaura went to Murari's home. In the temple room there, Lord Gaura privately said to him:

54. "O Murari, please hear My words. To Me you are more dear than life. That is why I now speak these words to you.

55. "I will tell you the highest truth. Please listen with care. I will teach you something for your great benefit.

56. "Advaita Acarya Gosai is the most glorious person in the three worlds. To Me no one is more dear a friend than He.

57. "He is a plenary incarnation of the Supreme Personality of Godhead. He is the guru of everyone. Anyone who desires his own welfare should serve Him.

58. "He is the king of the Vaishnavas. He is the auspiciousness of the worlds. Therefore you should worship Him with great devotion.

59. "Anyone who worships Him worships Lord Krishna. Now I will tell you another secret. Please keep this secret in your heart.

60-61. "Please know that I reside in the bodies of Gadadhara Pandita Gosai, Nityananda, Advaita, Shrivasa, and Ramai. I tell you this secret. Please keep it in your heart."

62. Hearing these words, Murari, the king of physicians, in his own heart understood the actions of Lord Gaura's heart.

63. Weeping and weeping, he fell before hte Lord's feet. He knew very well the Lord was about to accept sannyasa.

64. Then Murari offered obeisances to Haridasa. Like a shoreless ocean of humbleness, he offered all that he had.

65. Hearing Murari's weeping, Lord Gaura became very unhappy. He quickly stood up and hurried back to His own home.

66. With these words He comforted Murari: "I will always stay near you.

67. "There is still time before I accept sannyasa. When I have accepted sannyasa, the words I spoke to you will be your shelter."

68. Speaking these words, Lord Gaura departed for His own home. With a heart filled with sorrow Locana dasa sings this song.



Prabhur Sannyasa

The Lord's Sannyasa


Song 35 (Karunashri raga)



Refrain: O! O! O! Lord Gaura! I gaze at the moon of Lord Gaura!


1. Rising at dawn and performing His morning duties, Lord Gaura-Hari decided: "Now I will acept sannyasa."

2. "Kesava Bharati Gosvami now stays in the town of Katwa. Nimai Pandita will accept sannyasa from him."

3. In His heart Lord Visvambhara thought in this way. At the time of beginning His journey He breathed through His right nostril.

4. Then He walked to the Ganga. Crossing the Ganga, He left Navadvipa.

5. Offering obeisances to the Ganga, He left Navadvipa. This act was like a thunderbolt striking the heads of all the devotees.

6. Though it was midday, the sun hid. The swans suddenly abandoned the lakes. Where did they go?

7. The bumblebees were now averse to the lotus flowers. It was as if the life breath has suddenly left their bodies.

8. A great grief of separation filled Navadvipa. It was as if a mountain of anguish now crushed everyone.

9. Saci, Vishnupriya, and all the Lord's associates fainted. Their bodies suddenly fell to the ground.

10. Hugging Vishnupriya, Saci-devi wept. Vishnupriya fainted and fell to ther ground. There she stayed. It was as if she were dead.

11. The life breath seemed to have left her limbs. Then Saci and Vishnupriya both wept. They rolled on the ground.

12. Calling out, "Nimai!", Saci-devi wept. It was as if her heart was ablaze with a host of flames.

13. She lamented: "Why have the ten directions become a desert covered by blinding darkness. Why has my home become filled with horrors?

14. "My house is devouring me. The sweet words of my relatives have become poison.

15. "Now no one will call out to me, `Mother!' No one remembers me. Even Yamaraja forgets me.

16. "Why am I tormented in this way? Why has my son left me? I had only one son. Now He has abandoned me. Where did He go?

17. "Alas! Alas! My son is merciless. Where did my son go? Who will bring Him back to me?

18. "Dear son, when I remember Your sweetness, my heart breaks. O Gaura-Hari, again and again You called out, `Mother!' No other word would You call out.

19. "Dear son, leaving me without a master to protect me, where did You go? In Your heart did You think how You would make Your mother suffer? I am filled with sorrows.

20. "O son, You read, and listened, and learned so much. Still You made Your mother so unfortunate, a mother without anyone to protect her.

21. "Abandoning Vishnupriya, where did You go? You did not think of the love the devotees bear for You."

22. Vishnupriya wept. Her heart was no longer wise. One moment she stood. The next moment she fell down. Her heart was wild.

23. She placed no garments on her limbs. She did not tie her hair. She wept and wept. She became wild. She became a madwoman.

24. She said: "Holding to my heart the garland that touched my master's body, I will burn in a fire's flames. Thus I will die."

25. Someone said: "I have no rope to hang myself, so I will sta my heart." Another said: "This is punishment for our past misdeeds."

26. Saying, "O Lord, Your glories were sweeter than nectar", everyone wished to enter a fire's flames.

27. No one has the power to understand the confidential pastimes of these devotees. Their hearts now become blazing fires, they wept, making a great wail of their grief.

28. The four directions were filled with devotees whose hearts were tormented with sorrow. How could they restrain themselves? They had no power to do that.

29. One powerful devotee gently, gently said to the others: "What shall I say to concole you? Please be peaceful at heart.

30. "Think of what you have seen and heard of the Lord, and make your heart peaceful. Everyone do this in your hearts.

31. "Who understands the Supreme Personality of Godhead? We can only hear of what He has done when He descended to this world.

32. "His activities are beyond what the Vedas or the people can understand. The very fortunate devotees chant His holy names.

33. "Therefore whatever command the Lord gives everyone should resolutely obey with all their hearts."

34. Hearing these words, the sorrowful-hearted devotees checked their weeping.

35. Then Lord Nityananda reasoned with the devotees: "Where did the Lord go? Let us try to understand."

36. One devotee said: "Perhaps He went to a pilgrimage place. Perhaps we can find Lord Gaurachandra there."

37. Lord Nityananda said: "Perhaps He went to Vrindavana, or Varanasi, or Jagannatha Puri. Many sannyasis stay in those places.

38. "Kesava Bharati Gosvami now stays in Katwa. Perhaps Nimai Pandita accepted sannyasa from him.

39. "That news I heard from Lord Gaura's own mouth. But I do not know for certain that is what He did.

40. "Perhaps it is not true that He did that. First I will go, learn the truth, and then report to everyone.

41. "Give me some steady devotees to come with me, and I will go, find Lord Gauranga, and bring Him back."

42. The devotees agreed. Some of the most prominent devotees agreed to go with Him.

43. Shri Candrasekhara Acarya, Damodara Pandita, Vakresvara, and some others set out at once.

44. After first giving comfort to the hearts of Saci and Vishnupriya, Lord Nityananda departed with Candrasekhara and the others.

45. Meanwhile, walking like a graceful wild elephant, Lord Gaura-Hari proceeded to Katwa.

46. Flooding rivers of tears of spiritual love flowed from His eyes. The hairs on His golden limbs stood erect.

47. His hair was tied. He walked like a wrestler of Mathura.

48. His was overcome with thoughts of separation from Shri Radha. He thought: "Where is Radha? Where is My Gokula?"

49. One moment He quickly walked. Another moment He slowly walked. Another moment He slapped His arms. Another moment He looked in the four directions.

50. Overcome with ecstati spiritual love, He walked in this way on the path. He thought: "My Lord Jagannatha is the master of all.

51. In this way Lord Visvambhara came to Katwa and approached Kesava Bharati, the best of the sannyasis.

52. With great devotion Lord Visvambhara bowed down. The sannyasi respectfully picked up Lord Visvambhara. The sannyasi was reminded of Lord Narayana.

53. They both thought themslves very fortunate. They talked. Lord Visvambhara said: "Please give Me sannyasa."

54. As these two thus met, Lord Nityananda, Candrasekhara, and the others suddenly arrived.

55. They offered obeisances to the sannyasi and to Lord Visvambhara. Lord Visvambhara smiled and said: "It is good You have come.

56. "Your arrival is auspicious for Me. I will accept sannyasa. Now My birth in this world will bear its fruit."

57. After speaking these words, the Lord again said to the sannyasi: "I bow down before you. I humbly say to you: I wish to accept sannyasa."

