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Chapter 11

The Lamentation of Sacimata


    Although Sacimata knew nothing of her son' s plan to take sannyasa, she felt trepidation within her heart because of Gauranga's abnormal behavior. Locana Dasa wonders how one can give up Gauranga's association which resembles an ocean of love.


Sacimata Begs Gauranga to Remain A Grhastha


    Somehow Sacidevi learned about Gauranga's plan to leave home and take sannyasa. Hearing the news, she became unconscious and fell fiat on the earth. Sacidevi ran madly here and there in Navadvipa. She was asking everyone whether the news was true.

    Approaching Visvambhara, she sighed heavily and said, "You are my only son, the only eye in my body. IfI lose You, I will be covered in darkness. Darling, I've heard that You plan to take sannyasa. This makes me feel like the sky is crashing down on my head. I'll be left alone with no one.

    "I have forgotten everything else except You. You are the jewel of my eyes. You are the lamp of our family. Everyone in Nadia says I'm fortunate to have You as my son. Don't crush this pride of mine. Everything will be destroyed if You leave. Those who previously had looked at me to get good fortune will now turn their faces away to avoid inauspicioushess.

    "A son like You brings glory to the family. Without You, my life will become as empty and lonely as the forest. If You bring misfortune by giving me distress, I will give up my life by drowning in the Ganges.

    "How will Your soft feet endure the rocky roads? Who will feed You when You are hungry and thirsty9. Your butter-soft body will melt under the scorching rays of the sun. As Your mother, how will I tolerate these distresses.'? Alas! my golden son, Nimai. Leaving me, where will You go for shelter.'?

    "While You are still here I will take poison, so I won't have to hear that You've taken sannyasa. Your taking sannyasa and traveling abroad will throw me into the fire of death. You are kind to all living entities, except me for whom You show no compassion at all. I can't understand why Providence treats me so severely.

    "My son, Your beauty, qualities and behavior are glorified throughout the three worlds. The wonderful beauty of Your hair and dress enchants all women. My heart feels satisfied seeing the malati flowers decorating Your long, beautiful hair scattered about Your shoulders. Seeing You holding the sastras in Your hand, and walking down the road along with Your friends gives immense pleasure to my mind. My darling, how can You leave Your associates and abandon the performance of Hari-nama sankirtana?

    "Your taking sannyasa will kill everyone. First, I'll die, then Vishnupriya will die, and then all the devotees will perish with broken hearts. All the devotees such as Murari, Mukunda Datta, Shrivasa, Advaita Acarya, Haridasa, Gadadhara, Narahari, Shri Raghunandana, Vasudeva Ghosh, Vakresvara Pandita and Shri Rama will also die without seeing You. My darling son, please consider this and don't leave here to take sannyasa.

    "Son, now You have no father. Although I got You married twice, You have no son. You're still a tender youth, and sannyasa is not meant for a young man. Remain in family life and perform all the required duties. In youth, the influence of lust, anger, greed and illusion are very strong.

    "So, by taking sannyasa at this time how will You be successful in Your vow of renunciation? If Your mind is restless, You can't maintain the order of sannyasa. Householders aren't responsible for their sinful thoughts. But a sannyasi will fall down if he can't conquer his mind and keep it pure."


Visvambhara Pacifies Sacimata


    After listening to His mother, Visvambhara spoke comforting words to her. He said, "Mother, please listen to the nectarean story about how Dhruva Maharaja became a famous devotee by the mercy of his mother." Gauranga quoted a sloka:


    "What good quality did the hunter have? What age did Dhruva have? Did Gajendra have any knowledge? Did Kubja possess bodily beauty? Did Sudama have vast riches? Did Vidura have a high birth? Did the king of the Yadus, Ugrasena, have valor? The Supreme Lord Madhava is conquered only by loving devotion, not by any material qualities."


Gauranga Tells the Story of Dhruva Maharaja


    "Listen Mother, now I'll tell you how the five-year old boy Dhruva attained a most exalted position. Svayambhuva Manu, the mental son of Brahma, was powerful and formidable. His body was practically spiritual. His two sons, Priyavrata and Uttanapada, became great kings by the mercy of Lord Brahma. King Uttanapada had two wives, Suruci and Suniti.. Suruci had seven sons; one was called Uttama. Suniti, however, had only one son, named Dhruva.

