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Kaishora-lila - Prabhura Banga-vijaya

Kaishora Pastimes - The Lord's Glorious Journey to East Bengal


Song 24 (Shri raga)



 Refrain: O, please gaze at the wonderful Deity of Navadvipa!


 1. Everyone please hear this story of another day. Lord Vishvambhara's glories are eternally new and fresh.

 2. Accompanied by His friends Lord Vishvambhara went at sunset to the beautiful riverbank to see the Ganga.

 3. On both banks of the river brahmanas and saintly devotees again and again offered obeisances and prayers to the Ganga.

 4. Waterpots at their hips, the village ladies came. With open mouths they gazed at Goddess Ganga.

 5. A shoreless sea of mishras, acaryas, bhatöas, and panditas came. How many saintly, pious men came?

 6-7. Many people came to the Ganga's banks, fell down like sticks to offer obeisances, and gazed at the Ganga's pure waters. With many offerings of flowers, fragrances, sandal, garlands, and splendid bananas, Goddess Ganga was worshiped by children, adults, and teenage boys and girls.  8. Goddess Ganga, who purifies the three worlds, flowed with great speed and force. Overcome with love for Lord Gaura, Goddess Ganga could not restrain herself.

 9. Goddess Ganga rose. Her waters increased. All along her banks she made a great sound. She touched Lord Gaura's body.

 10. Yearning to touch Lord Gaura again and again, Goddess Ganga overflowed. Thinking of these events, the people began to doubt.

 11. They thought: Every day I see the Ganga, but today it is unusual. It is very powerful. I hear it roaring.

 12. There are no rainclouds, but still the water has risen. The current is very swift."

 13. Everyone thought in this way. Amongst them was a certain brahmana who was a great devotee of Goddess Ganga.

 14. By Goddess Ganga's mercy this pure-hearted brahmana knew everything about the past, present, and future.

 15. Seein that the Ganga was celebrating a great festival, this brahmana became joyful. He thought and thought of what was then occurring.

 16. Suddenly he saw Lord Vishvambhara and His friends approach the Ganga.

 17. With great love the Lord gazed at the Ganga. The hairs of His body stood erect. It was as if His body had doubled.

 18. Tears flowed from the Lord's merciful eyes reddish like the rising sun. Seeing this, the brahmana gazed into his own heart.

 19. He is the Supreme Personality of Godhead. He is no other." Thinking and thinking in this way, he approached the Lord.

 20. Approaching the Lord, the brahmana fell down like a stick to offer obeisances. He saw that the Lord was overcome with love for Goddess Ganga.

 21. Again and again the Lord remembered the Ganga in His heart. Approaching, the Ganga touched the Lord's hands.

 22. By touching the Lord's hands, Goddess Ganga felt her desires were not satisfied. On the pretext of making a sudden wave, Goddess Ganga then spoke words of greeting to welcome Lord Gaura's feet.  23. Filled with ecstasy, Lord Gaura shouted: Haribol!" Overcome, and taking His associates with Him, Lord Gaura embraced Goddess Ganga.

 24. Filled with love, Lord Gaura was now red like the rising sun. Standing erect, the hairs of His body defeated the filaments of the kadamba flowers.

 25. Filled with love, Goddess Ganga embraced Lord Gaura to her chest. The tears from her eyes flowed towards the ocean in a hundred currents.

 26. From pore after pore of the Supreme Lord's body, the water of the Ganga flows. The people say it is the Supreme Lord's perspiration. The Ganga is a rising ocean of ecstatic spiritual love. The Ganga is the Supreme Personality of Godhead Himself in a form of water.

 27. In the four directions all the people shouted: Hari! Haribol!" With blissful waves the Ganga became a rising ocean of ecstatic love.

 28. The people of Nadiya were all filled with wonder. Only the brahmana devotee of the Ganga understood the truth of these actions.

 29. That brahmana saw that Vishvambhara is the Supreme Personality of Godhead and that the Ganga overflowed as she gazed at Him with ecstatic love.

 30. Falling at Lord Vishvambhara's feet, the brahmana, in a voice choked with emotion, said: On the this day Goddess Ganga has truly given her mercy to me.

 31. With my own eyes I now see the Supreme Personality of Godhead, whom even the kings of the yogis and the kings of the sages cannot see in their trance of meditation."

 32. He rolled on the ground. He loudly wept. Overcome with the ecstasy of love, that brahmana forgot himself.

 33. In the four directions all the people fell down like sticks. With open mouths they repeated what the brahmana had said.

 34. Casting a glance at the brahmana overcome with ecstatic love, Lord Gaura, His heart filled with joy, returned to His own home.

