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Chapter 6

Deliverance of Jagai and Madhai


Gauranga and Shrivasa Vanish


    Simply by hearing the following pastime, one will obtain premabhakti at the lotus feet of Krishna. The glories of Gaurahari are the sublime essence of nectar, far beyond the reach of the Vedas.

    One day Lord Gaura embraced His devotees, danced and chanted jubilantly with them. Catching the hand of Shrivasa Pandita, Gaurahari suddenly disappeared from that assembly. Not knowing the Lord's whereabouts, the devotees became apprehensive. Losing their gravity, they cried in despair and rolled on the earth. They, searched each and every house looking for Gauranga.

    The devotees became overwhelmed in separation. A deluge of tears filled their eyes, preventing their eyelids from opening. They wailed and lamented, "Why did He leave us? Where did He go?" Some devotees considered suicide as their only recourse. Sacimata, her clothing and tresses hanging loosely, beat her breasts in madness and stumbled on the ground.

    Sacidevi cried. out constantly, "Darling! Darling! Please come home. The day is passing into night, please return. You are the guiding light of our family, the very moon over Nadia. You are the star of my eyes. Without You, everything is dark and frightening."

    From a secluded place, Visvambhara was observing the painful condition of His devotees. Suddenly, He reappeared amongst them, like the brilliant sun rising in the middle of a dark night. By this episode, the Lord showed the depth of love stored within the hearts of His pure devotees. Crying bitter- sweet tears, some devotees fell at Gaura's lotus feet. Others danced in a frenzy upon seeing His sweet smiling face.

    One devotee confessed, "O Prabhu, in separation from Your lotus feet we saw nothing but darkness in every direction."

    Drowning in motherly affection, Sacimata put Visvambhara on her lap and smothered Him in a million kisses. She said, "-To me You are like the walking stick to the blind man. You are the light of my eyes and the very soul of my body. I have nothing else but You. The world is completely empty without You. Appearing in my life, You have destroyed all my miseries, just as the full moon dispels the darkness of night."

    Murari, Mukunda and Haridasa said, "0 Shrivasa, You are Gaurahari's most intimate servant. So by your mercy the Lord has returned. We don't know how to thank you. Please be kind and accept us as your own." Then the devotees sang the glories of Gaurahari while dancing joyously with the Lord.

    Such are the wonderful. ways by which Lord Gaurahari distributed the treasure of love of God in Navadvipa. [n the three worlds, it's extremely hard to find one eligible to receive the girl ofprema-bhakti. Locana Dasa says Ananta Deva and Laksmi, what to speak of Siva and the four Kumaras, can't understand the irlner meaning oftheprema that Gauranga gave away.


Nitai's Ecstasy and Haridasa as Lord Brahma


    In this way Gauranga manifested His pastimes of distributing love of Krishna in Navadvipa. Although He is completely independent, He agrees to be controlled by the pure love of His devotees. Feeling the utmost humility, the Lord Himself begs for the love of His devotees. Gauranga's intimate devotees can understand His splendid pastimes, but the ignorant masses cannot.

    Shrivasa, Haridasa, Murari and Mukunda were singing blissfully in love. Lord Gauranga joined His associates in singing and dancing. At that time Nityananda Avadhuta suddenly arrived. He was welcomed with auspicious songs and cries of joy. Nityananda was walking very slowly, moving like an intoxicated elephant.

    But when He heard the Hari-kirtana, He became stunned in ecstasy. He walked a few steps forward, stopped and glanced from side to side. Seized with divine love of Krishna, His body exploded with tiny bumps of bliss. The hairs on His body stood erect like the filaments ofa kadamba flower. He turned His neck sideways and looked around with eyes reddened as if in intoxication. Then suddenly, He roared and ran madly forward.

    Hundreds of people chased after Shri Nityananda Prabhu. The Lord ran straight to Gauranga and gave Him a strong embrace. Ecstatic tears of love rolled from Their eyes. Becoming restless, the two Lords danced exuberantly along with the devotees. They appeared like Krishna and Balarama surrounded by the cowherd boys.

