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Chapter 14

Navadvipa-vasis Meet Shri Chaitanya


The Devastating News


    Crying as He remembered Lord Chaitanya, Candrasekhara set out for Navadvipa. The people of Nadia were anxiously waiting to hear the news of Lord Gaur, anga from Candrasekhara. Locana Dasa says, it is impossible for me to describe the heart-rending scene in Navadvipa upon the return of Candrasekhara Acarya.

    With streams of tears drenching his face, Candrasekhara walked into Navadvipa. All the Vaishnavas ran to see him. Although they wanted to welcome him, they couldn't speak. They immediately broke down crying upon seeing Candrasekhara's sorrowful condition. Hearing that Candrasekhara had arrived, Sacidevi went mad. With hair railing, she ran down the road shouting his name.

    Not seeing her Nimai, Sacimata felt anxious and disturbed. "Where's my beloved Nimai?" said Sacimata. "Where did you leave Him? How and where did He get His head shaved? Who's that wretched sannyasi who so cruelly initiated my son? Where is that sannyasi's compassion for others ?

    "Who's that worthless barber who shaved the beautiful hair of my son? How sinful is that man who touched my son's hair with his razor. How did that cruel barber continue living after touching Nimai's head with a razor?

    "From how many houses did my Nimai beg alms? How does He look with a shaved head? O my son, alas, I'll never see You again. My life is covered in darkness. I can no longer cook and offer food to You. I can no longer kiss Your sweet cheeks or caress Your beautiful body. Who will read Your mind and understand when You are hungry?"

    While Sacimata lamented like this, some devotees went to console Vishnupriya. Vishnupriya's intense cries of lamentation pierced the earth.


Even the stone-like hearts of the birds, beasts, trees and creepers began melting.

    Vishnupriya said, "Alas, why has Providence now become so cruel? My life is now empty and meaningless. I'll never see His beautiful smile, His elegant body, or hear His nectarean way of talking. Prabhu, where have You gone leaving me in darkness? For the rest of my life, I will continually think of You. Because I can't see you, some people criticize me. Since I have no child, I should just die.

    "I have worshiped Your face with the eyes of Cupid. How can I live without seeing You? In separation from You, many women have died before. So why is this unfortunate one still living? O my Gaurasundara! Where have You gone?

    "I am alone devoid of my lord. A woman must have a protector. Where will I go to find shelter? Since I can't leave, I' 11 just die here. You have left Your mother alone and destitute. Where have You gone? How can she live without seeing You? Why doesn't my sinful body just perish immediately?"

    Saying this, Vishnupriya cried and rolled on the ground. She exhaled hot breath from her nose, her lips dried up and her body shivered. Her hair and dress disheveled, Vishnupriyajust lay on the ground helplessly.

    At one moment, she hinted when she meditated on Visvambhara's reddish lotus feet. Upon regaining consciousness, she remembered her lord and screamed, "Lord! Lord! Lord!" Vishnupriya's weeping made everyone else weep. Whoever tried to comfort her broke down too.

    One devotee said, "Listen Vishnupriya, try to control yourself. You know the Lord's activities. So just remember them and pacify your own heart."

    The devotees sat together and talked. "Lord Gauranga's taking sannyasa has put us in a terrible state. Being very cruel, He simply left us. How can we live without His association? .He's famous for His kindness. So let us remember Him by chanting Krishna-nama, and thereby attain Him, as He once promised us."         "

    Sacimata, Vishnupriya, the aged, women, children, and all the devotees sat down to chant the holy names and increase their remembrance of the Lord. Although traveling far away in Radha-desh, Lord Gauranga, the mad lion, became bound by their pure chanting of Krishna-nama. Standing beside Lord Nityananda, Gauranga leaned on Him and started crying constantly.

    The Lord said, "My dear Nityananda, please go to Navadvipa and invite everyone to come and see Me in Santipura at Advaita Acarya's house. Tell My friends all about Me, and that I'll soon arrive in Santipura. You personally bring all the devotees from Navadvipa to Advaita Acarya's house in Santipura." Gauranga then smiled and bade farewell to Shri Nityananda Prabhu.


Nityananda Revives the Residents of Nadia


    Arriving in Navadvipa, Lord Nityananda found that the people were barely alive. Their bodies were emaciated, shaking because of weakness and they could barely walk. Without'the illuminating association of Lord Gauranga, the whole country became steeped jn darkness. Seeing the effulgent form of Shri Nityananda Prabhu, everyone regained their lives and ran to see Him.