    "Suruci became the favorite queen of King Uttanapada. Neglected by her husband, Suniti had to act as Suruci's maidservant. Suniti suffered so much in her lamentation that even stones would float and the oceans would dry up. Although a queen, Suniti was forced to eat unhusked rice and tasteless vegetables without salt. She and her five-year old son Dhruva endured many miseries.

    "One day the king sat on his jeweled throne enjoying with Suruci, Uttama and his six brothers. Dhruva, who was covered withdust from playing with his friends, tried to climb up on his father' s throne too. But his seven cousins pushed him down on the floor. His pride crushed, Dhruva began crying. His .father, however, being controlled by his queen Suruci, kept silent. Dhruva didn't understand that his mother Suniti was not favored by his father.

     "Suruci rebuked Dhruva, 'You're uselessly crying. Being the son of a maidservant, you foolishly thought you could sit on the throne. Life after life your mother has never served Lord Krishna. Don't you feel ashamed about trying to sit on the king's throne? You are the son of an unfortunate non-devotee. How can you possibly sit on the .throne?'

     "After listening to his step-mother, Dhruva cried and ran to his mother Suniti. Dhruva said, 'Mother, my step-mother has beaten me and pushed me off the throne. She said that you didn't serve Krishna. She told me I should feel ashamed to try and sit on the jeweled throne. Until now, I didn't know that you were her maidservant. This sounds strange to me.'

    "Dhruva's mother cried as she said, 'Darling, I'm most unfortunate. Life after life I never thought of serving Krishna, although in reality, everyone is His servant. Don't cry if someone teases or criticizes you for being the son of a maidservant.'

    "Mother Suniti continued speaking comforting words to her son. She said, 'Dhruva, you're not the darling of your father. Therefore, you had trouble when you tried to climb the throne. Don't cry Dhruva, just listen to me. Your step-mother became fortunate because previously she had worshiped Lord Krishna. One who serves the, lotus feet of Krishnacan get anything he desires, what to speak of an insignificant throne. Now give up your false pride, worship Krishna, and easily you'll attain everything.

    'Dhruva, because you're my son you' 11 always hear sarcastic remarks from the people in general. So how will you ever enjoy the privilege of sitting on your father's lap? I am unfortunate from my birth.'

    "After saying this, tears flooded Suniti's eyes. She continued, 'Listen my son, only Lord Krishna can remove your misery. By serving Krishna all the demigods like Brahma and others received exalted posts in the heavenly planets. If you worship Krishna, you'll be worshiped in the three worlds, what to speak of sitting on a throne.

    'Dhruva, you can attain Krishna in Madhuvana, one of the twelve forests of Vrndavana. If you attain the throne, then you'll be worthy of your name Dhruva, which means firmly determined.'

    "Taking the dust of his mother's feet upon his head, Dhruva decided to leave home at an auspicious moment. Seeing Dhruva absorbing his mind in the lotus feet of Krishna, the demigods cheered encouragingly. After fixing the goal of attaining love for Krishna within his heart, Dhruva left for the forest of Madhuvana.

    "Although sweet fruits and fresh water were available, Dhruva didn't eat or drink anything along the way. He paid no attention to hunger or thirst. He was doggedly determined. Seeing this, the demigods now became disturbed, fearing what elevated post he would capture by his austerities.

    "Narada met Dhruva on the road and said, 'You are the son of a king. At your age you should be playing and enjoying various games. Why are you harboring such anger within your mind? According to tradition, a young boy doesn't repair to the forest. When you get old, you can serve Krishna.'

"Dhruva said, 'Narada, what happens if I die in my youth?' "Narada Muni was happy to see Dhruva's introspection. Then the sage gave Dhruva the twelve-syllable rnantra: Om Namo Bhagavate Vasudevaya.

    "Dhruva said, 'Narada, without serving Krishna I've suffered so much. My step mother' s harsh words hurt me deeply. You are very kind. Seeing my unfortunate postition, please remove my miseries and instruct me about Krishna. I've heard that by worshiping Krishna I'll attain a suprememly exalted post, unimaginable even by father and ancestor-s.'