58. Kesava Bharati replied: "Please hear. Hear, O Visvambhara. My heart trembles to offer You sannyasa.

59. "Your form is handsome. Your age is youth. From the time of Your birth You have known neither trouble nor suffering.

60. "You have no children. I will not offer You sannyasa.

61. "When You are fifty years old and You have turned away from the passions of youth, the it will be right to offer You sannyasa."

62. Hearing these words, the Lord gently said: "What shall I say to you?

63. "Please do not bewilder Me. Please hear, O wise sannyasi. Who but you knows the difference between right and wrong?

64. "In this world of birth and death a human birth is rare and diffifult to attain. In that human birth devotion to Lord Krishna, the highest religion, is also rare and difficult to attain.

65. "Association with Lord Krishna's devotees is especially rare and difficult to attain. At any moment, in a single sesame seed's worth of time, this human body may be broken into pieces.

66. "If I delay, this human body may be lost. How, then, will I attain the association of another great Vaishnava like yourself?

67. "Please don't try to bewilder Me. Give to Me sannyasa. By your mercy I will become Lord Krishna's servant."

68. When the Lord had spoken these words, His eyes became red with sorrow. Tears of sorrow streamed down His face.

69. Then, more ferocious than a lion, Lord Gaura roared. His body was marked with the signs of ecstati spiritual love.

70. "Hari! Hari!", He called out in a voice like a thundering cloud. Streams of tears flowed without stop from His two eyes.

71. Calling out, "Flute! Flute!", He manifested the threefold-bending form of Lord Krishna. Then, calling out "Rasa-dance circle!", He joyfully jumped.

72. Calling out, "Govardhana! Radha'-kunda!", the Lord loudly laughed. The sannyasi was filled with wonder. His heart was afraid.

73. Kesava Bharati, the king of sannyasis, reflected in his heart. In his heart he thought: "What I did was not good.

74. "He who is the master of the worlds, who is the guru of the worlds, stands before me with folded hands and calls me `guru'."

75. Thinking in this way, the sannyasi Kesava Bharati said: "If You will accept sannyasa, then first return to Your home.

76. "Go to Your mother and get her permission. Go to Your saintly wife.

77. "Go to all Your associates and get their permission. Inform Your associates. Then return to me."

78. In his heart Kesava Bharati thought: "When Lord Gaurachandra goes to get permission, I will leave this place and go away."

79. Lord Gaura, who is the Supreme Personality of Godhead, the Supersoul present in every heart, knew the thoughts in Kesava Bharati's heart. Smiling, Lord Gaura said: "I will obey Your command."

80. Then Lord Gaura departed for Navadvipa. Seeing this, the sannyasi Kesava Bharati thought in his heart:

81. "The many universes rest in the pores of His body. To what country will I flee to escape Him?

82. "My heart is bewildered. I see but I do not see. He is the life of everyone. He is the witness who watches everyone."

83. Thinking in this way, the snnyasi called out: "Gaura-Hari! I have a humble request to place before You.

84. "O Visvambhara, please hear the words I speak. I am very afraid to offer You sannyasa.

85. "You are the guru of all the worlds. Who can be Your guru? Why do You try to trick me and mock me in this way?"

86. Hearing these words, Lord Visvambhara Raya wept. He offered arati. He grasped the sannyasi's feet.

87. He said: "Why do you speak so harshly to a surrendered soul? If I leave your feel I will die.

88. "My heart accepts whatever you say. Still, I have one request. Please hear My words.

89. "Once, at the end of night, I saw a dream. I brahmana told Me the sannyasa mantra.

90. "Is this the mantra, or not? Please look and see." Saying these words, the Lord whispered the mantra in Kesava Bharati's ear.

91. By speaking the mantra in the sannyasi's ear, Lord Gaura, the supremely independent Personality of Godhead, initiated him and became his guru.

92. Kesava Bharati Gosvami understood all that had happened. "Please hear, O Nimai. I will offer You sannyasa", he said.

93. Hearing these words, the Lord joyfully danced. "Hari! Hari!", He called out in a voice like a thundering cloud.

94. The hairs on His fair form stood erect. The sweetness of His limbs was like a flood of nectar.

95. Tears flowed without stop from His reddish eyes. Seeing Him, everyone loudly called out, "Alas! Alas!"

96. The people of Katwa town ran to see Him. Gazing at Him, their eyes and hearts were filled with cooling bliss.

97-98. The elders, the blind, women, men, panditas, fools, and children all ran to see Him. Running, the beautiful respectable girls paid no attention to attractive dress and ornaments.

99. Resting waterpots on their hips, some women stood still like sticks and gazed at the Lord. They had no power to move. Grasping staffs, some ran to watch.

100. The lame, the sick, and the pregnant women all gazed at the Lord. Seeing the Lord's graceful limbs, the people mocked the sannyasi about to offer Him sannyasa.

101. Saying, "Glorious! Glorious!", the people gazed at the Lord's wonderful form.

102. They thought: "Fortunate, fortunate is the mother that bore Him in her womb. We hear that in her previous birth she must have been Devaki herself.

103. "Who is fortunate like the girl that has Him for her husband? In the three worlds no girl is fortunate like her."

104. As the people gazed at the Lord's form, tears flowed from their eyes. They could not bear to see the Lord accept sannyasa.

105. "How can His mother continue to live? Simply by hearing He will accept sannyasa, we girls feel on the verge of death."

106. Thinking in these ways, everyone wept. Then Lord Gaura called out to them: "Please don't lament.

107. "Please bless Me. O My mothers and fathers, please hear. I yearn to bow My head before Lord Krishna's feet.

108. "Lord Krishna is My master. I yearn to see Him. I yearn to tie My heart to Him.

109. "A person who employs His grace, youth, and nectar handsomeness to worship His true master attains all good fortune.

110. "Please think in your hearts. Everyone knows that without serving her husband a young girl wastes her life.

111. "In the same way, without serving Lord Krishna's feet I have no auspicious future. Dedicating My body to His service, I will worship the master of My life."

112. Speaking these words, Lord Mahaprabhu wept. For a moment everyone felt stunned at heart.

113. Again Lord Gaura bowed down before Kesava Bharati, the best of sannyasis. Again He spoke the desire in His heart.

114. Following His guru's command, on the following day smiling Lord Gaura prepared for the ritual of accepting sannyasa.

115. When He had prepared everything for the ritual, with a joyful heart He said: "Please offer Me sannyasa."

116. To Kesava Bharati, the jewel of acaryas, Lord Gaura offered worship worthy of Lord Krishna Himself. From the four directions the Vaishnavas called out: "Hari! Hari!"

117. With folded palms standing before His guru, Lord Gaura offered respectful obeisances and requested the sannyasa mantra.

118. Now please hear how the Lord's head was shaved. Hearing the Lord's head was then to be shaved, the people felt sorrow in their hearts.

119. The Vaishnavas' hearts trembled. As the Lord was about to be shaved, the people covered their faces with their garments.

120-124. Lord Gaura's hair, the most graceful hair in the three worlds, the hair Goddess Lakshmi playfully fondles, the flower-decorated hair that rests on graceful elephant shoulders, abundant hair tied in a topknot, the hair that charms all the worlds, the hair on which the devotees meditate, the hair that sustains the devotees' lives, the hair that made the gopis renounce their shyness, the hair that pulled down the gopis' fear of losing their families, honor, and righteousness, the hair Siva, Brahma, and Narada glorify with many songs, the hair the devotees in their hearts think the most glorious of all treasures, that glorious hair Lord Gaura now wished to shave away. Everyone wept. They did not stop for a moment.

125. The barber would not place His hand on the Lord's head. The barber's limbs trembled in fear.

126. The men and women of Katwa town wept and wept. They made a piteous sound.

127. The barber said: "Lord, I place these words before Your feet. Who, after placing his hands on Your head, has the power to remain alive?

128. "I have no power to shave Your graceful curly hair, hair that charms the three worlds.

129. "Gazing at Your hair, every eye and heart becomes filled with cooling bliss. O Lord, please do whatever You wish to do, but please do not shave Your hair.

130. "No other person in this universe is like You. You are the master of all the worlds. You know what is in every heart."

