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Chapter 8

Deliverance of the Aparadhi Leper


    One day while Lord Gauranga was speaking with His associates, He met a leper in the street. After paying obeisances to the Lord, the leper said: "Everyone says You are Janardana, the eternal Supreme Personality of Godhead. You are the God of all gods and the friend of the three worlds. O ocean of mercy and compassion, please deliver me!

    "Hearing that You are the deliverer of the fallen, I've come to Your shelter and beg deliverance. You are Lord Govinda. You are Gopala, and You are the Lord of the surrendered souls. In the three worlds no one is more of a sinner than me. Please save me from the intolerable disease of leprosy."

    Becoming furious with anger, Lord Visvambhara said, "You sinful wretch! Why do you blaspheme the Vaishnavas? All the living entities in material existence are My friends. However, I am completely inimical to one who is envious of a Vaishnava.

    "I don't mind if someone offends Me, but if someone blasphemes Shrivasa Pandita, how can I remain happy? You spoke some unmentionable words to Shrivasa. So, even after suffering for a hundred lives, still you won't be released for your offense against a Vaishnava. Externally, you see My body, but actually My real life is the Vaishnavas who live in My heart.

    "If one serves a Vaishnava, even while maintaining envy for Me, I may take away his miseries and deliver him if he realizes his fault. However, a fool who Commits violence to a Vaishnava doesn't get any shelter. Instead, he goes straight to hell. And I can't tell you how long you'll suffer in hell. You are a most wicked and sinful man. You will never see the end of your suffering!"

    The leper responded to the Lord's rebuking by crying helplessly. The leper said, "In other incarnations the Lord would show mercy according to the quality of someone's devotion. But in Kali-yuga, every house is full of sinners. If You kill someone who is not Your devotee, then how can You hold the name patita-pavana, savior of the fallen?

    "All glories to Visvambhara, the mighty-armed one. You are the bridge of religion. People will use this bridge to cross over material existence. O darling of Sacimata! Please don't turn me down. Although You are independent, if You really feel compassion for me, then show me Your mercy."

    Then Gauranga went to Shrivasa Pandita's house and told the assembled devotees about the leper He met on the road. Visvambhara said, "Shrivasa, that leper will suffer for many lives for his Vaishnavaaparadha against you. I saw that his body was melting away, but still I don't feel any compassion for him. When he saw Me, that diseased leper called out, 'Please save me.'

    "I told him that no one would deliver such an offender as him. Shrivasa, if you want to give him your mercy, then that sinful leper will be delivered."

    Laughing, Shrivasa Pandita replied to Gauranga, "My Lord, I'm lower than the lowest. Although You are the actual savior, You are glorifying me. I forgive the leper's sin; may he become free from leprosy."

    Then feeling love for the Lord, Gauranga let out a loud roar. At that moment the leper, who was lying near the Ganges, was cured of his leprosy and attained a beautiful body. He began running to Shrivasa's home while shouting, "Where is Gaurachandra, the moon of my heart? Who else can deliver one who is blinded by the disease of material existence?"

    Lord Gaurahari left Shrivasa's house and went quickly to meet the former leper. The man fell fiat on the earth submitting himself to the Lord. Shri Gauranga picked him up and embraced him..The Lord surcharged him with Krishna-prema which is beyond the reach of Lord Brahma.

    Overcome with love for Krishna, the man sometimes cried or laughed uncontrollably. The next moment he sang, danced madly, or rolled on the ground. He shouted, "Lord Gauranga is the friend of everyone!" Seeing this miracle, the associates of the Lord became happy and the people of Nadia became astonished.


    Locana Dasa says please listen to-the wonderful pastimes of Visvambhara in Nadia. Simply by hearing them you will easily obtain prema-bhakti.


A 'Brahmana' Curses Lord Gauranga


    A brahmana once came to Shrivasa Pandita's house while Gauranga and all His devotees were joyfully dancing inside. Although the brahmana wanted to, he wasn't allowed to see the Lord's dancing. Feeling depressed, he returned home. Being totally absorbed in the company of His devotees, Lord Gauranga was unawareof the brahmana's visit.

    The next day when Gauranga was bathing in the Ganges, that brahmana saw the Lord and said in an angry tone, "Yesterday, I wanted to see Your dancing, so I went to Your house. But some sinful brahmana checked me at the door and kept me outside."

