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Pauganda (Ages 6-10) Pastimes


Song 14 (Dhanashi raga)



 457. On another day Jagannatha Mishra saw Lord Vishvambhara and thought about Him in his heart:

 458. On an auspicious day, during an auspicious tithi, when an auspicious star was prominent, at an auspicious moment Jagannatha Mishra first placed a writing chalk in his son's hand. That was a wonderful moment.

 459. Day by day Lord Gaura, the guru of all the words, pursued His studies. Seeing this, Shaci and Jagannatha Mishra forget themselves in bliss.

 460. Shaci and Jagannatha Mishra decided: Now His days of only playing are gone."

 461. They decided to perform the Lord's hair-cutting ceremony. They assembled their kinsmen.

 462. They decided on an auspicious day and an auspicious moment for the hair-cutting ceremony.

 463. In house after house in Nadiya everyone was filled with bliss. At the ceremony the brahmanas and saintly persons were duly worshiped.

 464. The brahmanas recited the Vedas, and the singers sang songs. The yajna was rightly done.

 465. The ladies chanted, Jaya! Jaya!" They gave gifts of fragrances, sandal, and betelnuts to the guests.

 466-467. Many kinds of musical instruments were sounded. The bliss everyone felt was like an ocean that had no shore. conchshells, dundubhi drums, bheri drums, kahala flutes, mridangas, patahas, kamsyas, karatalas, and sanais were all sounded. The music was very sweet.

 468. Sounds of Hari!" reverberated in the sky in the four directions. In this way Lord Gaura's cuda-karana (hair-cutting) and karna-vedha (piercing ear lobes for earrings) ceremonies were performed.

 469. Everyone in Nadiya's villages became filled with bliss. Gazing at Lord Vishvambhara's face, they forgot themselves.

 470. In the marketplaces, pathways, river ghatas, and wherever they went, two by two the people gathered and described Lord Gaurachandra's glories.

 471. They said: Shaci and Jagannatha Mishra are very fortunate to have such a son. When we see Him, our hearts are overcome with bliss.

 472. Navadvipa is fortunate. The earth planet is fortunate. Every eye that sees Lord Gaura's form is fortunate and glorious."

 473. On another day Lord Gaura played with the boys on a ghata by the sandy banks of the Ganga.

 474. Let Us play a game of following the birds' footprints in the sand."

 475. These owrds Lord Gauranga Mahaprabhu spoke. All the boys played that game with great enthusiasm.

 476. Anyone who skipped a bird's footprint was at once defeated.  477. The boys who ran first to the riverbank were the winners. The winners were carried about on the losers' shoulders.

 478. As they rode on the losers' backs, the winners hit them with sticks. In this way they ran to meeting ghata.

 479. In this way the boys became exhausted by playing in the sand. Streams of perspiration flowed down their limbs.

 480. At that moment Jagannatha Mishra went to the Ganga's bank for his bath.

 481. When he saw his son, anger took birth within him. Seeing his son exhausted from playing, Jagannatha Mishra felt his heart burn with anger.

 482. Lord Gaura's perspiration-filled face was like a golden lotus flower, a lotus flower simultaneously dripping nectar and wilting in the hot sunshine.

 483. Shouting and shouting, Jagannatha Mishra ran after his son. Seeing His father, Lord Vishvambhara became very embarrassed.

 484. Embarrassed, the Lord did not lift His face. In His heart was fear. The pandita Jagannatha Mishra went to Lord Gaurachandra's side.

 485. Taking his son by the hand, he departed. All the boys went to their homes.

 486. Jagannatha Mishra bathed in the Ganga and then returned home. Once home, he severely rebuked Lord Gaurachandra.

 487. He said: Like a low person You're cheating on Your studies. Why do You foolishly spend every moment wandering about?

 488. You don't act like a brahmana's son. Now I will give You the proper fruit of Your actions."

 489. Speaking these words, Jagannatha Mishra moved to hit the Lord with a stick in his hand. Rebuking him, Shaci grabbed Jagannatha Mishra's hand.

 490. She said: Don't hit my son. He won't play any more. He will stay with you and study always."

 491. Lord Vishvambhara ran to His mother's embrace. I won't play. I won't play.", He softly. softly said.

 492. Jagannatha Mishra became like a bolted door preventing his son's exit. Don't hit my child. He's dying in fear of you."

 493. Speaking these words, Shaci sheltered her son in her arms. With the edge of her garment she wiped the tears from her son's eyes and limbs.

 494. Let my son not study. Let Him become a fool. Let Him be a fool and live a hundred years."

 495. Hearing these words of Shaci-devi, Jagannatha Mishra angrily said:

 496. If our son becomes a fool, how will He earn a living? Why would any brahmana give his daughter to Him?"

 497. Then Jagannatha Mishra looked at his son's face. With frightened eyes the son Lord Gaura looked at His father.

 498. In his heart Jagannatha Mishra was burning. But on the outside he was hard. Now he was filled with love. The hand raised to hit his son now he put down.

