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Kaishora-lila - Prabhura Dvitiya-vivaha

Kaishora Pastimes - The Lord's Second Wedding


Song 27 (Shri raga - Disha)



 Refrain: In the villages of Nadiya arose many joyful sounds of O jewel of Lord Gaura! O moon of the brahmanas!"


 Glory, glory to Lord Gaura!


 1. In Navadvipa Lord Vishvambhara happily passed some days as Shaci's unmarried son.

 2. He happily stayed amongst His friends and kinsmen. Still, sadness came to Shaci's heart.

 3. Seeing there was no daughter-in-law in her home, she became very sad. In her heart she decided to arrange for Lord Vishvambhara's marriage.

 4. In her heart she decided: If there is a suitable girl, that would be good."

 5. Meeting in private with a brahmana named Kashinatha, Shaci revealed the thoughts in her heart. She said to him:

 6. Please go to Sanatana Pandita's house and tell him these words I now say to you.

 7. My son has good character and all virtues. He would, if you agree in your heart, be a good husband for your daughter."

 8. Hearing Mother Shaci speak these words, the brahmana Kashinatha quickly departed.

 9. The great brahmana Kashinatha went to visit Sanatana Pandita at his house.

 10. Come in. Come in.", Sanatana Pandita said. He offered his guest a seat. Smiling and smiling, he said: What is your mission?"

 11. Kashinatha said: Listen. Listen, O pandita. I will tell you everything, everything that is right.

 12. You are learned in all the scriptures. You are the most fortunate person on the earth. What remains unknown to you?

 13. You are very religious. You are devoted to Lord Vishnu. You are intent on performing your duties as a brahmana.

 14. Vishvambhara's mother, Shaci, knows all this. She called for me and told me what was in her heart.

 15. She sent me with a message for you. Please listen carefully and I will repeat her words.

 16. To you I will repeat what was at the heart of her words. Please listen and do what you think is right.

 17. Vishvambhara would be a very suitable husband for your daughter. Now I have told you everything. Please give your reply."

 18. Hearing these words, Sanatana Pandita considered them in his heart. Then he discussed them with his kinsmen.

 19. Finally Sanatana Pandita said to Kashinatha Pandita: Now I will say what is in my heart. Please listen, O great soul.

 20. Day and night I thought of this in my heart, but I had no courage to speak of it.

 21. Today is very auspicious. Today Lord Vishvambhara, who is a great treasure of virtues, will become my son-in-law.

 22. When Shaci-devi personally gives her consent, then I will know that I have become truly fortunate.

 23. Who is fortunate like me? I will offer my daughter to Lord Krishna, the Supreme Personality of Godhead.

 24. By offering Him my daughter, I will worship the Supreme Personality of Godhead, whose lotus feet Brahma and Shiva worship.

 25. Please go and place these words before Shaci-devi's feet:

 26. `When the proper day is decided I will send a brahmana with the news. Then you may make arrangements for the auspicious ceremony.' "

 27. When Sanatana Pandita spoke these words, the great brahmana Kashinatha quickly departed.

 28. Bowing before Shaci's feet, he told her everything. 29. Delighted, Shaci heard his words. Smiling, she began to arrange for her son's wedding.

 30. Fortunate Shaci gathered many different articles for the wedding. On various pretexts she went to see her prospective daughter-in-law.

 31. After some days Sanatana Pandita sent a brahmana with the news.

 32. To the brahmana he said: Before Shaci's feet please place these words:

 33. `If you accept my proposal, I will become fortunate. Let this ceremony soon be performed.

 34. `By giving my daughter to the Supreme Personality of Godhead, Lord Krishna, who has now become Shaci's son, I will become liberated from this world of birth and death.' "

 35. After hearing these words, the brahmana went to Shaci's house. Approaching Shaci's feet, he said:

 36. Shri Sanatana Pandita sent me to give you this message from his heart:

 37. `If you accept my proposal, I will become fortunate. I will give my daughter to your son Vishvambhara.' "

 38. Hearing this, delighted Shaci siad: Excellent. Excellent. I agree. Please quickly arrange it."

 39. Hearing these words, the delighted brahmana sweetly said:

 40. By attaining a husband like Vishvambhara, Vishnupriya (dear to Lord Vishnu) will becom e worthy of her name

 41. In her heart she knows that she has now become like Rukmini, who attained Lord Krishna as her husband."

 42. Hearing these words, Shaci was delighted. Then the brahmana returned and repeated her words to Sanatana Pandita.  43. Shri Sanatana Pandita was very pleased. He began to gather all that was needed for the wedding ceremony.