    After the dance was finished, Gaurahari ordered everyone to wash Nitai's feet and sprinkle that pure water on their heads. Avadhuta Prabhu held the devotees in His lap as everyone drowned in the ocean ofprerna. Then the devotees took the lotus feet of Lord Nityananda into the core of their hearts. Everyone became pleased by the festival of divine love in the association of Shri Nityananda Prabhu. Lord Gauracandara smiled benevolently upon all. The devotees then praised the two Lords and danced gleefully around Them.

    Haridasa suddenly arrived, but due to the intoxication of Krishnaprerna, he was tottering and staggering as he walked. Exhibiting divine rapture, his body became covered with horripilation, tears fell in streams, and he roared like a lion. He began dancing madly before Mahaprabhu. It was impossible for the universe to contain the bliss that Haridasa relished at that moment. After Haridasa bathed Shri Gaurahari's feet with different items, the Lord told him to take prasada.

    When Advaita Acarya appeared, the Lord and the devotees greeted him respectfully. While Haridasa was dancing, he manifested the form of Lord Brahma. He fell at Visvambhara's feet to offer respects. Then using his four heads, Brahma eulogized the Lord with Vedic hymns. Gauranga embraced Brahma and told him to again take the form of Haridasa. Overwhelmed with ecstatic love of God, Haridasa sat peacefully and honored prasada.

    Lord Gauranga sat among His devotees and explained the confidential reason for His appearance on earth. He came to reestablish religion and to broadcast Hari-narna sankirtana throughout the land.

    Gaurahari said, "I shall give Vraja-bhava in the form of dasya, sakhya, vatsalya and srngara rasas. I'll relish the nectar of RadhaKrishna-prerna. I will distribute that prerna to everyone including boys, fools, women, demons, dog-eaters, yavanas and demigods. I'll give the blissful taste of Vrndavana to everyone in Nadia.

    Gadadhara and Narahari sat beside the Lord, and Shri Raghunandana sat at His feet. Advaita Acarya, Nityananda and Gaurahari joined to sing the Lord's own glories. Murari, Mukunda Datta, Shrivasa, Haridasa and others are embodiments of love. Suklambhara, Vakresvara, Sanjaya and Shridhara Pandita sang sweet melodious songs praising Lord Gaurasundara.

    Shri Gauranga Mahaprabhu has descended to purify all contamination from the material world. Locana Dasa gladly proclaims that nothing can compare with the pastimes of mercy Mahaprabhu manifested in Nadia.


The Terror of Jagai and Madhai


    Now listen to another sublime pastime which will remove all your sins. In Navadvipa, the Lord and His loving associates enjoyed a variety of transcendental pastimes. Lord Gauranga would forget everything when He became immersed in the ecstasy ofsankirtana.

    One day Mahaprabhu ordered, "Take this holy name of Hari from house to house in Navadvipa. Teach everyone-- old people, women, children, dog-eaters, saints and sinners-- to chant the holy names. By this they will easily cross the ocean of material existence."

    Gaura's followers said, "Prabhu, we can't give out the holy names like this because of the brothers, Jagai and Madhai. These two degraded brahmanas are totally vile and wicked. They regularly perform an unlimited number of the most vicious and sinful acts. These despicable, irresponsible brahmanas are terrorizing Navadvipa.

    "They are addicted to wine and exploit any women that they find. They have killed innumberable cows, brahmanas and women. All day long they stagger around in a continuous drunken stupor. Although lounging on the banks of the Ganges, they never take bath. They never perform any Deity worship. Jagai and Madhai oppress and punish even their own friends and family. And lastly, they absolutely hate the sound of Hari-narna sankirtana."


    After hearing this horrendous report, Gauranga's eyes turned red in anger, blazing like the rising sun. He thought within His mind, "In the past, there was a sinful brahrnana named Ajamila. Out of parental attachment he chanted "Narayana" at the time of death. For this He got a spiritual body and went to Vaikuntha. I am concemed. How will Jagai and Madhai, who are enormously more sinful than Ajamila, be delivered?