131. Hearing these words, Lord Gaura was displeased. Aware of this, the barber was afraid at heart.

132. Again he begeed, his heart filled with sorrow: "How can I place my hand on Your head?

133. "I fear I will offend You. Who can place a hand on Your head?

134. "What will be the fate of someone who places a hand on Your head? I am the lowest person. I am born in a low family. I am worthless like a pile of ashes."

135. Hearing these words, kindhearted Lord Gaura said: "No misfortune will befall you.

136. "By Lord Krishna's mercy you will happily pass this lifetime. At the end you will go to My abode."

137. At the time of shaving His hair Lord Gaura gave this blessing to the barber. With a sorrowing heart Locana dasa sings this song.



Song 36 (Puravi-sindhuda raga)



138. Seeing the shaving was now done, Lord Gaura accepted sannyasa on an auspicious day and an auspicious moment.

139. At the junction of Capricorn and Aquarius, the guru Kesava Bharati recited the sannyasa mantra.

140. As the Vaishnavas in thw four directions chanted Lord Hari's holy names, the sannyasi Kesava Bharati whispered the sannyasa mantra in Lord Visvambhara's ear.

141. When Lord Visvambhara heard the sannyasa mantra, the hairs of His body stood erect. He was tossed by waves of ecstati love for Lord Krishna, waves that were now greater by hundreds and hundreds of times.

142. Tears flowed from His reeddish eyes without stop. He slapped His arms. He let out a roar.

143. "The sannyasa is done." He joyfully said. Again and again He loudly laughed in the bliss of spiritual love.

144. At that time Kesava Bharati said: "Please hear, O Nimai. What shall be Your name?"

145. As the Vaishnavas were assembled around him, that best of the sannyasis considered what name to give.

146. As he was about to speak the name he had chosen according to his own intelligence, an auspicious voice spoke from the sky.

147. Hearing this voice, everyone became filled with wonder. "Give Him the name Shri Krishna Chaitanya.

148. "Manifesting a dreamlike form, Goddess Mahamaya has covered all living entities. In this way everyone's intelligence is covered.

149. "By her power everyone is asleep and dreaming. The Supreme Lord will now personally awaken (chaitanya, everyone.

150. "This person is lord Krishna Himself. Because He is Lord Krishna who will teach everyone about Lord Krishna, I give Him the name Shri Krishna Chaitanya."

151. Hearing this divine voice, everyone became filled with bliss. Everyone called out, "Hari!"

152. Following his command, Lord Gaura happily and devotedly served His guru Kesava Bharati Gosvami. In this way the day passed.

153. When evening came the Vaishnavas gathered and performed sankirtana of chanting Lord Hari's holy names. Dancing with His guru, Lord Gaura enchanted all the worlds.

154. Filled with the bliss of spiritual love, Lord Gaura and Kesava Bharati danced. Everyone chanted, "Hari!"

155. Filled with the bliss of spiritual love, They both forgot Themselves. They both thought the bliss of Impersonal Brahman very insignificant.

156. In this way the night blissfully passed. When morning rose, Lord Gaura requested permission to depart.

157. He circumambulated His guru. Then He offered oebisances. "If I go to Jagannatha Puri, I will attain an auspicious situation."

158. Lord Gaura placed this request before His guru's feet. Kesava Bharati's heart trembled.

159. Tears of sorrow flowed from his eyes. At thr time of bidding farewell, he embraced Lord Gaurachandra.

160. "You are the supremely independent Personality of Godhead. Because You are compassionate, with Your own feet You will wander this world.

161. "You have shown how a disciple should be devoted to his guru. Now You will establish the religion of sankirtana (chanting Lord Hari's holy names, in this world.

162. "Manifesting Your mercy, You will deliver everyone in the world. You tricked me into offering You sannyasa.

163. "O Lord Visvambhara, please deliver me also. In Your heart please agree to my request."

164. After touching His guru's feet, Lord Gaura departed. Walking on the path, He was overcome with spiritual bliss and love.

165. With great joy and love He called out, "Krishna! Krishna!" One moment He wept. The next moment He loudly laighed.

166. Like the celestial Ganga flowing from the summit of Mount Sumeru, a flooding river of tears flowed from His eyes onto His chest.

167. Defating the filaments of the kadamba flowers, the hairs of his body stood erect. From head to foot, His body seemed adorned with brambles.

168. One moment He wildly ran. Another moment He sang "Krishna!" with great love.

169. Another moment He became stunned and fell to the ground. Another moment He called out, "Haribol!" and leapt in the air.

170. One moment He felt the ecstasy of the gopis. Another moment He felt the ecstasy of dasya-rasa (service to the Lord). One moment He was calm and peaceful. Another moment He swiftly ran.

171. Overcome with bliss, He did not know if it was day or night. However, when He came to Radha-desa, He could not find even the scent of Lord Krishna's holy name.

172. Not hearing Lord Krishna's holy names, Lord Gaura felt sorrow rise in His heart. At that moment He decided to enter the water.

173. Seeing this, everyone was struck with grief and remorse. "Lord Gauranga has gone to Goloka. O dear friends, what will happen now?

174. Then heroi Lord Nityananda said: "With My own power I will rescue Lord Chaitanya."

175. At that moment some boys came, herding cows. Lord Nityananda entered their hearts.

176. Approaching the riverbank, one boy suddenly began to call out, "Hari!"

177. Hearing this, Lord Gaura-Hari ran to the boy, grasped his hand, and urged him: "Chant! Chant! Chant!

178. "May the Supreme Lord be merciful to you. By making Me hear Lord Hari's holy name you made My life perfect."

179. Now Lord Gaura was joyful. His heart floated in bliss. Begging alms, He had something to eat, and then He continued on His journey.

180. Filled with bliss, He did not know if it was day or night. In this way three days passed until again He placed some food and water in His mouth.

181. Filled with spiritual bliss and love, the days and nights passed in this way. Then Lord Gaura bid farewell to Shri Candrasekhara Acarya.

182. Lord Gaura said: "We will see each other again. We will see each other soon. Please don't be unhappy."

183. Speaking these words, Lord Gaura quickly departed. Weeping and weeping, Shri Candrasekhara continued on his path.

184. As if from a single mouth, the people of Navadvipa heard that Shri Candrasekhara had returned.

185. Locana dasa says: "I have no power to describe the scene when Shri Candrasekhara returned to Navadvipa.



Prabhur Santipure Agamana


The Lord's Arrival in Santipure


Song 37 (Karunashri raga)



Refrain: O! O! O! O!


1. Candrasekhara Acarya entered Navadvipa. Flooding rivers of tears flowed from his eyes without stop.

2. Seeing him, the people of Navadvipa felt their hearts burst into flames. Their hearts trembled.

3. The Vaishnavas gathered around him. They had no power to check their tears. Their faces were withered with grief.

4. They had no power to speak. No word came to their mouths. Hearing of Candrasekhara's arrival, Saci-devi, her hair dishevelled, ran there.

5. Like a wild woman she called out, "Acarya!" Not seeing Lord Gauranga, she let out a cry of grief.

6. "Where is my Nimai? Where did you take Him? Did He shave His head? To what country did He go?

7. "What cruel-hearted sannyasi worthless like a pile of ashes gave the sannyasa mantra to Visvambhara. That sannyasi has no mercy.

8. "His hair was so graceful and beautiful to see. Who is the merciless-hearted barber worthless like a pile of ashes that shaved His hair?

9. "Who is the sinner that touched a razor to His hair? How can such a cruel, merciless person continue to live?

10. "From whose house did my Nimai beg alms? Did my son truly shave His head?

11. "O son, never again will I see Your face. For me this whole world is now filled with blinding darkness.

12. "Never again will I cook rice and offer it to You. Never again will I place my hand on Your graceful limbs.

13. Never again will I kiss Your graceful face. Who will understand when You are hungry?"

14. In this way Saci-devi lamented. Then Vishnupriya came there.

15. Vishnupriya's weeping made the ground crack. It made the birds, beasts, trees, vines, and stones weep with her.

16. She said: "Alas! Alas! What will become of me? Without Lord Gaura the whole world is covered with blinding darkness.

17. "Never again will I see His smiles or His charming handsome form. Never again will I hear His wise and eloquent words like streams of nectar.