 44. That noble-hearted soul gathered the ornaments and various articles needed for the adhivasa ceremony.

 45. Calling for an astrologer, he humbly said: i will arrange Vishnupriya's wedding. Please determine the right moment.

 46. The astrologer said: Listen. Listen, O pandita. As I was coming here, I accidentally met Vishvambhara.

 47. Seeing him, I became joyful at heart. Joking, I said to Him:

 48. `Soon Your auspicious adhivasa ceremony will be performed. Then will come Your wedding. Please hear my words.'

 49. Hearing these words, Vishvambhara said: `Where will be this wedding? Who are the bride and groom?'

 50. These words He directly spoke to me. Please consider them and then decide what you should do."

 51. Hearing these words from thw astrologer's mouth, Sanatana Pandita was no longer calm and peaceful.

 52. Sanatana Pandita was very noble and generous. Gathering his kinsmen, he considered what to do.

 53. He said: I gathered many ornaments and articles for the ceremony. How can I be faulted for what I did?

 54. I committed no offense. For no reason Lord Gaura-Hari has rejected my offer."

 55. Speaking these words, he manifested the sadness that was then born birth in his heart. Flames burned in his heart. Then his wife spoke to him.

 56. She was modest, saintly, chaste, devoted to her husband, and born in a very respectable family. She had all virtues and good character. She was devoted to Lord Vishnu.

 57. Seeing her husband's sadness, she also became sad. Renouncing all shyness, she approached her husband and said:  58. Because Vishvambhara will not consent to this ceremony, why would the people of Nadiya find fault with you?

 59. If Vishvambhara, who is Lord Hari Himself, will not consent, what power have you to convince Him?

 60. He is the supremely independent Personality of Godhead. He is the master of all. Brahma, Shiva, Indra, and all the demigods are His servants.

 61. Why would He become your son-in-law? Please meditate on Lord Krishna's teachings and be peaceful at heart.

 62. You have no power to change things. You are sad for no reason. Please kill your sadness. I fear to speak these words."

 63. When his wife spoke these words, Sanatana Pandita covered his sadness.

 64. Consulting with his friends and knsmen, he said: Vishvambhara does not agree. How am I at fault?"

 65. Saying this, he spoke no further. The brahmana and his wife were both sad at heart.

 66. As he thought, sadness again was born in his heart. He thought: O! O Lord Vishvambhara, You have embarrassed me.

 67. Glory, glory to the Supreme Lord who removed Draupadi's embarrassment and fear! Glory, glory to the Supreme Lord who rescued Gajendra from the crocodile's jaws!

 68. Glory, glory to the Lord who protected the Pandavas, rescued Rukmini, and freed Ahalya from her sins!"

 69. In this way the brahmana spoke many prayers. Lord Gauranga, the master of the worlds, knew all that had happened.

 70. Hearing these prayers, Lord vishvambhara thought: Why should he suffer like this in his heart?

 71. Two of My devotees are very unhappy at heart." Smiling and smiling, the Lord then playfully spoke these words:

 72. From amongst His friends, he selected one especially dear friend. In private the Lord revealed His heart to him.

 73. Please go to Sanatana Pandita's house. Pretend tjust to have a chat with him. What he will say i do not know.

 74. Tell him I was only joking when I told the astrologer I knew nothing of the wedding. Ask him: why are you so upset?

 75. I have not rejected this wedding. It is not right that you are both so sad at heart.

 76. I agree to the proposal he gave to My mother. Why should I do otherwise?

 77. The idea that the wedding is cancelled is a lie. The sadness in your heart is not right. Please arrange for the wedding. That is what is right."

 78. Lord Gaura sent the brahmana with that message. The brahmana repeated it all to Sanatana Mishra


Song 28 (Ramakeli raga - Disha)



 Refrain: O Hari! O Rama! O Narayana! O Shaci's son splendid like gold!


 79. Sanatana Pandita became joyful at heart. Happily he determined the auspicious day and time.

 80. Learning of Lord Gaura's decision, he called an astrologer to his home and determined the auspicious day.

 81. After careful analysis, the astrologer determined the auspicious day, time, lagna, tithi, and star.

 82. At the time of the adhivasa ceremony, the saintly sadhus, brahmanas, and saj-janas met to bless Lord Gaura.

 83. Delighted Shaci-devi met with the married ladies. To celebrate her son's wedding, she gave them many gifts.

 84. She gave them oil and turmeric. On their foreheads she placed red sindura. She gave them bananas, sandesha, khadira, and betelnuts.