 499. Tears in his eyes, he hugged his son. To his son he sweetly said:

 500. Dear son, if You listen and study the people will praise You. And I will give You a banana."

 501. In this way the remainder of that day passed happily. After sunset Jagannatha Mishra went to bed.

 502. In the ninth hour of the night he had a dream. In the dream Jagannatha Mishra saw that he was now in trouble.

 503. At sunrise he rose and called for everyone. I saw a dream.", he told everyone.

 504. In the dream I saw a great brahmana. He was effulgent like the sun.

 505. His splendid body was decorated with jewel ornaments. I had no power to look at Him. He was the abode of great effulgence.

 506. With a voice like a thundering cloud He said to me: `I am your son Vishvambhara. Why do you not honor Me?

 507. `I am the Supreme Personality of Godhead. That you do not know. Why do you think I am only your son?

 508. `An animal does not know what comes from a sparshamani jewel's touch. You think that I am your son. That is very bold of you.

 509. `I know all the scriptures. I am the guru of all the demigods. Why, to force Me to study, will you strike Me with a stick in your hand?'

 510. This dream I saw last night. My heart does not know its meaning."

 511. With happy hearts Shaci and everyone else gazed at Lord Vishvambhara's face.

 512. Their hearts filled with bliss, Shaci and Jagannatha Mishra hugged their son. They said: This is our son Vishvambhara Gaura-Hari.

 513. His glories have no end. Even the Vedas do not know where they end. In their meditations even Lord Shiva, Sanaka-kumara, and all the demigods and sages have no power to know where they end.

 514. Who knows His great, great glories? This fair divine person took birth as our son."

 515. Speaking and speaking in this way, Shaci and Jagannatha Mishra felt their love, the love of parents for their son, grow more and more strong. As that love grew, their awareness that their son is the Supreme Personality of Godhead fled far away.

 516. When they heard of this dream, everyone became filled with joy. Locana dasa joyfully sings this song glorifying Lord Gaura.



Song 15 (Varadi raga - Disha)



 Refrain: Lord Gaurachandra is my very life!


 517. A very blissful day came. The villages of Nadiya floated in an ocean of bliss.

 518. Who has the power to describe even a single sesame seed's worth of that bliss? No one in the whole material world was fortunate like Shaci and Jagannatha Mishra.

 519. One day, accompanied by his friends, Jagannatha Mishra suddenly noticed that his son had become very qualified.

 520. In his heart he thought: My son is nine years old. He is very qualified. At an auspicious moment I will give Him a sacred thread."

 521. Returning home, he explained all this to Shaci. Bringing an astrologer to his house, he selected an auspicious day.

 522. To his kinsmen he sent invitations that said: I will give Vishvambhara a sacred thread."

 523. To his house Jagannatha Mishra brought Lord Advaita Acarya, who was a famous pandita learned in the Vedas and in the performance of yajna.

 524. To the brahmanas Jagannatha Mishra gave betelnuts, sandal, and garlands. Hundreds and hundreds of saintly ladies were anointed with red sindura.  525. To every guest saintly Shaci gave khadi, bananas, oil, and turmeric.

 526. There was a tumultuous sound of Jaya! Jaya!" and of conchshells sounding. There was a sweet fragrance. At sunset the adhivasa ceremony was performed.

 527. The brahmanas chanted auspicious verses. The poets recited poems. They gave blessings. In this way the ritual was performed.

 528. When the night turned into sunrise Jagannatha Mishra gracefully performed the nandimukha shraddha ceremony.

 529. He worshiped the brahmanas and offered them padya and acamana. Then the time came to begin the yajna.

 530. When Shaci-devi brohght her son, wonderful bliss entered the ceremonies.

 531. She anointed Lord Vishvambhara's limbs with oil and turemric and His head with fragrant amalaki oil.

 532. Then she bathed Him with Ganga water. Tossed by waves of bliss, she forgot herself.

 533. Conchshells, dunsubhis, bheris, kahalas, mridangas, padahas, kamsyas, and karatalas were sounded.

 534. Eight miles away travelers on the path could hear the rumbling sounds of dudadubhi" from the dhaka drums. Hearing the sounds of the sanais, everyone felt their hearts become soothed and cooled.

 535. A band of vinas, venus, kupilas, vamshis, rababs, upangas, and pakowajas played in unison.

 536. Dancers danced. Singers sang. At an auspicious moment Lord Gaura's head was shaved.

 537. His limbs were decorated with ornaments, fragrant garlands, and sandal paste.

 538. As the brahmanas chanted Vedic hymns, Shaci's son entered the yajna arena.

 539. He was dressed in saffron garments. A sacred thread was placed on His body. Gazing at His handsome form, everyone was overcome. He was like Kamadeva himself.

