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Chapter 2

The Beautiful Form of Lord Gauranga


    How is it that Providence created this beautful body of Lord Gauranga? One's heart must be made of stone if it doesn't melt upon seeing the gorgeous beauty of Gaurahari. Who has churned the nectar to make the butter which was used to make the body of Gauranga? Who has squeezed the universe to produce the rasa which has formed the face of Gaurachandra?

    Who has made those attractive eyes by adding a touch of the yogurt of love to milk, and thereby producing a thickened yogurt of intense attachment to Krishna? Who has added honey to His words and His sweet smiles? Who has rubbed lightning into His body, and the moon into His face? Who has created the picturesque beauty of Lord Gaurasundara?

    All the full moons are hopelessly mesmerized by the lovely fragrance of Gaura's lotus hands and feet. His resplendent nails illuminate the entire universe. Women lose control of themselves and cry! helplessly in His presence. Who has created His captivating face which makes me cry affectionately?

    Who has painted the shining lines of tilaka, appearing like Indra's arrows, on the forehead of Gauranga? Instantly upon seeing Him, women want to touch Him. The various jewels decorating the temple of Gauranga's body increase everyone's attraction towards Him.

    Catching sight of Gaura's beauty, the chaste ladies of Nadia flee their homes; the lame start walking again; and the atheists and sinners start chanting His glories. The nectarean attributes of Gauranga filled everyone with delight.

    Losing all self-control, the people rolled on the ground, moistening it with their tears. Someone danced madly, others embraced and some just laughed loudly. On account of their intense attachment for Gaurahari, the women of Nadia always kept Him in the core of their hearts.

    Even the rsis and yogis can't resolve their doubts when they see the Lord of the universe constantly weeping and chanting "Radha! Radha! Radha!" Gauranga is alw. ays thinking of Radharani. Leaving behind His love for Laksmi, His golden form has become thin. Just see, the Lord of the three worlds is dancing with His pure associates. What type of wealth or happiness is He hoping to attain?

    Locana Dasa says that by receiving the love that Gaura Raya is freely distributing, a dying man can renew can his life, and a blind man can scale a mountain.


Mango, Maya and Bhakti


    Listen to another wonderful pastime of the darling son of Sacimata. Lord Gauranga revealed His confidential position to His eternal associates, but not to the unqualified. Gaura said, "This material world is temporary, and all material pursuits are futile."

    The devotees then lost themselves in the bliss of chanting the holy names. Chanting His own names, Mahaprabhu became mad withprema, cried in ecstasy and fell on the ground. At that time He revealed to His internal associates that He is the Supreme 'Personality of Godhead.

    Holding the seed of a mango, Shri Gaurasundara said, "Look, I am going to sow this mango seed add produce a tree." Instantly upon entering the soil the seed became a flowering tree. Gaura .said, "See how wonderful it is? My mango tree already has flowers."

    Within moments, ripe mango fruits appeared. Someone plucked a juicy, fragrant mango and offered it to the Lord. As quickly as the fruitladen mango tree had come into existence, it disappeared.

    By manifesting this momentary mango tree, Lord Gauranga showed the potency of Maya, the illusory energy of God. Through this episode the Lord taught the nature of attachment, and that nobody should lament for the material world. Gauranga said, "By My energy this whole material existence was created. Due to ignorance, the mass of people call it their Own.

    "Who can cut this string of attachment created by Me? There 's only one way to conquer this attachment. People should offer the results of their work to Me. Then they may engage their bodies in My service, and become free from material bondage.

     "If one offers everything to Krishna, surely He'll attain Krishna in all respects. The Gita, Puranas and the Bhagavata state that by pure devotion to Krishna, one will attain Krishna Himself. One's life becomes meaningful by dedicating it to God."

     With a blissful heart, Locana Dasa describes this wonderful pastime of Lord Gaurachandra.

