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Chapter 5

Pastimes with Nityananda and Advaita


Gaura's Dream and Many Forms


    Late one night Visvambhara began crying. With a concerned heart, Sacimata asked the cause for His distress. She said, "Your crying pains me too much. I feel like a burning arrow has pierced my heart." The Lord sat silently for a few moments before telling Sacimata about His dream.

    Gauranga said, "In My dream, I saw a person with a beautiful body the color of a fresh monsoon cloud. A peacock feather crested like a rainbow above His topknot. Golden anklebells, armlets and bangles adorned His shapely limbs. Aromatic flower garlands accentuated His shimmering yellow dhoti. Dots of shiny sandalwood paste decorated His face, and He held a flute in His left hand."

    Visvambhara ordered Sacimata not to reveal this dream to anyone. Hearing her son's nectarcan words saturated Sacidevi's heart with the utmost bliss. Visvambhara manifested many ecstatic symptoms such as a luminous effulgence which lit up the entire house.

    Just then, Nityananda Avadhuta arrived and saw Lord Visvambhara exhil^t a most alluring form. Gaurahari held a club in His right hand, a flute in His left. In a second .right hand, He held a lotus flower, and a bow was in His second left hand. A kaustubha gem hung on His golden chest. Makara kundala [shark-shaped earrings] dangled from His ears. A bright emerald necklace graced His neck.

    Nityananda Avadhuta looked again to see the four-handed form of Gaura, but now the flute and bow were absent. In a moment, Prabhu displayed a two-armed form. Lord Gaurahari revealed different forms in order to favor His devotees.

    Avadhuta Raya, the king of all avadhutas, gave Gauranga an ecstatic embrace, and then danced delightedly.


    Gauranga said, "O Nitai, take Shrivasa, Shri Rama, Murari and Narayana with You and go to the house ofAdvaita Acarya. Tell him I'll be there soon." This order of Lord Gaura made them all very happy. With blissful hearts, the devotees went to Advaita Acarya's house.

    After they greeted him with respectful obeisances, Advaita Acarya danced joyfully. Becoming mad with love of God, the devotees joined along, dancing wildly and roaring with enthusiasm. Everyone engaged in glorifying the splendid qualities of Gauranga. Sinking in the ocean of Krishna-prema, they all went transcendentally mad. Thus they passed two pleasurable days in the home of Shri Advaita Acarya.

    After paying obeisances, the devotees left Acayra's house and returned to see Gaurachandra. Murari Gupta respectfully gave a full report to the Lord. Gaurahari laughed heartily to hear about the jubilant sankirtana at Advaita Acarya's house. The next day Advaita came to see the lotus feet of Lord Gauranga.

    The Lord was sitting on the Deity's throne within the house of Shrivasa Pandita. The entire house was illuminated by Gaura's transcendental effulgenCe. His bodily complexion resembled molten gold. Due to the influence of Krishna-prema, the Lord's golden face had a reddish hue, appearing like the morning sun. Gauranga was decorated with perfumes, garlands and sandalwood pulp. His face glowed soothingly like the cooling beams of the full moon.

    Gadadhara and Narahari stood on either side of the Lord. Shri Raghunandana gazed at Gaura's face, and the other devotees stood around the Lord. The devotees encircling Gauranga looked like the constellations surrounding the full moon. Immersed in divine rapture, Shri Nityananda Prabhu sat before the Lord, admiring His face. Sometimes Nityananda would laugh and sometimes He would cry.

    Then Advaita Acarya became engulfed in ecstasy and repeatedly roared like a lion. Tiny bumps ofjoy covered his body from head to toe. Even the universe couldn't contain his joy. Acarya offered gifts of new cloth to Lord Gaurahari. He worshiped Gauranga with tulasi manjaris, sandalwood paste and a fragrant malati garland. Advaita fell fiat on the earth before Gaurahari's feet. Accepting his worship, Lord Gaurachandra quickly lifted him up.

    Gauranga happily distributed prasada to His intimate associates. Advaita, Nityananda, Shrivasa, Murari and Mukunda.sang the Lord's praises and danced with abandon. They were tasting the nectar of Krishna-prerna. Devotees praised one another and exchanged blessings.

    They considered the happiness derived from impersonal oneness as insignificant. Being overcome with.divine jubilation, they forgot whether it was day or night. All that the devotees knew was'dancing and chanting Hare Krishna. At sunrise they began, and they continued dancing madly deep into the night.

    When they finished dancing: Gauranga ordered the devotees to return to their homes. Mahaprabhu said, "Take your baths, worship y6ur Deities, honorprasada and rejoin Me for more delightful singing and dancing."

    After completing their morning duties, the devotees met Shri Gaura again. At that time Haridasa came to Navadvipa to see the Lord. He was maddened with Krishna-prerna. He was like a honeybee eagerly drinking the nectar of Krishna's lotus feet. Due to the effect ofprerna, he acted like a young lion.

    Gauranga cordially welcomed Haridasa with a loving embrace. When Haridasa offered obeisances to the Lord, Gaurahari caught His hand and picked him up. Gauranga rubbed sweet-smelling sandal paste on the body of Haridasa. He gave His own flower garland, and told him to takeprasada. Haridasa honored the maha-prasada to his full satisfaction. In this way, Gauranga Mahaprabhu passed His days savoring the bliss ofsankirtana with all His intimate associates like Nityananda, Advaita Acarya, Shrivasa, Haridasa and others.

    Receiving Gaura's order, Advaita Acarya went home. Whoever saw or heard this sankirtana pastime became absorbed in ecstatic love. The Lord also bade farewell to Nityananda Avadhuta. However, after walking together a few steps, They stopped. Due to intense love for each other, They couldn't bear to separate. Finally, Gauranga begged Nitai for a pair of His kaupinas [undergarment]. Then Gauranga gave a small piece to each devotee. Rejoicing over receiving this sacred prasada, the devotees ti6d it around their heads.

    After leaving Nityananda, everyone returned to their homes. In separation from Gaurachandra, the devotees simply sat in their houses and wept. After taking their evening baths, they gladly went to see the Lord. In the meantime, Nityananda visited Advaita Acarya. For many days and nights they sat together relishing great happiness, discussing Gauranga's pastimes.