 540. In Lord Vishvambhara's ear Jagannatha Mishra repeated the Gayatri mantra. In Lord Vishvambhara's hand he placed a staff. Seeing Lord Vishvambhara, sin personfiied was filled with fear.  541. Begging alms, Lord Vishvambhara acted as if He were in the sannyasa-ashrama, the best of ashramas.  542. When His head was shaved He thought, To preach the yuga-dharma I will accept sannyasa."

 543. Rapt in thought, He decided, I will destroy the sufferings of everyone in Kali-yuga."

 544. On every limb, from head to foot, the hairs of His body stood erect. The standing hairs defeated the glory of the filaments of kadamba flowers.

 545. His long eyes were red and kind. His effulgent limbs were like the rising sun.

 546. He gave a great roaring shout of ecstatic spiritual love. Gazing at Him, every brahmana was filled with wonder.

 547. The prominet panditas headed by Sudarshana gathered together and discussed what had happened.

 548. Gathering together, all the panditas agreed: Shaci's son is not a mortal."

 549. Among them was born the conclusion that Lord Gaura has a demigod's effulgence. But the truth is that only Lord Krishna, and no one else, has an effulgence like His.

 550. What can I know of the Lord's character and activities? I know only as much as my intelligence allows.

 551. One person there said: Please hear my words. I do not understand the Supreme Lord's actions.

 552. Still, I will say something that is in my heart. Please hear it. To deliver the people, the Supreme Lord takes birth yuga after yuga.

 553. Thus He manifests different avataras according to different missions He wishes to fulfill. Thus He manifests four avataras, one for each yuga.

 554. He is manifest in this world to establish religion, destroy irreligion, and protect His devotees.

 555. His mission also includes killing demons and performing other activities. An avatara that fulfills these missions (karya) is called karya-avatara.

 556. Considering the nature of Lord Ramacandra and other avataras, it is seen that they were karya-avataras, for they all came to fulfill a certain mission.

 557. In Treta-yuga the avatara has a red color. His dharma is yajna. Then the Lord also appears in a form dark like durva grass. In that avatara His mission is to kill the demons.

 558. Lord Ramacandra, who enjoys pastimes of befriending the monkeys and killing Ravana, does not appear in every Treta-yuga.  559. Only in the fourteenth catur-yuga does Lord Ramacandra come and kill Ravana. He comes only in some Treta-yugas. That is written in the scriptures.

 560. Some scriptures indeed say that Lord Ramacandra does not appear in every Treta-yuga. Only sometimes does He come to fulfill His mission.

 561. In Satya-yuga the avatara is white, His dharma is austerity, and His name is Hamsa. Lord Nrisimha and other avataras are also counted among the karya-avataras.

 562. According to the different yugas some avataras manifest a specific appropriate color and engage in specific appropriate activities to establish religion. These avataras are called yuga-avataras.

 563. With one heart please hear the description of Lord Krishna, who appears in ther Dvapara-yuga. He si the only original Supreme Personality of Godhead. There is no other.  564. He is both a karya-avatara and a yuga-avatara. He is the perfect and complete original Supreme Personality of Godhead. All other avataras are His plenary portions. He is the son of Maharaja Nanda.

 565. He is the perfect and complete Supreme Personality of Godhead. This everyone says. Please know He is the gopis' paramour in Vrindavana.

 566. The Krishna-avatara is the crest jewel of all avataras. The Dvapara-yuga where He appears in the best of all Dvapara-yugas.  567. In other Dvapara-yugas there are two avataras. One is a karya-avatara and the other a yuga-avatara.

 568. The Dvapara-yuga where the avatara is lord Krishna is followed by a Kali-yuga where the avatara is Lord Gaurachandra.

 569. Lord Gaurachandra is like Lord Krishna. The two yugas when They appear are different from all other yugas.

 570. Lord Krishna does not manifest His pastimes in every Dvapara-yuga. Neither does Lord Gaura descend to every Kali-yuga.

 571. In the Satya, Treta, Dvapara, and Kali-yugas, the avatara is generally a plenary portion (amsha) of the Supreme Lord.

 572. The Dvapara and Kali-yugas where Lord Krishna and Lord Krishna Chaitanya appear are very fortunate.

 573. They descend to this world only once in Brahma's day. In only one Dvapara and Kali-yuga do They manifest Their pastimes.

 574. Lord Krishna and Lord Gaura descend to this world during the Vaivasvata-manvantara. In that Dvapara-yuga the yuga-dharma is puja (Deity worship), and in that Kali-yuga the yuga-dharma is sankirtana (chanting the Lord's holy names).