    Crying cloudbursts of tears, they couldn't see properly, so they stumbled on the footpath. Falling at the feet of Lord Nityananda, the devotees remained silent and stunned. They could do nothing but drink the nectarean beauty of Shri Nityannanda's moonlike face with their thirsty eyes.

    Feeling acute distress, Sacimata cried out, "Where's my son? Where have You left Him?" Beating her breasts and crying, she' staggered uncontrollably as she walked closer to Lord Nityananda. "I heard that My son is coming home. How far away is He?"

    Lord Nityananda said, "Sacimata, don't be unhappy. Gauranga sent Me to bring all of you to see Him at Advaita Acarya's house in Sanfipura. Don't worry. Soon everyone in Navadvipa will see the Lord." Shri Nityananda took everybody to see Lord Gauranga, including young boys, old men, ascetics, girls and old ladies, the weak and lame, fools and scholars, and the deaf, dumb and blind.


Meeting Gauranga in Santipura


    Renewed in strength, Sacidevi led the procession of joyful Vaishnavas. But Lord Chaitanya wasn't there when they arrived at Advaita Acarya's house. They were devastated. They felt as if a mountain of despair had fallen on them, breaking and crushing their bodies.

    Lord Nityananda said, "Advaita Acarya Prabhu, Gauranga told Me that He would visit 'Santipura and stay in your home. When I last saw Him in Radha-desh, He told Me to go to Navadvipa, and bring all His friends and family here to meet Him. But who can understand Mahaprabhu's mind?"

    Advaita Acarya and Lord Nityananda embraced. Astonished to hear the sad news of Gauranga's sannyasa, Advaita Acarya said, "I'm unfortunate because I couldn't get the Lord's association. When will I again see His moonlike face?"

    Sacimata was going crazy in anticipation. Again she asked about her son. To relieve her the devotees said Gauranga would come soon. Then everyone became eager to see Gaurahari.

    Suddenly, Lord Chaitanya arrived. His beautiful body glowed brilliantly. Splendid sandalwood tilaka adorned His forehead. Wearing reddish-colored cloth, radiant as sunshine, and holding a sannyasa danda, Lord Chaitanya moved like a lion as He walked into the assembly of devotees. The devotees spontaneously offered their obeisances to Lord Gauranga.

    Everyone became satisfied to behold the Lord's beautiful-golden form. The distress and anxieties in their hearts drowned in the flood of love. Sacimata stared with unblinking eyes at the charming face of her darling Visvambhara. The downpour of nectar falling from Gaura's lotus face quickly extinguished the fire of agony in her heart.

    With a bliss-filled mind, Advaita Acarya sat Gauranga on a j eweled asana. He washed the Lord's feet, and pleased the devotees with Gauranga caranamrta. "Jail Jai!, Hari-bol! Hari-bol!" filled the air and churned the waves of joy within the oceanic hearts of the devotees.

    When Haridasa, Murari, Mukunda and Shrivasa saw Gauranga's dazzling form, their chests swelled with happiness. They offered prostrated obeisances before the Lord. Ecstatic love conquered the kingdom of their hearts. They cried profusely, their voices faltered and their skin exploded with thrill bumps. Although previously they seemed to be on the verge of death, now they were electrified, totally rejuvenated- alive with bliss.


    Lord Chaitanya looked compassionately on all His beloved devotees. Expressing His divine love, He touched one devotee, and affectionately embraced another. He spoke kindly to someone else. He fulfilled the desires of all the devotees.

    The clouds of lamentation vanished. Tasting the blissful association of Lord Gauranga, they chanted "Hari! Hari !" Then Lord Chaitanya and His companions honored prasada in the home of Advaita Acarya, the veteran amongst the devotees.

    For the time being, the devotees forgot that Gauranga was now a sannyasi. So, they chanted Hari-nama and danced joyously together deep into the night. Absorbed in bliss, Lord Chaitanya sang His own glories. Advaita Acarya and his son joined the devotees in relishing the nectar of Gaurahari's ecstatic association.

    Everyone was washed away by the waves of divine love. Their bodies showed signs of bhava such as tears, shaking, faltering speech, and horripilation. Locana Dasa becomes happy to hear this.