    "I have come here to give Hari-narna sankirtana in order to purify and liberate the people of Kali-yuga. Now I will call everyone together and perform sankirtana with khola and karatala. Chanting loudly and sweetly, I'll lead the sankirtana party through the streets of Nadia."

    At that time Advaita Acarya, Nityananda, Haridasa, Shrivasa and his four brothers, Murari, Mukunda Datta, Gadadhara Pandita, Candrasekhara Acarya, Suklambhara and many other devotees came to Gauranga's home. On Prabhu's order they chanted the holy names of Krishna.

    The entire city of Nadia became inundated with waves of happiness, and the sky reverberated with the sound of "Hari-bol! Hari-bol !" Sunk in a drunken stupor, Jagai and Madhai slept soundly at home. Mobs o^ people ran to see Lord Gauranga's sankirtana procession. The atmosphere was completely filled with the sweet music ofkhola, karatala and mrdanga, blended with the loud chanting of Hari-kirtana.

    Their sleep broken by the kirtana, Jagai and Madhai awoke and yelled ferociously, "Catch them! Catch them!" Jagai and Madhai, their eyes red in anger, grabbed two clubs and ordered their serdant to tell the devotees that if they wanted to keep living, they had better stop chanting. The servant reported back, "Nimai Pandita, the son ofJagannatha Misra, and many brahmanas are doing kirtana. You should tell them to go away."

    In a furious tone, the drunken brothers shouted, "Who gave them permission to pass by here? You go tell them that they should get out of here immediately, before they lose their caste, creed and lives."

    Blatantly ignoring their order, Nimai increased the intensity of the kirtana, extended His arms above His head and saturated the sky with the loud chanting of, "Hari! Hari! Hari!"

    Their tolerance gone, the sinful brothers stormed out of their house in a mad frenzy. With eyes and faces reddened in anger and minds flaming in rage, they screamed at Gauranga, "You brahmana! Aren't You afraid of anything?" They cursed the Lord with dirty words. Seeing the vicious fury of the demoniac duo frightened the residents of Nadia.

    Unaffected, Prabhu Visvambhara Raya, Nityananda, Advaita Acarya, Haridasa, Shrivasa, Murari and Mukunda continued the kirtana without stopping. Jagai and Madhai, who were steeped in ignorance, became enraged, grabbed a club and charged at the kirtana party.

    They struck Nityananda Prabhu on the head with a piece of earthen pot. Seeing the Lord bleeding profusely, the devotees cried, "Alas! alas!" Shri Gaurahari, feeling sorry within, said, "You two are the vilest of men, and your sins have covered the earth. Now look what you wretched fellows have done." Lord Gauranga, fully aware that calamity 'would assail the earth if Nitai's blood were to touch the ground, dressed Nityananda's wound with His own cloth.

    Then Lord Gaurahari summoned His sudarsana cakra. The personified sudarsana stood before the Lord with folded hands and said, "My Lord, why have You called me?" Shachinandana said, "Sudarsana, because they have hurt Me by hitting Nityananda, you should kill Jagai and Madhai."

    Instantly, the sudarsana cakra sped toward Jagai and Madhai who were shaking in fear. Seeing this, the compassionate Nityananda smiled and said, "What did Bhagavan do by showing His power? Instead, We will deliver the fallen miscreants and sinners of the world by Our mercy. Thus, We will maintain Our title of 'patita pavana', the deliverer of the fallen. By saving Jagai and Madhai, We'll be known as "dina bandhu", the friends of the poor. In this way We'll truly fulfill the meaning of the title 'savior of the fallen.'

    Nityananda then fell at Gauranga's feet and said, "Please give these two sinners to Me? My Lord, in previous ages You killed the demons, but now You should bestow Your mercy upon Jagai and Madhai."

    Gaurahari said, "All glories to You, O son of Rohini. I am controlled by You. If anyone even once chants the name "Nityananda" he will become purified, and I will immediately accept that person as My own."