 35. Everyone please hear what the brahmana then spoke, his words describing Goddess Ganga's birth.

 36. He said: I will tell why Goddess Ganga has now risen so high. Please listen carefully.

 37. One day Lord Shiva, chanting Lord Krishna's glories, was filled with bliss.

 38. Narada Muni came and also chanted Lord Krishna's glories. Then Ganesha came and played on a musical instrument. From head to feet the hairs of their bodies stood erect.

 39. The three of them together sang Lord Krishna's glories. The waves of spiritual sounds that came from them broke the covering of the material universe.

 40. Narada Muni played his vina, Ganesha played a musical instrument, and Lord Shiva sang. Then Lord Krishna personally came there.

 41. Overcome with ecstasy, Lord Krishna came there. Then Lord Shiva, Narada Muni, and Ganesha together sang Lord Krishna's glories.

 42. Lord Krishna said: `Please don't sing like this. Lord Shiva, please listen. You don't know what happens when you sing like this.

 43. `When you sing like this my body cannot remain stable. My body will melt.'

 44. Hearing Lord Krishna's words, lord Shiva laughed and said: `I will see if that is the truth.'

 45. Then Lord Shiva began to sing with even more fervor. His singing filled the sky and the ground. It filled the whole material universe.

 46. Then Lord Krishna's body began to melt. Frightened, Lord Shiva stopped singing.

 47. He stopped singing. He became peaceful and composed. The part of Lord Krishna that melted became famous in the worlds as the water of Lord Krishna's mercy.

 48. That water of Lord Krishna's mercy became known as drava-brahma" (the water form of the Supreme Personality of Godhead). Lord Krishna affirms that spiritual water is a very holy place where pilgrims gather.

 49. That water is very rare, very rare in this world. Lord Brahma carefully kept that water in his kamandalu.

 50. Later Lord Krishna mercifully gave that water to Maharaja Bali, who is a great devotee of the Lord.

 51. Lord Krishna begged for as much land as He could walk in three steps. However, with His first two steps Lord Krishna covered the three worlds.

 52. Lord Krishna then placed His third step on Bali Maharaja's head. Only Lord Krishna is merciful in this way. No one else is merciful like Him.

 53. Please hear the wonderful glories of Lord Krishna, who took three steps in this way. His mercy made everyone in the three worlds fortunate.

 54. The water flowing from His toenails filled the material universe. With great spiritual love the demigod Brahma offered padya to that water.

 55. Bowing his head, Brahma worshiped that water flowing from Lord Krishna's lotus feet. The people of this world therefore call the Ganga `Tripada-sambhava' (the water born from Lord Krishna's third step).

 56. With your own eyes everyone please gaze at Lord Vishvambhara Mahaprabhu, who is the Supreme Lord Himself.

 57. Seeing the Lord, Goddess Ganga remembered these pastimes. That is why, filled with love, she overflowed her banks.

 58. With eyes of love Lord Vishvambhara, whose fair limbs are sweeter than nectar, gazed at the Ganga's waters.

 59. Then, on the pretext of making great waves, Goddess Ganga touched Lord Vishvambhara's feet. Goddess Ganga explained all this to me."  60. Hearing these words, everyone became filled with joy. Thus Locana dasa joyfully sings the glories of Lord Gaura.



Song 25 (Dhanashi raga - Disha)



 Refrain: Circling and circling, the bees that are the Lord's devotees fly and land on the sweet lotus flowers of our Lord Gaura's feet.


 Please hear these songs of Lord Gaura, songs full of wonderful stories, songs filled with the Lord's holy names so auspicious to hear.


 61. In this way Lord Gaura passed many days in happy pastimes with His friends and kinsmen.

 62. One day He suddenly thought: To bring auspiciousness to the people I should visit East Bengal.

 63. Everyone says that country is the place rejected by the Pandavas. Even though the Ganga certainly flows there, there the people do not call her by the name Ganga.

 64. By My touch the Padmavati River there will become glorious and fortunate. Except for Me, no one knows her glories."

 65. In His heart thinking in this way, Lord Gaura said to His mother: I will go to gather wealth."

 66. Accompanied by His associates, Lord Gaura went to East Bengal. In this way He made Mother Shaci's heart restless and anxious.

 67. Her heart troubled, Shaci said to her son: One request I ask of You.

 68. To gather wealth You will go to a far country. I will not see You. How will I live?

 69. A fish cannot live without water. How can I live without You?  70. Dear one, if I cannot see Your moonlike face I will surely die."

