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Kaishora-lila - Vivaha

Kaishora (Ages 11-15) Pastimes - The Lord's Wedding


Song 19 (Varadi raga - Disha)



 Refrain: He who is the moon of the brahmanas is my very life!


 1. Smiling and gazing at her son's face, Shaci sweetly said:

 2. Listen. Listen, O Vishvambhara, my golden son. Vallabhacarya's daughter is very wonderful.

 3. In my heart I know it is right that You marry her. How fortunate I am to have her as my daughter-in-law!

 4. Think about it. Please accept this wonderful opportunity. Please gather the appropriate things, so everything will be rightly done."

 5. Hearing His mother's words, Lord Vishvambhara Raya gathered all the appropriate things. Everything was right.

 6. A very learned astrologer was called. He marked the auspicious moment for the wedding.

 7. On that auspicious day, at that auspicious time, all the brahmanas, elegantly dressed for the occasion, came.

 8. All the villages of Nadiya were filled with bliss. The ocean of ecstatic spiritual love rose. Everyone forgot himself.

 9. Shaci and the fortunate married ladies made all thew auspicious arrangements. In this way everything was wonderful in the Lord's adhivasa ceremony.

 10. In the four directions brahmanas chanted the Vedas. Conchshells and mridangas were sounded. Everything was marked with auspiciousness.

 11. The directions were decorated with lamps, flags, and flower garlands. Scented with fragrances, sandal paste and flower garlands, the place was charming.

 12. In this way all the brahmanas performed the Lord's adhivasa ceremony. Lord Gaura's form was glorious like ten million Kamadevas.

 13. Lord Gaura's limbs glistened with great splendor. Gazing at Him, all the brahmanas became filled with wonder.

 14. To the brahmanas He gave fragrances, sandal paste, and flower garlands. When He gave them glorious betelnuts they were very pleased.  15. Vallabhacarya arranged for the bride's adhivasa ceremony. That very auspicious ritual was was performed by the best brahmanas.

 16. Fragrant scents, garlands, and sandal were exchanged. In the adhivasa ceremony Lord Gaura was decorated like the jewel of sons-in-law.

 17. In this way the adhivasa and the night both came to an end. Saying, Now we will go and collect Ganga water.", the girls were filled with bliss.

 18. Making waves of music, the instruments sounded in unison. The saintly ladies ended the adhivasa ceremony.

 19. Tossed by the nectar waves of Lord Gauranga's wedding, the young girls of Nadiya became wild with bliss.

 20. Walking in group after group, the brahmana girls were like groups of moons decorating the earth.

 21. Their eyes were like does' eyes. Their walking was like elephants' graceful steps. The splendor of their limbs defeated Kamadeva.

 22. Their hair, garments, and ornaments were peerless. They could conquer the most powerful sages' hearts.

 23. They smiled and laughed. They glistened like lightning. Their words were nectar. They laughed and joked. Walking along, they nodded and nodded with the desire to sleep.

 24. With sweet words tbey chanted Lord Gauranga's glories. Their limbs, splendid like Kamadeva, trembled.

 25. Waves of pearls decorated their noses and garments, pearls like a host of stars fallen to the earth during the reddish sunrise.

 26. These saintly girls went to Shaci's home. Shaci gave them gifts of fragrances, sandal, and betelnuts.

 27. The girls went to collect Ganga water. House after house they flooded with the ncetar of auspicious bliss.

(Sung in Tudi-raga)


 28. Their faces like moons lighting up the night, with sweet voices the girls sang songs praising Lord Gaura's pastimes. They sang:


 Refrain: Whoever went first sang songs of Lord Gaura's pastimes. Thus they went to collect Ganga water. Their hearts were all filled with bliss. Who amongst them had the power to remain calm and peaceful?


 29. Some wore glorious silk garments. Others wore garments of yellow. As they walked they fanned Lord Gaura's glorious limbs.

 30. Placing Shaci in front, they walked behind her. They waited for Lord Gaura. They tried to get close to Him.

 31. On the pretext of offering Him fragrances, sandal, and flower garlands, they touched Lord Gaura's limbs.

 32. Carefully they placed betelnuts and camphor in Lord Gaura's hand.

 33. Finally they met the married ladies. Filled with the nectar of wonderful bliss, they all performed the ritual of collecting Ganga water. In this way Locana dasa sings the glories of Lord Gaura.