18. "You made me a girl without a master or a shelter. Where did You go? I will always remember Your glories. This I say to You:

19. "How can I be foretunate if I cannot see You? Im will only weep and weep. The people will only mock me.

20. "They will say: `Renouncing the embraces of that unfoertunate girl, He went away. Now her household life is broken. She is unfortunate. Why does she not simply die?''

21. "With amorous eyes I worshiped Your face. If I cannot see You, how will I keep my heart alive?

22. "Many beautiful girls died out of separation from You. I am very unfortunate, for still I keep my body alive.

23. "I will die. I will die. O handsome Lord Gauranga, where can I go? My nature is weak. I am a very unfortunate girl.

24. "To what country should I go? Where should I go to find You? If I do not find You I will die.

25. "Renouncing helpless me, to what country did You go? Alas! Where will I find You?

26. "No longer will I keep my sinful body alive." Rolling on the ground, Goddess Vishnupriya called out, "Alas! Alas!"

27. Pushed by the grief of separation, she sighed without stop. Her lips became withered and dry. Her body trembled.

28. Her garments and hair became disarrayed. She fell in the dust. In a moment her body became emaciated. She fell to the ground. There she stayed.

29. Meditating on Lord Gaura's reddish feet, she fell unconscious. Regaining consciousness, she was tortured by grief.

30. "Master! Master!", she called out in a voice filled with pain. Hearing Vishnupriya weep, everyone there wept also.

31. Many came to comfort her. But when they saw Vishnupriya, their hearts burst into flames.

32. Everyone said: "Look. Listen, O Vishnupriya. How can we give comfort to you? Please make your heart peaceful.

33. "Your master's actions are not outside your knowledge. Meditate on them and bring some comfort to your heart."

34. In this way the devotees comforted her. They talked about Lord Gaurachandra.

35. They said: "By accepting sannyasa He brought us great suffering. Without any mercy He left us and went away.

36. "How could He leave us? Cruel Lord Gaura left us all and went away.

37. "His name is more kind than He is Himself. By chanting His name we will attain Him. That is our first desire.

38. "He said to all of us: `Anyone who chants My name will attain Me.' "

39. Thus Saci, Vishnupriya, and everyone else sat down and chanted Lord Gaura's holy names.

40. Children, youths, and elders all sat down and chanted Lord Gauranga's holy names.

41. In this way the ferocious lion of Lord Gauranga became bound by the ropes of His own holy names. In this way Lord Mahaprabhu was trapped. His journey was broken.

42. Leaning on Lord Nityananda's boyd, Lord Gaura wept. Tears flowed from His eyes.

43. He said: "O Nityananda, please go to Navadvipa. I will show Myself to everyone at Santipura."

44. Hearing this, Lord Nityananda became joyful at heart. Lord Gaura said: "I will show Myswelf to everyone. It is the truth."

45. Then Lord Gaurachandra continued His journey. With a sorrowful heart Locana dasa speaks these words.


46. Lord Nityananda continued walking with Lord Gaura. Then Lord Gaura smiled and bid Him farewell.

47. Lord Gaura said: "Please hear My words. Go to Navadvipa. My friends are in the towns of Nadiya.

48. "In the name of Lord Narayana tell everyone I will go to Advaita Acarya's house.

49. "Bring My mother there. She will see Me at Advaita Acarya's house."

50. After speaking these words, Lord Mahaprabhu quickly walked, and Lord Nityananda returned to the towns of Nadiya.

51. The people of Nadiya's towns were half alive and half dead. Their bodies were bent. No one had a healthy ruddy complexion.

52. No food was in their stomachs. Their bodies trembled. Without Lord Gaurachandra they were blind.

53. Lord Nityananda had unexpectedly come to Nadiya's towns. The word spread. Everyone ran to Him.

54. Trembling, the people had no power to walk on the paths. Their eyes filled with tears, they could not even see the paths.

55. Falling at Lord Nityananda's feet, all the Vaishnavas wept. They had no power to speak. Every mouth was silent.

56. Eager Saci wildly ran. In her grief it seemed to her the sky and land had joined and become one.

57. In a voice filled with grief Saci called out: "O Avadhuta, where is my Nimai, my golden son?"

58. Speaking these words, Saci wept and beat her chest with her hand. She trembled. She could not even see the pathway.

59. Seeing Saci, Lord Nityananda respectfully stood. Saci said: "How far away is my son?"

60. Lord Nityananda said: "Please do not be unhappy at heart. He sent Me to you all with a message.

61. "The Lord will stay at Advaita Acarya's house. Please do not be unhappy. Go to see Him. It is not far.

62. "Everyone should go and see the Lord." In this way everyone at once went on that journey.

63. Children, elders, youths, the dumb, the wise, the fools, the ascetics, everyone went.

64. Ahead of everyone Saci went. All the Vaishnavas joyfully went.

65. Finally they came to Advaita Acarya's house. They did not see Lord Gaura. Everyone felt broken.

66. Lord Nityananda asked Advaita Acarya: "Lord Gaura said He would come to Your asrama.

67. "He sent Me to tell everyone. What was in His heart? That I do not know."

68. When He had spoken these words the two of Them embraced. Hearing that Lord Gauranga had accepted sannyasa, Lord Advaita became distraught at heart.

69. He said: "I am very unfortunate. I did not have His association. When will I again see the moon of His face?"

70. Wild with grief, Saci asked about her son. Everyuone said to her: "Soon the Lord will come."

71. Every heart was filled with longing. At that moment Lord Mahaprabhu arrived.

72. His body was ten million times more effulgent. It was anointed with splendid long tilaka marks of sandal.

73. Lord Gaura wore saffron garments. He was effulgent like the rising sun.

74. Lord Gaura carried a danda. He walked like a lion. Seeing Him, everyone fell before His feet.

75. Gazing at the effulgence of His body, everyone felt their hearts become filled with cooling bliss. Everyone forgot their millions and millions of sorrows.

76. Every heart was filled with ecstati love. No one felt any grief or sorrow. With unblinking eyes Saci gazed at Lord Visvambhara's face.

77. No sorrow was in her heart. Gazing and gazing at the Lord's face, she felt showered with nectar.

78. Lord Advaita Acarya Gosai felt His heart was filled with bliss. He offered a splendid asana for Lord Gaura Raya to sit.

79. He washed the Lord's feet and then He dried them with a cloth. Everyone drank the water that had washed the Lord's feet.

80. Hearing the words "Jaya! Jaya!" and "Hari! Haribol!", every Vaishnava felt his heart tossed by waves of bliss.

81. Gazing at the Lord's effulgence, Haridasa, Murari, Mukunda Datta, and Shrivasa became filled with bliss.

82. Falling down like sticks, they offered respectful obeisances. As they gazed at the Lord's face, tears flowed from their eyes.

83. Their voices were choked with bliss. The hairs of their bodies stood erect. The bodies that were once almost dead were now filled with life.

84. In this way the devotees gazed at Lord Gaura Raya. Lord Gaura's heart was filled with mercy. With eyes filled with mercy Lord Gaura glanced at everyone.

85. Someone Lord Gaura touched. With someone He joked and talked. Someone else He embraced.

86. In this way Lord Gaura filled the desires of each devotee. Every heart there was filled with ecstati spiritual love.

87. Everyone was delighted. All grief fled far away. Everyone joyfully spoke auspicious words. Everyone chanted "Hari!"

88. Lord Advaita Acarya Gosai was a very wise devotee. At His asrama Lord Gaura accepted alms.

89. Everyone there was exalted like Lord Advaita. At His home they all joyfully accepted their meal.

90. That Lord Gaura had accepted sannyasa did not enter anyone's mind. Filled with bliss, everyone passed the day and night in singing the Lord's holy names in sankirtana.

91. In that sankirtana Lord Gaura sang His own holy names. He danced and He inspired others to dance also.

92. Delighted by tasting the nectar of ecstati love, all the devotees danced. Accompanied by His sons, Lord Advaita Acarya also danced.

93. Every heart was filled with a shoreless ocean of ecstati spiritual love. Beginning with tears, trembling, and standing erect of the body's hairs, the ecstati symptoms of sattvika-bhava were manifested on every body.