The Sinners Repent


    Jagai and Midhai stood still in astonishment as they watched Lord Gauranga and His associates retum to their homes. The brothers thought, "We have committed many unforgivable sins. A few minutes ago we struck a sannyasi on the head, but just see the power of Mahaprabhu's mercy."

    Absorbed in a mood of repentance, Jagai and Madhal ran toward the home of Lord Gauranga. The townspeople of Nadia were amazed at their transformation. Standing outside Lord Gauranga's door, Jagai and Madhal called out, "Lord! Lord!" No one could believe that these two words were coming from the world's worst rogues.

    Meanwhile, Mahaprabhu was sitting with His associates inside His home. He asked Murari, "Go bring these two men to Me." When they saw Lord Gauranga, Jagai and Madhai fell flat before the Lord's feet and cried piteously.

    Jagai and Madhai said, "O Lord, You are the friend of the fallen, and the savior of the sinful. You are the Lord of the three worlds. Your heart melts with compassion seeing the distress of others."

    Lord Gaurahari picked up the brothers and said, "Listen, Jagai and Madhai, why have you come to Me and why are you crying? You both are staunch brahmanas coming from an enlightened family. So why are you crying?"

    Jagai and Madhal said, "We have surrendered to You to get Your mercy. We have done unlimited sinful deeds. We have murdered many men and killed women and cows. To hell with our hailing from a respectable brahmana family! We have killed brahmanas, gurus and their wives. We have also murdered rnlecchas, yavanas, candalas and their wives. Nobody has escaped our murderous acts..

    "We've. done nothing but violence to the people of the world. We have not performed even one pious act or ritual to please the demigods or our ancestors. The number of our sinful activities exceeds the number of hairs on our heads. What more can we tell You about our sins?

    "Everyone says that Ajamila was a great sinner, but without a doubt, we are far worse. Ajamila chanted the holy name of 'Narayana' and got delivered. In our case, however, Narayana didn't come to rescue us. We have absolutely no hope for deliverance. What qualification do we have to receive Your mercy?"

    After listening to Jagai and Madhai's confession and petition, Lord Gaurahari felt very compassionate toward them. He appreciated their sincerity. Manifesting an ocean of mercy and compassion, Shri Gauranga held the hands of Jagai and Madhai and led them to the Ganges. The people of Nadia flocked to see.

    In the presence of many brahmanas and saintly persons, LOrd Gauranga, in an ecstatic mood, said, "Jagai and Madhai, I will take all your sinful reactions. Give them all to Me." Then the Lord extended His palm to receive a tulasi leaf from them. Trembling in fear, the brothers refused to give the tulasi leaf. Again the Lord said, "Jagai and Madhai, give all your sins to Me."

    Jagai and Madhai said, "O Lord Gauranga, please listen. We can't even list the number of our sins. We're the lowest of the low, the embodiments of sin. We are much afraid to give You our sins."

    Gaurahari's eyes filled with tears as He said in a thunderous voice, "Hari-boH" Again Lord Gauranga extended his hand to accept their sins. Shyly, Jagai and Madhai put a tulasi leaf in the Lord' s palm. Loud sounds of "Hari-boH Hari-boH" exploded from the crowd as Lord Gauranga embraced Jagai and Madhai. Although they were the most sinful men, they became the most fortunate. Jagai and Madhai were personally delivered by the embrace of Lord Gauranga.

    Then Jagai and Madhai soaked their clothes with their profuse crying. Their bodies exhibited ecstatic symptoms such as trembling, horripilation and faltering voices. Overwhelmed, they fell on the ground at Lord Gauranga's feet. Has anyone ever shown such mercy as Mahaprabhu?

    LOrd Gaurahari is an ocean of compassion. He is the greatest deliverer of the fallen souls. By the touch of His body, He liberated Jagai and Mad.hai and made them dance irt ecstasy. After accepting all the sins of Jagai and Madhai, Visvambhara danced euphorically. Who can compare with that Lord who overlooks another's sins and faults and freely bestows His mercy?

    This pastime gives hope to Locana Dasa who rema'ms bound without receiving the mercy of Lord Gauranga.