 575. Fortunate, fortunate is that Kali-yuga. It stands above all other yugas. In that yuga the people are able to perform the sankirtana-yajna.  576. O merciful Lord Gaurachandra, by performing sankirtana even the lame, dull, and blind can cross to the farther shore of the ocean of repeated birth and death.

 577. You don't believe my words? I ask you: Say what you think.

 578. In each yuga the Lord manifests an avatara with a sepcific color, dharma, and mission.

 579. In Dvapara-yuga the yuga-avatara is Lord Krishna. He teaches the yuga-dharma of Dvapara-yuga

 580. The scriptures say that Deity worship is the yuga-dharma in Dvapara-yuga. How did Lord Krishna establish the dharma of Deity worship?

 581. Don't be disrespectful. Only one person should speak at a time. What I speak is very reasonable. Don't disrespect my words.

 582. Our Lord Krishna is the independent Supreme Personality of Godhead. How did He fulfill His mission of establishing the yuga-dharma? Everything is maintained by Him.

 583. His mission was indeed to establish the yuga-dharma. He fulfilled it in every way. Please know His activities are wonderful.

 584. Shri Shri Radha-Krishna descended to this world and manifested Their pastimes. Shri Radha is independent. She is Lord Krishna's transcendental potency in person.

 585. As the Supreme Personality of Godhead and His transcendental potency, Shri Radha and Shri Krishna manifest two forms. Originally they have one form, but to enjoy Their pastimes They manifest two different forms. This I know

 586. Chanting Shri Radha's name and worshiping Lord Krishna, the gopis engage in devotional service.

 587. Loving devotional service (prema-bhakti) has hundreds and hundreds of branches, Still, every branch originally comes from a single source. That source is Shri Radha, the original form of the Lord's transcendental potency.  588. To Lord Krishna Shri Radha offers Her very self. The deep and passionate love She feels for Him is eternally new and fresh.

 589. No one understands the devotional service She performs. This all the devotees say.

 590. In other Dvapara-yugas the Supreme Lord manifested His plenary portion (amsha) and taught the truth of religion. Still, the people did not understand the heart of what He taught.

 591. He taught them the religion of charity, vows, and austerities. That dharma He gave to everyone.

 592. To teach the people the Supreme Lord personally manifested in this world. Even so, the people still did not understand the seed from which sprouts the difference between religion and irreligion.  593. In Kali-yuga the Supreme Lord personally manifests as Lord Gaura. He is the yuga-avatara. His mission is to teach ecstatic spiritual love (prema).

 594. His fair limbs are the color of Shri Radha. In His heart is the nectar of ecstatic love Shri Radha feels.

 595. He is the crown of all who taste spiritual nectar . Feeling the ecstasy of the love Shri Radha feels, He weeps. Appearing like the filaments of kadamba flowers, the hairs of His body stand erect in His ecstasy.

 596. Overwhelmed with ecstatic love, He becomes like a wild man. He shouts and roars. He weeps and weeps.

 597. Hearing His shouts, the unconscious people of Kali-yuga awaken. They all become filled with bliss.

 598. Chanting, `Radha-Krishna!', He dances, weeps, and laughs. His presence makes the blinding darkness of ignorance flee far away.

 599. In Dvapara-yuga Lord Krishna takes birth. In Kali-yuga He takes birth in a fair form. He awakens the unconscious people of Kali-yuga.

 600. Assuming the role of a humble devotee, the Lord reveals the truth of ecstatic spiritual love (prema). He personally gives Himself to the people.

 601. He does not consider who is worthy or who is not worthy to recieve His gift. He freely gives it to everone. In this way He displays His supreme power and independence.

 602. Some people say Lord Gaura is a yuga-avatara. In truth He is the origin of all avataras.

 603. In other Kali-yugas the avatara is Lord Narayana. That avatara has a name of two syllables. That name is Krishna.

 604. The scriptures say that avatara has a complexion like a parrot's wing. The commentator on that verse explains that His color is dark like a sapphire.

 605. Lord Gaurachandra is the original Supreme Personality of Godhead. The other avataras are all expansions of Him. That is the heart of the scriptures' teaching.

 606. Lord Chaitanya is the original form of the Supreme Personality of Godhead. He is an ocean of mercy. No one is like Him.

 607. Only in certain Kali-yugas does Lord Gaura, the original Supreme Lord, manifest. Then He becomes both karya-avatara anmd yuga-avatara.

 608. In Kali-yuga the Supreme Lord appears in a yellow color and preaches the yuga-dharma of sankirtana. Shaci's son Vishvambhara is that form of the Supreme Lord. He, and no one else, is that Lord."

 609. Discussing all these points, every pandita there became firmly convinced in hsi heart that Shaci's son Vishvambhara is the Supreme Personality of Godhead.