 85. The married ladies sang auspicious songs. The brahmanas also attended Lord Gaura's adhivasa ceremony.

 86. The brahmanas recited the Vedas. Conchshells were sounded. Mridangas, patahas, and other musical instruments were played.

 87. From the four directions the ladies chanted, Jaya! Jaya!" The Lord's adhivasa ceremony was very glorious.

 88. The brahmanas were worshiped with gifts of glorious ornaments, fragrances, garlands, sandal paste, and betelnuts mixed with camphor.  89. At that time faithful Shri Sanatana Pandita was very joyful at heart.

 90. By sending some saintly brahmanas and their wives as his representatives, in his heart he observed the adhivasa ceremony of his prospective son-in-law.

 91. Then he observed his daughter's adhivasa ceremony. Her limbs glistened with many jewel ornaments.

 92. At the time of the adhivasa ceremony he rightly worshiped the devas and pitas. The calls of jaya! Jaya!" had no end.

 93. The brahmanas recited the Vedas. Conchshells were sounded. Mridangas, patahas, and other musical instruments were played.

 94. In this way the two adhivasa ceremonies were performed. At dawn of the next day Lord Gaura arose.

 95. He performed His morning duties, bathed in the Ganga, and performed the nandimukha and shraddha ceremonies.

 96. He carefully worshiped the devas and pitas. Then, to prepare for His wedding, He bathed again.

 97. A barber came and did his barber's work. The saintly ladies anointed His limbs with fragrances.

 98. Bliss filled Nadiya's villages. Everything was very auspicious for Lord Vishvambhara's wedding.

 99. Then the limbs of Lord Vishvambhara Raya Mahaprabhu were dressed in glorious garments.

 100. He was decorated with glistening jewel ornaments and dressed in garments with a red border. A very fragrant breeze came from Lord Gaura's limbs.

 101. His limbs were naturally fragrant. To that many other glorious fragrances were added. The forehead on His glorious moonlike face was decorated with sandal tilaka.

 102. His fingernails and toenails shone like a line of moons. Rings glistened on His fingers. His body was so effulgent no one could bear even to look at Him.

 103. His thighs were graceful. His lips were like bimba fruits. Flower earrings rested on His ears and cheeks.

 104. He wore bracelts, armlets, and anklets. Gazing at Himn, the ladies felt their hearts tremble.

 105. Meanwhile, in his house Sanatana Pandita decorated his daughter with many jewel ornaments.

 106. She was dressed in exquisite garments, decorated with flower garlands, and anointed with sandal and fragrances. Even without ornaments her limbs were glorious and effulgent.

 107. Vishnupriya's limbs defeated millions of golden arrows. She was like lightning personified.

 108. Her braids defeated the most glorious black serpents. She had the power to enchant the hearts of the greatest sages. Who can speak any metaphor that can properly describe the red sindura anointing her head?

 109. Her charming eyeborws defeated the bow held by the archer Kamadeva. Her graceful nose defeated the parrot's beak.

 110. Her eyes defeated the doe's eyes. Her ears defeated the gridhini bird's ear.

 111. Her peerless glorious lips defeated the bandhuli flower. Her glistening teeth defeated pearls.

 112. Her neck, which charmed every heart in the world, defeated the conchshell. Her graceful neck defeated the lion's neck.

 113. Her arms defeated the splendid grace of golden lotus stems. Her palms defeated the red lotus flower.

 114. Her charming fingers defeated campaka buds. Her glistening fingernails and toenails defeated a host of moons.

 115. Her graceful breasts defeated Mount Sumeru. Her hair defeated the lion's mane.

 116. Her hips defeated the great wheels on Kamadeva's chariot. Her thighs defeated the graceful banana trees.

 117. Her great beauty defeated everything created by Brahma in the three worlds. Her glorious hands and feet defeated the red lotus flowers.

 118. Her splendid fingernails and toenails defeated a host of spotless moons. Glistening splendor took its birth on her eyes and on her limbs.

 119. She was decorated with splendid garments and with garlands, fragrances, and sandal. Even without ornaments, the splendor of her limbs filled the whole country.

 120. She charmed the three worlds. She defeated even Goddess Parvati. Her limbs and ornaments filled the earth with light.

 121. At the appropriate auspicious moment, Sanatana Pandita sent a brahmana messenger to bring the bridegroom.

 122. Standing before the Lord Gaura, the brahmana messenger humbly spoke.

 123. Gazing at Lord Gaura's effulgent limbs, the brahmana thought of how he and Sanatana Pandita had become very fortunate.

 124. The brahmana said: Please listen, O Vishvambhara. The auspicious moment has come. Please hurry.

 125. What can I say as I stand before You? You are the Supreme Personality of Godhead. I now see the Supreme Lord standing before me.