    "Narada said, 'Dhruva, go to Madhuvana forest on the banks of the Yamuna in Vrndavana. Sit down fixed in meditation and constantly, softly chant: Om Namo Bhagavate Vasudevaya. Within seven days you will attain realization.'

     "Dhruva became very happy to receive initiation from Narada. He paid obeisances to the great sage Narada and went to Vmdavana. Seven days later Dhruva arrived in Madhuvana. Seeing the wish-fulfilling trees of Vraja-dharna, Dhruva got free from ignorance.

     "Dhruva felt ever-increasing bliss to be living in the beautiful forest of Madhuvana. He fasted the first day. The next day, he 'awoke early, took bath in Yamuna and started chanting the mantra. Feeling neither hunger nor thirst, Dhruva shed tears of joy. After five or seven days he would eat one badari fruit [a wild tasteless fruit]. Otherwise, he would just take a few drops of water mixed with some turmeric leaves.


The Demigods Test Dhruva


    "Dhruva broke his fast after one month. He stood on one leg and folded his hands while chanting the twelve-syllable mantra: Om Namo Bhagavate Vasudevaya. Even in the scorching summer heat, he didn't stop his meditation. In winter, Dhruva stayed in the Yamuna. He tolerated much suffering during the rainy season. While continuously meditating on the Lord, Dhruva entered samadhi.

    "The demigods, afraid about losing their posts, were astonished to see the severity of Dhruva's austerities. Brahma, Indra, Kuvera and Varuna discussed how Shri Krishna would help Dhruva to take away their power. They planned to divert Dhruva from his rigorous penances. Brahma, Siva and others went to test Dhruva.

    "One demigod shouted in Dhruva's ear, 'Dhruva, have you come here to die??' Someone said, 'Dhruva, your father has died.' Another demigod said, 'Dhruva, look a poisonous snake is coming to bite and kill you.' One said, 'Dhrfiva, your mother has died.' One said, 'Dhruva, quickly run away from here. A raging forest fire is rapidly approaching, and soon you'll bum to death.'

    "Seeing the staunch Dhruva resolute and unaffected, Indra mounted Airavata [his elephant carrier] and attacked him. Failing to pierce the boy with his tusks, Airavata terrorized Dhruva by coiling him in his trunk. Dhruva stood undaunted. The demigod Vayu tried to swallow Dhruva by taking the form of a python. Surya, [the sun-god] became a tiger to drink Dhruva's blood. Binding him with snakes, he tried to throw Dhruva in a fire. Candra [the moon-god] attempted to drown Dhruva in the Yamuna.

    "For one who has chanted the names of Krishna, what harm can millions of snake bites do?? Failing to break Dhruva's determined meditation, Brahma, Surya, Indra and the 'other demigods ran away in disgust. Completely undisturbed, Dhruva continued his meditation, fixing his mind on the lotus feet of Lord Vasudeva."

    Locana Dasa joyfully sings about the glorious pastimes of Shri Gauranga Mahaprabhu. O Gauranga, You are the savior of the fallen. All glories to You, who mercifully liberates the lowest of the low. Lord Gauranga continued telling Sacimata the pastimes ofDhruva Maharaja.

    "Sacimata, while Dhruva maintained his meditation, Narada Muni paid a visit to Vaikuntha. With sweet music from his vina, Narada Muni was entertaining Vishnu, who was sitting on His throne with Laksmidevi. Smiling gently, Vishnu leaned over and said, 'Narada, why am I not enjoying your vina today??

    "Narada replied, 'Listen, my dear lotus-eyed Lord. Today your mind finds no pleasure in my music, because You're thinking of one of Your devotees. You are the Lord of the poor.'


"Lord Vishnu said, 'Who is that devotee who is remembering Me??' "Narada Muni replied, 'Dhruva, the son of King Uttanapada. He is a saintly boy, but unfortunate since his mother, Suniti, is not loved by her husband. Dhruva's step-mother, Suruci, was once sitting on the throne with King Uttanapada playing with their seven sons.

