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Chapter 1

Teaching and Giving Krishna-Prema


    All glories to Narahari and Gadadhara who are the lords of my heart. Please be merciful and cast your auspicious glances upon me.

    Now listen, everyone, to the Madhya-khanda. By doing this, you will attain love of Godhead. These topics are the essence of all nectar. This section includes the Lord' s pastimes of distributing Krishna-prerna throughout Nadia.

    Showing the utmost tolerance and compassion, Gauranga delivered the sinful rogues Jagai and Madhai. The Lord freely gave everyone that love which even Lord Brahma rarely obtains. Shriman Mahaprabhu inaugurated the Hari-narna sankirtana movement. He took sannyasa to deliver the most fallen. These topics, which are like tasty pieces of solidified nectar, will purify the heart of even the staunchest atheist.

    Upon His return to Navadvipa, Visvambhara felt very happy, sporting with all His friends and relatives. At this time the Lord began teaching the young brahrnana boys of Nadia. All these boys were pious, strict, and pure in behaviour. They were the most fortunate students in the three worlds.

    One day Gaurahari compassionately instructed His students. "The lotus feet of Krishna are the one and only truth. The purpose of all knowledge is to attain Krishna-bhakti. According to the sastras, everything else is ignorance.

    "Knowledge is fleeting. Yet devotion for Radha and Krishna will remain with you eternally. One who is proud of his wealth, high birth and education cannot attain Krishna. However, one who has pure devotion can easily get Yadu Raya [Shri Krishna]. Please consider that the Supreme Lord Krishna becomes controlled by the mellow of bhakti."

    Then Lord Visvambhara recited two Sanskrit verses from the sastras. "Who was the hunter who was full of bad habits, and how old was Dhruva? What was Vidura's family background, and what was Ugrasena's valor? How beautiful was Kubja? Was Sudama brahmana wealthy? From these examples we can understand that Lord Madhava cares more for devotion than for innumerable personal qualities." Thus, the Lord taught love of Krishna to His students, and saturated their hearts with joy.

    Once while Gauranga was relaxing on His bed, He began crying incessantly. He was immersed in ecstatic Krishna-prema as He tasted the mood of Radharani feeling separation from Krishna in Mathura. Beating His chest, the Lord said, "O Akrura, you took away My Krishna!"

    Swooning in separation and crying piteously, Gaura continued, "That stupid woman, Kubja, took Krishna away from Me. Krishna always steals the minds of all young women." Saying this, the Lord emitted a roaring cry and exhibited many wonderful signs 6fecstasy on His body.

    Sacimata, astonished at her son's behavior, asked, "Visvambhara, why are You crying? What has caused this misery?" Lost in ecstasy, Gaura only wept in reply. Sacimata thought, "From the symptomS, it appears that my son has attained prema by the mercy of Krishna."

    Aware of all truths, Sacimata, with a sweet and affectionate voice, said, "Listen, my darling son. Your appearance is the most rare and wonderful thing in this world. It is Your habit to give me whatever wealth You collect from Your various travels. This time You've returned from Gaya with the rarest, most valuable treasure of Krishna-prema, which is beyond the reach of even the demigods. Though I'm afraid to ask, please give me that Krishna-prema."

    His heart melted by Sacimata's sincere and humble request, Gaurahari said, "Mother, by the mercy of the Vaishnavas, you will definitely get love of God."

    Instantly upon hearing this, Sacimata received prerna-bhakti, pure love of God. Her body shook, erupted in thrill bumps of joy, and tears streamed from her eyes. In ecstasy Sacimata chanted, "Krishna! Krishna! Krishna!"

    Locana Dasa says that this was the first manifestation of Lord Gauranga's distribution ofprema.



The Lord's Ecstasy at Suklambhara's House


    Sometimes Lord Visvambhara enjoyed pastimes in the home of a brahmana named Suklambhara Brahmacari. There the Lord became enraptured in deep transcendental ecstasy. Rioters of tears rushed from His eyes, and a stream of mucus flowed constantly from Lord Gauranga's nose. Suklambhara didn't feel any displeasure when he served by wiping the Lord's nose.

    Gaurahari cried without cessation. Day and night, He just weeped and lay on the ground. In the daytime the Lord would ask, "What time of night is it?" Someone wo.uld reply, "My Lord, it's daytime, not night." Totally absorbed in love of God, Gauranga cried and cried. He couldn't distinguish between day and night.