 610. Within a single sesame seed's worth of time the word spread that Vishvambhara Gaura-Hari is in truth the Supreme Personality of Godhead.

 611. From one ear to the next the wonderful news spread to every person. About this news there were five or seven opinions.

 612. Some people were filled with wonder. Others still had doubts in their hearts. Who amongst them could see Lord Vishvambhara's true nature?

 613. They who heard this news about Lord Vishvambhara directly saw the creator of all the worlds.

 614. Filled with bliss, the whole town chanted, Jaya! Jaya!" Fortunate Locana dasa sings this song glorifying Lord Gaura.



Song 16 (Shri raga - Disha)



 Refrain: Glory, glory to Lord Gauranga! Love for Lord Gauranga is for me the sweetest nectar bliss. Glory, glory to Lord Gauranga!

 615. One day Lord Gaura, sitting at home, was rapt in thinking within His heart.

 616. His entire body was then flooded with nectar light. His body was so effulgent no one at home could bear to look at it.

 617. Glancing at His mother, Lord Gaura said: Hear My words. I see that you have committed a great offense.

 618. Do not eat grains on ekadashi. Carefully obey what I have now told you."

 619. With a voice like a thundering cloud, Lord Gaura spoke these words to His mother. Hearing them, Mother Shaci felt great awe and wonder in her heart.

 620. Her body was filled with awe and love. Softly, softly she said: I will obey Your command."

 621. Hearing His mother's words, Lord Gaura was pleased at heart. In this way the kind-hearted Lord taught the principles of religion.

 622. At that moment a pure-hearted brahmana unexpectedly arrived. He gave some betelnuts to Lord Gaura.

 623. Smiling, Lord Gaura began to chew those betelnuts. The next moment He called for His mother.

 624. To His mother Lord Gaura said: I will go home. Take care of this person. He is your son now."

 625. Half a moment after speaking these words, Lord Gaura became motionless. Like a stick He fell to the ground.

 626. He made not a sound. Shaci was terrified. Her heart beating quickly, she placed some Ganga water in her son's mouth.

 627. Then next moment the Lord became conscious again. The effulgence of His body filled the room with light.

 628. To His mother Lord Gaura said: I will go home." Who has the power to understand these words?

 629. Shri Murari Gupta is a confidential devotee of the Lord. He knows all spiritual truths. He is a very expert devotee.

 630. Damodara Pandita asked him: O great soul, please explain those words to me.

 631. Were these words only a trick by the Lord? What is the power behind these words? Please give me your opinion."

 632. Murari Gupta replied: Hear. Hear, O saintly one. How can I know everything in Lord Krishna's heart? Whatever my intelligence can understancd I will explain to you.

 633. If what I speak according to my intelligence is reasonable, then you may accept it.

 634. When a devotee hears about the Lord, gazes at Hias Deity form, meditates on Him, or chants His holy names, the Lord enters that devotee's heart.

 635. The Lord's body is not material. It is free from the touch of the material modes.

 636. 'Thus the Supreme Lord places His own body within the body of His devotee. There the Lord enjoys pastimes as He wishes.

 637. The Lord thinks the worship of His devotees is more important than the worship of Him. In His heart He thinks of ways to worship His devotees.

 638. In this way the Lord places Himself under the dominion of His devotees. Some people say these are ordinary material activities on the part of the Lord and His devotee.

 639. `Why does the Supreme Personality of Godhead think the devotees are more important than Him?' The residents of the material world have no power to understand the answer to this question.

 640. The Lord's form is graceful and handsome. It is made of spiritual nectar. It possesses all opulences.

 641. It is never without playful, glorious, blissful pastimes. Who is the person, a person worthless like a pile of ashes, that will insult the Lord by saying, `The Supreme Lord has no attributes'.?

 642. Stopped by maya, these persons do not attain the Lord. Still, the Lord always enjoys pastimes in His devotees' bodies.

 643. When the devotee eats, sleeps, relaxes, or plays, Lord Krishna feels happiness.

 644. Lord Krishna is equal to the devotees and the non-devotees. Still, only the devotees see Lord Krishna within their own bodies.

 645. Even if somehow they see Lord Krishna, the non-devotees think He is an ordinary human being. They say: `Who is this Krishna? He must be an ordinary human being. After all, I can see Him with my own eyes.'

 646-647. The truth is that Lord Krishna is the original Supreme Personality of Godhead, the master of all masters of all masters. He is the Supreme Brahman, untouched by the modes of material nature. Persons who say, `Lord Krishna is an ordinary human being with a material body, a human being who performs ordinary material actions.', are the lowest of men. They do not understand the truth about Lord Krishna. In truth Lord Krishna manifests His own body within the bodies of His devotees.