    'Seeing the fun, Dhruva tried to climb up the king's throne, but Suruci pushed him down. Poor Dhruva fell to the floor, crying. Being controlled by his wife, the king kept silent. Suruci's actions and words burned Dhruva's heart. Although a tender boy, he left home and went to the forest of Madhuvana to perform intense tapasya [penance].'


Lord Vishnu Blesses Dhruva


    "The lotus-eyed Lord Vishnu, smiling slightly, spoke sweetly. 'Narada, I don't show My mercy to one who is not initiated. I also don't take offense from one who is not initiated. I will surely give My mercy to anyone who gives up his parents, goes to Madhuvana, and meditates upon Me while performing serve austerities.

    'Narada, a non-devotee can't take birth in the womb of a devotee. On My behalf, a Vaishnava can tolerate any difficulty.

I will always give My mercy to a devotee. Therefore, I will give Dhruva whatever he wants. I am bound by the ropes of the prerna-bhakti of My devotees. I can never neglect a devotee who thinks of Me.'

    "Narada said, 'My Lord, Dhruva is initiated by me. So please show Your mercy. Go see him and relieve him from the fir^ of material existence.'

    "Lord Vishnu boarded Garuda and flew quickly to Madhuvana forest to see Dhruva. Smiling gently, the Lord said, 'Dhruva, My boy, I came from Vaikuntha to give you a boon.'

    "His meditation broken, Dhruva stood up happily with folded hands and said, 'O Lord, what boon should I ask for? Please give me Your mercy. This will expand Your fame and glory.'

    "Lord Vishnu said, 'I will definitely fulfill your desires and give you whatever position you want. Why have you come to Madhuvana? Is it because your step-mother kept you off the throne?? If I don't award you a high position, how can I keep the title of "the fulfiller of all desires"??

    "Dhruva said, 'I consider a high position as insignificant as a blade of grass. Unless one becomes Your devotee, all other achievements are as worthless as a heap of ashes.'

    "Lord Vishnu said, 'I'll give you all the jeweled thrones. You'll achieve the topmost post in the three worlds. You, the son of Uttanapada, will become the king, and all your subjects will receive My favor. Your abode will be called Dhruvaloka, which will be located above all the planets of the sages.'

    "After saying this, Vishnu disappeared. On the Lord's order, Visvakarma built Dhruvaloka. Upon receiving this boon, Dhruva started for home. King Uttanapada greatly grieved in the absence of Dhruva. Even his mean step-mother cried and worried about his well-being.

    "The King said, 'I'm causing distress and misfortune to my own son. Oh, when will I see my son again?' He said to Dhruva's mother, 'Suniti, from now on you will be my chief queen. And all my other queens will serve you.' Overwhelmed by not seeing his son Dhruva, the king fell to the floor unconscious.

    "At that moment, the great sage Narada Muni came to the palace. The king worshiped Narada with proper rituals. After washing Narada's feet, the king revealed his mind to the sage.

    "The king said, 'I had a five-year old son, but he left home without telling me.'

    "Narada said, 'Your son Dhruva faced many difficulties in the forest. He's become a devotee of Krishna and will soon come home.' Narada quoted a Sanskrit verse:

    "Blessed are those ancestors whose family member becomes a pure devotee. A pure devotee purifies his entire family and the whole world. His home becomes famous throughout the world. The demigods and forefathers on the higher planets also become blessed. That mother whose son is a pure devotee is a real mother. But that mother who produces one hundred non-devotee sons is no better than a pig."

    "Narada continued, 'When one becomes a Vaishnava, he delivers his parents, family members and other relatives. Your son worshiped Shri Krishna. Know-for certain that your son Dhruva is the crest-jewel of your dynasty.'

    "The king became extremely satisifed with Narada's talk. He ordered his servants to prepare an auspicious reception for Dhruva. They sprinkled sandalwood-scented water on the streets, and collected fragrant flower garlands, musk, kun- kum, yogurt and durva grass. The king and his royal entourage ran to welcome his son. He gave Dhruva a warm embrace, sat him on his lap and kissed him again and again.

    "King Uttanapada immediately enthroned Dhruva, tuming over his kingdom to his son. Then the king retired to the forest. In a joyful mood Dhruva ruled the kingdom for some time. With power and valor, Dhurva maintained his subjects peacefully for forty years. Then he took his mother and went to Dhruvaloka, the pole-star, far above the abodes of most demigods."