    If by chance the Lord heard someone singing the glories of Krishna, He would immediately start wailing again and rolling on the ground. At other times, Gauranga loudly chanted the name of Krishna. His body would tremble in delight, goose bumps would appear everywhere, and He would fall prostrate on the ground. The hairs standing erect in ecstasy on Gaura's body made it look like it was covered with 'kadamba flowers. Whenever Visvambhara managed to get control of Himself, He would speak, give charity, worship His Deity, or honor mahaprasada. In this way, Lord Gauranga joyfully passed His days and nights steeped in transcendental love of God.

    The Lord was continually savoring the bliss of Krishna-prema and sharing it with others. Shri Gaura came to this earth primarily to relish the mellow taste of His own love. For this, He is known as the crestjewel of all incarnations. Delivering the fallen souls of Kali-yuga was a secondary purpose for His advent.

    Keeping the previous incarnations within Himself, Lord Visvambhara appeared with His eternal associates. They helped Him spread the sankirtana movement. Manifesting in Navadvipa, Gaurasundara has dispelled the darkness of ignorance

from the world. The brilliant rays of His compassion illuminated the age of Kali, and destroyed the miseries of everyone.

    The devotees would gather around Lord Gaurachandra and forget themselves by drinking the nectar ofprema. Their very life was this nectar, just like the cakora birds that exist solely on moonbeams. The Lord's eternal associates such as Gadadhara, Narahari, Shrivasa, Mukunda, Murari, Vakresvara, Shridhara, Shri Sanjaya, Pandita Dhananjaya, Suklambhara, Nilambhara, Shri Rama Pandita, Mahesa Pandita, Haridasa, Nandana Acarya, Rudra Pandita and Pandita Damodara always accompanied Him.

    If I try to mention the names of all the Lord's associates, this book will become too big. Devotees from different countries joined the Lord. They also became transendentally intoxicated with love of God. Lord Gauranga relished spiritual delight in the association of the devotees. He gave His mercy equally to all.

    One day while walking on the road, Prabhu Visvambhara, along with Shrivasa Pandita and his brothers, heard the enchanting sound of a flute. Yet the flautist was nowhere in sight. That sound transported the Lord into a fit of ecstasy. He cried, lay on the ground, became numb and laughed uncontrollably. Sometimes Gaura acted like a crazy man, and sometimes He kept silent.

    Shrivasa Pandita, Rama Narayana and Mukunda entered Shrivasa's house with the Lord. The devotees surrounded Gauranga, and again He swooned in a trance of ecstasy. One moment He stood still. The next moment He would cry, chant and roll on the ground. Completely immersed in premananda [the bliss of divine love], Gaurahari would pass each day and night. Nothing but Krishna-katha issued from His lips.


The Sankirtana Movement Begins


    One day while sitting in His home, Visvambhara became immersed in Krishna-prerna and cried profusely. He said, "What shall I do? Where shall I go.'? How will I fix My mind on Krishna?" Lamenting like this, Mahaprabhu screamed. Hearing Him, others also cried.

    Suddenly, a divine voice announced from the sky, "Listen Visvambhara, You Yourself are God. You've come to this world to give Your mercy by teaching love of Godhead. By doing Hari-narnasankirtana, You will establish religion in this world. Don't lament. The people of Kali will be delivered by receiving Your mercy. Your love will remove the sufferings of everyone. Now stop lamenting and start Your sankirtana movement!" Mahaprabhu was happy to hear this, but He kept quiet.


Gauranga Shows Varaha to Murari


    One say Visvambhara visited the home of His beloved devotee Murari Gupta. The Lord showed symptoms of ecstatic love like numbness, horripilation and His cheeks' changing color to pink. He entered the Deity room and started talking to Himself. Tears poured in abundance from His eyes, looking like the Ganges River rushing down Mt. Sumeru.

    The people said, "Just see the matchless beauty of the Lord. He has now become a huge boar, as big as a mountain, and with His sharp teeth He's running toward us to kill us."

Lord Gauranga assumed the form of a boar and ran on His hands and feet. With His red eyes, round shape and roaring sound, He has surely become a powerful boar.

    Using His teeth, Mahaprabhu raised a brass pot into the sky. Dropping it on the ground, the Lord opened His mouth widely and said, "Murari, do you recognize Me?"