 648. That is the understanding in my heart. Please try to understand it with your heart and become happy.

 649. Therefore I say a true Vaishnava has a body within which Lord Krishna Himself resides. This I have heard in the Vedas, Puranas, and Shrimad-Bhagavatam.

 650. As the Ganga and other holy places purify the pilgrims, so the dust of a devotee's feet purifies everyone.

 651. The lowly people who think a devotee's body is ordinary, like the bodies of the ordinary people, does not understand the truth. He commits an offense."

 652. With happy hearts Murari Gupta and Damodara Pandita discussed the spiritual truth in this way.  653. The Supreme Lord does not distinguish between His body and the body of His devotee. He thinks the devotee's body is His own.

 654. Hearing the discussion of these two devotees, Locana dasa is now filled with joy as he sings this song.



Song 17 (Vibhasa raga - Disha)



 Refrain: Never lost, his life is never lost!


 655. Everyone please hear another wonderful story. When you hear it the sufferings in your heart will perish.

 656. One day, after studying the Vedas at his guru's ashrama, Jagannatha Mishra, the jewel of the brahmanas, returned to his home.

 657. Pushed by destiny, the flames of a fever began to burn in his body. When he saw the fever was very severe, fear arose within him.

 658. Seeing this, agitated Shaci wept. Speaking the spiritual truth, Lord Gaura consoled her.

 659-660. He said: Mother, death will come for everyone. Brahma, Shiva, the ocean, the mountains, the Himalayas, Indra, Varuna, and Agni must all die in the course of time. Why do you fear death?

 661. Gather all Our friends and kinsmen. Together We will chant Lord Krishna's holy names.

 662. At the time of death is the duty of friends and kinsmen to help one remember Lord Krishna, the jewel of the Yadus."

 663. Hearing these words, all the friends and kinsmen came. They gathered around Lord Gaura and Jagannatha Mishra.

 664. The friends and kinsmen debated what should be done. Seeing the time was near, Lord Gaura spoke to them.

 665. Lord Vishvambhara said: Mother, why is there a delay? This moment I will go with the friends and kinsmen."

 666. After speaking these words to His mother, Lord Gaura, accompanied by the friends and kinsmen, took His father to the Ganga's bank.

 667. Grasping His father's feet, Lord Vishvambhara wept. Tears filled His eyes. With a choked voice He said:  668. O father, if you leave Me, where will I go? Never again will I be able to call out to you, `O father!'  669. From today My house is a desert. O father, never again will I see your feet.

 670. Today the ten directions are a great desert. They are filled with a terrible blinding darkness. Never again will I study under you. Never again will I hold your hand."

 671. Hearing these nectar words, Jagannatha Mishra had no power to reply.

 672. In a choked voice he said: Listen, Vishvambhara. I will tell You what is in my heart.

 673. I place You at Lord Ramacandra's feet. After some time You will forget me."

 674. Then Jagannatha Mishra chanted, Hari! Hari!" and meditated on the Lord. Then all the brahmanas bathed him with Ganga water.

 675. Around his neck they placed a tulasi necklace. Surrounding him on four sides, the friends and kinsmen chanted Lord Hari's holy names.

 676. On his four sides there was sankirtana of Lord Hari's holy names. At that moment Jagannatha Mishra, the best of the brahmanas, went to Vaikunnha.

 677. Entering a celestial chariot, Jagannatha Mishra went to Vaikuntha. Shaci's weeping made the earth split into pieces.

 678. Grasping her husband's feet, Shaci wept. She rolled on the ground. Please don't leave me. Take me with you.

 679. For a long time I served you. Now you have gone to Vaikuntha. And I must stay behind on the earth.

 680. When you ate and when you slept I served you. For me the ten directions have now become a desert. They are filled with blinding darkness.

 681. Now I am a widow. I have only your small son. Where will Nimai stay? Into whose face will He gaze?

 682. A son like Nimai is very difficult to find in this world. Forgetting everyuthing, my master has now left us."

 683. Seeing His father's death and His mother's weeping, Lord Gaura also wept. Tears flowed from His eyes.

 684. The large tears flowing from His eyes to His chest were like a string of enormous elephant pearls.

 685. The devotees, friends, and kinsmen lamented, Ha! Ha!" When Lord Gaura wept the whole world wept with Him.

 686. To pacify the Lord the people sweetly said: O Lord, Your crying will make the whole world perish."

 687. The ladies consoled Shaci-devi: Shri , look at Vishvambhara and forget about all this."

 688. Controlling His grief, the Lord became peaceful. When the time came He performed the funeral ceremony.

 689. Surrounded by His kinsmen, He performed the Vedic ritual for His father's funeral.

 690. Lord Gaura, who dearly loved His father, performed His father's yajna. One after another He performed all the rituals. Then He worshiped the brahmanas.