Visvambhara Preaches and Shows Krishna to Sacimata


    After hearing Lord Visvambhara tell the story of Dhruva Maharaja, Sacimata said, "O wonderful golden boy. I will go with You too, and spend my days discussing Krishna-katha. You will leave my home and shave Your head. I will also cut off my hair, put on earrings, and wear the red cloth of a renunciate. In this way, as a yogini, I will go with You."

    Gauranga became perturbed to hear Sacimata speak like this. The omniscient Gauranga, the darling son of Saci, thought of how to pacify His mother.

    Lord Gauranga said, "Please mother, listen to Me. Don't be disturbed over meaningless miseries. Repeatedly, I'm telling you not to pay heed to greed, anger, false pride and illusion. In reality, who are you? Who is your son? And who is your father? Why do you lament over the false designations of 'yours and mine'7 Who is a woman? Who is one's husband?

    "The only real shelter is Krishna's lotus feet. Krishna is the only father and the oply friend. Krishna is the Absolute Lord. He is the supreme treasure. I'm telling you the truth. Without Krishna, everything is useless.

    "Being bound by the Lord's illusory enrgy, the whole world is controlled like a machine. Due to pride and false ego, everyone suffers. One who considers his actions will act in a good way. Still he is bound by his karmic reactions in the next life. Forgetting Krishna, such a fool wanders in the material world. After traveling throughout the fourteen planetary systems, one finally understands the rarity of the human form of life.

    "In a moment, this temporary material existence, which is full of danger, can be extinguished. Appreciating the rarity of human birth, one should serve Krishna and get free from maya. These bodies are meant only for serving Krishna, and by doing so one attains salvation. Simply by loving Krishna, you'll become free from the cycle of birth and death. Mother, if you had offered your affection to Krishna instead of Me, you would have received so much benefit."

      "He is the real friend and well-wisher, and he is the real mother and father who gives one pure love for the lotus feet of Krishna. My heart cries in separation from Krishna. Falling at your feet, I'm praying to you, mother. You have showed me so much love and affection throughout My life. My liberation will guarantee your liberation too. Please give up your affection for Me and serve the lotus feet of Krishna.

    "I must take sannyasa in order to attain love of Krishna. Then I'll take the treasure of Krishna-prema to different countries. Other mothers' sons bring the transient treasures of gold and silver which simply cause misery and death. Enjoying wealth and opulence is not the goal of life.

    "I will bring the topmost treasure of Krishna-prema. Love of Krishna is eternal and imperishable in this world and the next. In every life one gets a father and mother. Rarely, however, does one obtain a guru and Krishna. In the human birth, one should understand the importance of serving guru and Krishna. One who doesn't accept a guru is no better than a bird or beast."

    Feeling surprised and shocked, Sacimata just stared at Gauranga's face. The Lord of the fourteen worlds removed her maya. Suddenly, Sacidevi saw all living entities equally. At once Her illusory mentality of thinking Visvambhara to be 'her son' disappeared. She realized He was Krishna.

    He had a syama-complexion resembling a fresh rain cloud. He wore bright yellow cloth and held a flute. In His three-fold bending form, He stood in Vrndavana surrounded by gopas, gopis, and cows. Sacimam became astonished to see her son like this. Her body shook and erupted in horripilation. Despite all this, she couldn't give up her affection for her beloved son.

     Sacimata thought, "I'm most fortunate to have Krishna as my son. My son, Krishna, is the rarest person in the universe. Nobody controls Him."

    Then Sacimata said, "O son, You are the supremely independent Lord, the jewel among all men. It was my fortune to have You grow up under my care. Now, as per Your sweet will, You may go take sannyasa. But I have one request: Why am I losing such a great treasure like You?" After saying this Sacidevi's voice filled with pity, and tears fell from her eyes in streams. Although she tried, Sacidevi couldn't speak due to her choking in emotion.

    Gauranga bent His head .down in compassion for His mother. Again He raised His head and said, "Dear Mother, please listen. Because of your pure love for Me, you will be able to see Me whenever you want to." Sacimata sobbed in grief.

With a heavy heart, Locana Dasa describes this.