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Chapter 7

Pastimes In the Mood of Krishna


Vanamali Brahmana Gets Mercy


All glories to Gadadhara, Gauranga and Narahari. One who hears the transcendental pastimes of Lord Visvambhara will easily attain love for Krishna. Now listen to a wonderful pastime that took place in Navadvipa.

One day Mahaprabhu sat in His home along with His intimate associates. His face beaming blissfully, the Lord was speaking nectarean words. Suddenly, a brahmana named Vanamali, arrived from East Bengal with his son. He was very happy to see the Lord and His devotees.

In a choked-up voice, Vanamali said to himself, "I became poor and lost my purity, so I've come here seeking the Lord's help. I'm sure that Visvambhara is none other than God Himself. By seeing Him, the abode of all transcendental knowledge, my heart is pacified and I've attained perfection. As one gets healthy by drinking nectar, similarly, my sufferings have vanished simply by seeing Lord Gauranga."

Lord Visvambhara looked compassionately upon the brahmana and his son. He sang the glories of Hari, and gave them the treasure of Krishna-prema. Vanamali and his son danced in ecstasy. Within a moment, their suffering disappeared. Lord Gauranga is the ocean of mercy and the best friend of the poor.

The next day Gaura-nataraja [the king of dancers] danced exuberantly in the midst of His sankirtana party. Vanamali and his son became enchanted by a most extraordinary sight. Gauranga appeared as a beautiful young boy with a body the color of a monsoon cloud. The Lord was wearing bright yellow cloth, held a flute and had a peacock feather in his hair.

All of Gauranga's followers took forms as cowherd boys of Vraja. Vanamali also saw Radharani and Syamasundara in the topmost pleasure groves of Vrndavana. He saw Giriraja-Govardhana, the Yamuna River, Bahulavana, Bhandiravana, Madhuvana and other'places in Vrndavana. They saw the cows, gopas, gopis, Gopala and the desire trees. Seeing that Madana Gopala had now appeared in Navadvipa, Vanamali and his brahmana son succumbed to ecstasy, and fell flat on the earth.

Then Vanamali brahmana hiked up his dhoti and jumped around roaring, "Krishna! Krishna! Krishnal" Mahaprabhu stopped His captivating dance and had someone restrain the brahmana.

In this way, Lord Gauranga frees anyone from his karmic reactions, and gives him love of God. Gaurasundara is decorated with a celestial garland and sandalwood paste. He has no material attachments. Gaurahari is known as nava-vidhata-ratna, the ever-youthful, gem-like supreme controller. The Lord has nothing to do, yet He acts in the material world for the benefit of others. Gauranga freely distributes Krishnaprema to everyone.

Locana Dasa says may we always serve the ever-youthful, Supreme Lord Gauranga.

Please listen to another sublime transcendental pastime. One day Shrivasa Pandita was worshiping his ancestors in his house. Gauranga arrived there just as Shrivasa was listening to the chanting of the thousand names of Lord Vishnu. Visvambhara sat down peacefully to relish the Krishna-katha.

Suddenly, when Gauranga heard the name of Nrsimha, He became enraptured in the mood of Lord Nrsimha. Gaura's eyes turned flaming red, His hair stood erect and His body turned a reddish hue. He became covered with tiny bumps of ecstasy. He started roaring like a lion and grabbed a club, scattering the devotees as He madly chased them. Everyone became terrified and fled for their lives. No one could tolerate the Lord's angry mood.

Noticing everyone running in terror, Gauranga at once withdrew His feature of Narahari and dropped the club. The son of Sacimata is the seed of all incarnations. He shows particular transcendental forms and pastimes according to His sweet will. Lord Gauranga then sat nonchalantly on His asana and said with surprise, "Oh, did I cause any disturbance? Did I commit any offense?"

The devotees replied, "My Lord, what are You saying? What offense I have You done?" Shrivasa Pandita said, "Visvambhara, whoever witnesses Your transcendental pastimes will become free from material bondage."


Gaura as Lord Siva


Once a Saivite [follower of Lord Siva] came to see Lord Gauranga. He offered respects to the Lord, and joyfully praised Lord Mahesa. In his body, he displayed signs of love for Lord Siva. Visvambhara was pleased to hear the glories of Mahadeva. Suddenly, adopting the mood ofMahesa, Gauranga danced in ecstasy. Seeing this, the Saivite became overwhelmed with happiness.

Then that fortunate Saivite put Gauranga on his shoulders and began dancing madly. Gauranga;s eyes turned red, and He began talking like Siva. Visvambhara held a trident and a damaru [Siva's small x-shaped drum], and He roared like the sound of a horn. Gauranga cried and laughed as He chanted the names of Krishna and Rama.

Shrivasa Pandita knows all the tattvas [Krishna, jiva, sakti, nama, etc.]. To pacify the Lord, he carefully recited prayers to Lord Siva. Mukunda Datta also chanted hymns to Siva. Joining in, Gauranga's associates danced beside the Lord. Lord Gauranga went wild in His ecstasy of glorifying and serving Lord Hari. After some time, Gauranga climbed down from the Saivite's shoulders.

Shri Gauranga Mahaprabhu, the ocean of mercy personified, thus manifested His compassion. Locana Dasa finds great happiness in describing these joyful events.