 71. Hearing His mother's words, the Lord gently reassured her:

 72. Don't be afraid We will be separated. I will come back."

 73. Smiling, He said to Lakshmipriya: Devotedly serve mother."

 74. The Lord did not hear any more from His mother. Gently, gently smiling, He proceeded on His journey.

 75. Accompanied by His associates, Lord Mahaprabhu began His journey. With a happy heart He traveled.

 76. Wherever the Lord went, the people that saw Him became overwhelmed.

 77. Never had their eyes seen anyone like Him. One person said: I will gaze at Him day and night."

 78. Seeing His face, the village ladies said: Now our lives have borne their fruit. Now our eyes have borne their fruit.

 79. What fortunate mother carried Him in her womb? Never have I seen any form handsome like His.

 80. What fortunate girl, by worshiping Shiva and Parvati, had the good fortune to have Him as her husband?

 81. The splendor of His limbs conquers new gold. The stature of His body defeats Mount Sumeru.

 82. Never has a form like His been manifest on this earth. He is so gracefully decorated with a brahmana's thread."

 83. Gazing at Lord Gaura's handsome smiling face, the ladies were overcome with love. He invaded their hearts. There He stayed.

 84. One fortunate lady learned in the rasas could understand the truth of Lord Gaura. She said:

 85. His long graceful eyes conquer the lotus flowers. Wonderful are His graceful charming glances.

 86. When I gaze at Him I see He is like Radha's beloved Krishna, but I see now His limbs have Radha's color."

 87. When He bathed in the Padmavati, the touch of His feet made it like the Ganga.

 88. Very gracefully decorated with many fish, turtles, and crocodiles, the Padmavati very forcefully flowed between her banks.

 89. On the banks stood all the brahmanas and saintly devotees. At the ghaöas divine men and women bathed.

 90. When Lord Vishvambhara bathed in her waters the Padmavati became sancified. When the people then bathed in her waters, all their sins were washed away.

 91. If they did not blaspheme Vaishnavas, the people who bathed in the Padmavati all attained pure loving devotion to Lord Krishna's lotus feet.

 92. Gazing at Lord Gaurachandra, the people on the Padmavati's banks made their eyes glorious and fortunate.

 93. Wherever Lord Gaura-Hari wandered on the Padmavati's banks, the people, touching the ground where the Lord had placed His feet, all became pure devotees of the Lord.

 94. By the touch of the Lord's cool feet, the earth goddess became cooled and refreshed. The hairs of her body stood erect with joy. All inauspiciousness fled far away.

 95. In this way the Lord carefully delovered the land of East Bengal. The stigma brought by the Pandavas not visiting it was thrown far away.

 96. Lord Gaura personally gave the chanting of Lord Hari's holy names to the candalas, saints, sinners, lowly people, and everyone else. He begged them all to take it.

 97. He did not consider whether they were pure or impure, whether their actions were good, or whether they were thoughtful and learned. Everyone He carried to the farther shore of the ocean of birth and death.

 98. Everyone he invited on His boat of nama-sankirtana (chanting of the holy names). He took them all to the farther shore of the ocean of birth and death. He begged them to come.

 99. Anyone who tried to run away and escape, He grabbed and held in His arms. Placing them on His boat, He carried them to the farther shore of the ocean of birth and death.

 100. In what yuga was such mercy given? I never heard of such mercy. What avatara begged the people to give Him their sins?

 101. Lord Gaura made them all equally pure. He made them all qualified to attain pure ecstatic love for Shri Shri Radha-Krishna.

 102. He gave them all transcendental knowledge. In a month or half a month He made them all learned panditas.

 103. Lord Gaura is the master of all the worlds. He is an ocean of kindness. By His mercy all the people became pure at heart.

 104. As Lord Gaura was thus surrounded by saintly devotees, Lakshmipriya and Shaci-devi remained in Navadvipa.

 105. Lakshmipriya was chaste and devoted. Her husband was her whole life. She happily served Shaci-devi.

 106. She cleaned the house. She dressed and decorated the family Deity. To the Deity she offered incense, lamps, food, scents, garlands, and sandal paste.

 107. Lakshmipriya kept everything in the Deity room very clean. Pleased by the virtues of her daughter-in-law, Shaci forget herself with joy.

 108. Lakshmipriya was affectionate to Shaci-devi and pleased by her association. The hairs of her body stood erect with joy.



Song 26 (Vibhasa raga)



 109. In this way Shaci stayed with Lakshmipriya. Still, what destiny commands no one can break into pieces.

 110. Unable to see her husband, Lakshmipriya was anguished at heart. Separated from Him, she always trembled.

 111. That anguished separation then took the form of a serpent. This truth saintly Lakshmipriya knew in her heart.

 112. That great serpent bit Lakshmipriya's ankle. Shaci-devi became frantic.

 113. Lakshmipriya burned with fever. Seeing this, Shaci-devi knew the danger was great.

 114. She called for a snake-bite doctor, a doctor who knew many mantras, herbs, and tantras.

 115. He tried again and again. The doctor could not remove the poison. Shaci became very frightened. She was filled with grief.

 116. Seeing the time of death had come, she carefully took Lakshmipriya to the Ganga's waters and chanted Lord Hari's holy names.

 117. Around Lakshmipriya's neck she placed a tulasi necklace. Surrounding Lakshmipriya on four sides, many people chanted Lord Hari's holy names.