 126. Gently, gently smiling, Lord Vishvambhara sat on a palanquin and, at the auspicious moment, departed.  127. Shaci and the married ladies gave Him their blessings. The Lord took the dust from His mother's feet and placed it on His head.

 128. Conchshells, dundubhis, bheris, kahalas, dandimas, muharis, and dindimas all sweetly sounded.

 129. Vinas, flutes, vilasas, rababs, upangas, and pakhowajas joyfully sounded together.

 130. Padahas, mridangas, kamsyas, karatalas, bugles, and shanais all sounded together.

 131. Many different musical instruments were played. I do not know all their names. Befiore the Lord dancers danced and reciters recited the Vedas.

 132. Singers sang songs, and poets recited poems. Accompanied by His friends, the Lord proceeded.

 133. From home after home the people, waving their arms, ran to see Lord Gaura.



Song 29 (Vihagada raga)



 134-135. Wearing glorious silk saris and glorious silk bodices, glorious earrings on their ears, their hair gracefully tied, wearing necklaces of pearls and gold, and rejecting red cosmetics, the beautiful, beautiful, beautiful young girls of Nadiya were plunged in an ocean of bliss. Running to see Lord Vishvambhara's wedding, they sang very auspicious songs.

 136. Some had glorious silk garments in disarray. Some had a regal-scented campaka flower decorating an ear. They were graceful like regal elephants. With doe eyes they cast crooked glances in different directions. They did not know where to go.

 137. Decorated with black anjana, their restless eyes were like khanjana birds. Their anointed with the ointment of Lord Gaura's form, they would not go anywhere but to Him.

 138. Hearing them coming, in village after village the girls ran behind them. Some still had a comb in their hair. Some had not finished arranging their garments.

 139. The girls abandoned their pearllike husbands. They abandoned their families and kin. They paid no attention to their garments and ornaments. They became like wild women.

 140. They were like a host of stationary lightning flashes, or swans, or autumn moons. Row after row after row, they held hands.

 141. Men and women ran. As if they had only one mouth, no one spoke what was in his heart. Pushing and shoving, they ran like wild people to see Lord Gauranga's face.

 142. The young, old, blind, lame, frail, and sick all yearned to see Lord Gaura. They were not shackled to each other. Still, the friends continued to hold each other's hands as they ran.

 143. Filled with Kamadeva's desires, the girls gazed at Lord Gaura's face. They became wild to see Him. Row after row of birds and animals stood, gazing at Lord Gaura.

 144. Lord Gaura was surrounded by His friends. He was decorated with glistening ornaments. A crown was on His forehead. Locana dasa says: The girls were delirious. The doors of their hearts were broken open.



Song 30 (Varadi raga - Dhulapelajata)



 145. In this way Lord Vishvambhara arrived at Sanatana Pandita's house. Now become like an ocean of joy, the pandita approached the Lord and offered padya and arghya. Glorious glorious was Shaci's son.

 146. After offering padya and arghya he placed Lord Gaurachandra under a canopy. Everyone chanted: Hari!" Though hundreds and hundreds of lamps shone brilliantly, Lord Gaura's glorious body defeated their splendor.

 147. The married ladies made a joyous tumult. Conchshells, dundubhis, and musical instruments sounded. Dressed in splendid silk saris, the married ladies circumambulated the Lord.

 148. The married ladies stood before the Lord and offered arati. Then the bride was brought before Him. Gazing at Lord Vishvambhara, who was decorated with the jewels of all transcendental virtues, the ladies became filled with bliss. They thought their feet no longer touched the ground.

 150. In her heart Vishnupriya's mother thought of Lord Gaura-Hari. She thought: My daughter Vishnupriya is very suitable for Him."

 151. One married lady offered arati with a jewel lamp. Lord Gaura's limbs shone with great splendor. Smelling the fragrance of the Lord's limbs, the ladies struggled to keep their hearts from going wild with bliss.

 152. Seven times the ladies circumambulated Lord Gaurachandra. With yougrt they washed His lotus feet. Sanatana Pandita gave gifts of splendid garments and splendid ornaments to the bridegroom.

 153. The bridegroom's limbs he anointed with splendid fragrances and sandal. On the bridegroom's neck he placed a malati garland.

 154. The Lord's body was graceful like a Mount Sumeru with the celestial Ganga cascading in two streams down both its sides. Gazing at His body decorated with a malati garland, the Sanatana Pandita felt the hairs of His stand erect with joy.

 155. Then Sanatana Pandita, the jewel of the brahmanas, commanded that his daughter be brought there. Sitting on a jewel throne, she was the most beautiful girl in the three worlds. Her limbs were efulgent like lightning.