Offended, Gauranga Vanishes in the Ganges


One day after dancing with His devotees, Gauranga fell prostrate on the ground to offer His obeisances. The devotees happily chanted, "Hari! Hari!" At that time, a joyfill brahmana came and took the dust from Lord Gauranga's lotus feet. Feeling very unhappy over this, Gauranga stood up, breathing heavily in anger. Then He ran to the Ganges and jumped in. The Lord vanished under the waters of the Jahnavi [Ganges]. Frantically, the devotees dove into the Ganges to find Lord Visvambhara.

The people of Nadia became afraid; they were crying in grief. Sacimata cried out madly for her son and then attempted to jump in the swift currents of the Ganges. In despair, she just rolled on the ground moaning.

To relieve Sacimata's suffering, Nityananda Avadhuta dove into the Ganges to rescue Visvambhara. He pulled the Lord up from underwater and brought Him to the bank of the Ganges. Shrivasa, Suklambhara, Mukunda, Murari, Haridasa and other intimate associates regained their lives. They started crying happy tears upon seeing the face of Gaurachandra again. Sacimata lovingly sat Gauranga, the life of her life, on her lap. The townspeople of Navadvipa forgot their miseries and returned to their homes.

Gauranga went to the house ofMurari Gupta along with the devotees. They stayed briefly and then went to Vijaya Misra's house. Early the next morning, Gauranga walked along the northern bank of the Ganges. Nobody could understand the Lord's aimless wandering.

Humbly, they asked Gauranga, "Visvambhara, please be kind upon us and give up Your anger. You have many servants, and occasionally one of them makes an offense. Please overlook the offense of that brahmana who touched Your feet. You are the embodiment of compassion, so please be merciful to us.

"Why are You acting like this? How can we understand Your heart? Why are You acting apathetic towards us? Lord Gauranga, please return to Your home. Please dispel our confusion and be kind upon Your servants."

Hearing their humble entreaties, Gauranga's heart melted with affection. In a joyful mood, He came home and glorified Lord Krishna.

Locana Dasa sings the glories of Gauranga and the town of Nadia, which overflowed in joy to hear the news of the Lord's return.

The Lord forgot about the incident and went to Shrivasa Pandita's house. Again He distributed the rare treasure of love of God. Shrivasa, Haridasa and the devotees sat near the Lord gazing upon His splendid face.

Mahaprabhu said, "Listen everyone. I'll tell you something from the core of My heart. Youth, father, mother, wife, sons, houses, wealtl^ and followers are all false and useless unless they are engaged in th^ service of the Absolute Truth, Lord Shri Krishna. Material existence i$ always burning My heart.

"Although I've attained such a rare and wonderful human body, have not served Krishna. Every man and woman should serve Lord Krishna. Soon I will leave My mother and travel far and wide. Everyone is saying that I am acting against their will."

Murari Gupta said, "Visvambhara, hearing You say that You will leave us and go far away greatly pains my heart. I feel like dying. Listen Mahaprabhu, no one is saying these things about You."

Then Mahaprabhu gave Murari a warm embrace. Murari swooned in ecstasy. Horripilation erupted on his body from head to toe. He recited a verse from Shrimad-Bhagavatam (10.8 1.16) [Sudama speaking to Shri Krishna]:

"Who am I? A sinful, poor friend of a brahmana. And who is Krishna? The Supreme Personality of Godhead, full in six opulences. Nonetheless, He has embraced me with His two arms." A f t e r listening to this, Gauranga manifested Himself as the Supreme Lord, shining like millions of suns. He sat on an asana and said in a sweet voice, "I am the all-blissful Lord-- don't think otherwise." Everyone became astounded and filled with ecstasy to see this form of Lord Gauranga. Shrivasa Pandita, who was a perfect gentleman, then bathed the Lord with Ganges water and worshiped Him. The Lord was immensely pleased with his devotion.

Everyone cheerfully sang the glories of Lord Hari. Lord Gauranga danced happily to see the blissful faces of the devotees.

Holding the lotus feet of Narahari upon my head, I, Locana Dasa, describe the nectarean pastimes of Lord Gaurahari.

Now everyone please listen to another sweet pastime that happened one day in Nadia. Lord Visvambhara, the ocean of compassion, was the ideal instructing spiritual master. He flooded everyone withprema-bhakti. Lord Gauranga taught His followers by His personal example.

One day Mahaprabhu collected His devotees like Advaita Acarya, Shrivasa, Haridasa, Mukunda, Murari, Gadadhara, Suklambhara, Rama, Narahari, Raghunandana, Shri Mukunda Dasa, Vasu Ghosh, Jagadananda and others to go clean the temple. Hiking up His dhoti and tying back His hair, the Lord took a broom in one hand and a shovel in the other.

He invited the devotees to help Hi ,m thoroughly sweep the entire temple. We've never heard of such a wonderful episode. Gauranga ordered the people to join them in sweeping Krishna's temple. Thus, Lord Gauranga taught the people in general how to serve the Lord.

No other person except Gauranga can give Krishna-prema-bhakti. So everyone should surrender to Him and serve His lotus feet. Many incarnations have appeared in different ages, but none can compare with Visvambhara. It's amazing to consider that the Supreme Lord Himself took a shovel on His shoulder, and went door to door to teach everyone how to perform devotional service.

Without discrimination He gave everyone the wealth of Vrndavana. Visvambhara, the son of Sacimata, delivered the people by giving them transcendental love. This is beyond all religion and irreligion. Even Brahma, Siva, Laksmi and Ana. nta desire to get thatprerna. Dear brother, just absorb yourself in glorifying Gauranga. Don't neglect it. This is the only boat for crossing the ocean of material existence.

Locana Dasa says there will never again be such an incarnaton as Lord Gauranga.