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Chapter 9

Pastimes at Candrasekhara's Home


    Please listen attentively to another wonderful pastime of Lord Gauranga and His eternal associates. Visvambhara is the crest-jewel of all transcendental qualities and the embodiment of compassion. One day while submerged in ecstatic love, Gauranga and His associates went to the home of Candrasekhara Acarya and began 'preaching.

    The Lord started glorifying the Vraja gopis, but His voice became choked with emotions. His eyes turned red, and tears rolled down His beautiful cheeks. The Lord, whose feet are worshiped by Kamala [Laksmi], then dressed up as a gopi and danced jubilantly. Shrivasa, in the mood ofNarada Muni, paid obeisances to Gauranga, asking Him to accept him as His servant.

    Then Shrivasa said, "Gadadhara, listen to me. I know all about your past. You are also a gopi. Previously, you and all the other devotees here were in Vraja Gokula. Rejecting your attachments to your husbands, you all rendered loving service to Shri Krishna. Gadadhara, as Radharani, you are the principal energy of Lord Krishna. You are the main gopi and dearmost lover of Shri Krishna.

    "How can I properly explain the extent of your glories? This is the greatest secret in the three worlds. Brahma, Siva, Laksmi, Ananta, Sukadeva, Prahlada, Narada Muni, or anyone for that matter, can't fathom the depth of your pure devotional service. They can never attain the mercy that you possess. They don't even have a drop of the ocean of your love.

    "Ignoring Laksmi's love, Lord Narayana, the Lord of the universe, cherishes that love. Your blessed praiseworthy love enchants everyone. Only you and the gopis understand the essence of the Lord's glories. You alone control the Supreme Lord by your love. Uddhava and Akrura ever desire to serve Your feet to attain Your mercy."


    The assembled devotees derived great satisfaction from the descriptions of Shrivasa Pandim. They embraced each other and danced happily in prerna sankirtana.

    At that time Haridasa arrived holding a stick. He laughed slowly and deeply as he said, "Please listen, my fi-iends. Always sing the glories of Hari by performing sankirtana." Tears streamed from Haridasa as he looked all around. Taking his advice, the jewel-like Vaishnavas drowned in the nectar of singing and dancing in joyous sankirtana. Gaura Raya also danced in ecstasy. The devotees cried in love and grabbed Gauranga"s feet.

    Suddenly Advaita Acarya joined the assembled devotees. He is the king of the Vaishnavas and an abode of all spiritual qualities. His beauty illuminates the whole world. Standing before Gauranga, Advaita Avarya appeared as a powerful expansion of the Lord. He chanted "HarH Hari!" and danced enthusiastically to the astonishment of the onlookers.

     From head to toe his body broke out in horripilation, and tears poured from his eyes. While gazing at Gauranga's lotus feet,, he roared like a lion. Hiking up his dhoti, he jumped into the air. The gathering of Vaishnavas looked like a matcheless marketplace of love of Godhead.

They were joyful in heart, and diving in the nectar ocean of ecstatic Krishna-prema.


Gauranga Manifests as Durga Ma


    One day Lord Gauranga, entering the mood of a gopi, dressed up as a gopi. He wore a bodice, sari, golden anklebells and conchshell bangles. His eyes swam in rasa. His waist was very attractive and slim as a fist. The unparalleled beauty of the Lord's gopi dress enchanted the three worlds.

    The effulgence of His bodily limbs was transcendental. The fragrant malati garlands swinging from His golden neck looked like the Suranadi [celestial Ganges] rushing down golden Mt. Sumeru. Gaura Nataraja [the king of all dancers] relished various ecstatic moods ofprema as He danced.

    Then suddenly He remembered Laksmidevi, the goddess of fortune. Gauranga transformed Himself in a four-handed Vishnu form and stood before Laksmidevi. He stepped back and covered His face with a cloth. The devotees collapsed at the Lord's feet, offering pleasing prayers. In an ecstatic mood someone recited prayers to glorify Laksmidevi. He asked her for the boon ofprerna-bhakti.

    At that time the Lord remembered His Adya Sakti [Goddess Durga]. Taking the mood of His original energy, Lord Gauranga captivated everyone. Immediately, the demigods came there and chanted Vedic hymns eulogizing Lord Gauranga disguised as Durga. While sitting on a divine asana, Adya Sakti smiled gently, showing her satisfaction. Adya Sakti said, "O demigods, I have come to see your love and devotion, and especially your chanting and dancing."

The demigods said, "Please show us Your devotion again."

    Adya Sakti said, "Listen everyone. I am the supreme formidable Candi [Goddess Durga]. I will fulfill the desires of all living entities." The demigods bowed to Her feet.

    Lord Gauranga, still in the mood ofAdya Sakti, picked up Haridasa, put him on Her lap, and rocked him back and forth as if he were a fiveyear old child. The devotees, birds, beasts and all living beings became happy and astounded to see this. One brahmana asked, "Gauranga, please look kindly upon Your dear servant Murari." The Lord's face, glowing like moonlight, smiled affectionately and tears of compassion washed His red-tinged eyes.

    Mother Saci, overwhelmed with ecstasy, submissively wOrshiped the Lord's feet. Gauranga, in the mood of Goddess Katyayani, brought the devotees closer to Himself and treated them with intense motherly affection. Seeing Him as their mother, everyone's eyes filled with tears of ecstatic love.

    A brahmana suddenly arrived and shouted, "Prabhu!" Seeing his distress, the Lord cried and gave up His mood of aisvarya [awe and reverence]. In this way, the supreme controller Lord Gauranga manifested His love. The devotees fell to the ground to offer their prostrated obeisances. After passing the whole night in ecstasy, the devotees retumed to their homes.

    As the devotees walked by Gauranga, they saw Him holding a stick in His hand. Thus, Gaurahari, the supreme master, showed His compassion to all living entities. Out of humility He removed the agony from the world.

    Anyone who hears these nectarcan topics will alleviate his distress and suffering. Shame on that sinful, wretched person who doubts the purifying power of Gauranga's transcendental pastimes! By argument, realizations or scriptural study, one can't be delivered without accepting Gauranga as the Supreme Lord. One who thinks that Gauranga can't manifest all these transcendental forms, also can never be delivered.

    Let people say whatever they want, but I must state my experience of Lord Gauranga. Let them just consider the actual position of Shri Gauranga Mahaprabhu. Unfortunately, even though such a most compassionate incarnation has appeared, some people don't recognize Him. For this reason, my heart cries in pain. To whom can I express my troubled heart? Thus Locana Dasa sings the glories of Lord Gauranga.