 156. Vishnupriya, who charmed the hearts of the world, and whose namesake was Goddess Maha-Lakshmi, was brought before the Lord. With restless crooked glances she gazed at Lord Gauranga's face. She gently, gently smiled. She was beyond compare.

 157. Seven times she circumambulated the Lord. With folded hands she offered obeisances. When a curtain was drawn around Them, They gazed at each other with Their four eyes. Then They enjoyed flower pastimes.  158. From everyone joyous shouts of Hari! Hari!" arose. The bride and groom stood under a canopy. Everyone said: Glorious! They are glorious!" Someone said: They are like Candra and Rohini". Someone else said: They are like Shiva and Parvati."

 159. Gently smiling, Lord Vishvambhara then sat on a throne. Then Sanatana Pandita offered his daughter to the Lord's lotus feet.

 160. Everything was rightly done. Many gifts were given. The bride and groom sat on the throne together. During that wedding ritual in Sanatana Pandita's home, the bride and groom enjoyed a meal together.

 161. Joyful at heart, the married ladies offered Them betelnuts and camphor. With their eyes they gazed at Shri Gaurangacandra Hari as He sat in that room.

 162. In their hearts the ladies thought: Today Vishvambhara and Vishnupriya sit in this house. Vishnupriya is actually Goddess Lakshmi, and Vishvambhara is actually Lord Vishnu. They have both come to this earth."

 163. The ladies thought many thoughts like this. Many splendid garlands they placed around Lord Vishvambhara's neck. The Lord fulfilled every desire in their hearts.

 164. One lady anointed the Lord's limbs with sandal and fragrances. Tocuhing the Lord, she became wild with bliss. Another lady enjoyed a conversation with the Lord. Overcome with bliss, another lady fell to the ground. The desires of her life were all fuflilled.

 165. Another lady offered betelnuts to the Lord. Another lady offered a handful of flowers to the Lord's feet. In her heart she thought: Birth after birth I offer myself to You, O Lord."

 166. In this way the night passed. The Supreme Lord, who is adorned with the jewels of all virtues, was thus gloriously manifest before the married ladies. At dawn Lord Vishvambhara, who possesses the treasure of all virtues, performed His morning duties. On that day He performed the kushandika ritual.

 167. On the following day the Lord sat down and said: Now I will return to My home." On the pretext of offering gifts, the Lord's associates worshiped Him. There were sounds of conchshells and great sounds of Jaya! Jaya!"

 168. Sanatana Pandita and his wife offered gifts of sandal paste, betelnuts, and flower garlands to the newly married couple. On the couple's heads they placed durva grass and rice paddy. Saying, May You both live long", they offered their blessings.

 169. Her heart trembling, Goddess Vishnupriya gazed at her mother and father. She humbly spoke in a voice filled with emotion.

 170. Sad at heart, Sanatana Pandita said to the Lord: What can I say to You? It is only by Your mercy that I may give my daughter to You. How can I be qualified to give any gift to You?

 171. This I say: I am fortunate to have You as my son-iu-law. My whole house is fortunate. Today I place my Vishnupriya at Your lotus feet." With a voice choked with emotion he spoke these words.

 172. Tears streamed form his eyes. His eyes and face were red. He spoke with a choked voice. Into Lord Vishvambhara's hand he placed Vishnupriya's hand. Tears treamed from his eyes.

 173. Then, at an auspicious moment, the Lord ascended a palanquin. Everyone was joyful at heart. Many musical instruments played. Mridangas and conchshells sounded. Calls of Hari!" filled the sky.

 174. Dancers danced before the newlyweds. The virtuous people were all there. As the people chanted Jaya! Jaya!", the Lord traveled on His palanquin. Finally He came to His own home.

 175. Joyful Shaci and the married ladies offered arati to the newlyweds. Everyone made auspicious sounds of Jaya! Jaya!" Everuone chanted Hari!" They all offered many gifts.

 176. Auspicious pots were placed before hte Lord. Poets recited poems. Brahmanas chanted the Vedas. At the auspicious moment, taking Vishnupriya by the hand, the Lord entered His home.

 177. Overcome with bliss and love, Shaci embraced Vishvambhara. She kissed His moonlike face. Surrounded by the married ladies, and overcome with bliss, Shaci embarced her daughter-in-law.

 178. She could not contain the bliss she felt. The people offered many gifts. Seeing that Vishvambhara and Vishnupriya were now joined together, everyone was delighted and satisfied. In this way Locana dasa sings Lord Gaura's glories.