Song 20 (Bhatiyari raga)



 34. In this way night blissfully turned into dawn. With happy hearts everyone performed these rituals.

 35. The rituals of bathing and giving gifts were rightly done. The demigods and pitas were worshiped.

 36. The Vedic rituals of nandimukha and shraddha were performed. When all was concluded, gifts and a feast were offered to the brahmanas.

 37. Gifts were given to the dancers and poets. The guests were all satisfied with many gifts.

 38. In their hearts everyone thought the sweet words of the hosts were far more important than the gifts. Gazing at the moonlike face of Lord Gaura, everyone felt his heart become pleased and cooled.

 39. In this way Lord Gaura rightly performed this portion of His marriage ritual. Then He bathed again.

 40. Then a barber came and did his barber's work. Then the assembled saintly ladies washed the Lord's graceful limbs.

 41. Musical instruments made a sweet sound. In the four directions was a great tumult of Jaya! Jaya!"  42. Then Shaci-devi and the married ladies performed rituals of worship. All was rightly done.

 43. To the friends and kinsmen that had come to her home, Shaci revealed her heart. She said:

 44. I am worthless like a pile of ashes. My husband is gone, and now my son is fatherless. I am poor and lowly. How can I properly honor you all?"

 45. With a voice choked with emotion Shaci spoke these words. Tears flowed from her eyes to her chest.

 46. Hearing His mother's anguished words, Lord Gaura lowered His head.

 47. He thought: Where has My father gone?" His heart was aflame. He was very sad.  48. Tears like strings of pearls flowed from His eyes. Seeing this, Shaci-devi became afraid.

 49. Seeing Lord Gaura weep, the saintly ladies began to weep also.

 50. Why? O father, why do I see your sad face even now? Even during this auspicious ceremony You still make Me weep.

 51. You are the whole world to Me. You are My only treasure. When you gave up your life you were very sad."

 52. Hearing His mother speak these words, Lord Gaura became very sad. His voice became choked with emotion.

 53. His face became like a moon fading at dawn. His voice rumbled like a new thundering cloud.

 54. To His mother Lord Gaura said: Please hear My words. Why is your heart so filled with grief?

 55. What wealth is not yours? Why are you distraught? Why do you grieve as if you were abandoned and alone?

 56. You remind Me I will never see My father again. Now My heart grieves like yours. What can I say to You?"

 57. To the guests at Our door please give gifts of sandal and betelnuts. Please absorb your heart in giving gifts.

 58. With fragrant sandal paste please anoint our guests' limbs. Please do not fill your heart with grief.

 59. Don't treat Our guests in this way. This hint I give to you."

 60. Hearing her son's words, Shaci calmly, calmly spoke. With sweet words she pacified Lord Vishvambhara.

 61. All the brahmanas were pleased by these words Lord Vishvambhar spoke.  62. At that time, in his own house, and accompanied by a host of brahmanas, Vallabhacarya worshiped the demigods and pitas.

 63. He gave his daughter many ornaments. He decorated her with garlands, sandal, and fragrant scents.

 64. At an auspicious moment he sent a brahmana to bring the bridegroom.

 65. Meanwhile Lord Vishvambhara was surrounded by His friends. They dressed His graceful limbs with very wonderful garments.

 66. They anointed His limbs with fragrances and sandal. On His forehead they placed a tilaka mark glorious like moonlight

 67. On His cheeks they placed glistening shark-shaped earrings. His chest they decorated with a string of pearls.

 68. His reddish eyes they anointed with splendid black kajjala. His eyebrows were like two bows held by the archer Kamadeva.

 69. He was decorated with glistening jewel rings, bracelets, and armlets. He was so glorious and effulgent no one could bear to look at Him.

 70. He was decorated with a splendid flower garland and a garment with a red border. The breeze from His limbs was very fragrant.

 71. He was splendid like a full moon or a golden mirror. The people gazed at Him. Their hearts had no power to remain aloof from Him.

 72. Gazing at His handsome form, the young girls were overwhelmed. With unblinking eyes the grown ladies gazed at His handsome form.

 73. At the auspicious moment the Lord offered obeisances to His mother and then departed. Great auspicious sounds of Jaya!" and of Lord Hari's holy names arose.

 74. Surrounded by his friends, the Lord ascended a glorious vehicle. Before Him singers sang and dancers danced.

 75. Brahmanas chanted the Vedas and poets recited poems. Trumpets, horns, flutes, and drums sounded.

 76. Damamas, dagadas, patahas, mridangas, dosaris, and moharis also sounded. Hearing the music, everyone became filled with bliss.