    Murari Gupta fell at the Lord's feet and said, "Prabhu, I don't have the qualifications to describe Your real identity which is unknown even to Svayambhu." Then Murari spoke a verse from the Bbagavad-gita (10.15 ): "Indeed, You alone know Yourself by Your own potencies, O origin of all, Lord of all beings, God of gods, O Supreme Person, Lord of the Universe!"

    Murari continued, "O Mahaprabhu, You can know Yourself; others cannot."

Gaurahari asked, "Can the Vedas describe Me?"

    Murari humbly replied, "Even Sahasravadana [Ananta Sesa] can't understand Your tattvas, truths. How can the Vedas explain the knowledge concerning You? No one can know You."

    Gaurahari said, "Listen, to what the Vedas say about Me in the Svetasvatara Up.(3.19): 'The omnipotent Supreme Personality of Godhead has no material hands or legs. Yet He runs swiftly to receive offerings. He has no material eyes, but still He sees everything. He has no material ears, yet He hears everything. He knows everything, but no one knows Him. Realized brahmanas say that He is the Supreme Personality.'

    "The Vedas may say that I have no hands and feet," continued Gauranga. "The Vedic descriptions of Me have created bewilderment about My true identity." The Lord paused briefly, smiled slightly and said, "Ws as if the Vedas have not described Me at all."

    Then Murari Gupta begged Lord Gauranga, "My Lord, please be merciful to me. Please give me ecstatic love of God."


Gauranga Gives Prema to Murari


    Lord Gauranga said, "Listen Murari, You have love for Me. So just serve the Parabrahman appearing in the human form, having the color of an indranila gem [blue sapphire]. He stands most attractively in His three-fold bending form, carrying a flute in His hand. Worship Shrimati Radharani, the .golden-complexioned daughter of King Vrsabhanu. She is the original energy of the Lord, and Her effulgence defeats the color ofgoracana [bright yellow].

    "Engage yourself in.the service of the gopis, and you'll attain the son of Nanda. In cintamani-bhumi, Vrndavana-dhama, He sits on a j eweled throne resting upon a gem-studded platform surrounded by kalpavrksa trees. By His inconceivable potency, Kama-dhenu [surabhi cows] wander everywhere fulfilling all desires. His glittering bodily effulgence is known as the formless Brahman. You should know that this is the sweet truth about Krishna."

    The devotees felt transcendental joy to hear these talks from Lord Gauranga. In a mood of submission, Murari Gupta requested, "My Lord, I want to see the Lord's form as Raghunatha [Lord Rama]."

    Within a second, Murari saw Lord Ramacandra in His beautiful body the color of fresh green grass. Sitadevi, Laksmana, Bharata and Satrughna stood around the Lord. Murari rolled on the ground in astonishment. Gaurasundara pacified him with the touch of His lotus hand while blessing him. "May you become saturated in love of God. Actually Murari, you are no one other than Hanuman, and I am the same Lord Rama." After saying this, the Lord entered the temple. Hari-nama - the Only Way


    One day in the home of Shrivasa Thakura, Lord Visvambhara called all His associates and said, "Listen to this wonderful story about how to attain love of Radha and Krishna in the age of Kali." Then the Lord quoted the Naradiya Purana: "In Kali-yuga the chanting of the Lord's holy name is the only means of deliverance. There is no other way; there is no other way; there is no other way."

    Lord Gaura said, "The fools in the age of Kali don't understand that the Lord 's name is equal to the original transcendental form of God. Vyasadeva repeated this fact three times in order to dispel the doubts of these dull and sinful souls. Furthermore, Vyasa used the word kevalam to indicate that by chanting without offense one obtains liberation.

    "Vyasadeva also discouraged demigod worship by repeating Hari's name three times. The Vedas prove that one should definitely do Harinama along with meditating on Gopala, the gopis and the cows."

    Gauranga said these things, while absorbed in the sentiment of Varaha. In ecstatic love, the Lord chanted the holy names and danced madly in the nectar of sankirtana.

    One who hears the glorious pastimes of Lord Gaurahari will immediately awaken Krishna-prema within his heart. Holding a straw between my teeth, I, Locana Dasa, humbly admit that I don't have any other treasure than the lotus feet of Gauranga.          

    Shri Gaurachandra, the full moon beaming over Navadvipa, distributed the nectarean stream of His love. The cakora bird-like devotees existed simply by drinking that nectar. Out of intense compassion, the Lord continually manifested His love. Now listen to another wonderful pastime.