 691. Lord Gaura, who was devoted to His father, gave to the brahmanas pots of water, dishes of food, and many other gifts.

 692. This is the story of Jagannatha Mishra's journey to Vaikuntha. Lors Vishvambhara's father, Jagannatha Mishra, was the best of brahmanas.

 693. Faithful persons who hear this story and die by the Ganga's banks will certainly go to Vaikuntha.

 694. Gazing at Lord Gaurachandra, Shaci sighed. She feared raising her fatherless son.

 695. If He dives into the nectar of scholarship, then my son will be happy at heart", she thought.

 696. Everyone please hear these wonderful stories. In this way Locana dasa narrates Lord Chaitanya's pastimes.



Song 18 (Dhanashi raga - Disha)



 Refrain: O1 O! O!

 697. One day Shaci took Lord Gaura-Hari by the hand and brought Him to pastimes of scholarship.

 698. She took Her son to all the panditas and humbly said to them:

 699. O saintly ones, please teach my son. Give Him shelter. Please don't reject Him.

 700. Please be affectionate to my fatherless son. Please think of Him as your own son."

 701. Hearing these words, the panditas hesitated in their hearts. They humbly said:

 702. Dear mother, on this day our good fortune is born. Today we have attained the person who is loved by millions of Sarasvatis.

 703. To everyone He will teach His own spiritual love and His own holy names. He is the best of the brahmanas, the guru of all the worlds.

 704. Dear mother, please know for certain that it is we who will learn from Him."

 705. Hearing these words, Shaci-devi humbly said: I will leave Him with you." Then she returned home.

 706. In those days Lord Vishvambhara would go to Vishnu Pandita's home to study.

 707. To bless them, Lord Gaura, the guru of the worlds, also studied under Sudarshana Pandita and Gangadasa Pandita.

 708. Manifesting a form deceptively like that of an ordinary mortal, Lord Gaura acted like an ordinary person. Merciful to the people, he studied and taught.

 709. One day, at Shri Sudarshana Pandita's house, Lord Gaura was joking with His classmates.

 710. Speaking charming joking words sweet like nectar, the Lord imitated the speech of East Bengal.

 711. Some days passed in this way. Then the Lord decided to visit Vanamali Acarya.

 712. The Lord went to his ashrama to see him. Seeing him, Lord Gaura bowed down and then respectfully stood.

 713. Taking him by the hand, they both walked on the pathways. Talking and talking, they spoke of many wonderful and secret things.

 714-715. At that moment Lord Vishvambhara suddenly saw Vallabhacarya's beautiful, virtuous, saintly daughter, a girl who was the most fortunate in the three worlds, a girl who, surrounded by her girl friends, was walking to a bathing place by the Ganga.

 716. The Lord glanced at her and smiled. From that one born in the Lord's thoughts.

 717. Lord Gaura understood the hint that girl, Goddess Lakshmi herself, had given Him with that glance. In her thoughts Goddess Lakshmi placed Lord Gaura's feet on her head.

 718. Very intelligent Vanamali Acarya understood what had happened. A confidential thought then sprouted in his heart.

 719. On another day, with a joyful heart Vanamali Acarya went to Shaci's house.

 720. Smiling, he bowed down before Shaci's feet and then sweetly said:

 721. I know a girl who is very suitable for your son. She is beautiful, virtuous, and saintly. She is the most fortunate girl in the three worlds.

 722. She is the very well-behaved daughter of Vallabhacarya. If you wish, you may reveal what you think in your heart."

 723. Hearing Vanamali Acarya's words, Shaci-devi said: My son is still young. Let Him study.

 724. My son has no father. Let him study for some days. Let Him grow a little older and become a learned pandita. Then you may try again."

 725. Hearing these words, Vanamali Acarya was not happy. His face marked with disappointment, he walked home.

 726. He was restless. He was agitated at heart. He wept and wept. He called out: O! O Gaurachandra!

 727. O purifier of the fallen, You refuse to make me fortunate. Why, then, do You accept the name Vancha-kalpa-taru (He who is like a desire-tree)?

 728. If You will not fulfill my desire, why do You accept the name Vancha-kalpa-taru?

 729. O Lord who rescued Draupadi from fear and infamy, glory, glory to You! O Lord who rescued Gajendra from a crocodile, glory, glory to You!

 730. O Lord who rescued Ajamila from the Yamadutas, glory to You! O father of everyone, please rescue me also!"

 731. At that moment Lord Gaura was at His teacher's house. Fully aware of what was in Vanamali Acarya's heart, the Lord became unhappy that His devotee was in distress.