 77. Sounds of Hari! Haribol!" and Jaya! Jaya!" were heard. The people of Nadiya were wild with bliss.

 78. Pushing and shoving, everyone ran. No one had the power to stay on the pathways. The townspeople were all filled with wonder.

 79. Some had untied hair. Others were not completely dressed. Breathing heavily, all ran to see.  80. They did not whisper in each other's ear. Thet sent no hints or signals. They were not shy or reserved. Loudly calling to each other, everyone in Nadiya ran.  81. Proud ladies threw their pride far away and joyfully ran to see Lord Gauranga.

 82. Demigods flying celestial airplanes in outer space also looked. Filled with love, they flew closer to gaze at Lord Gaura's limbs.

 83. Goddesses gazed at Lord Gaura's face. In the four directions goddesses sang Lord Gaura's auspicious glories.



Song 21 (Vihagada raga)



 Refrain: During Lord Gaurangacandra's wedding sounds of Jaya! Jaya!" filled the four directions. The saintly ladies gathered and made a tumult of auspicious sounds. Joyfully they sang auspicious songs glorifying the Lord.


 84. Decorate your hair. Dress in a silk sari. Decorate your eyes with black kajjala. We will assemble and go together to Shri Vishvambhara's wedding.

 85. Quickly decorate yourself with necklaces, bracelets, armlets, anklets, and tinkling ornaments. In the place where your hair is parted place a line of red sindura. On your forehead place dots of sandal.

 86. Place betelnuts on your lips. Place betelnuts in your left hand. Walk with playful, languid grace. When we see Vishvambhara, who is like Kamadeva himself, we will have no power to remain peaceful and serene.

 87. Many different musical instruments are sounded. A hundred concshells are blown. Mridangas, patahas, kahalas, dundubhis, dindimas, and muharis make a sweet and joyful sound.

 88. The vinas make playful sounds. The flutes softly speak. The pakowajas are sounded. in Nadiya bliss fills home after home. Auspicious music is played everywhere.

 89. Gazing at Lord Gaurachandra's face, everyone in Nadiya is filled with bliss. No one is shy. Everyone gazes at Lord Gaura, whose glory defeats ten million Kamadevas.

 90. How many women, forgetting their husbands and children, flowers falling from their disheveled braids, and their garments in disarray, wildly ran?

 91. Glorious! Glorious! Glorious!", the beautiful girls called. No other sounmd could be heard. From thr four directions the ladies ran to see Lord Gaura.

 92. Some played the vina. Others sang songs. Others glory and with sounds of Jaya! Jaya!" This says Locana dasa.



Song 22 (Bhatiyari raga - Disha)



 Refrain: O my heart, please gaze at the wonderful Deity of Navadvipa, a Deity I worship with every breath.


 93. In this way Lord Gaura went to Vallabhacarya's home. Ths sky was filled with sounds of Jaya! Jaya!"

 94. Hundreds and hundreds of lamps glistened. The whole earth was effulgent. Lord Gaura's limbs glistened with great splendor.

 95. Vallabhacarya greeted Him with padya and arghya, escorted Him into the house, and offered auspicious blessings to Him.

 96. Then Lord Mahaprabhu stood on a platform under a canopy. He was effulgent and joyful.

 97. His face defeated the full moon. His sweet smile was filled with nectar.

 98. His limbs glistened like molten gold. His tall body was like Mount Sumeru.

 99. On His arms and hands were jewel arnlets, bracelets, and rings. The palms of His hands were glorious like red lotus flowers.

 100. A celestial garland of jsamine flowers swung on His fair limbs. It was like waves of the Ganga cascading down Mount Sumeru.

 101. A splendid crown touched His forehead. Gazing at Him, ten million Kamadevas are overcome with embarrasment.

 102. Earrings swung on His ears. To what can I compare them? They cast far away any other desire that may remain in the hearts of proud women.

 103. As Lord Mahaprabhu stood under the canopy, the married ladies performed the ritual of welcoming the bridegroom.

 104. They wore wonderful ornaments and glorious garments. Glistening lamps were in their hands and glorious joy in their hearts.

 105. The married ladies were in the fore. Behind them was the bride's mother. In this way the glorious ladies performed the ritual of welcoming the bridegroom.

 106. Bearing seven lamps in their hands, they circumambulated Him seven times. With happy hearts they washed His feet with yogurt.