The Demigods Get Prema


    The beauty of Lord Gaurasundara defeats that of millions of Cupids. His shoulders are broad and strong as a lion's. He has a lotus face and eyes, and a smooth neck marked with three auspicious lines like a conchshell. Once while sitting in His house, the Lord spoke in a deep resonant voice, "I'm seeing figures having four, five and six faces respectively. This increases My curiosity."'

     Shrivasa Pandim, who was sitting beside the Lord, gave his opinion. "The demigods like Brahma with four faces, and others with five faces have come to see You, my Lord. They're begging You for the treasure of prerna, since You are the ocean of love."

    Then Mahaprabhu sat on a divine asana. He rested one leg on one devotee and one arm on another. Shrivasa and the demigods swooned at the Lord's feet while crying, "You are the most compassionate. Please bestow upon us the sweet nectar of Your love."

    In a thunderous voice, Gauranga said, "May you all receive the gift of love of God." Instantly, the demigods developed Krishna-prerna and displayed bodily symptoms of transcendental bliss. The Vaishnavas wholeheartedly rejoiced to see the demigods dancing happily and chanting, "O Radha-Govinda!"

    As the demigods and devis danced, ecstatic love for Krishna caused blissful changes in their bodies. Their hair stood on end, they perspired heavily and rolled on the ground carelessly. Then in a flash they jumped up and bellowed "Hari-bol! Hari-boH Gaura-Govinda! Gaura-Govinda!" At another moment, they put their heads on Gauranga's feet and pleaded, "May our minds forever stay fixed on Your lotus feet."

    Smiling broadly, the Lord said repeatedly, "Let it be, let it be. May you all become full of love for Krishna." Then the demigods rose in the sky, returning to their celestial abodes. Observing all this, the assembled Vaishnavas cheered excitedly.

    Suklambhara Brahmacari's heart and body were pure and his character was most pleasing. He was verily a walking place of pilgrimage. After witnessing the incredible mercy that the Lord just gave to the demigods, he desired the same. Being eager to attain love of God, Suklambhara fearlessly revealed his mind to Gauranga.

    He said, "Please listen, O Lord Gauranga. You are the Supreme Personality of Godhead. After a long time my eyes have now found satisfaction. I've visited various places of pilgrimage such as Mathura and Dvaraka; but I couldn't find any happiness there. I beg You, please give me the treasure of Krishna-prema."

    The Lord replied, "O Suklambhara, there are many men like dogs and foxes that frequent those holy places. So what does it matter to Me? Unless Krishna arises in the heart, no benefit will come from visiting places of pilgrimage. Love of Krishna is the only religion. This is confirmed in the Naradiya Purana:

    'Fish love to bathe, snakes live on air, sheep live on leaves, the ox of the oil-man always moves, the crane is always meditating, a mouse lives in a hole and a lion lives in the forest. Similarly, the behavior of the socalled renunciates resembles these animals. Without purifying the consciousness, however, austerity and meditation will not give any result. "'

    Then the Lord quoted the Narada Pancaratra (2.6): "One who worships Hari need not perform any austerity. One who neglects the worship of Hari, also need not perform austerity. For one whom the Lord resides within and without, austerity is not needed. And for one whom Hari has not manifested within or without, doing austerities is useless."

    Hearing the Lord's explanation, Suklambhara collapsed on the ground crying. Incapable of tolerating the distress of His devotee, Gaurasundara awarded him love of God. Suklambhara's whole body erupted in ecstatic bumps of sheer delight. He wept and trembled in the exhilaration of Krishna-prema. This brought tremendohs pleasure to the assembled devotees.


Gadadhara Receives Love of God


    Shri Gadadhara Pandita, the embodiment of all transcendental qualities, always stayed near Lord Gauranga and chanted the holy names. One night, Gadadhara stayed beside the Lord. Being pleased with him, Lord Gaura gave Gadadhara His flower and said, "Tomorrow morning, by the mercy of the Vaishnavas, you'll get the rarely attained gift of love of God."

    The next day when He met the devotees, the Lord recounted the previous night's talks wherein Gadadhara received love of God. In a happy mood Gadadhara took bath in the Ganges. Due to the appearance of ecstatic love, Gadadhara started quivering. He worshiped Shri Jagannatha Deva, and then He worshiped Lord Gauranga. Gadadhara smeared sandalwood paste on Gaura's body, hung a celestial flower garland on His neck and praised the Lord with choice words. Everyday Gadadhara would render these services to the Lord.