94. Every heart was filled with the glistening splendor of bliss. Hearing of all this, Locana dasa has also become filled with bliss.



Prabhur Nilacala-gamana o Danda-bhanga-lila


The Lord's Journey to Nilacala and His Pastime of Breaking the Danda


Song 38 (Bhatiyari raga-Disa)



Refrain: O! O! O! Please sing the glories of Lord Gaura! O! O! O! Please turn away from all material desires! As long as you stay in this world, please never turn away from Lord Mahaprabhu's feet!


1. The auspicious night passed in that way. Then the dawn came. After performing His morning duties, Lord Gaura sat on His asana.

2. A sannyasa danda in His hand, He seemed like the monarch of all kingdoms. On His limbs saffron garments glistened.

3. His followers sat around Him. Smiling and smiling, the Lord said to them:

4. "O devotees headed by Shrivasa, please return to your own asramas.

5. "If the smiling-faced Lord is merciful to Me, I will go to Nilacala to see Lord Jagannatha.

6. "Please follow My command. Stay in Navadvipa. Day and night perform sankirtana of chanting the holy names.

7. "Chant the holy names of Lord Hari. Serve the devotees. Establish the sankirtana movement. This command I give to you all.

8. "Keep no envy in your hearts. With all your hearts worship and serve each other."

9. After speaking these words, Lord Gaura at once stood. He embraced everyone in His arms.

10. Tears of love flowed from His two eyes. His voice was choked with emotion.

11. At that moment Haridasa, a blade of grass between his teeth, fell down before the Lord's lotus feet.

12. He wept piteously. Every heart broke to hear him.

13. Lord Gaura became filled with emotion. His eyes were filled with tears. His heart overcome, He said:

14. "After how many days will I become fortunate like you? When will I fall before Lord Jagannatha's feet and weep as you do?

15. "When, approaching Lord Jagannatha's feet, will I speak words filled with sincere emotion? When, gazing at Lord Jagannatha's graceful glorious face, will My eyes bear their fruit?"

16. After speaking these words, Lord Gaura fell to the ground. The devotees around Him on four sides wept.

17. Gazing at her son, Saci yearned to embrace His neck. But she did not weep, for in a moment she fell unconscious.

18. One devotee, his hair in disarray, grasped Lord Gaura's feet and wept. The devotees struggled to control their emotions.

19. Shrivasa, Haridasa, Murari, and Mukunda said to the Lord:

20. "You are supremely independent. We are under Your dominion. We are poor, ill-behaved sinners. We have no true devotion.

21. "What power have we to say anything? You have accepted sannyasa. Now You will leave Your servants and go away.

22. "You are the only master of us all. How will You walk on the pathways? When You become hungry or thisty, from whom will You get food?

23. "You are Saci's dear son. Vishnupriya serves Your two feet.

24. "Your glance is nectar splashed on the devotees' eyes. With Your own hands You planted the tree of spiritual love and made it grow.

25. "Now that tree yearns to bear many fruits of ecstati spiritual love. By accepting sannyasa You made that tree's hopes barren.

26. "The life breath will not leate our sinful bodies. We will bid You farewell and we will return to our homes.

27. "We, the most fallen, will return to our homes. All this is not Your true nature. You are the purifier of the fallen (patita-pavana).

28. "Destiny anointed Your form with mercy. Destiny gave You many treasures of playful, glorious, graceful pastimes.

29. "You are the protector of the individual spirit souls. You are full of ecstati spiritual love. Your form is the greatest wonder in the three worlds.

30. "Nothing in the three worlds compares to You. But when You speak cruel words, the whole world becomes filled with sorrow.

31. "Please do not try to cheat us in this way. Why will You cut the roots of the tree You Yourself planted?

32. "Please take the devotees with You when You go. If You do not, we will fall into flames and die.

33. "Look. Look at Your helpless widowed mother Saci. We cannot bear to hear her lament.

34. "Vishnupriya's weeping makes the ground crack. The busy marketplaces of Navadvipa have become a barren desert.

35. "The Vaishnavas' homes have become barren deserts. It seems that the Vaishnavas' homes are now eight miles from each other.

36. "If we sit down and talk about You, we will die. We cannot do otherwise.

37. "Never again will we hear of Your confidential pastimes. Never again will we see you dance in ecstasy or give everyone ecstati spiritual love.

38. "Never again will we see You dancing or embracing everyone. Never again will we see Your reddish eyes filled with tears of ecstati spiritual love.

39. "Never again will we hear the nectar of Your loud calls. Who now blocks our eyes and ears?

40. "If we cannot see the moon of Your face, how will we remain alive? We still have eyes. Who, then, now makes us blind?

41. "O Lord, please do not bid us farewell. We will go with You. Your cruel words make our bodies burst into flames.

42. "When the hunter rings his bell, the doe approaches. Then the hunter grabs the doe and kills her.

43. "In the same way from You we learned of ecstati spiritual love. You made us yearn to attain that love. Why do You now kill us?

44. "Separated from You, the devotees will all die. How can You be called Bhakta-vatsala (the Lord who loves His devotees)?

45. "How can You bid farewell to Saci? Who will give her this news?

46. "Simply by hearing this news Vishnupriya will at once die. Please consider these words."

47. When the devotees had spoken these words, kind-hearted Lord Gaura smiled and said:

48. "O devotees, please hear My words. Never will I be cruel to you.

49. "I will reside in Nilacala. You may always come and see Me there.

50. "The shoreless ocean of ecstati spiritual love will increase. The whole world will float in the ecstasy of hari-nama-sankirtana (chanting Lord Hari's holy names).

51. "No heart will feel suffering or sorrow. Everyone will be plunged in the ocean of sankirtana.

52. "I will always stay in the embrace of Vishnupriya, of My mother Saci, and of anyone who worships Lord Krishna."

53. Hearing these words, everyone fell at Lord Gaura's feet. "Lord, please promise that these words will always be true."

54. "They will always be true, always be true, always be true.", Lord Gaura said again and again. "I will reside in Nilacala. These words of Mine will always be true."

55. Saci-devi fell down like a stick. She was not peaceful. Two devotees picked her up.

56. She said: "You are merciless. Where will You go? Unable to see You, my dear son, I will die.

57. "How many times will everyone else see Your face? Only unfortunate I will never see Your face again.

58. "Everyone else You have comforted. Dear son, how will You comfort me?

59. "In this world no one is unfortuane like me. Now an iron spear of grief is pushed into Vishnupriya's heart."

60. Smiling, merciful-hearted Lord Gaura said: "Forgetting the spiritual truth you already know, you make yourself die with false grief.

61. "Please return home. Keep no grief in your heart. Without envy stay amongst the devotees."

62. Falling down like a stick, Lord Gaura offered obeisances to His mother. With many words He comforted her.

63. After comforting His mother, the Lord said: "Haribol!" Then He quickly departed. A tumult of weeping at once arose.

64. Lord Advaita Acarya ran after Lord Gaura. After an hour He caught up with Him.

65. Lord Mahaprabhu fell down like a stick to offer obeisances to Advaita Acarya. Lord Advaita picked HIm up and embraced Him.

66. Lord Advaita's face was withered with grief. Drops and drops of perspirated rested on His chest. His heart was filled with sorrow. To Lord Gaura He said:

67. "You will go to another country. That brings Me great sorrow. Flames of sorrow burn in My heart.

68. "I have spoken My heart. Lord, please consider My words and give Your reply.

69. "In separation from Your lotus feet Your sorrowing devotees only weep.

70. "Why does My sinful heart not melt with grief? My hard heart is made of wood. That is why tears do not come to My eyes.

71. "My actions are all evil. That is why, in Your absence, ecstati spiritual love does not arise in My heart."

72. Hearing these words, Lord Gaura smiled, embraced Lord Advaita, and said: "I will tell You the truth. Please listen to My words.

73. "Because You love Me so dearly I will never leave You. I am tightly bound by the ropes of Your love."

74. Speaking these words, Lord Gaura tied a knot in His garment. Advaita Acarya was overcome with feelings of love. In His heart He again and again thought of Lord Gaura.

75. Five or seven flooding rivers of etears flowed from the oceans of His eyes. He had no power to express the love He felt.