 107. In this way they performed the ceremony of welcoming the bridegroom. Then the auspicious moment of dusk arrived.

 108. Then the glorious brahmana Vallabhacarya commanded that his daughter be brought at once.

 109. The beautiful girl sat on a glorious throne. The splendor of her limbs filled all the earth with light.

 110. On her four sides jewel lamps glistened. Her face defeated the splendid full moon.

 111. Her every limb was glorious with ornaments of jewels and gold. Her effulgence cast the darkness far away.

 112. Seven times she circumambulated her master. Folding her hands and bowing her head, she offered obeisances to Him.

 113. Then a curtain was drawn around Them. The two of Them gazed at each other. As They gazed at each other, Their eyes danced.

 114. They were like Candra and Rohini meeting. With Their glances They shot arrows of flowers at each other.

 115. They were like Shiva and Parvati meeting. In this ritual first meeting behind a curtain They both trembled, overcome with bliss.

 116. In the four directions were great sounds of Jaya! Jaya!" and Hari! Hari!" Wild with bliss, everyone danced.

 117. Then Lord Vishvambhara, who is in truth Lord Narayana, the goddess of fortune's husband, sat down. His bride was on His left.

 118. Her face bowed with shyness, she sat down beside Him. Then Vallabhacarya worshiped his son-in-law. All this was rightly done.

 119-127. The Supreme Personality of Godhead, whose lotus feet the demigod Brahma worshiped with arghya, by whose mercy Brahma attained the power to create the material universe, from whose feet the Ganga flows to the earth and gives liberation to all, whose three steps traversed the universe, to whom Maharaja Bali completely surrendered, the dust of whose lotus feet Maharaja Bali placed on his head, by chanting the glories of whose feet a certain great yogi became the demigod Shiva, whose feet the goddess of fortune joyfully serves, whose plenary expansion (amsha-avatara) is Lord Vishnu, whose plenary expansion Adi-Varaha rescued the earth, whose avataras Matsya, Kurma, Varaha, Nrisimha, Vamana, Parashurama, Ramacandra, Buddha, Vyasa, and others are described in the eighteen Puranas, whose ten avataras are glorified with many songs, who yuga after yuga descends to the material world to deliver the conditioned souls, and whose glories cannot be completely described by anyone in the three material worlds, became Vallabhacarya's son-in-law.

 128. Songs that glorify Lord Gauranga are floods of nectar. Anyone who hears descriptions of Lord Gauranga destroys the offenses in his heart.

 129. To Lord Gauranga's lotus feet, the worship of which destroys the darkness that fills this world of birth and death, Vallabhacarya offered arghya.

 130. To Lord Gauranga, who gave a royal throne to King Indra, Vallabhacarya offered a brahmana's seat.

 131. To the Supreme Personality of Godhead, who is arrayed in celestial yellow garments, Vallabhacarya offered a simple cloth. To hear of it I tremble with fear.

 132. Beginning with the yajna, the rituals were performed one after the other. At the end everything was complete.

 133. No one is fortunate like Vallabhacarya. He gave his daughter to the master of Vaikuntha.

 134. How can I describe Vallabhacarya's great good fortune? In his home the Supreme Personality of Godhead enjoyed a feast of the five kinds of delicious foods.

 135. Alone together in a private room, the bride and groom enjoyed a feast. In that room eventually hundreds and hundreds of saintly ladies gathered.

 136. Group after group of young girls stayed at the Lord's side. They were in front and also behind. They completely surrounded Lord Vishvambhara.

 137. Seeing the smiling moon of the Lord's face rise before them, the girls felt the darkness of their shyness flee far away.

 138. In that wedding meeting one girl spoke playful puns. Overcome by Lord Gaura's glories, everyone joked and laughed.

 139. One girl said: Listen, O Vishvambhara. Give these betelnuts to Lakshmipriya just as she is about to fall asleep.

 140. Personally place them in her mouth. Now all her friends may look at her with happy hearts."

 141. Another girl said: Who is fortunate like Lakshmipriya? She has Vishvambhara for her husband.

 142-143. What austerities did she perform? What vows did she follow? What charity did she give? How did she worship the devas? How did she struggle to attain spiritual knowledge? How was she saintly and chaste that now on this earth she may gaze on Vishvambhara's handsome form?

 144. Vishvambhara's handsome face defeats Kamadeva. He is the thief that has stolen the jewel heart of the proudest and most glorious girl.