    Then that brahmana, almost fainting due his extreme anger, snapped his sacred thread as he cursed Lord Gauranga. "You will also be kept outside Your house, and You'll never be able to enjoy family life."

    Completely undisturbed, the Lord said, "The curseof this brahmana is a great boon for Me."

    Hearing this, the brahmana became afraid and said, "What can I do? You caused me to speak the way I did. You are the complete whole, the Supersoul within the heart of everyone. You deliver the false logicians and mental speculators. You will take sannyasa and distribute love of God.. People will address you as 'guru'.

    "Gaurahari, You are the crest-jewel of all brahmanas. You will break open the treasure-chest of Krishna-prema and give it to everyone. You promise to flood the entire universe with prema. Without discrimination You will give mercy to anyone, be he a miscreant or a pious man. Only I am being deprived of Your love. O savior of the fallen souls, without Your mercy, what will be my destination?"

    Lord Gauranga said, "Your curse is a great boon to Me. If you fulfill My desire, then you'll have no more fear."

    Then the brahmana fell at the Lord's lotus feet. Gauranga lifted him up and embraced him. Receiving the Lord's mercy, the brahmana melted in the ecstasy of Krishna-prema. Lord Gaurahari fulfilled the brahmana's desire by awarding him His own love, which even Lord Brahma cannot attain.

    The sinful and evil-minded can't understand the beautiful pastimes of Lord Gaurahari. Locana Dasajoyfully sings about the sublime sports of Shriman Mahaprabhu.


Gauranga Becomes Lord Balarama and Drinks Honey


    Now please listen to another fresh and blissful pastime of Lord Gauranga in Nadia. One day while the Lord sat amongst the devotees, a voice rumbling from the clouds commanded, "Give me honey!" At that moment, Gauranga took the form of Halayudha [Lord Balarama]. He wore shimmering blue cloth over His body, which appeared like a white mountain. He had wide, beautiful lotus eyes and very beautiful feet. Everyone became amazed and thrilled to see the transcendental form of Lord Balarama.

    The giver of love was now freely distributing His love. Then dancing ecstatically,the Lord went to the homes of Advaita and Murari. He had a desire to give out the holy names of Hari.

    Entering their homes, Gaurahari said in a choked voice, "Give Me honey!" Then He laughed slowly and deeply. The Lord appeared like a small child when He extended His cupped hands and said, ".Give Me honey, Give Me honey." After drinking some honey the Lord let out a hiccup of satisfaction.

    Intoxicated with love, the Lord danced madly with staggering steps while repeatedly hiccupping. One moment He fell on the ground, the next moment He cried. Slow and deep laughter rumbled through His sweet lips. In awe the devotees offered stutis [prayers] to the Lord. One devotee said "Hrsikesa" while clasping the Lord's feet.

    Mahaprabhu, in the mood of Lord Balarama, said, "I'm not Shri Krishna, so bring more tasty honey for Me." With His finger the Lord then pushed one brahmana who was standing nearby. The Lord said, "This is a bad man." Feeling embarrassed, that brahmana left. From morning until evening, Gauranga enjoyed pastimes in the mood of Lord Balarama.


Holding the lotus feet ofNarahari Sarakara, my spiritual master, I, Locana Dasa will describe some more sublime pastimes of Lord Gauranga.

    The next day Gaurahari continued dancing in the mood of Lord Balarama. His hair scattered on His shoulders, He cried and rolled on the ground. His intimate associates splashed water on the Lord to pacify Him. Upon beholding Gadadhara, the Lord immediately regained His composure.

    Gauranga said, "O Gadadhara, jewel among the brahmanas, you are My dear friend, and you are My very life. I am conquered by Your love. I am known as the Gauranga of Gadai [a name for Gadadhara].

    "You know very well My inner feelings. You are the embodiment of My internal energy. In day or night you never leave Me, even for a moment. Who knows more about Me than you? Please bring all My intimate devotees-- I want to see them immediately!"

    Gadadhara Pandita summoned Advaita Acarya and the devotees. In a sweet gentle voice Advaita asked Gauranga why He had called them. In a faltering tone, Gaura said, "I saw the white mountain4ike Halayudha [Lord Balarama] glowing like sunshine and decorated with dazzling gold ornaments."

    While Gauranga said this, He again saw the white mountain. Again He entered the mood of Balarama and danced madly. The devotees, tasting Balarama-prerna, began moving with staggering steps. The four directions filled with bliss. This ecstasy continued for two days.