76. Then Lord Gaura restrained His turbulent emotions. Wise Advaita Acarya also restrained His emotions.

77. Lord Advaita said: "Love for You has never risen within Me. I have no power to attain love for You."

78. Lord Gaura said: "O Acarya, please hear. I am controlled by the love You bear for Me. Please always remember Our pastimes together."

79. After speaking these words, Lord Gaura quickly departed. All the Vaishnavas then returned to their homes.

80. Thus Locana dasa describes how Lord Gaura, the Supreme Personality of Godhead, accepted sannyasa, and how that act pushed an iron lance of sorrow into the devotees' hearts.



Song 39 (Bhatiyari raga)



81. Bidding farewell to everyone, Lord Gaura departed. The town of Navadvipa became like a barren desert.

82. Accompanied by Shri Gadadhara Pandita, Lord Nityananda Avadhutaraya, Narahari, and other devotees, the Lord walked.

83. Accompanied by Shrivsa, Murari, Mukunda, and Damodara, Lord Gaura walked.

84. In His heart Lord Gaura thought, "Soon I will see Lord Jagannatha's Dola-yatra festival. Chanting, "Hari! Hari!", Lord Gaura quickly walked.

85. In this way He walked on the pathways. One moment, overcome with ecstati love, He trembled. Now He had no power to walk.

86. Another moment He quickly walked like a ferocious lion. Another moment He loudly roared with Lord Hari's holy names.

87. Another moment He danced. Another moment He sang. Another moment He piteously wept. Another moment He slapped His arms. Another moment He became wild with ecstati spiritual love.

88. From His reddish eyes flooding rivers of tears flowed without stop. The hairs of His body stood erect.

89. One moment He slowly walked. Another moment He spoke words not of this world. Another moment He loudly, loudly laughed. Another moment He fell down like a stick.

90. If some food was offered to Him, He would not accept it. He said: "It was not offered to Lord Krishna."

91. By this example He kindly taught the people of the world how to act. Only two or three times, after some effort, did He find some Krishna-prasadam that He would eat.

92. Keeping an all-night vigil, He chanted ther holy names of Lord Hari. Loudly He chanted this verse, the abode of glories:



rama raghava rama raghava rama raghava raksha mam

krishna kesava krishna kesava krishna kesava pahi mam



94. In a sweet voice He sang this song. Then, overcome with ecstati spiritual love, He became choked with emotion.

95. With joyful hearts many pilgrims accompanied Lord Gaura as He went to see Lord Jagannatha at the Dola-yatra festival.

96. At a certain time and place the pilgrims encountered on the path a wicked and sinful toll-collector.

97. This toll-collector harassed many travelers. Lord Gaura suddenly ran behind everyone.

98. Avadhuta Gadadhara Pandita was surprised. "Why did the Lord go behind everyone?", he thought.

99. Thinking and thinking, Gadadhara fell further and further behind. Then Gadadhara looked ahead and saw the toll-collector binding the pilgrims.

100. Seeing this he was very surprised and relieved. The hairs of his body stood erect.

101. Seeing the withered and saddened faces of the pilgrims, Lord Gaura approached them like a ferocious lion.

102. Seeing the Lord, the pilgrims loudly wept. They were like frightened children suddenly placed on their mother's lap.

103. They were like singed forest animals fleeing a forest fire and suddenly jumping into the Ganga's waters.

104. Falling at Lord Gaura's feet, the pilgrims wept. Seeing Lord Gaura, the sinful toll-collector thought in his heart:

105. "There is no human being in this world like Him. In my heart I know He must be Lord Jagannatha, the moon of Nilacala.

106. "I have brought sorrow to many people. What will happen to me? My heart trembles in fear."

107. Thinking this in his heart, the toll collector fell before Lord Gaura's feet. In a voice choked with emotion he said:

108. "I will release the pilgrims. I will not try to collect a toll from them. In my heart I know that You are the Supreme Personality of Godhead Himself."

109. Speaking these words, the toll-collector fell at the Lord's feet and wept. He placed his head before Lord Gaura's lotus feet.

110. He trembled. In a voice choked with emotion he spoke many prayers. He said: "Please don't think I am a materialist and thus hate me."

111. Hearing these words, Lord Gaura smiled. He released the pilgrims and then happily continued walking.

112. After a few moment, the toll-collector, raising his arms and caling out, began to follow Him.

113. Gazing st Lord Gaura, the toll-collector touched Him with his hand. Suddenly the toll-collector stopped.

114. Tears flowed from his eyes. The hairs of his body stood erect. He chanted the holy Hare Krishna mantra without stop.

115. Seeing this, Nityananda and Gadadhara became joyful. In this way Locana dasa describes Lord Gauranga's pastimes.



Song 40 (Sindhuda raga-Disa)



Refrain: O my brothers, please sing. Sing and hear the glories of Lord Gaura. O! O! O! Please yearn to attain the lotus feet of Lord Gauranga. O! O! O! O! Whatever you see, whatever you see in this material world is all false. Therefore, O my brothers, please sing and hear the glories of Lord Gaura.


116. In this way, visiting and visiting many temples, Lord Gaurachandra walked on the path,

117. At village after village He would stop, viti the trmple, and dance.

118. Now please one hear a pastime of Lord Nityananda, the king of avadhutas.

119. Placing His sannyasa danda in Lord Nityananda's hand, Lord Gaura Hari went ahead. Lord Nityananda followed somewhat behind.

120. Overcome with ecstati spiritual love, Lord Gaura ran ahead. Overcome with love for Lord Krishna, Lord Gaura forgot Himself.

121. Gadadhara and the others kept pace with Lord Gaura. Seeing this, Lord Nityananda lagged farther and farther behind.

122. Slowly, slowly walking, Lord Nityananda thought and thought. "Now My Lord holds a danda in His hand.

123. "Rejecting His beautiful flute that charms the three worlds, He now holds a danda. How can I tolerate that?

124. "My Lord accepted sannyasa. He shaved His head. That brought sorrow to everyone."

125. Thinking and thinking in this way, Lord Nityananda felt His suffering grow more and more. Finally He held up the danda and broke it.

126. The broken danda He threw into the water. Afraid of Lord Gaura, Lord Nityananda stayed behind and slowly, slowly walked.

127. After some time They both met. lord Gaura said: "Why do I not see My danda?"

128. Stepping back from Lord Gaura, Lored Nityananda gave no reply. Surprised, Lord Gaura thought in His heart.

129. Again Lord Gaura asked: "Where is My danda? Not seeing My danda, I fell great sorrow in My heart."

130. Hearing these words, Lored Nityananda Raya said: "When I gazed at Your danda in My hand, My heart burst into flames.

131. "You accepted sannyasa. You shaved Your head. And now You carry on Your shoulder a danda, a burdensome danda that must bring great sorrow to Your shoulder.

132. "I could not tolerate that. I broke Your danda and threw it into the water. Now You may do whatever You do." With a voice choked with emotion, Lord Nityananda spoke these words.

133. Hearing these words, Lord Gaura became unhappy. Angrily He said: "You do everything backward.

134. "The demigods made their home in My danda. Why did You break it?

135. "You are a wild man. You have no steady intelligence. You act like a wild man. You have the heart of a child.

136. "You don't have any scholarship. You never follow the rules of religion. You reject varnasrama. You do everything backward.

137. "You don't think it's wrong to torment the demigods and varnasrama. If I tell You all this You only become angry."

138. Hearing these words, Lord Nityananda smiled. In a voice choked with emotion He said to Lord Gaura:

139. "I never gorment the demigods or varnasrama. I may have acted well, or I may have acted ill. You decide.

140. "The demigods reside in Your danda. How can I tolerate Your carrying the demigods on Your shoulder?

141. "You acted well, and I acted ill. Why should I argue with You?

142. "I committed an offense. Please forgive Me this one time. By chanting Your holy name this whole world will become delivered.

143. "You are famous as Patita-pavana (the purifier of the fallen). Therefore please forgive My offense.

144. "Simply by chanting Your holy name everyone in this world will become delivered. Your accepting sannyasa brought great sorrow to Your devotees.