 118. Then Lakshmipriya went to the Lord's spiritual abode. The people did not understand the events of that moment. Then everyone saw a great wonder.

 119. Traveling on the pathways of the sky, a gandharva brought a celestial airplane to that place. Chanting Haribol!", Lakshmipriya left her body and went to the spiritual world.

 120. Lakshmipriya, who was a plenary expansion of Goddess Lakshmi, returned to Vaikunöha. Seeing all this, everyone was filled with wonder.

 121. Arriving in the city of Vaikunöha's king, Lakshmipriya went to her own palace. She was effulgent with glorious beauty. She was endowed with all opulences.

 122. Stricken with grief, Shaci-devi wept. The ladies around her chanted Lakshmipriya's glories.

 123. Tears streaming from her eyes soaked her bodice. Striking her head with her hands, she sighed with grief and said:

 124. Lakshmipriya had all virtues, all noble character, and all beauty. In the villages of Nadiya no girl was her peer.

 125. How can I return home alone? First you touched me with your mercy. Now you have forgotten me.

 126. You carefully served our Deities. You were always faithful and obedient to me. How can I return home without you?

 127. From today my house is a barren desert. You married Vishvambhara. Now you are no longer at His side.

 128. O sinful snake, where are you now? Instead of my daughter-in-law, why did you not bite me?

 129. Commanding my daughter-in-law to serve me, my son went to a far-away country.

 130. Now I am very unfortunate. How will I look at my son's face? How, now unable to see my daughter-in-law, will I remain alive?"

 131. Seeing her stricken with grief, Shaci-devi's friends said to her: Shaci-devi, please stop lamenting.

 132. When the destined moment comes, then one must die. This whole material world and every material body in it are all made of the Lord illusory potency.

 133. Who must explain all this to you? You know all this. Hearing these words and understanding them, why do you not awaken your heart from its slumber of grief?

 134. What person who has a material body will not die? Even Brahma and the demigods must die.

 135. Some die soon and others late, but all must die. Everyone is born and dies.

 136. Lord Krishna is the only eternal reality. This we know from the Vedas. Anyone who does not worship Lord Krishna is a fool."

 137. Speaking these words, Shaci's friends concoled her. Together chanting Haribol!", they stopped her weeping.

 138. After performing the appropriate pious rituals, the women returned to their homes.

 139. Weeping and weeping, Shaci returned to her home. Her friends gathered there and consoled her.

 140. After staying for some days in East Bengal, with a joyful heart Lord Vishvambhara returned home.

 141. Bringing gifts of silver, gold, pearls, coral, and costly garments, He worshiped the Vaishnavas without end.

 142. Bringing great wealth, the Lord returned to His home. He happily gave all that wealth to His mother.

 143. First the Lord bowed down. Then He gazed at His mother's face. Her face withered with grief, Shaci spoke not a word.

 144. Taking the dust from her feet, Lord Vishvambhara again gazed at His mother's withered face and then spoke some words.

 145. To His mother He offered the wealth He had brought. Filled with wonder, the Lord gently, gently said:

 146. Why do I see that your face is withered with grief? When I see your face withered with grief, My hear becomes alight with flames of suffering."

 147. Hearing these words, Shaci tried to speak, but her voice was choked with grief. Tears streaming from her eyes soaked her bodice.  148. She had no power to say even a word. Her voice was choked with grief. Finally she said: My daughter-in-law went to Vaikunöha."

 149. Hearing these words, the Lord felt His heart become withered with grief. Tears of grief flowed from His eyes.

 150. To His mother the Lord said: Please hear My words. I will tell you why she took birth in this world.

 151. One time, by the arrangement of destiny, one of Indra's apsaras stumbled as she danced.

 152. The rhythm of the dance broken, Indra cursed the dancer, saying: `Go to the earth and take birth in a human home.'

 153. After speaking this curse, Indra became compassionate and said: `You won't suffer. You have a great mission to fulfill.

 154. The Supreme Personality of Godhead will descend to the earth. You will become His bride. This benediction I give to you.

 155. `When your mission is fulfilled, you will return to Indrapuri.' Now I have told you everything. Laksmipriya is a beautiful dancing girl in Indra's court.

 156. Therefore please don't lament any more. O mother, please listen. No one can rub out what fate has written."

 157. Carefully hearing her son's words, Shaci did not lament any more in her heart.

 158. Comforted, Shaci had a change of heart. Satying amongst the devotees, the Lord told of His journey.

 159. After He spoke Lord Vishvambhara became thoughtful. He spoke of many things, but He carefully concealed those thoughts in His heart.

 160. I, Locana dasa, speak these words. Please hear this wonderful account of Lord Gauranga's pastimes, an account that includes this description of Lakshmipriya's ascension to Svarga.