 732. Lord Gaura hastily packed up His books, spoke to His teacher, and left.

 733. He gracefully walked like a maddened elephant. Ornaments glistened on His fair form.

 734. His curly hair charmed everyone. His lips were like bandhuli flowers. His teeth were like pearls.

 735. His charming limbs were anointed with sandal paste. The fine garments gracing His form charmed every heart.

 736. Of how many millions of Kamadevas was Lord Gaura-Hari the king? His graceful form agitated the saintly girls.

 737. Lord Gaura quickly went to Vanamali Acarya's house. He went quickly because He bears the name Vancha-kalpa-taru.

 738. Weeping, Vanamali Acarya walked on path after path. Raising his arms, he called out: O! O Gaurachandra!"

 739. At that time Lord Gaura had just come from His teacher's house. Walking, He suddenly saw Vanamali Acarya.

 740. Like a stick Vanamali Acarya fell at Lord Gaura's feet. Smiling and smiling, the Lord picked him up.

 741. Then Lord Gaura offered obeisances to Vanamali Acarya. Embracing him, the Lord sweetly asked: From where have you come?"

 742. Vanamali Acarya replied: Listen. Listen, O Vishvambhara. I have come from Your home.

 743. I visited Your saintly mother. To her I spoke what was in my mind.

 744. I told her of a girl that is very suitable for You. That girl is Vallabhacarya's fortunate, all-virtuous daughter.

 745. Hearing these words, Your mohter did not take them seriously. Disappointed at heart, I am now returning home."

 746. Hearing these words, the Lord did not speak. With a playful smile He returned home.

 747. Seeing the Lord's wise, graceful, sweet, gentle smile, Vanamali Acarya knew in his heart that his desire would be fulfilled.

 748. He thought: My mission will be fulfilled." Again in his heart he thought: The Lord will marry her."

 749. Vanamali Acarya joyfully returned to his home. In his heart he thought of Lord Gaura's pastimes.

 750. Returning to His home, Lord Gaura asked His mother: What did you say to Vanamali Acarya?

 751. I met him on the street. He was very unhappy at heart. I could not cheer him with My words.

 752. Why did you make him so unhappy? Seeing his sorrow I became sorrowful also."

 753. Hearing the Lord's words, in her heart intelligent Shaci at once understood the Lord's hint.

 754. At once she sent a messenger to bring Vanamali Acarya. Hearing the messenger's words, Vanamali Acarya came at once.

 755. His body flooded with bliss and his words choked, he bowed down before Shaci.

 756. Falling down like a stick, he touched the dust at Shaci's feet. O goddess, why have you called for me?", he said.

 757. You may make arrangements for what previously you spoke. To please everyone I sanction Vishvambhara's marriage.

 758. You love Vishvambhara more than I. Please arrange everything. What more need I tell you?

 759. You spoke of Vishvambhara's marriage. Now please arrange it. This I tell you."

 760. Hearing these words, Vanamali Acarya said: I will obey your command."

 761. After speaking these words, he went to Vallabhacarya's house. Vallabhacarya respectfully rose to greet him.

 762-263. Vallabhacarya humbly offered a sitting place. Thinking of his own good fortune, Vallabhacarya smiled and said: I am very fortunate that you have come. What is your mission? Please tell it."

 764. Hearing Vallabhacarya's words, Vanamali Acarya spoke some words of graceful introduction and then described the mission in his heart.

 765. He said: You were always very friendly to me. Controlled by the friendship of others, I have come to your home.

 766. Jagannatha Mishra had a son named Vishvambhara. That son has good family, good character, and a host of virtues. His every limb is handsome.

 767. How can I describe all His virtues? The creating demigod Brahma has placed every virtue in this person.

 768. How can I describe Vishvambhara's glories? Soon every mouth will chant His glories. Everyone will hear His glories.

 769. Vishvambhara would be the perfect husbvand for your daughter. If in your heart you agree, then it will all be arranged."

 770. Hearing these words, Vallabhacarya thought in his heart. He said: These words you speak bring great good fortune to me.

 771. I have no wealth. I cannot give any dowry. I can give only my beautiful daughter.

 772. If you accept this offer, then I will give my daughter to Vishvabhara, the jewel of sons-in-law.

 773. When I give my daughter in marriage to Gaurachandra, then there will be great bliss in the planets of the dmeigods, sages, and pitas.

 774. This event has come as the result of my many past austerities. To me no one is a better friend than you. This my heart says.

 775. Of the possibility of this marriage I have thought day and night. Now it will happen. It is not too much to hope for."

 776. In this way the two of them concluded their conversation. Returning to Shaci's house, Vanamali Acarya told her everything.

 777. Hearing the news, Shaci-devi became very pleased. To Vanamali Acarya she gave her blessings.

 778. She gathered her relatives and told them the news. Her body was filled with bliss. She was very joyful.

 779. To all her relatives she told her decision. Thinking it over, everyone agreed: It is good. It is good."