145. "You shaved the hair of Your head, hair that delighted everyone. That act brought great sorrow to Your devotees' hearts.

146. "Seeing their sorrows, I feel My heart burst into flames. You don't need to ask Me. All the devotees are witness to this sorrow.

147. "Because of the sorrow it brought to Your devotees, I broke Your danda and threw it away. It was not a danda. It was an iron lance pushed into My heart."

148. Hearing these words, Lord Gaura spoke no reply. His face was withered and sorrowful, but His heart was actually filled with joy.

149. Lord Nityananda knows all the rasas of love for Lord Gaura Mahaprabhu. That is why He broke the danda. So says Locana dasa.





Meeting Sarvabhauma


Song 41 (Bhatiyari raga-Disa)



Refrain: O! O! O! O! O my brothers, sing, please sing the glories of Lord Gaura!

O friend, O friend of my life, please do not desire anything in this world of birth death. For as long as you live in this world please never abondon Lord Mahaprabhu's feet.


1. Walking on the path, Lord Mahaprabhu came to the very holy place named Tamoluka.

2. He bathed in Brahma-kunda and saw the Deity of Shri Madhusudana. Lord Gaura was overcome with ecstati spiritual love. His heart was joyful.

3. After some more days of walking on the path, Lord Mahaprabhu came to the village of Remuna.

4. In the great village of Remuna the Deity was Gopala. Tossed by a shoreless ocean of bliss, Lord Gaura ran to see Him.

5. "In ancient times Uddhava established this Deity in Varanasi. On the pretext of showing mercy to a certain brahmana, that Deity unexpectedly came to Remuna."

6. Saying these words, Lord Gaura offered obeisances again and again. "O master of Uddhava!", He called out.

7. "Today My eyes have borne their fruit. Now I see the Lord that Uddhava so dearly loved."

8. "Udhava! Uddhava!", Lord Gaura plaintively cried. Overcome with ecstati spiritual love, Lord Gaura fell to the ground and wept.

9. From His reddish eyes tears flowed without stop. The hairs of His body stood erect. He trembled again and again.

10. Calling out, "O master of Uddhava!", He circumambulated the Deity. He danced with His followers. He called out, "Hari! Hari!"

11. The spiritual love and bliss was very great. It filled the land and sky.

12. Thd demigods joyfully flew there from outer space. With unblinking eyes they gazed at Lord Gaura.

13. With a thousand eyes King Indra gazed at Lord Gaura's body sweeter than nectar.

14. At that moment a flower suddenly fell from the crown on the Gopala Deity's head.

15. A flower suddenly fell from the Deity's crown to the ground. With His hand Lord Gaura picked up that flower.

16. On four side the Vaishnavas called out, "Hari! Hari!" Waves of ecstati love touched even the sky.

17. Indra, the king of the demigods, gazed at Lord Visvambhara. Seeing these wonders, Indra bowed his shoulders and wept.

18. Till the day's end Lord Gaura danced. He did not stop. Then, at sunset, His dancing came to a stop.

19. Many different kinds of foods were offered to the Deoty of Lord Krishna. Then a brahmana offered the remnants to Lord Gaura.

20. Lord Gaura and His companions happily ate that maha-prasadam.

21. They passed the night happily talking of Lord Krishna. At sunrise they all departed.

22. In this way Lord Gaura walked and walked on the path. In this way He came to the bank of the Vaitarani River.

23. Lord Gaura bathed in that river and drank its water. After bathing in that river that purifies the fallen, Lord Gaura went to see the Deity of the Lord.

24. Supremely wise Lord Gaura eagerly went to see the Deity of Lord Varaha.

25. Anyone who sees that Deity delivers his mother's and father's ancestors. Then Lord Gaura wne to the village of Yajapura.

26. In that place Brahma and the demigods offered a yajna. They gave that village to a certain brahmana.

27. If a great sinner dies in that village he becomes free of all sins. He attains a body like that of Lord Siva himself.

28. In that village are hundreds and hundreds of Siva-lingas. Lord Gaura, who is Lord Krishna Himself, bowed down before those lingas and then continued His journey.

29. With a joyful heart Lord Gaura went to see the Viraja River. Who has the power to describe the Viraja River's glories?

30. The sight of that river destroys many millions and millions of sins. With a joyful heart Lord Gaura gazed at the Viraja River.

31. Bowing down before the Viraja River, Lord Gaura said: "To Me please give pure love and devotion for Lord Krishna's feet."

32. Lord Mahaprabhu then continued His journey on the path. At Nabhi-gaya He offered pinda to His ancestors.

33. He happily bathed in the waters of Brahma-kunda. Completing His worship of the Deity, Lord Gaura quickly continued His journey.

34. Then Lord Gaura gazed and gazed at the very holy city of Sivapura.

35. I have no power to describe the gracefulness of that city, where there are ten million forms of Lord Siva and other Deities.

36-37. At that time Shri Mukunda Datta said to Lord Gaura: "I know that we need not fear any more wicked toll-collectors."

38. Hearing these words, Lord Gaura smiled and said: "What can I say to you? You are a great soul.

39. "I have accepted the sannyasa-asrama. What can a toll-collector do to Me? Tell Me."

40. Hearing these words, Mukunda was no longer afraid. Still, he said: "That last toll-collector tried to trouble You."

41. Hearing these words, Lord Gaura said: "Please hear, O Mukunda. My family will protect Me.

42. "It is said (Santi-sataka 4.1):



dhairyam yasya pita kshama ca janani santis ciram gehini

satyam sunur ayam daya ca bhagini bhrata manah-samyamah

sayya bhumi-talam diso 'pi vasanam jnanamritam bhojanam

yasyaite hi kutumbino vada sakhe kasmad bhayam yoginah



" `Steadiness is his father, patience his mother, peacefulness his wife, truthfulness his son, mercy his sister, steadiness of mind his brother, the ground his bed, the directions his clothing, and the nectar of transcendental knowledge his food. These are the family of a yogi. Whom should such a yogi fear? Please tell.'


43. Hearing these words, Mukunda kept no fear in his heart. Smiling and smiling, Lord Gaura said to him:

44. "Wait here some time for Me." Speaking these words, Lord Gaura departed to collect alms.

45. Gadadhara and some others also went. From place to place they collected alms.

46. At that time a toll-collector stopped everyone. He angrily bound Mukunda.

47. The whole day he kept Mukunda captive. His anger did not fall away. After many words he released him at sunset.

48. But first that wretched sinner took away each person's blanket, their only possession.

49. After collecting alms from place to place, at sunset the devotees assembled at the prearranged meeting place.

50. Lord Gaura also returned to that place. Seeing Him, the devotees felt their hearts become filled with bliss.

51. Falling at Lord Gaura's feet, Shri Mukunda Datta wept and said: "Lord, I did not know Your true glories.

52. "As long as I stand before You I need not fear any toll-collector. They will stay far away from me.

53. "You are the Supreme Personality of Godhead. I know this, but then again I do not know it. Who is superior to You? Who is in a position that he can give alms to You?

54. "When I spoke to You I said I had no fear. Therefore it was good that the toll-collector did what he did to me."

55. Hearing these words, Lord Gaura asked Gadadhara: "What did the toll-collector do?"

56. Then Mukunda said: "Don't make a fuss. It was good. That is what I say of it. That is all I have to say of it."

57. That night the leader of the toll-collectors in that place had a dream. In that dream Saci's son appeared before him.

58. The toll-collector saw Lord Gaura reclining on Ananta Sesha in the ocean of milk. Lakshmi and Sarasvati served Lord Gaura's feet.

59. Then the toll collector saw the sages headed by Sanaka and the demigods headed by Brahma offering prayers to Lord Gaura from afar.

60. Seeing all this, the toll-collector trembled in his heart. Seeing the Lord's power and glory, he fell to the ground.

61. Then Lord Gaura said: "Wearing sannyasa garments, I now stand by the bank of the Viraja River. Your servants gave trouble to one of My devotees."

62. The toll-collector trembled in his heart. He was flooded by a shoreless ocean of fears. Quickly he went to Lord Gaura, who is Lord Krishna Himself.