 145. His storng arms defeat Kamadeva's staff. Filled with longings, His beautiful bride rests on His chest.

 146. Lakshmipriya will enjoy glorious pastimes on His every limb. But when will I be able even to touch Him?

 147. My desire is that some day I will become the maidservant of Gauranga and Lakshmipriya. Then I will serve my Lord Gaurangacandra."



Song 23 (Varadi raga)



 Refrain: O! Lord Gaurangacandra is my very life!


 148. The Lord and His associates enjoyed many pastimes in this way. Then dawn came. The Lord performed His morning duties.

 149. On the day after His wedding the Lord performed the kushandika ritual. He offered a great feast to the brahmanas. Then He performed His own brahminical duties.

 150. All this He did on that day. On the following day He returned to His home. The narration is spoken in that way.

 151. With a happy heart Lord Gaura returned to His home, where He worshiped His kinsmen with offerings of gold and silver.

 152. Lord Gaura sat. Lakshmipriya sat by His side on the same seat. The ladies surrounded Them on four sides.

 153. Vallabhacarya's heart was both happy and sad. When They left his house, he blessed the bride and groom.

 154. To his son-in-law he gave durva grass, grains, fragrances, garlands, betelnuts, and sandal. Then he said:

 155. I have no wealth. I am worthless like a pile of ashes. I am not fortunate. What proper gift can I give to You? How can I be worthy to be Your kinsman?

 156. Your mercy to me is my only virtue. By accepting my daughter You have made me fortunate.

 157. O Lord, what can I say to You? How can I be worthy to be Your kinsman? By Your own glorious mercy You have become my son-in-law.

 158. Now that I have taken shelter of Your fearless lotus-feet, Yamaraja will never trouble me.

 159. Now that I have given my daughter to You, the devas and pitas are certainly pleased with me.

 160. The feet I now worship Brahma, Shiva, and all the demigods worship in a trance of meditation.

 161. Now I will say something more. Please listen, O Vishvambhara." As he spoke these words his throat became choked with emotion.

 162. Tears pushed by emotion flowed from his eyes. Taking Lakshmipriya's hand, he placed it in Lord Vishvambhara's hand.

 163. I give Lakshmipriya to You. From today on she is Yours. Please know this. Now it is for You to maintain and protect her.

 164. In my home she was always like a queen. From today on she is Your maidservant.  165. In my home she was always very free and independent. From her mother she would always demand very opulent foods.

 166. In my home she was always affectionately hugged by her mother and father. She came and went as she liked.

 167. Everyone was always very affectionate to Lakshmipriya. I had no son. In my home my one daughter is everything to me.

 168. What can I say? I am Your follower. Overcome with a father's love, I have spoken these words.

 169. With a bewildered heart I spoke these words. What could I do? I was bewildered by maya, by the maya of which You are the master.

 170. In the three worlds no girl is fortunate like my Lakshmipriya. Overcome with love, I speak these words."

 171. His lamenting eyes red like the rising sun, Vallabhacarya spoke these words.

 172. His beloved on His left, Lord Vishvambhara departed. Accompanied by Lakshmipriya, He ascended a carriage.

 173. Conchshells and dundubhi drums sounded. There were shouts of Jaya! Jaya!" Many different musical instruments were sounded. Everyone was tossed by waves of bliss.

 174. Brahmanas chanted the Vedas. Poets recited poems. Before the Lord dancers danced. Everyone was plunged in an ocean of bliss that had no shore.

 175. Surrounded by His friends, the Lord proceeded on the pathway. Flying in outer space in their celestial airplanes, the demigods followed as the Lord proceeded.

 176. Shaci and the married ladies were filled with bliss. With joy and wonder Shaci celebrated a great festival for her son.

 177. Auspicious waterpots with twigs and coconuts adorned her door.

 178. At an auspicious moment Lord Gaura returned home. With glistening ghee-lamps He was offered arati.

 179. The ladies offered arati to Him. There was singing, dancing, and a great tumult of Jaya Jaya!"

 180. Many different musical instruemnts were played. Everyone was plunged in an ocean of bliss that had no shore. Shaci's home was filled with delight.

 181. Auspicious sounds arose. The bliss was great. Holding Lakshmipriya's hand, Lord Gaura entered His home.

 182. Shaci-devi embraced her son and daughter-in-law. Offering Them a gift of grains and durva grass, she said: May You both live long."

 183. She kissed her son's face and drank in the sight of her new daughter-in-law. Then she kissed her daughter-in-law's face and gazed at her son.

 184. Shaci's home was filled with bliss. In this way Locana dasa sings this song glorifying Lord Gaura.