In the evening, after making Lord Gauranga' s bed, Gadadhara would lie down at the Lord' s feet. Within his mind he was always thinking how to serve the Lord with love and devotion. He pleased the Lord with his sweet talks. Gaurahari would greatly relish Gadadhara's nectarcan words. Catching his hand, they used to dance together in sankirtana.

    Clutching Narahari's hand in His other hand, Mahaprabhu reenacted the rasa dance within the courtyard of Shrivasa Pandita's house. The assembled devotees saw the Syamasundara feature in Gauranga' s body. Gadadhara manifested the form of Radharani, and Narahari became Madhumati-sakhi. Everyone chanted "Hari-bol Hari-bol!" as they saw Shri Vrndavana-dhama appear before them. The son of Saci manifested the supreme abode of Vrndavana, replete with Gopala, gopis and cows. The cowherd boys and girls ofVraj a became the brahrnana companions of Lord Gaurahari in the age of Kali.

    In a previous birth, Shri Raghunandana was the ever-fresh Cupid. The devotees danced in a circle around Lord Gauranga. Seeing the moon of Vrndavana rising over Navadvipa, everyone stared crying. At one moment, Prabhu performed Gaura-lila with Gadadhara. The next moment Gauranga relished the mood of Syamasundara dancing with Radharani in the rasa-lila. Beholding these enchanting pastimes, the devotees sang "Hari! Hari! Jail Jail" again and again.

    Suddenly, dense dark clouds rolled in, roared fiercely and captured the evening sky. Fearing some imminent danger, the devotees felt uneasy. They were thinking how to escape the calamity. To obtain the mercy of Gauranga, the clouds rolled and howled in ecstasy upon seeing Gaura's pastimes.

    Picking up a pair of small cup-shaped karatalas, Mahaprabhu started narna-sankirtana. Lord Gauranga looked up into the sky to bless the demigods. Just at that moment, the rain clouds dispersed, leaving behind a clear, friendly sky. Feeling relieved, the devotees cried out happily.

    The Lord then danced to the singing of His followers under the pure night sky, illuminated by the moon and stars. The clouds descended to the earth in the form of devotees to chant and dance along with the Lord and His entourage. What to speak of the clouds, Gaurahari gave His love to everyone in the three worlds without discrimination.

    While dancing with His devotees, the darling of Sacimata swam in an ocean of ecstatic love. His anklebells chimed sweetly with the movements of His lotus feet. The chaste wives of the brahmanas chanted joyfully, "Jai! Jail" This scene pleased the demigods watching from the heavens. Enraptured in Krishna-prerna, the devotees danced cheerfully with Lord Gauranga.

    Who can estimate how many austerities they have performed in previous lives to taste the rare treasure of prerna-bhakti? Lord Visvambhara distributed His mercy throughout the earth and sky. Feeling delighted within my heart, I, Locana Dasa, describe these pastimes.


Mukunda Gets the Mercy


    Shrivasa Thakura and his three brothers sang auspicious songs. Haridasa chanted, "Hari! Hari!" Roaring in ecstasy, they glorified the transcendental qualities of Gauranga, comparing him to Kisora-Kisori [Radha-Krishna]. Murari Gupta and Mukunda also praise Prabhu. They are just like mad bees hovering over the Lord' s sweet lotus feet, hankering to taste the nectar of love.

    Keeping Gauranga in the center, the devotees surrounded the Lord and blissfully chanted, "Jai! Jai !" From all directions, the devotees were madly weeping for Krishna's love. Some devotees warmly embraced each other. Others sang the glories of Gaurahari.      

    Gadadhara Pandita fell down at Prabhu's feet and said, "What incomparable beauty is standing here!" Gauranga's lotus face turned pink in ecstasy. Tiny bumps of delight, appearing like strings of golden pearls, erupted all over His transcendental body.

    Expressing His heart' s treasure, Gaurahari, smiling pleasantly, said, "I am God." At the very next moment, the Lord paid obeisances and begged blessings from the Vaishnavas. Then, just after that, the Lord bestowed blessings on all His eternal associates.

    The prerna shown by Gauranga had never been seen before. All the men and women in the world became mad to experience that rapturous

love of God. Locana Dasa also loses himself by the influence of that Krishna-prema.