63. In a moment the leader of the toll-collectors very humbly offered obesiacnes to Lord Gaura.

64. He said: "You are the Supreme Personality of Godhead. You enjoy pastimes on the ocean of milk. To deliver the people of the world You have accepted sannyasa.

65. "You are a moon illuminating the blinding darkness of this world of birth and death. You are the Vedas personified. You are the highest truth described in the Vedas."

66. Hearing these words, Lord Gaura smiled and said to the toll-collector: "My Lord Krishna quickly give His mercy to You."

67. Saying these words, Lord Guara placed His feet on the toll-collector's head. At once the toll-collector was overcome with ecstati spiritual love. Raising his hands, he began to dance.

68. Giving His mercy to him, Lord Gaura empowered that toll-collector to deliver the people of that place. He taught him the truth of devotional service to Lord Krishna and He made him qualified to engage in devotional service.

69. Atr that moment the Vaishnavas said to the toll-collector: "Your servants put in many troubling situations.

70. "Your servants also took away our blankets." Hearing these words, the toll-collector felt sorrow in his heart.

71. The leader of ther toll-collectors then gave new blankets to the devotees. At this the Vaishnavas became pleased at heart.

72. After first offering obeisances, the leader of the toll-collectors bid farewell to the devotees and then returned to hsi own home.

73. Returning home, he engaged in devotional service to Lord Krishna. He took shelter of Lord Krishna. Day and night he chanted Lord Hari's holy names in sankirtana.

74. The devotees happily passed the night. At dawn they happily performed their morning duties.

75. Again and again Lord Gaura gazed at the Viraja River. Anyone who sees that river becomes delivered from this world of birth and death.

76. After offering obeisances to the Viraja River, Lord Gaura continued His journey. Ecstati love for Lord Krishna arose within Him. The hairs of His body stood erect.

77. Lord Gaura walked like a ferocious lion. Walking and walking, He came to the village of Ekamraka.

78. In this village Siva and Parvati stay. His heart now wild, Lord Gaura ran to see them.

79. After a little time Lord Gaura found the temple. Great longings filled His heart. He became wild with ecstati love.

80. A beautiful flag fluttered above the temple. There were many Siva-lingas in the village of Ekamra.

81. Seeing the flag on the temple, Lord Gaura offered obeisances. Walking and walking, Lord Gaura entered the temple of Lord Siva.

82. In the village of Ekamra are ten million Siva-lingas. When a person walks there, his heart should tremble in fear.

83. In that city are ten million Siva-lingas, beginning with the linga named Visvesvara. The ground of that city looks like sandesa candy.

84. The waters of all holy rivers rest in the Maha-bindu-sarovara lake there. Many different holy places also rest in that city.

85. Entering the temple, Lord Gaura saw Siva and Parvati. He bowed down before them. He was overcome with ecstati spiritual love.

86. Anyone who sees the linga of Siva and Parvati finds his troubles broken into pieces.

87. Seeing the linga of Lord Siva, Lord Gaura was overcome with ecstasy. His body trembled. He could not remain peaceful.

88. From His reddish eyes tears flowed without stop. The hairs of His body stood erect. Again and again He recited prayers.

89. Thus Lord Gaura recited prayers to Lord Siva. The Vaishnavas around Him on four sides also recited prayers to Lord Siva.

90. Then one of the servants of Lord Siva offered to Lord Gaura Lord Siva's prasadam remnants of fragrances, sandal paste, and flower garlands.

91. Offering obeisances to Lord Siva, Lord Gaura left the temple. Entering a devotee's house, He rested.

92. He ate the food that devotee offered. In that devotee's home He happily slept that night.

93. In this way He happily passed the night. Then, at dawn, He who is the master of the three worlds arose.

94. Lord Gaura bathed, performed His morning duties, offered obeisances to Lord Siva, and then departed.

95. Accompanied by His associates, Lord Gaura continued His journey. Now I will describe His associates' conversation.

96. Please carefully hear a conversation of Murari and Damodara, a conversation I will now describe.

97. Damodara Pandita asked Murari Gupta: "Why did Lord Gaura, who is the Supreme Personality of Godhead, accept the prasadam ramnants offered to Lord Siva?

98. "Because of Bhrigu Muni's curse, no one should accept the prasadam remnants offered to Lord Siva. Why, then, did Lord Gaura accept them?

99. "Lord Gaura is very kind to the brahmanas. Hearing and knowing of Bhrigu Muni's curse, why did Lord Gaura disregard it?"

100. Murari said: "Please hear. Hear, O Damodara. How can I know what is in Lord Gaura's heart?

101. "I can only speak as far as my intelligence knows. If your heart thinks they are right, you may accept my words.

102. "A person who serves Lord Siva but does not honor the prasadam remnants Lord Siva leaves behind does so only because he thinks Lord Siva and Lord Krishna are different.

103. "The brahmana Bhrigu spoke his curse for such persons, impure-hearted persons do not know Lord Siva's true glories.

104. "However, a person who is fully aware that Lord Siva and Lord Krishna are not different, and who serves Lord Siva, should certainly honor the prasadam remnants Lord Siva leaves behind.

105. "Fully aware that Lord Siva and Lord Krishna are not different, he honors the prasadam remnants Lord Siva leaves behind. Such a person brings great pleasure to both Lord Siva and Lord Krishna.

106. "Lord Siva is the king of the Vaishnavas. For this reason he should be worshiped.

107. "A person who eats the prasadam Lord Siva ate with his own hand is released from the prison of the material world.

108. "In truth Lord Gaura was a guest on Lord Siva's house. With a happy heart Lord Siva offered Him all hospitality.

109. "Please hear. Bhrigu Muni's curse is meant for non-devotees. A devotee who honors Lord Siva brings pleasure to Lord Krishna.

110. "Lord Gaura descended to this world to teach the people." Damodara then said: "You have destroyed my foolish idea."

111. Hearing these words, everyone became joyful at heart. In this way Locana dasa narrates Lord Chaitanya's pastimes.



Song 42



Refrain: Please chant the sweet names Shri Krishna Chaitanya and Gaurachandra!

O my brothers, the names of Lord Gaura are very rare in this world. To attain deliverance please do not chant anything else.

With your ears please drink the nectar of these songs about Lord Gaura for as long as you live in this world. Please never abandon hearing them.


112. Again please hear Lord Gaurachandra's pastimes. Love for Lord Gaura is like a flood of ever-new nectar.

113. Walking on the path with His associates, Lord Gaura continued His journey. He happily saw the Siva Deity named Kapotesvara.

114. Bowing down before the Deity, Lord Gaura continued His jounrey on the path. In this way He saw many holy places and many Siva-lingas.

115. Accompanied by His assoxciates, He bathed in the glorious river named Bhargavi.

116. After bathing He continued His journey. Suddenly He could see the temple of Lord Jagannatha in the distance.

117. The glory and effulgence of the temple defeated moonlight. Upon it was a red flag fluttering in the breeze.

118. On top of Nilagiri Mountain was the temple of Lord Jagannatha. The temple was wonderfully white. Its glory defeated Mount Kailasa.

119. Then Lord Gaura saw a bow black like anjana sitting on top of the temple.

120. Motioning with His hand, the body seemed to invite Lord Gaura to come. Seeing this, Lord Gaura was overwhelmed. He fell down to offer respectful obeisances.

121. Lord Gaura fell to the ground. No longer was He conscious. He made no sound. It was as if He had abandoned His life.

122. Seeing this, everyone became anxious at heart. "Lord! Lord!", they cried. The Lord gave no reply.

123. "What should we do! What should we do?", they asked. Everyone was distraught. Lord Gaura made no sound. It was as if His life and ended and now He was dead.

124. At that moment Lord Gaura suddenly awakened. The hairs of His body stood erect. He was overcome with ecstati spiritual love.

125. Seeing this, everyone felt revived. It was as if life was again placed in their bodies.

126-127. Lord Mahaprabhu asked everyone: "With your eyes did you see atop the temple a graceful boy splendsid like sapphires, a boy who charms the three worlds?"

128. Though no one had seen Him, they all affirmed: "Yes. We saw Him." Everyone was bewildered and worried.

129. Again Lord Gaura said to everyone: "Look. The boy is standing by the temple's flag.