    One day Lord Gaura smiled and asked Mukunda Datta, "Tell Me Mukunda, is it true that you have knowledge of Brahman? Well, let Me quote you a verse." The devotees became apprehensive.. The Lord said, "Ramante yogino hanante...yogis always delight in the unlimited Lord who is etemal, full of bliss and knowledge. For this reason, the Supreme Brahman [Para-brahman], the supreme absolute truth is also called Ram a. "Mukunda, you consider worship of the four-armed form of the Lord to be superior. Yet, you have little knowledge about the two-armed form of God. If you want to obtain real wealth, you should worship the beautiful two-armed form of Shri Krishna with all your heart.

    "The sastras say that Narayana is a manifestation of Kri shna; not that Krishna comes from Narayana. Mukunda, you should bathe in the Ganges. Take the dust from the feet of the Vaishnavas and start anew your execution of devotional service. The mercy of the devotees is tremendously important."

    Feeling grateful for Visvambhara's kind words, Mukunda replied, "My Lord, let Your lotus feet be the umbrella over my head. Please pour upon me the nei:tar shower of Your servide. Do I have any way of telling what is good or bad for myself?. Covered by ignorance, I can't see within or without.

    "You are the Lord, the personification of bliss. You are nondifferent from the son of Nanda Maharaja. You are the fountainhead of all incamations."

    Satisfied with Mukunda, Lord Gaurahari put His lotus feet on his head. Immediately, Mukunda showed signs of ecstatic love of God. His body manifested intense euphoria with torrents of tears and shivering limbs. In a faltering voice Mukunda prayed to Gauranga, "All. glories to the supreme controller, the cause of all causes."

     Interrupting him, Visvambhara said, "Listen, O doctor. Stop speculating on the transcendental wisdom of theBhagavad-gita. If you want to live and enjoy the love of Krishna, then reject the pursuit of jnana, dry speculative knowledge. With your heart full of love, always chant the names of Krishna. You're neglecting to worship the Lord who is known as Natavara Sekhara, the best of dramatic dancers. He has a syama-complexion glowing like magnificent blue sapphires, and He holds a flute in His hand."

    Falling down on the ground, clutching Gaura's feet and weeping, Mukunda said, "O my Lord Visvambhara, without Your mercy who can cross over the ocean of material existence? Even Brahma, Siva and others can't conquer Your maya. I am powerless, the lowest of all. How can I give up my material attachments and surrender unto You?

    "Seeing my distressed condition, O embodiment of mercy, please be kind and allow me to serve You. Until now, the treasure of divine love has remained hidden within me. You have so compassionately revealed it. I want to become a bee in order to drink the honey nectar of Your lotus feet. O ocean of mercy, although I am the most vile, please give me this boon."

    Hearing the pitiful words of Mukunda, Lord Gauranga's compassion swelled. His heart bloomed with joy as He said, "My dear Mukunda, your desire will soon be fulfilled."

    Shrivasa Pandita, a pure devotee and an 'intelligent scholar, always worshiped Lord Krishna. He and his brothers would also devotedly serve the feet of Visvambhara and the Vaishnavas. Every day he would chant nama-sankirtana, and describe the transcendental qualities of the Lord. Shri Rama was highly devoted to his brother Shrivasa. Together they always sang the glories of Hari.

     Since they were favorite devotees of Lord Gauranga, the Lord enjoyed sporting and dancing in their home. When Prabhu danced them, He looked like Lord Kapila surrounded by His entourage of sages, engaging in transcendental pastimes. In this way Lord Gaurahari gladly spent the days teaching His many students.

     One day a young brahmana student foolishly said, "That which you call Shri Krishna is actually maya." Hearing this blasphemy, Gauranga blocked His ears and immediately jumped in the Ganges with all His clothes. The devotees followed suit. Afterwards, they loudly chanted "Hari! Hari!" Lord Gauranga said, "This wretched person has contaminated My ears." After saying this, everyone chanted Krishna's holy names over and over.

    Locana Dasa says Lord Gauranga is the personification of all transcendental qualities.