    On the third day the devotees surrounded the Lord who was dancing continually in the center. One moment the earth rocked back and forth from His forceful steps. His half-closed eyes had a reddish tinge, and He spoke in a faltering voice. The next moment, the Lord walked slowly like an intoxicated elephant. Due to ecstatic love of God, the Lord moved forward with tottering steps. Relishing the bliss of Balarama, Lord Gauranga danced well into the night.

    Suddenly, the sweet fragrance of varuni [honey wine] came from the Lord' s mouth, saturating the surroundings. Smelling it, the devotees became infatuated in love of God. At that moment Shrivasa Pandita saw the arrival of many divine persons dressed in celestial ornaments. One person wore a blue dress, one earring and had attractive elongated eyes. Another wore a yellow dress and a knotted turban. The beauty of their

clothing defied description.

    Vanamali brahmana saw a person with a golden complexion rivaling Mt. Sumeru, adoreed with splendid precious gems. Vanamali filled with joy to see this, and his body broke out in horripilation. Everyone became astonished. Wearing the dress of Lord Balarama, the Lord of the three worlds danced along with His devotees.

    After watching this wonderful scene, the demigods went back to their heavenly abodes. Gauranga and the devotees danced all day and night. They joked and played in the Ganges and then retumed to their homes.

    The next moming the devotees met the Lord in His house. Gauranga said, "Lord Varaha embraced Me and Lord Balarama entered My heart. Muralivadana became the collyrium surrounding My eyes." He looked at Shrivasa and said, "Give Me My flute."

    Shrivasa Pandita replied humorously, "Listen Mahaprabhu, the daughter of Bhismaka is in Your house. Tonight when You close the door, she'll return Your flute."

    In Navadvipa, from time to time Gauranga and His intimate associates enjoyed such ecstatic transcendental pastimes. One who knows the mellows of pure devotion will appreciate the Lord' s splendid Nadia pastimes. I humbly request that no one neglect these topics. Please engage your minds in glorifying the wonderful activities of Lord Gauranga. Try to understand them with all your heart, and very easily you will attain Shri Krishna, the supreme controller. Locana Dasa repeatedly says that if you don't serve Gaurahari, you won't get liberated.


Gauranga Glorifies the Sankirtana Yajna


    The next day Gauranga sat on a divine seat and said, "The glories of sankirtana-yajna are mentioned in all scriptures. It is the essence of dharma, especially in the age of Kali. This truth is revealed in the fifth Veda [Mahabharata, Puranas] and glorified by the five-mouthed Lord Siva.

    "Narada, playing his vina and dancing, along with Sukadeva and Sanat Kumara, continually praises the sankirtana-yajna. In Vrndavana, Radha and Krishna dance ecstatically with the gopis inprema sankirtana. Sankirtana-yajna also exists in Goloka. Lord Siva glorifies that mahabhava prerna, but cannot attain that degree of pure love. That same love I manifest in Kali-yuga.

    "One gets enlightened by singing the names of the Lord. In the form of sound vibration, the Lord manifested His mercy in Kali-yuga. The sound of Hari's names pleases the entire universe. The taste of this sound is like ghee. It enters through the earholes and falls into the fire ofone's heart, igniting the blazing fire of bhava [love of Krishna].

    "Then the body erupts in ecstatic symptoms such as crying, trembling and horripilation. Free from all sins, he relishes the nectar of pure Krishna consciousness and sings and dances in unbounded joy. At that time, he has absolutely no attraction for the four types of liberation, even though they chase after him.

    "All the Vaishnava acaryas are sitting around that fire-yajna to grant all success. Know for certain that sankirtana- yajna is the best form of worship. By performing sankirtana one gets the greatest treasure of Krishna-prerna. Nityananda Avadhuta is the master of the storehouse of prerna, and' Gadadhara is the housewife.

    "Advaita Acarya firmly established the sankirtana-yajna by calling Me down to the material world. Taking all My devotees such as Shrivasa, Narahari and others, I have spread the sankirtana movement. Now take this sankirtana door to door. Let all the fallen, sinful people be delivered."

    After hearing Lord Gauranga, the devotees began cry'rag and fell at His feet. Then Gaurahari lovingly embraced them. Everyone please enjoy these transcendental topics sung by the poet Locana Dasa.